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De Jong v Hatem Ben Arfa Tackle From Every Angle

Manchester City's Nigel De Jong and Newcastle's Hatem Ben Arfa went into a 50/50 tackle but the outcome was far from perfect.

We have the video footage from every angle. Take a look and tell us what you think.

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 4 2010

Time: 9:10AM

Your Comments

I was sat in East stand level 3 section J and it looked like a great tackle from our angle. From that angle it looks worse but he still got the ball, which is what the ref will have been looking at. I love De Jong. I just hope he's not going to get castigated as a thuggish player because he is actually technically excellent.
Although he caught the ball first (Well he would hes a fine player) i think its a poor, clumsey tackle from such a great player.
There was nothing wrong with the tackle its just a shame Hatem Ben Arfa is going to be out of action for some time to come. And then there's the witch hunt which is bound to follow and no doubt the FA will be issuing a 5 match ban for poor old Nigel.
Nigel DeJong was the victim of a lot of ill will on 606 last night, with surprisingly little of it coming from Newcastle fans - the Witchfinder general was of course the unbiased Alan Green, with several Tottingham and rags fans leading the torch-bearing procession. Most would agree that it was an horrific accident, but the tackle was fair, as witnessed by the referee not even awarding a foul - Chris Hughton agrees there was no malice in it, so can that be the end of it? I suspect not, and DeJong will get grief off of referees from now until the end of eternity. Public enemy number 1 for a hard but fair challenge, yet the media fawn over Paul Scholes and his 3 malicious fouls per game - go figure!
Regardless of him winning the ball - De Jong is a dirty player and should have been sent off - you need to understand that football is going away from the physical side and players like De Jong dont get that - as noted from his stupid tackles in the World Cup - he is rubbish, over priced and only lunges in like that because he is cack technically !!
SUper Yido
Superyiddo - we have DeJong (who I watch every week - and he rarely misses, mistimes or otherwise fouls his players), you have Palacios. Nuff said.
Scholes has never snapped anyones leg in half or kung foo kicked anyone in the chest !! And it should be really interesting to see how your club is going to be run when the new finance rules come in to effect - cant have more than £49mil in loses !! ha ha Man City - the joke of English football!!!
SUper Yido
fifthcolumnblue - we have Champions League football - you dont !!! ha ha ha ha ha
SUper Yido
Palacios doesnt even get into our side !!
SUper Yido
De Jong is NOT a dirty player. He doesn't mess about i'll give you that but he's not dirty. I'll give you the World Cup final tackle and yes, he should have seen red for that, but yesterday's incident - there was no malice or intent from what I can see.
Ok Tudor I see your point - you watch the guy week in week out so I cant comment as much - but every time I watch him - he does get a bit violent !!
SUper Yido
Superyiddo - the joke of English football eh? Currently sitting in 2nd place in the English PL, some joke that eh? As for the tackle, good hard tackle with an unfortunate outcome. Not one Newcastle player reacted angrily to the challenge at the time, says it all really. I wish Ben Arfa a speedy recovery, no one likes to see any footballer suffer a bad injury.
Whoopdeee do - second in the league after 7 games - well done !!! After the money you have spent you'd have hoped you had won the whole thing by now !!! See how you cope when the new rules come into effect pal !! You wont be able to bribe people to play for you anymore - and you would have thought with the money you spend on wages you could get some decent players that are better than 'the £350k a week Toure brothers!' ha ha - yes the joke of English football!!! James Milner worth more than Mesut Ozil and Sami Kehdira combined - ha ha - er yuup -that is a joke !! £19mil for Kolarov and god knows how much wages - er yup guessed it - a joke !!!
SUper Yido
bluedub - I bet you were called reddub during the 90's !! ;)
SUper Yido
De jong is not a dirty player. His discipinarly record is good and not until the weekend has anyone compared him to the hatchet men of the premier league - catermole, barton, shawcross, henry, brown or roy keane and vinny jones etc. His tackle, for me was a red card, but he isnt a dirty player. As for city being the joke of english football. Some fans are just jealous and bitter
Sheikh Mansour
Superyiddo - wind your neck in you muppet. You're wrong btw I just start supporting City yesterday, I've been a red up to that, I'm a plastic after all. That make you feel better? Are you really naive enough to believe that ADUG have overlooked the new financial restraints coming in ? Don't be so silly. Let's see who the joke is on come season's end eh?
How about you shut it you Muppet - looking at your grammar I would guess you were born yesterday as well as supporting your team from yesterday! Who cares - all I know if you lot try to bribe players to play for you - you pay over the top wages and you are not even that good - and we done you twice last season and actually made it into the Champs League and didnt pay a sould over £70k a week - people actually want to play for us not just to get paid !! Like I said, £350k a week for the Toure brothers, Cracking !!!!! So you wind your neck you northern muppet and do you to your council house and eat some baked beans you tramp !!!
