Manchester City - Van Bommel On Dutch Coach De Jong Face Saver
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Van Bommel On Dutch Coach De Jong Face Saver

Twinkle toed Dutch midfielder Mark Van Bommel has spoken out in support of City midfielder Nigel De Jong after their national coach axed the City player from his squad...

Van Bommel himself never takes prisoners. The 33 year old Bayern Munich enforcer felt compelled to offer public support to his international team-mate but stopped short of slating his father-in-law the Dutch Coach Bert van Marwijk for his decision to drop De Jong for his hard ball winning tackle on Newcastle's Hatem Ben Arfa which has gone unpunished in England from pitch to Football Association.

The hacks knives are well and truly out for De Jong who finds himself coming in for stick from the likes of ex triple booking specialist Graham Poll to Arsenal's Samir Nasri, the latter of whom we're pretty sure at VMC would trip over himself to applaud English Football becoming a non-body contact sport. Such insight has been countered by Newcastle United's assistant boss Colin Calderwood who said:

'...I wouldn't want to take that type of challenge out of our football.'

Bert van Marwijk was absolutely slammed in Holland and around the world for his side's physical approach in this year's World Cup Final against Spain. Dutch legend Johann Cruyff had this to say of van Marwijk's team:

'This ugly, vulgar, hard, hermetic, hardly eye-catching, hardly football style, yes it served the Dutch to unsettle Spain. If with this they got satisfaction, fine, but they ended up losing. They were playing anti-football.'

The Dutch coach's unprecedented banning of an unpunished De Jong has more than a whiff of opportunist face-saving about it when those damning comments that have resonated all summer are taken into account.

Van Bommel had this to say:

'Nigel is and remains one of us. We find this all very frustrating...but I know Nigel as a sweet guy. He doesn't want to injure anyone but wants to win every match. That is his strength. Thanks to Nigel we reached the final of the World Cup. And now I hear people calling him a criminal. What a nonsense...I know exactly what Nigel is suffering. I have also had to answer for playing hard. But I didn't want to injure anyone and I have had to think about that criticism...Nigel should not change his game, we need him as he is. But maybe he should occasionally go into a tackle slightly differently.'

Fair enough, but Van Bommel quickly countered that with a nod to the missus's Dad:

'I think it was a very difficult decision for him. We are stronger with Nigel than without him. But he did it for the overall good.'

Beyond all the posturing in Holland, City boss Roberto Mancini has issued a statement in support of his fiery midfielder:

'As his club manager I wish to say that whilst he is naturally competitive, Nigel is first and foremost a great player as well as being honest and loyal and I support him wholeheartedly.'

MCFC and De Jong are close to finalising a newly improved extension to his current contract.

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The journalist

Writer: Bluey Armstrong VMC Newsdesk Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 5 2010

Time: 4:07PM

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1st...dejong needs to learn to he jackie chan
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05/10/2010 16:29:00

This really is bizarre, to say the least. He so called Kung fu kicks Alonso in the WC final which cant be condoned and his coach is happy to select him for the next international game, he then makes a very good tackle which leads to a very unfortunate break to Ben Arfa's leg and as a result he is dropped from the national squad. I'm astounded by this.
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05/10/2010 16:36:00

You can add Stan "dogger" "wifebeater" Collymore to the list of bandwagon jumping hacks (who only a short while ago was defending ryan shawcross). Nasri is a diving bellend and could trip over a blade of grass, no wonder he doesnt condone tackling.
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 16:58:00

If De Jong gets a ban then so be it, I am certain that he didn't mean to break Ben Arfas leg yet I wouldn't want to see my 8 year old tackled like that on a Saturday morning, a bit of refinement needed Nige. However it isn't down to the cretins (Durham, Collymore, Quinn et al) at TalkSport to launch a campaign against him personally, I don't hear these clowns harping on about Paul 'family man' 'mistimed tackle' 'stays out of the limelight' 'excellent servant to Yernitid' Scholes every time he maims someone. Punish De Jong if you will for an over exuberent tackle or an assault on Alonso but not because he's a foreigner or has never played for England. I see the Dutch coach now tries to restore Dutch footballs good name by finding a scapegoat.
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 17:38:00

As posted on the forums, how about a life ban for Coloccini too? Come on Barcodes, Spuds, and other guests, refute this:,,10278~9096581,00.jpg
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 18:22:00

Then there's Fatty Brazil the pontificating rag.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 18:39:00

I cant defend the dejong tackle, he didnt aim to break ben arfa leg, but the force used was too strong and wreckless. I wish the lad a speedy recovery. Dejong is certainly being made a scape goat by holland and if i were him id retire from interbnational football while Bert van Marwijk is in charge. This is the same coach who encouraged his team to be over physical at the world cup. If robben or van persie did a bad tackle, would they be banned? No cahnce! Hes a hypocrite and knifed his own player in the back. Its funny how theirs a media onslaught on a city player, when wreckless challenges have been in vouge since the eduardo incident two seasons ago. Wenger gets stick for years, but suddently everyone agrees with him when a city player is the agresser. Rooney is loved for rash tackles, scholes is loveable but cant challenge, shawcross was just a minute late, taylor is a nice, sidwell lost his eye contacts and weekly offender karl henry is misunderstood. As for the talksport campaign lead by adrian durham, it seems like newcastle fc have been listening and have asked the fa to action against dejong.
Sheikh Mansour
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 18:46:00

