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City Fans Lose Their Bottle?

There is a lot of poor press about right now concerning an incident which took place as players left the field after yesterday's match between City and Blackburn Rovers.

An article by the Guardian tells the world it was a glass bottle.

Whilst I am certain that nobody connected with Manchester City, be he/she a fan or employee, would condone any unlawful object being thrown on to the field, at least surely the press reporting could get to be a bit more on the button.

I actually saw this incident on Saturday, although from my position I couldn't see exactly who threw it because of where I was at the time in the Stadium.

The bottle in question was clearly a plastic water bottle. It did have some water in it and it landed close to where El Hadji Diouf and Chimbonda were prancing about celebrating their disgraceful performance which they considered earned them a draw.

Anybody else who watched their behaviour at the end of the match will see that Chimbonda clearly ignored the Steward's request to hand his shirt to a young fan at the front and selected to throw it into the crowd which causes people to leap into the air to try to catch it and could result in personal injury to the fans concerned. Thank you Chimbonda. You are a poor quality footballer in a poor quality team and your behaviour is consistent with that. El Hadji Diouf might not be every one's cup of tea, certainly not mine but at least he did as he was asked and a young Blackburn fan went home doubly pleased.

Although it would appear that based upon this behaviour Blackburn won the World Cup yesterday, at least in the end the players made light of the bottle incident as GMPs finest instructed them to leave the field and then took the bottle away as 'evidence'.

It is quite infuriating that the Guardian should seek to inflame this incident with no hard facts and it is once an example of "shoot City down at all costs."