SUper Yido
Super yido, keyboard warrior par excellence. 13 year old spotty little oik who's probably never been to WHite Hart Lane and is just on a wind up. The worst thing about being a big club is not the media attacks, the jealousy of other fans or the constant accusations thrown at us. Nope, it's attracting cretins like superyidiot that peeves me.
Now my grammar is being attacked, priceless! I take it players want to play for Spurs because it's all they dreamed of when they were kids? BAE said last season he was there for the money, so get off your pedestal. Not that there's anything wrong with what BAE said, it's actually refreshing to hear a bit of honesty from professional footballers.
Arrogant Spurs fan in rival club attack shocker. I could visit a Burton Albion forum and at least one would be there putting them down. Anyway, the reaction to the foul tells the story basically - not one Newcastle player made a fuss, nor did the manager, nor did any of the three officials. The injury was horrible and unfortunate but was not De Jong's fault. When Keegan (Newcastle legend), Waddle (ditto), and Nicky Butt (Newcastle player till he retired end of season) say it is a fair challenge, then you know it is. The frothers like Alan Green (who deserves his legs, arms, and neck snapped) and Stan Collymore have been up in arms as expected but we could cure AIDS and cancer in one day and they'd find a way to spin it negatively.
Well said Stu. I couldn't have put it better.
There's always one idiot that has to come on here, keep it up superdumbo.
De Jong's tackle was hard but fair. Accidents happen, and this was exactly that. The Karl Henry foul on Gomez was 100% a red card, it was late and dangerous. De Jongs tackle was on time and unlucky to have caught the player - hardly excuse for a witch hunt. Funny to see some Rags having a go on the various sports sites. Roy Keane was there hero for years - and he WAS malicious! I suppose their 12 year old Malaysian gloryhunter fans dont remember him though.
De Jong's looking where the ball's gone. He doesn't take his eye off it. Again, the fine line over whether or not football will eventuallly become a none body contact sport is up for debate. Nobody is telling me that Hunter, Gow and Smith for starters never put strong tackles in like that. Buchan and Kenae we also know about.
Johnny Baguette
why would a player put his 2 legs round another players leg in a scissor action and then roll round snapping the players leg.he would only do it for one reason and that is to hurt the player.ding dong is a thug and is only at city for the money.but thank god for the arabs because the only title city has taken from united is the most hated team in come on united chelsea spurs arsenal anyone but the mercenary thugs at city.
johnney handsome
Gonna have to go ahead and say this is pretty rough. He definitely won the ball, but his right leg swings in over ben arfa's ankle - which is exactly how you break someones leg (i've had my femur broken from a tackle). But the fact that the Dutch team axed him for his poor challenge should indicate what people really think of the challenge who aren't wearing the sky blue tinted glasses....
Or it might indicate a coach who has been widely vilified for the way his team tried to kick their opponents out of the world cup final seeing an opportunity to curry some favour from the media by joining in the withc hunt eh Johnny? Funny how the rags fans have been the loudest in their condemnation of DeJong with barely a peep out of the Geordies. Worried?
L.A. Villan: Are Keegan, Waddle, Butt, Hansen, and Dixon wearing blue tinted glasses? And trust me, the latter two are often happy to have a dig, especially Hansen, but when you ignore who did it and his reputation, you see it was not an awful challenge, just an unfortunate one.
Last week,forearm smash from teflon gerrard,two or three minutes discussion about it.Every week,red scum scholes and fletcher go in two footed on people,nothing said nothing done about it.Sunday,a City player goes in for a tackle,wins the ball but tragically accidentally injures the player and guess what,the red shagging media are at it again.I bet global warming is our fault as well.Keep at it,because the more the media are slagging us off,the stronger we are getting.As for juvenile supporters ofthe cockney spiv and his club,has he ever bought a player legitimately,and also when is he up in court for tax evasion/fraud?
Johnny ugly i think you should concentrate on supporting your team hoping they stay in the PL this time round its too early for you to jump on the hate City bandwagon. And oh its one person that owns the club not ''the arabs'' but then again you know ***** all. Who gives a ***** if we're hated, not me. Ppl like you think we should suddenly be apologetic and super nice because of our owner, well dont hold your *****in breath.
The vitriol against us from other clubs fans is embarrassing. I didnt go on the Wolves forum saying Henry is a 'thug' etc, and his tackle was much worse - but luckily it didnt cause an injury.
To be fair eightsin - nobody goes on the Wolves forums, not even Wolves supporters. Perhaps not only is he condemning him for this challenge, but the karate kick to the chest in the World Cup final....