Irani, mmmf!
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 18:48:00

Hey!! I've just remembered, we're second in the table! Get in!
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 18:56:00

worst tackle I've seen this week!
Red Boy
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 20:09:00

As expected, no reply to this from those criticizing:,,10278~9096581,00.jpg - so if De Jong is banned does Coloccini go down with him?
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 20:58:00

It must be an International break or a MCFC page for an incident that did not even rate a yellow to drag on this long and generate this many postings.
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 22:20:00

If I were DeJong I would never play for Van Marvijk again. This is ridiculous beyond belief - what happened to team spririt and loyalty? It's in these situations that a player needs his manager most and not be stabbed in the back by him. Van Marvijk has contributed in making this a much bigger story than what it needed to be - incredible that a national coach should make one of his own players a scapegoat like this. We've seen it before with France and their idiot coach singeling out Anelka and making it all very public and then the whole team going into total meltdown - Holland next?
Blue ponderer
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 22:21:00

Van Marvijk has made a shrewd political move that you would expect off the most vile politicians. Taking heat for abandoning Holland's "total football" style to a physical, rougher style in the World Cup made him unpopular. To now exploit this incident and use De Jong as the skapegoat allows him to take heat off himself. Why didn't he drop De Jong after the Holden incident or the infamous kung fu kick? Typical vile politician, taking advantage when it suits him, at the expense of others.
Report Abuse
05/10/2010 22:39:00

De jong previous bad tackles on holden and another player during the build up to the world cup were all in a orange jersey. So obviously he being coached and fired up by van marvijk. Only when holland played like cannibals in the final and there was a public out cry, made them look for a scape goat.... Dejong NEVER had reputation at ajax, hamburg and city - till this wkend. How many bad challegnes has dejong made since he joined city? NONE! from hero against chelsea two weeks ago, to the poster boy of leg breakers this week. Karl henry plays like a mad man every week and no one blinks a eye.
Sheikh Mansour
Report Abuse
06/10/2010 14:30:00

I know my opinion won't be popular, but I thought it was an awfull tackle. My reasons are twofold; Firstly, to make that tackle (which I thought was unnecessary and OTT) THAT early in the game, made De Jong look like he was after Ben Arfa, tying to stick him a "nasty one", as a "welcome to the match" (the kinda thing we do to eachother each weekend in rugby. Secondly, I believe the trailling leg, coming around in almost a scissor motion, was what actually cause the damage. I have no doubt that De Jong didn't actualy mean to break the guys leg, but am equally sure he intended to give him a "welcomer". Whatever went wrong, I believe he intended an OTT tackle on Ben Arfa and went for it, the break maybe was unfortunate, but when it results from an intentionally tough tackle, De Jong should face the repercussios of his actions! Looks awful to act a hard man on the pitch, then complain when he's just broken someone elses leg! I read recently that De Jong was "devastated" to be out of the Dutch squad for 2 games, would rather have read that he was devastated to have done so much damage to a fellow pro!
The Horses Mouth
Report Abuse
06/10/2010 15:33:00

It wasn't as bad as the kick he gave alonso at the world cup...Least he actually won the ball unlike the thug karl henry.
Report Abuse
06/10/2010 15:47:00

Nobody across Football reacted on this scale when Keane scythed down Alfie Haaland.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
06/10/2010 16:06:00

What's even worse JB is that nobody in football reacted when he admitted he was trying to break Haaland's leg in his autobiography!
Report Abuse
06/10/2010 21:11:00

TheHorses', what did you think about Huddlestone's double whack in the face of a player in the CL that resulted in bleeding? And don't say he wasn't looking at the player so it was ok. I'm not saying they're the same but its easier to criticise a player when he doesn't play for your team. Why isn't a fuss being made over Sidwell's tackle that also broke a leg? Anything City-related is now blown out of proportion. TheHorses, when has he complained and what exactly did he say? You ''read'' ''devastated'' so it must be gospel. When Shawcross broke a leg the main focus in the media was how Shawcross was going to pull through and his England call up not Ramsey. With DeJong he's being made a scapegoat, too bad he's not English. It was an unfortunate incident but the media wont let it go cos its another golden opportunity to get on our back.
Report Abuse
07/10/2010 14:48:00

Quite laughable really. When you play football you've got to expect injuries and broken bones, its not quite the same game if you don't have those heavy challenges. Every player makes a few poor challenges in their life so why its a big deal now is beyond me (please don't victimise yourself and make it out that the world is against you City fans because its not). The way football is going about injuries and the physicality of the game they will soon introduce a no-running rule.
Report Abuse
07/10/2010 18:32:00

Good points The horses mouth. Exhibit 1 - De Jong breaks the leg of US International Stuart Holden at the World cup 2010. Exhibit 2 - De Jong karate kicks Xabi Alonso in the World cup 2010 Final under no provocation. Exhibit 3 - De Jong breaks Hatem Ben Arfa's leg in two places. All this happened in the last 6 months! Look at the other DM's. Mikel doesn't break legs, nor does Fellaini, nor does Song, nor does Fletcher, nor does Huddlestone.
Report Abuse
08/10/2010 10:03:00

Delta - are you really trying to tell me that the players you have listed have never gone in strong or over the top on anyone? Your own man Song I have seen doing it on a number of occasions. I wouldn't however call him a thug, but he's certainly not shy about putting himself about.
Report Abuse
08/10/2010 16:16:00

Deltaforce, Tom Hundredstone is too chubby to do anything anyway lol.
Report Abuse
08/10/2010 16:35:00


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