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 12 2010

Time: 2:00PM

Your Comments

The Grauniad did some seriously non factual stirring around the time Bellers left. Something's not right there.
Johnny Baguette
Funny how the rest of the press reported it as being a plastic bottle, yet the grauniad, that bastion of liberal truth got it so badly "wrong". Agenda or what? Personally cannot ever condone things being thrown at a player of whatever persuasion, but stewards and police need to take action against players who clearly set out to goad opposition fans. And it's no surprise that it was the walking turd that is El Hadji Diouf that was at the centre of the controversy yet again - I reckon it must have been a disabled fan who threw the bottle in honour of Diouf's well known penchant for parking in the disabled spaces and not giving a flying **** about anyone but himself.
Come on pedmachine, I can appreciate that Diouf and Chimbo didn't behave well but calling us a poor quality team and talking about our disgraceful performance just reeks of bitterness. You are better than that dude :)
Mikey Delap
Come on pedmachine, I can appreciate that Diouf and Chimbo didn't behave well but calling us a poor quality team and talking about our disgraceful performance just reeks of bitterness. You are better than that dude :)
Mikey Delap
I admit it I threw the bottle. *joke*
No arguments about my description of Diouf as a walking turd then Mikey? ;)
Mikey Delap i wouldnt bother, they are so bitter after blackburn picked up a good point against them...If they cant handle a bit of roughness from teams (which they will come across alot) then they arn't premier league title contenders simple as, Chimbonda can also give his shirt to who he likes LOL and so what if they were celebrating, isnt that what football players do with their fans? Also discracefull behaviour from whoever threw the bottle...Should be banned from ever going if they cant handle their team 'drawing' LOL
FCB thats slightly racist isnt it? Haha
Nice one Mr Tilson! (Try to connect next time eh?) :-)
Ah, is this the same Pavfc who posted on another article that, having seen the footage, there was a clear penalty not given against us? The only consitent thing about you P.villa is your inconsistency.
How is that racist? I'd also describe Roy Keane, Gary N**ille and Robin Van Persie as walking turds, so kindly blow your remarks out your rectum.
FCB...and???? You should have had a penalty, how the hell does that change anything? You didnt get it end of, doesnt mean they didnt desereve a draw from the defending they did. No reply to my comment saying your racist then, because you no it was? Sour grapes to me, there have been about 4 - 5 articles made now on blackburns tactics and players..I think everyone gets the message, you cant handle physical teams and your bitter...year we get it.
Well to some people its racist...He is dark skinned and yeah you no whats coming next. I wont dwell on it because i do no where your coming from anyway, it wasn't a well thought out comment really...If you said that to a black guy in the street you might be on the end of his fist really.
P.Villa - do me a favour mate and actually READ the articles. I know that may sound like a foreign concept to you, but it may give you a better understanding of where we are coming from. NO ONE HAS SAID THAT WE LOST THIS GAME ENTIRELY BECAUSE OF THE REF OR BLACKBURN'S TACTICS. Simple enough for you?
Is that someone talking....
@FCB Why is RVP a walking turd? What is you opinion on adebayor stamping on rvp? What about when he 'goaded' arsenal fans after scoring against arsenal. Surely adebayor is a walking turd, laced with diamonds and a poor attitude? Your players aren't exactly saints.... City are a bunch of overated, overpaid, stroppy saps with no team harmony, each player is in it for themselves. and you wonder why you cant beat these so called 'poor quality' teams. Says something about your 'quality' and the quality of your fans. its unacceptable to throw a peanut at opposition players out of discontent of your own players performances. may a suggest a new name for you silly little club? manchester hypocrisy.
Spot on gooner.
gooner - wipe the foam away from your mouth there.
I might have rabies, but I'm still right...
Your talking about hypocrisy yet you are saying its unnaceptable to throw a peanut, just out of interest did you post the same about the Arsenal fans doing the same at Eastlands last year, on a larger and more violent scale? I don't particularly like RVP myself, a few different reasons, but the one that sticks in my mind is the same game as the Adebayor incident, following his scoring against City he ran to the City fans screaming ***** off twice followed by a ***** you. Hardly how a professional footballer should be behaving is it? He then used the official Arsenal website to have a cry about how he was assaulted by Adebayor, ******, especially considering he was the one trying to break Adebayor up before Ade's undefendable reaction.
I'm sorry, I missed the part where I condoned or even took part in these actions, my point was that, whatever the object, it shouldn't have been thrown, in response to the whiner who was saying 'oh it was a plastic bottle and chimbonda and diouf were celebrating, so that makes it okay'. I don't see how a firm challenge should warrant them being stamped in the face. If that's the case, darren fletcher would be in reconstructive surgery each week. I'm not saying its okay to throw missiles, but there's a difference when a player is deliberately provoking fans and when a couple of players are celebrating what they probably think was a lucky draw.
Diouf an Chimchiminee were deliberatley provoking mate, according to the reports I have read. Firm challenge? C'mon take off them Gooner specs. I didn't say you condoned or took part, I was merely asking did you say the same of the Arsenal fans that did behave so disgracefully that day?
