Manchester City - The Ped Report Wolves 2-1 City
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The Ped Report Wolves 2-1 City

In a week that saw City mauled by Arsenal, players reported to be out drinking at St Andrews and Tevez reportedly homesick, injured and heading off to Argentina, what was needed from the team at Molineux yesterday, against a struggling bottom three team, was a comfortable victory.

What was delivered was a result falling comfortably under the title of 'typical City'.

We may be trying to shake this off but time and again it comes back to haunt us. From a solid start and a 1-0 lead came two ridiculous pieces of defending and the team from the bottom came from behind to record a good victory against a side packed with internationals, who fancies itself to end up somewhere near the top of the league, come what May.

Having seen Jarvis tear the right hand side of United's defence to shreds in the Rooney Cup in midweek, Mancini for some inexplicable reason decided to put Richards up against him yesterday. I am probably over critical of Richards because I consider that time and again he displays no desire to learn his trade and once again he was found yesterday. So the beginning of City's downfall was made at 1.30pm with the handing in of the team sheet.

For once seeking to go 4-4-2, with Adebayor and Balotelli up front and shorn of Tevez and de Jong, his pack of tigers, Mancini backed this up with Richards in the back line and Boateng on the wrong side. If he is going to play a midfield four, then Johnson must be included. Since his arrival, Milner has flattered to deceive, putting in some good work against Chelsea but not carrying the fight to anyone else from centre midfield. Maybe some bench time is needed here.

An end-to-end start culminated in Spearman for some reason launching himself into a tackle, buying Silva's dummy and taking away his legs. Easy call for the ref. Adebayor stepped up and in true Tevez tradition spotted the keeper heading off to one side of the goal and calmly slotted the ball in the opposite corner of the net.

This should have been the launching pad for a comfortable away win of the type that you expect from teams at the top of the league. Not so with City. We continued to trade blows in midfield, not easy when you are minus de Jong and then within seven minutes succumbed to a raid down our right, two quick passes circumnavigated the static Richards, as I said, found out again, and Milijas slotted home the equaliser in a fashion that looked more like a snooker shot that something from a football match.

After that the house of cards started to tumble with some kami-kaze stuff at the back, looking nothing like the miserly defence that started the season.

Things went from bad to worse at the start of the second half when a shot at goal from outside the box saw Kolo Toure neatly head it into the path of Edwards who coolly angled an exquisite pass-shot away from Hart and into the bottom corner. Why does Silva not get these opportunities?
Excellently taken and once again highlighting the defensive fragility that has come to beset City.

A couple of chances went begging, Adebayor missing one, but our attack looked bereft of ideas until Johnson was introduced. The impact player made an immediate impact and tried to do for City what Jarvis had achieved for Wolves, and surely if we are to get best out of Balotelli, then some service from wide out is needed to supplement the through balls from Silva.

But having set up a great opportunity for Adebayor who promptly shovelled it over the bar, that seemed to be that. Balotelli and Zabaleta picked up late yellow cards as Wolves hung on for dear life and a quality victory for them. And this week we can't hide behind only having ten men!

I am having difficulty with team selections that involve playing someone out of position to accommodate Richards. For me I would have played Boateng there and Zabaleta at left back. Zaba might be out of position on the left but he won't let you down, he has the correct work ethic.

Milner might need to be victim too. He huffs and puffs but for me he is not blowing down the houses. Barry is looking a little short too at present, so I am pleased to see that Michael Johnson is getting close to fitness. If he can stay fit and injury-free he will shake up both the ex-Villa contingent.

Although we get a welcome break in Poland this week, next Sunday's match at West Brom will be no cakewalk. They play some excellent stuff and it is a ground where City traditionally does not do well and is not one for the 'typical City' approach. If some of these multi-millionn pound stars don't put it in next weekend then some of them should be left out for the Derby.

On a final note it can't have escaped the attention of Ashbuton Grove's finest that Mr Clattenburg had another away-day in Manchester yesterday. So come on you gooners, explain the second goal to me? Did not Mr Clattenburg once again favour the bigger of the two teams? Answers on a postcard.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 31 2010

Time: 3:36PM

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Good article Ped. The only thing I don't agree with is that we went with a 442, as far as I could see we still played three deep lying central midfielders, with the front three of Silva, Balotelli and Adebayor alternating positions. We had no proper width which left our full backs exposed all too often.
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31/10/2010 15:47:00

Pedmachine i was going to say 'not another match report slating the red again then' until i read the end bit...Still not realised that it WAS a red card and clattenburg got it spot on. Clattenburg screwed up yesterday as he should have gave the free kick for handball but it was gomes stupidness aswell which cost them the goal, but that has nothing to do with boyata getting sent off. He got it right, you need to get on with your life and stop looking like an idiot. Boyata fouled chamakh and was the last man, he was through on goal and stopped a goal scoring oppurtunity, it's a red card. Whats not to understand? You cant always back your own team!! Frustrating or what!!!!
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 15:51:00

P.Avfc. I think I can go as far as to say that the Arsenal stuff is gone but not forgotten. The point made at the foot of this week's Ped Report is simply a reminder that Clattenburg is not a foreigner to controversy. It simply follows him around. He may have been right last week (in all opinions except mine) but that yesterday was pretty well outrageous. Almost as bad as the "goal" Roy Carroll scooped out from 10 feet behind the line. Spurs don't get it good against the Stretfords
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 17:01:00

pedmachine in all fairness when Carroll conceded that should've-been-goal he was on the halfway line and could only go by what the linesman said to him. Nice to hear were the word around town, or rather City, as usual.
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 18:19:00