me innit dont worry nobody expects city fans to be nice because its not possible,its beyond their foul mouthed caveman anybody can sit and defend ding dong is incredible.he didnt need to follow in with his trailing leg and roll the player till his leg snapped.the difference between him and henry is gomez legs were free to get out of trouble.ding dong didnt give the newcastle player that chance.i can understand how you feel all these years of watching man utd win all before them while your team were crap.but keep taking your medication and some day you might be fine i.e no foul language and being able to see other peoples point of view.
johnney handsome
Villian - your post sums up this nonsense, he is being villified for that incident in WC final. Johnney - was the tackle two footed? Was it over the top of the ball? Were his studs showing? No,no and no. His trailing leg caught Ben Arfa's ankle, it was actually his shin that caught it, the reason his bone broke was because his studs were in the ground at time of impact, had his foot even been a centimetre off the ground we wouldn't even be having this discussion. It's a bit rich coming from a Utd fan anyway with your history of thugs, Keane and Ince immediately spring to mind, nevermind the Ginja Ninja, who every other game will put in a reckless two footed challenge on someone, more often than not up around the knee. Look at the tackle objectively, look at the reaction of Toon players, there is no reaction because it was a fair challenge with an unfortunate outcome.
fifthcolumnblue - mate - nah Ive never been to White Hart Lane - I sit in my arm chair shouting abuse at other clubs because im cool like that aight !! Man City a big club - have a word mate - you ARE NOT a big club - you actually have to win something and have a big support base, like us and have those supporters there all the time not just when you have a cash injection by a dodgy money laundering arab. When you have won a league and cup double or a european competition or even a Carling Cup or anything - then come back and have a go but until then - you lot keep paying bog standard players like De Jong, Yaya Toure, Kolarov stupid wages and get no where. Dont know if you watched the Tottenham Man City game this season or the games last season? No? You know the ones where we played you off the park witout a player getting paid over £70k a week !! Ha ha as if you paid near on £50mil for Lescott and Milner ha ha sub standard players for a sub standard team with over the top wages - that is why you are a joke - I am not jealous - we have a better squad than you - bigger history and MAKE more money than you so how about you lot wind your necks in !!
SUper Yido
Superyidiot - are you for real? Win something like Spurs have? Get a grip mate. As for fan base, City had an average attendance of around 30,000 in the third tier of English football as well as a fan base of well over 2 million worldwide in a survey that was carried out in 2005. Look it up mate, do a bit of research before you come on here spouting nonsense.
Well Johnny Ugly, actually we started winning stuff before those down the road but then again you know ***** all. And you must be a retard if you think DJ went in intending to injure Arfa but then again you know ***** all. You lost the game, get over it!! don't come here trying to preach to anyone. Congrats you managed not to swear, you deserve a *****ing award!
Super retardo, the sign of a strong team is not playing well but still picking up points. You keep going on about how you outplayed us but you still drew, we each got a point. Infact we played better than you in the 2nd half. Wolves played you off the pitch and you got lucky with 3 fluke goals but that didnt matter right? You're ******** jealous cos you always have to refer to our money, get over it. And you're deluded as well thinking you have a better squad thats already been thrashed by the mighty Wigan and West Ham. its sad cos not all Spurs fans are like that. Ah oh Palacious is a poor mans De Jong. Keep living in the past, the future is ours, deal with it.
Superyido.... Kompany or King? De Jong or Palacios? Yaya Toure or Huddlestone? Barry or Jenas? Balotelli or Keane? Adebayor or Crouch? Tevez or Pav? .... Are you getting the picture yet? Your team is outclassed throughout. The only players I'd take from Spurs would be Bale and VDV - although we have Silva, Milner and Johnson so I'm not too fussed. Some might take Modric, but he looks like a 12 year old girl (probably a bit like you) - so its a no from me.
BIG CLUB !! 34 years and !!!! WIN something and then TALK.....
Eigth sin , it's exactly that attitude that makes (some) city fans upopular! Already incredibly arrogant with someone elses money (many suggest actually MORE arrogant than Man U fans)! While I'm sure your club will go onto great things, sounds od to boast so much about them BEFORE acheiving them! And this constant "it's not fair, everyone's bullying us" attitude is crazy! To feel sorry for yourselves because YOUR player broke another pro's leg is just crazy! To claim that "everyone's against you" all the time, again crazy, look at the classless way yur board have bullied so many less rich teams into selling players they wanted to keep,, the way Kaka was publicly insulted for deciding not to play for you! The richest club in the world, but the board (and one or two noteable fans) have acted in such a classless way it turns other fans away! Why can noone ever just say "sorry, bad tackle, hope the kid's ok"
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