Okay, i wasnt there, and haven't seen footage so you could be right. If you take the time to see this It's not a good tackle, he doesn't win the ball, nor does he actually catch adebayor. I did say the same, condemning both sides actions in that event.
Manchester CHITY
I just don't happen to like the nasty snarling cry-baby that is Robin Van Pisant goonerall, what's your problem with that? You'll defend him all day long as he's your player, but that doesn't hide the fact that Mr "No means No" is a rather nasty piece of work both on and off the pitch, and if he played for Tottenham or Chelsea you would probably dislike him as much as I do. Diouf however is even worse, from spitting at fans, diving, parking in disabled spaces then laughing at the fine, assaulting ball-boys and other general acts of cretinism, he deserves singling out for being a thoroughly repellant individual.
I didn't really mean to stir any hornets nest here, just give my views on what I witnessed. Probably a pity De Jong wasn't playing yesterday. Probably a different kind of equaliser eh?
No worries Ped, p.villa will stir thye pot for you, it's what he does.
Well done pedmachine.. on managing to twist a bottle throwing incident by one of your scummy fans into a bitter tirade against Blackburn Rovers. We're so sorry that we did'nt roll over for your bunch of star-studded misfits!! All this money has really gone to your head mate.. dont forget where ye came from... it was'nt so long ago that ye would have set your team up to frustrate one of the big boys away from home!! Its a shame that with all his money.. ye're shiek cant buy ye some class!!
Spinaker, good luck with your club finding these rich owners we're getting slated for. Hope you're not a b'burn fan cos that would just be hypocritical.
spinaker - the difference is that City, even in the bad old days at least tried to play football (you know, the game where you kick the ball rather than the man?). That we usually got absolutely murdered by the likes of l'arse and Liverpool is incidental; It's not rugby. But why should we expect the fans of a team managed by fat sam to understand that? Enjoy the rest of the season - personally I'd rather watch paint dry than the likes of Blackburn, but what the hey.
Yeah sure, whatever Pvilla.
lol sour grapes ladies?
me_innit - dont call me a hypocrite. I have no problem with the money your club has at its disposal... what annoys me is that you believe that teams with little resources such as ourselves should ignore the fact that you have a team of world class players and that we should just try and take ye on at your own game... when it would be INSANE to do so. The premier league is'nt a level playing field.. so you better believe that teams like us will do everything we can to balance things up. If we have to throw ten men behind the ball to earn a draw against ye then thats what we'll do... deal with it... its gonna happen to ye a lot more often.
fifthcolumnblue - this 'rugby' reputation that your labeling us with is ridiculous.. it was'nt a dirty game! ye committed 15 fouls and picked up 2 yellow cards.. compared with our 12 fouls and 1 yellow card. Your talking rubbish mate!!
Come on City lads, as I said before you are better than this lads. We may not be the most attractive side in football but we play with heart and if your boys did it to the level Rovers displayed you would be much better for it. We picked up 1 yellow card (1 less than you!). These tactics weren't a problem when you won 4-1 last season were they? They haven't changed since then. These comments smell a little bit of battered ego I am afraid, sorry guys :(
Mikey Delap
Mickey - as I have pointed out on numerous occasions previously Blackburn's spoiling tactics had an impact on the result of the game, therefore it will be discussed. As for the 4-1, yes I was probably criticising Fat Sam's tactics on that occasion too, as I have of any team he has managed. Your reference to the yellow cards, that is bull and you know it, Clattenburg had double standards booking Vieira for pulling back and failing to book Salgado just a few mins later for the same offence, that's one example, don't get me started on Diouf. And finally I'd like to point out that we are aware we will need to find a solution to break teams like yourselves down, we were very unlucky not too on Saturday, finding Robinson and Samba in inspired form, our complete dominance and battering of your goal didn't pay off on the day, perhaps we lacked a bit of luck, perhaps we need to go back to the drawing board. To suggest it's sour grapes is nonsense, we have discussed the factors in the game which saw us fail to earn three points that is all, if one of them factors was spoiling tactics it will be discussed, simple.
I have to say while i wasn't expecting City to Challenge for the title... i didn't expect quite such a poor showing in all the games but one. The fact is boys.... it's all about The tactics. If Blackburn put men behind the ball and played through Diouf... that was their gameplan. They game hoping not to lose. It's fair... given the fact that their team's combined worth isn't a 6th of City's. Lot's of teams do it and will do it but the simple fact is.... "Don't blame Blackburn for their Tactics... Blame your defence for the Howler and your attack for not creating enough" . If you wanna be champions these are the games you edge out. Anyways tough luck boys.. wishing you well for the next game... though not the one after that ;)
The thing is Maka we ate aware of that, it just seems that people are picking up on the references to Blackburn's style and claiming we're using it as an excuse, if you read the majority of comments before we came under attack for criticising Fat Sam's tactics you will see we are calling into question Mancini's tactics, and bemoaning the fact that we didn't take our chances. We actually played well against Blackburn, had a bit of a lull following that disatrous goal we conceded. We created 20 chances and had 10 on target, we could have come away easy winners if Robinson and Samba hadn't played so well. There's no doubt we need to put teams like Blackburn away, but I for one don't and never did see us as title challengers this season. I would however be confident we can get top four.
