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We Urge Fellow Blues To Boycott The Sun & NOTW

Rupert Murdoch and his UK tabloids, The Sun and The News Of The World are currently waging a war campaign against Manchester City Football Club, but why?


I Hate Being A Footballer - written and published by Aidan Magee believes Carlos Tevez is seriously thinking about walking away from football forever. Oh really? Story described by VMC is negative.

Joe Hart Goes On A Bender - another example of trying to sell a story when 5 million plus of us go on a bender every weekend. Story described by VMC is negative.

Mancini Launches A Four Letter Rant At Tevez - Neil Curtis and Shaun Custis report that City boss Mancini was heard screaming: 'Go **** your mother' before ordering the striker to shut up because he was the boss. The row erupted at half-time during City's 2-1 win at Eastlands. Story described by VMC is negative.

I could go on but to be honest I think I may have made my point.

I appreciate the tabloids have to sell newspapers but why, especially are the Sun and the NOTW going to press with what appears to be total negativity against MCFC?

On the other hand I'm sure their respective sports editors could turn this story on its head and say they're trying to produce fair and balanced stories, however, I sometimes wonder.

I also hear the club are considering revoking press passes to anyone associated with News International. Perhaps someone could clarify this.

Vital Manchester City would like to hear from fellow Blues. Is it just me who thinks the aforementioned papers have it in for MCFC?

If you think we Citizens should boycott The Sun and the News of the World then all I ask is that you leave the comment, 'boycott' in the comments section directly below this article.

