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Bitterness In Shades Of Red

The Ped Report today unleashed a vehemence of disrespect from the Gooner Fraternity, pretty much as expected. Their fans have migrated from the friendly side of North London to become second rate Stretfords, clearly aware that City will be the next big thing and they will not.

Add to that Fabregas telling us they would have beaten us if we'd have had 15 players on the pitch just adds more to the fear factor that City is creating.

The world and his dog knows that Fabregas executed at least three cautionable offences yesterday, but because he walked off in abject pain holding on to the physio after a powder puff tackle from Kompany, he was allowed some latitude.

Then comes motormouth Gary Neville telling the world that only City have suffered as a result of Rooney's improved contract at Old Trafford.

Oh dear Mr Neville, you are missing the whole point. You might have retained your so -called superstar but at what cost?

Another 100k per week added to the overdraft and when he does go in the summer, all the loot pays off another chunk of debt interest.

When will this despicable creature learn to keep his mouth shut? Why does he consider that this issue concerns him?

Only Liverpool are keeping their cards close to their chest just now and against the background of their results I can understand why.

There is no doubt thought that City are going forward and those clad in red don't like it, nor do Chelsea for that matter, but at least they keep on going and winning except against City.

The future is looking bright under the Blue Moon. Why can't all things red just accept it and move on? At the end of the day, you'll have no choice.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 25 2010

Time: 2:00PM

Your Comments

Maybe so, but this is a classic case of "Blindness in the shade of sky blue...". Sorry mate, your a bad loser. Learn to accept a loss gracefully. Don't embarrass yourself like this.
From the ridiculous to the just plain moronic. What else do you have to do during your half term I suppose? Amusingly even though this is supposed to be your attempt at a wind up every word simply oozes sour grapes. If you don't want the negative feedback don't post such gormless "reports".
Wyn Mills
All that was unleashed was a 'vehemence of correction' on your last rather bitter article. You were clearly seeing red when you wrote it - not unlike Boyota yesterday. Most gooners had a fair amount of respect for the way you tried to fight back with ten men. Shame you weren't quite up to it but you gave it your best shot. Having had no choice but to send your man off the ref tried to even it up as best he could for you dishing out yellows to our entire midfield in the 20 minutes or so after the sending off. Despite the foul count over the game being fairly equal at about 12 to 13. Help yourself to another bowl of those sour grapes you've definitely got a taste for them.
I don't agree JT-Daniel. He's not just talking about the loss yesterday. Its a fairly objective optimistic piece. Laced with a bit of anger granted but you're being a bit harsh.
Maybe a little, SBSS- But I was partly referring to the Ped Report of yesterday too. Even so, this is not the usual class of articles you guys normally publish. I enjoy going through a few of your articles and your debates because it's all good, proper football banter. Not this, definitely.
What a suprise to find you trolling here Amos!! Pathetic little man.
Tony Rocky Horror
I've just read the ped report and I see what you mean now. That was an embarassing read if ever I've read one. The denial of the penalty is quite frankly bizarre. I must admit though I can't stomach Clattenburg but I can't figure out whether he's got it in for us or he's just an awful ref. He was awful against Blackburn too but he was awful in a Bolton game I watched and other team's seem to dispise him just as much.
You are a very sore loser aren't you pedmachine, if you had read the comments you would've realised they were coming from many different fans not just Arsenal fans.
Pathetic indeed TRH. As this is a piece concerning the Arsenal /City game it's quite clear that you're the troll - not that there's ever been any doubt about it whenever you crawl to the surface.
Pedmachine come on now my friend your embarrasing yourself...Your match report was very poor and you seem a fan who is very one sided towards his team and see no other side to things like spurs fans are. It was a clear penalty and the arsenal fans have a right to be annoyed at your article as it was completey ridiculous and nothing in it was correct...Very sore grapes and a poor luck on football on your part.
And as for anything Fabregas says I would disregard indeed. This little rat is becoming notorious for opening his mouth and insulting people. He's a sad loser Barcelona wannabe who gets his privates fiddled by 'Uncle Arsene' every night. Typical Woolwich scum.
Tony Rocky Horror
Sigh I must confess that I feel sorry for you man city fans.....first the rubbish report on the game and now you have to put up with some spud pi**pot spouting his bile on a site that has nothing to do with the tiny totts......
I watched the Cesc interview with Sky and he merely stated that even if City had 15 men our game-plan wouldn't have changed. I'm pretty sure he didn't say "we would have won" but thats not surprising as it came from The Sun (best newspaper in Britain). One of my friends told me what Cesc said and I corrected him on it and then some guy in front of me was reading the Sun on the bus and I saw the quote. I literally facepalmed (no joke). He was simply saying that our game plan is that we always play to win. Which is clearly Wenger's philosophy.
Yeah what Cesc said was that we would have still gone for the win no matter how many players City would have had. Still don't let little things such as facts stand in the way of such marvelous TalkSport style reporting.
All this fuss because arsenal FINALLY beat a top team (with 10 men) even with 11 players there were ordinary and fatique killed us. ARSEnal are on level points with city and recently lost to west brom at home, so their over-reaction to their victory is really funny to see. I never thought arsenal would stoop so low and act as if youve won the league. Id expect that from blackpool, fulham or a bolton etc. If utd or chelsea beat us with 10 men its business as usual. I suppose if a rival club was spending billions and a manager who refuses to spend wisely or buy british and another throphyless season - i guess if i was a gooner id celebrate like i won the lottery..... because they FEAR city. Plan and simple. All these jealous, twisted, bitter fans all hate city. Love us when were broke, hate us when were rich. See you southern pansey with eleven men soon.
Sheikh Mansour
"even with 11 players they were ordinary..." It was in the 5th fecking minute. Why am I even responding to this guy? The rest of his post appears to have been written by a someone with... [insert insult here]. Seriously Sheikh, if that post above is not a troll looking for a wind-up, then I seriously pity you.
Sheikh, That chip on your shoulder must require scaffolding. What's happened to these City fans? They've turned into power crazed meglomaniacs.
Wyn Mills
Wyn Mills, no we haven't at all! If you repeat that I will get our 11 Billion loyal season ticket holding fans to blast you with our very expensive Sheikh sponsored laser guns. That'll learn yer!
"Giving power and money to stupid people only makes them more stupid". Arsene Wenger (2005)
JT and all visiting fans - please don't taint all us City fans in the same light as the writer of this article. I don't like Clattenburg but i couldn't argue with any of his decisions in this game but i do think that City looked the more dangerous side for 60mins.
Thaiblue- I'm definitely not implying that all Citeh fans are like this. The duds here are the minority.
deltaforce- that is why wenger is never given money these days!!
Wow, and I thought the match report was c r a p.
thaibluefan you are the most reasonable city fan on the vital network consistently and your views garner respect - something the ped report did not.
Skybluesuedeshoes mancity have won 16 of 17 matches that clattenburg has reffed... cant see how you say he has it in for you.
Skybluesuedeshoes mancity have won 16 of 17 matches that clattenburg has reffed... cant see how you say he has it in for you.
Ped for goodness sake we got done 3-0 you get it! We played very well for a while with ten men. The young bloke got sent off as he should have. We weren't humbled, we got tired but never humbled. Arsenal deserved their win. Next week should be our focus, go with that!
Wow, and I thought the match report was c r a p. Sajit - It was!
Thats utter rubbish anonymous - we've drawn and lost the last 2 that clattenburg has reffed so where do your facts come from other than the top of your head?? You're a buffoon.

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