I am afraid it is not bull at all, the ref had inconsistencies in his game no doubt but it hurt both sides. I appreciate you have discussed other factors that have prevented you from getting the win - but calling Blackburn's tactics "rugby" and slandering some of their players isn't discussing why you didn't win. It is taking pot shots at the opposition, of course those tactics impacted the game but Arsenal came up against those very same tatics and edged a win, you didn't. Look at your own lads not our game matey.
Mikey Delap
I am Mickey, but you're not acknowledging that for some reason. It is bull, you make reference to the yellow card count, so please explain this one to me, Diouf stands in front of Milner attempting to take a throw in without even being in the field, he's on the wrong side of the line impeding Milner, yet the ref let's it go, then Yaya complains and gets booked, please enlighten me on how this is right.
And another thing, I appreciate that Blackburn are probably forced into using these tactics given their lack of quality, that doesn't mean we don't have the right to criticise it, we're not the first football fans to be critical of it and we certainly won't be the last. It seems that, and this is not pointed at you Mickey, that people can come on here and slate City, having pops at our players, manager, owners and fans, and we are meant to accept it. Yet if we criticise anyone else, we have rival fans taking the moral high ground telling us we're wrong to criticise others. Damned if we do, damned if we don't.
My my not in the best of moods are we? Regardless.. if Arsenal can put ten men behind the ball against Barca.... then really no one can complain about anything. The question however is... Whether Mancio is good enough to take you into the European Cup and beyond. See when i look at City... i do see some similarities to the early days of Roman. Hughes signings were akin to those of Ranieri's in that they went for the odd huge name amid quite a few decent players to take the club forward. And Mancini like Jose has signed players who are making quite a name and Rising very fast in the football world. However the main differences lie in the fact that the Jump for City is longer than it was for us. And the simple fact is.... Your Coach is not on par with Jose or Carlo. Your Squad is on par with the one that these two have worked with but i had my question marks about Mancio from the start. I was thinking someone like Rijkaard may have been a better option.
LOL Maka, I'll put it down to Monday morning blues ;-). What annoys me is that references were made to Blackburn's style in articles and from some posters, yet it was not being used as an excuse for failing to beat them. Yet somehow it has been interpreted on here that we were using it as an excuse. I don't see what's so wrong with criticising a team for the tactics they employ, that's all. It seems to be fair game for the rest, but not for us.
"Diouf stands in front of Milner attempting to take a throw in without even being in the field, he's on the wrong side of the line impeding Milner, yet the ref let's it go, then Yaya complains and gets booked, please enlighten me on how this is right." Ref fails to spot it which is an error on the refs part. Yaya gives him an ear full of abuse which is not allowed and gets booked. It ain't right but I can see why it happened.
Mikey Delap
"And another thing, I appreciate that Blackburn are probably forced into using these tactics given their lack of quality, that doesn't mean we don't have the right to criticise it, we're not the first football fans to be critical of it and we certainly won't be the last." The difference in criticism has been lost on you my friend... by all means, criticise all you want, you ain't the first and you certainly aint the last by any means. The difference comes in the WAY you criticise. Say something like - "god that was a bit boring" or "it is so one dimensional" and you are being constructive say something like "its rugby" and Rovers are a "diabolical side" and you are showing a lack of understanding and perceived arrogance that will only insight the rival fans of the club you aim your comments at. There is a difference that i feel you don't see. I aint taking the moral high ground, far from it, merely defending my own club that everyone else in the same position would do.
Mikey Delap
Convenient that, considering the ref was about fifteen yards away looking directly at it, nevermind his linesman who was standing right beside it. Bit similar to Johnson being impeded by Chimchiminee first and then Samba in the box right under Clattenburg's nose and nothing given. THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE for not winning, before anyone jumps on my back, just stating a fact.
Your stating your opinion matey... not a fact. IMO Johnson couldn't have hit the deck any harder if he tried but that me being me and being a tad biased but in the other way like yourself. It is convenient as you suggest as the only other explanation is that the ref cheated - which he didnt.
Mikey Delap
Fair enough mate, it is my opinion rather than fact, my point about not being an excuse remains the same. I accept Johnson made a meal of it, because he does tend to do that when he's fouled, however can you honestly say he wasn't impeded?
I think he was in all honesty but I can see why the ref didn't give it but then I can see why he should have. It all evens itself out this luck malarkey over a season - or so we are told!!!
Mikey Delap
Wow i've caught you guys in the middle of a heated discussion... a whole essay of a comment berating Mancio and not a single response ;)