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 10 2010

Time: 6:11PM

Your Comments

I'll happily forward any comments onto the respective sports editors should we receive enough replies.
I say...Boycott
Tabloids have to sell newspapers true, however that’s not good business giving out false information because eventually the truth comes out then the tabloids gain a bad reputation which may result in losing customers.
boycott, but the reputation of the S** and NoTW is not the best is it? just ask the liverpool public and The S**, after the stories ti produced over would a boycott actually achieve anything as they will never change... imho
I take it you all no what happens in the inside of your club? Not saying what the papers write are true but not saying there untrue either because we simply dont no.
If petitions like this manage to get our voice across then surely its another nail in the coffin for publications such as these feckers. Blimey, we'd all might as well read the Daily Sport (which is the worst paper in the world) than read the garbage the Sun and the NOWT has to offer. Its not the first time these lot have brought jouralism into disrepute and no doubt it will be the last. At least I can go to my grave and say, "I tried."
Why don't we go one further and urge a boycott of all things Murdoch? Perhaps a few thousand cancelled/unrenewed subscriptions to Sky might have more of an impact than merely not forking out your 50p or whatever those dirty rags cost? I'm getting mighty hacked off with the consistent negative slant given to all things City from every single organ of the Murdoch empire, not just the gutter press part of the Murdoch empire. Technically we should be good for their business, so why they seem to have it in for us is beyond me. BOYCOTT!
A true ambassador fifthcolumnblue, well said that man. Especially when my Sky subscription has gone up AGAIN, and lets not forget the further increase in Sky TV subscriptions in January when the VAT goes up to 20%. Grrr
Boycott, sure! Will never buy either anyway! But I do think it's more than a touch paranoid to think this just happens to your club. Those rags would do this to any player / club that's news! NOTW were the ones that provided the recording eqt for the Triesman scandal (but were too shrewd to publish) endangerin our World Cup bid, NOTW were also behind the recent Rooney thing, and recording Spurs players drunk last season etc etc. But quite honestly, we've all heard enogh from the Old Trafford dressing room! But players like Hart, Woodgate, Crouch and Terry getting so disgustingly ratfaced, in public, during the season will always end up in the papers, they know that, and are stupid for letting themselves get caught!
The Horses Mouth
Why are they doing it? Because the majority of the country wants City to fall on their arse, so negative stories about you sells papers. It's not just City that get it though, positive stories don't sell papers.
I would urge people not to buy these two papers especially though, the tabloids in this country are a disgrace but these two are on another level.
Everton mike, Why does every other club want us to fail? Are you happy with the Status Quo of the 'Sky4' of Liverpool, (maybe not this year) Arsenal, the Rags, and Chelsea, taking up the premier league title placings, if so i Have to assume you are Jealous as it was City that Sheikh Mansoor bought and not some Club in a dodgy part of liverpool, perhaps he didnt fancy his Rolls Royce being nicked when he come to watch, Lol
It's not so much wanting City to fail, but more not wanting them to succeed. If a mid table club can get a billionaire in and a few years down the line start winning league titles, it will ruin English football for clubs like Everton, Villa etc who have slogged away on limited resources occasionally losing our best players whenever a club with money decides they want them, but still managed to make slow progress. RE the "statu quo of the SKY4" that's already been broken, in '05 we finished 4th, last year Spurs did, and someone will finish top 4 again with Liverpool more likely to be relegated than see champions league football again, so that will be 3 times in 7 seasons Liverpool have failed to make the top 4. The time of the SKY4 dominance is already at an end, Liverpool already gone *****, Arsenal aren't far ahead of the likes of Spurs. United will be caught and overtaken in the next few years too with an aging side, same with Chelsea.
anyone who buys the sun and nowt (in it) deserve neutering. That's nothing to do with recent stuff about city it's just common sense to preserve the gene pool. I'd add talk****e radios stanley victor collymoor to the list as well. Why the fek we should be given moral guidance by a drink and drug abusing, wife beating sexual deviant is beyond me.
in my little fit of apoplexy i forgot to mention, don't buy a sky subscription - get to the match instead. You can get a season ticket (if they weren't sold out) for the same money you give to murdoch
My lot have been victims this season in much the same way though some may have been self induced. I have to say that I can think of only one word that somes up the mood of these papers. Jealousy. Chelsea are their only team capable of fighting for the title. Arsenal and Spurs will fail as I feel sure will Utd. For me that leaves you and the Blues to fight it out. They just don't like that idea at all. Especially as a good few of their team is getting on a bit and Roman has slowed down his spending. Me I love the way Mancini has built a team around an English backbone.
SFC Forever
add Talk*****e to that list
I cannot comply with this boycott... because I don't pay for that rubbish in the first place. Hate the red top newspapers here and some of the "yuppy" ones aren't much better! The Independent is a nice read though at times.
all barstewards. 'Nuff said.
I think all football fans shouldn't buy a paper for two weeks. Players at every club now get slated for next to f*** all. So called sports journalists do not exist any more, they are like the most stupid people in the audience of anything Cowell related who get into a lather about absolutely anything not quite the norm, good or bad. How any sports journalists can go home and look their partners in the eye is beyond words after the lies they make up. I'd like to see clubs launching legal action the papers a lot more. Footy fans need to rise up and run them outta town! PS, Custis is just lowlife scum.
Buzz Lightyear
News of The Screws are a total disgrace. Well educated bin rifling hacks with dangerous agendas. Horrible, horrible people. Still nobody has outed the alledged "Irish women's boxing champion" who doesn't exist who was key to the tragic Ricky Hatton sting. You know you are in trouble when Murdoch leech Andy Coulson is appointed media adviser to the coalition Prime Minister. Frighteningly in Murdoch's pocket.
Johnny Baguette
Why do we not get impartial reporting from our media? excuse me if im wrong but isnt the media there for all of us to read, why must us city fans always get the vile end of the stick, i stopped buying the sun and notw about 4 months after city got took over, i dont mind criticism but it has to be balanced at the moment its all anti city this and anti city that, even when we are live on sky the pundits are always ex players from the other team WHY IS THIS why does Andy Gray never compliment City he is meant to be impartial but u can tell from his voice that he hates us to lols (i was watching the spurs 4-3 comeback last night and when city scored there 3rd and 4th u can hear the disgust in Grays voice even after beating liverpool 3-0 he still said liverpool should of won!, Oh and dont get me started on that big nose fecker Thompson!!!,,,, spleen vented taaa

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