Don't flatter yourselves there 7, I think you'll find the "talk about town" is Clattenburg.
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 18:57:00

Clattenburg = decent ref, Makes mistakes like always but i have seen him have good games such as the city vs arsenal game :)
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 19:42:00

Clattenberg is also still banned from officiating the Merseyside derby, I think there is a bounty on his head among Everton fans after repeated injustices against them (in favour of, you guessed it, a Big 4 team). Clattenberg has already been banned once, I wonder if Redknapp will launch an official complaint as he looked to be barely containing his rage after yesterday's game.
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 19:48:00

Any decision Clattenburg makes is going to favour one team or another. It's irrelevant who the team favours it only matters whether it was right or wrong. Clattenburg could easily have given a penalty if he wanted to favour ManU. Gomes had picked the ball up and was in possession. There was no need to give a free kick because Nani's 'offence' didn't gain any advantage and Gomes had the option to set up a counter attack if thought quickly enough. As it transpires he didn't think at all at while Nani thought quickly. That's where the 'bigger' teams have an advantage. Clattenburg did his job. It wasn't his fault that Gomes didn't do his.
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 21:17:00

StuMCFC if he favours the Big 4 it should be interesting if he officiates Spurs v City.
Report Abuse
31/10/2010 22:26:00

Back to posting a goo report Ped - Barry should take a rest for me and Milner play the central midfield role.
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 00:35:00

Where do I send the Postcard.....Abu Dhabi?
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 00:49:00

Another excellent analysis from The Machine.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 09:04:00

Pedmachine, trust me, P.Avfc doesnt let anything go, his replies to my comments are "It is obvious you are still bitter about villa beating Everton" StuMCFC, completely right, Clattenburg is not fit to ref in the premier league, seems to make a vital mistake every game, I mean as I said Gomes seeked clarification from Clattenburg on the situation and all he did was pretty much shrug his shoulders, are you ****ing kidding me. Also your right about the bounty on the head, absolute *********, that merseyside derby will never be forgotten.
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 10:18:00

Milner has everything needed to play in the middle and is far and away a better player than Barry.
SFC Forever
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 10:28:00

You are still bitter Rob! And how do i not let anything go when ped is blatently trying to prove clattenburg is a bad referee to make his previous articles about boyata make sense. Rob i suggest you take your head from the city fans backside and crawl back under your rock.
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 10:41:00

Right P. , I'll indulge you, and not because of Clattenburg's display last week. Clangerburg is an awful referee, controversy follows him wherever he goes. Why was Rio allowed to stand there and get involved in the conversation between ref and linesman, yet the Spurs players were all told to go away? If Spurs had scored like that at Old Trafford, do you really believe it would have been allowed? I'm shocked that anyone would think he's a good ref. And I repeat this has nothing to do with his performance last week, it's a view I've held for many years.
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 10:52:00

Bluedub my point is that i dont understand why it woult bother people so much that he made a bad decision and to me it seems that alot of people are still bitter about the fact he basically cost you the game against arsenal with the red card and that is where all the hate is coming from. I can see he made a bad decision but to be honest i couldnt care less aslong as it isn't my team on the end of it, i think all refs make mistakes he had a bad game with spurs and utd but in my eyes a good one with you and arsenal.
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 11:29:00

That's your opinion which of course you're entitled to, but do you really have to repeat it ad nauseam? I think we got the message the first time or the second or the third etc. etc. Another question for you, leaving aside Clangerburg's performances in the last couple of weeks, do you really believe that in general he's a decent ref?
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 11:37:00

I think he is decent yes, everyone makes mistakes but as far as i have seen he had a good game at you and arsenal and i havn't seen him in the spotlight too many times.
Report Abuse
01/11/2010 19:17:00

Really, well in one merseyside derby, he gave the red *****e 2 penatlies (one was definetly not a pen and the other was), he gave 2 red cards to Everton players (very questionable) and we were denied a late penalty when Carragher tackled Lescott to the ground befroe he was going to score (which shoudve been a pen and a red card), ultimately cost us the game, he made about 4 or 5 very serious mistakes in that ONE game alone, that is why he is unfit to ref a Merseyside derby (which he is still banned) and he is unfit to ref in the premier league (And I am still bitter about that game). He is in the spotlight pretty much every other week, granted a ref is entitled to make mistakes, but he continually makes them over and over again. you might not notice it because he only refs the BIG games ( ;) ) but he makes very fundamental and plain right stupid decisions at times
Report Abuse
02/11/2010 03:01:00

I am not favouring them because of you P.Avfc, Im siding with them because I reckon they are spot on, Clattenburg is a joke. (except if they think the Boyata didnt deserve a red, he most certainly did)
Report Abuse
02/11/2010 03:03:00

Rob i agree that he makes mistakes but i just dont care if it is not at villa. I am just saying that it seems odd that many of them argued that the boyata challenge wasn't a red card and continued to back up such a ridiculous statement and then when clattenburg made a mistake they brought it up and it was pedmachine who made 3 articles on boyata and he made another point about clattenburg so it seemed asif he was trying to prove a point that he got the boyata challenge wrong and he was right, thats my argument.
Report Abuse
02/11/2010 12:10:00

You're it.
Report Abuse
02/11/2010 12:57:00

Makes no sense, not been layed in a while, doesn't no what he is on about and is a one eyed fan...Yes that is you bluedub :) Me and rob was having a nice discussion until you decided to bring our your inner hillbilly presence.
Report Abuse
02/11/2010 14:37:00

You're it.
Report Abuse
02/11/2010 15:03:00

Rio is the England captain enough said!
Report Abuse
02/11/2010 15:51:00


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