I'm not being heated! But I am looking forward to Villa playing Stoke - no offence to the Villa fans, I'd normally be behind them against the cloggers, even if it means them going ahead of us in the table. But just this once I'm hoping Stoke (the original cloggers, of whom Blackburn are but a pale imitation) kick a few lumps out of the Villa tonight with most of the decisions going against the claret and blue team. Then I'm going to go and ask Pvilla his opinion on the matter. Cannot wait! XD
FCB ill answer that for p.villa....There was nothing wrong with the ref or stokes tactics at all and even if they were physical so what? It's there style of play get over it, if teams cant handle it then they arn't a good team are they? The result was purely down to kevin macdonald's management not making 1 sub when we were tired, well he brought on heskey who isnt even a footballer...So yeah is that good enough? If you watched the game then you will see that we should have finished the game at half time but we didnt and then played poor the last 20mins so hats off too stoke and their tactics :D Except for pennant the divind ********.
Shame most of the other people on Vital Villa don't agree with you - and having caught most of the match, I don't agree with you either, nor will most neutrals you ask - the ref was a tool, how else can you explain him missing the dive from Pennant (Oh, didn't Crapperburg miss a blatant pen for City?). Don't be afraid to admit it, we're used to you contradicting yourself anyway.
Oh yeah FCB i think you will find the majority of the villa fans are not blaming the ref. It was one decision, The reason we lost was purely based on the fact Macdonald did not make any changes and the players did not finish the game off when they had the chance. We were the better team 70% of the game but fair play to stoke they took advantage of us...I think you will find no villa fans are complaining about the way stoke played and the majority dont care about the ref and 1 decision he got wrong, The result isnt a disaster there will be a lot of teams who go to stoke and lose points. I wont dwell on the result and be bitter like some, The only people to blame is our own players and coach...Not stokes tactics or the ref....Its all our own fault basically, So no contridicting thoughts or comments from me :)
Won't see much of P.Avfc for the next few days I suspect after Mondays result .......
Why not doody? Do you no read my comments or are you too pig headed? I wont dwell on the result, we played well first half not 2nd half so if we didnt finish the game then we didnt deserve to win end of. Stoke will give everyone a game at their place so its not a shocker really...I wont whinge and cry because they were too rough for our players like you lot did against blackburn boo hoo
"Whilst I am certain that nobody connected with Manchester City, be he/she a fan or employee, would condone any unlawful object being thrown on to the field" .............Really? No Man City fan is capable of such an act?
What's that I'm reading P.Villa making reference to Pennant's dive, but it's all part of the game is it not? If he uses it to his advantage and the ref doesn't spot why should any complain? Stop crying P.Villa. Boo hoo. LMFAO!
Stoke should have had a penalty in first half anyway, certain handball by Collins that everyone but the referee saw. Was a feel-good moment to see Stoke win after Pulis came back from his mother's funeral.
Also enjoyed seeing Ireland on the bench, wonder if the grass still looks so green. Have Villa seen through him already and worked out he's mediocre nowadays?
Oh dear you lot are really really thick...Do you no read my comments seriously? Bludub you think im whining? If you were clever enough to read them then you would realise i havn't moaned once about pennant diving, the ref couldnt see it in his position..So come back when you actually have a valid point to post haha....Go on vital villa and look at the comments and you will see noone is complaiing about the way stoke played, they were a fair team and the same would happen if we played blackburn...We dont need excuses when we no we didnt deserve to win but yeah you continue with that lads...Stu again shows your lack of intelligence mate with your posts.
And stu ireland wasn't fit enough to start..You would no that if you knew anything about football.
P.Villa - you made reference to Pennant's dive, in the same way City fans made reference to BB style of play. However you see City fans making reference as making excuses, yet you don't see your reference as making excuses. Please if you'd be so kind as to explain.
Oh dear i have not used pennants dive as an excuse one bit...If you go on vital villa you will find im backing the ref there is no way that he could have saw that decision, i thought it was a free kick the first time i saw it so i am not blaming that decision down on our defeat at all, It was all down to us, noone else to blame but the players and our caretaker manager macdonald, we should have finished the game off end of. Shows who has the most class between the fans on our sites, i dont see any articles over VV slating stoke or the ref....But i suppose your all still crying over 'drawing' so i will leave it while you recover.
No one on here was making excuses either, yet you still fail to acknowledge that, and then you have the neck to question our intelligence. Good grief!
You are thought! There have been more than just me here defending blackburns tactics! You made articles to pin point their agressive play and the referee that is classed as excuses if you ask me.
No, the article made reference to the style of play, it didn't say we didn't win because of it. Therefore it was not an excuse, do you get it yet?
I give up totally doesnt make sense seeing as most of you are slating blackburns style of play and sayin the ref was poor but yeah how that isnt an excuse baffles me, but just get on with it...This weeks fixtures are over so its history, bye.

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