Manchester City - Tevez Goes Public On City Exit Wish
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Tevez Goes Public On City Exit Wish

Carlos Tevez and his advisers have wasted no time in responding to Manchester City's assertive statement over the wantaway strikers rejected transfer request...

Tevez Statement:

'I can confirm I have handed a transfer request to the chairman of Manchester City Football Club...Now I need to clear my head and think because this is an important part of my career.

'My feelings have not changed and it is regrettable that we have reached this situation...But it is something I have felt for some time and have spent many hours thinking this through.

'I hugely resent the management`s suggestions that I have been unduly influenced by others...I wanted to leave in the summer, but was convinced to return to the club. Sadly, my feelings have not changed.

'I am disappointed that the management should now see fit to try to portray the situation in another light...My relationship with certain executives and individuals at the club has broken down and is now beyond repair.

'I do not wish to expand on this at this stage. They know, because I have told them.

'I wish to clarify that I have no personal issue with the manager Roberto Mancini.

'The owner has been very generous with what he has offered to me. I would like to thank Sheik Mansour for his understanding and support.'

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The journalist

Writer: Bluey Armstrong VMC Newsdesk Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 12 2010

Time: 9:03PM

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I seriously doubt he will ever wear the shirt again after that to the delight of our title rivals. - At least the hacks and expert pundits have been exposed over the alleged war between Tevez and Mancini.
Johnny Baguette
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12/12/2010 21:11:00

Kompany must be made captain tomorrow and we must get our targets set for the january transfer window..outs tevez,adebayor and santa cruz..ins torres,benzema and dzeko would do for me..
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12/12/2010 21:26:00

I don't like the "at this stage" comment. He's threatening more. That'll be Marwood and Cook in the firing line IMHO. But that aside, I'm interpreting this as a massive middle finger to the team mates he's supposed to be captaining and above all else to the fans he knows he'll be hurting. When Hughes went, we saw division and I'm dreading similar here, but from what I hear he has been having next to feck all to do with the rest of the lads, even stuffing the team christmas party. We MUST get rid asap. We are in our best league position and title shout since 1977.
Johnny Baguette
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12/12/2010 21:30:00

His English has improved! I hope Kia Joorabchian dies a most painful death for instigating this. Wants his Christmas bonus (50% of the transfer fee), Tevez has no brain and is easily manipulated.
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12/12/2010 21:32:00

Mancio is waiting in Italy for The Blues plane in a day or so. That Europa League press conference with one of our players by his side is going to be interesting. I hope he selects Vinnie as skipper and takes the stage with him.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 21:34:00

When Robinho demanded to leave i laughed my ass off, when Adebayor demanded to be leave i had a chuckle and now with Tevez demanding to leave at best i had a smirk...its getting boring now guys, how long do you think it will be before Balotelli demands to leave? to bad you guys cant buy loyalty eh.
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12/12/2010 21:56:00

Too bad for Liverpool they couldn't buy Mascherano's or Alonso's either Klutch. Difference is we have the means to replace Tevez.
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12/12/2010 22:00:00

Loyalty is a rarity at this level and well we all know it. Anyone who think it isn't is clearly delusional.
Johnny Baguette
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12/12/2010 22:02:00

The only way Tevez gets out of this situation with his personal reputation intact is if he buys himself out of his deal and goes to play for Boca or his local pub team in Buenos Aires. A move anywhere else, will just prove he's used his family as an excuse to engineer his way out a commitment. Man up Carlitos - you're an adult.
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12/12/2010 22:10:00

That "certain executives" line. He can't speak the same language at all so was something being lost in translation? - Grassy Knollington, Conspiracy Theorist
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 22:13:00

bluedub - Xabi left due to other reason (Barry saga) plus he was at Anfield watching us against Villa a week ago and will always be remembered fondly. Either way it doesn't matter, when Robinho left the whole of Vital Football was here having a laugh but as i said its happens at your club so much that its getting tiresome. They always say more money more problems.
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 22:14:00

To be honest it sucks for the younger City fans having to watch these money hunger players week in week out, your club should be looking at investing in youth and forgetting about buy superstars for a while
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 22:16:00

Unbelievable. As if Liverpool wouldn't be spending massively now if they could.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 22:29:00

Shame hes such a top player, easily your best. Balotelli next i fear
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 22:37:00

This is what happens when you employ mercenaries. Still, your club will live and learn.
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12/12/2010 22:52:00

Balotelli adores Mancini, what you see with him is just Balotelli. He did the same at Inter. He has known Mancini since he was 12. Still, he needs to grow up, especially now that Tevez and Adebayor are leaving, though we will sign 1-2 other top strikers (Dzeko hopefully one of them).
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 23:16:00

As for "employing mercenaries", they are not exclusive to our club. Spurs has them, Arsenal has them, United has the biggest of them all (Rooney). Our business has been so accelerated though that we signed more high risk players at once. However, players like De Jong, Kompany, and Zabaleta are as loyal as any in the Premier League. Even Yaya Toure has buckled down and is matching his brother's workrate. However, I think the club needs to do thorough psychological analysis' of our signings, as we have signed some very high maintenance players (Tevez, Robinho, Adebayor, Balotelli). Players like Kolarov with healthy minds and good work ethic are what we need to complete the "Mancini" team. Dzeko would be perfect for that but the other we are linked with, Torres, shows the signs of being another problem child type based on his regular petulance at Liverpool.
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 23:21:00

Will be a huge loss in my opinion.
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12/12/2010 23:46:00

good he finaly came to his senses and realised *****y are scum
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 00:27:00

Klutch, have a look at the league table, who's laughing at who?
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 00:43:00

Stu - Rooney a mercenary? Because his contract was running out and he got an improved deal? Or because he has been with us since he was 17? Or is it because he left Everton to join one of the biggest clubs in the world? You think Rooney needs the money? He's earning close to 50 mil from thru sponsorships thanks to his association with Manchester United
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 01:22:00

Bluedub - If you want to look the league table then yes you got me but if you want to look at players coming to your club getting a fat paycheck for a year before treating your club and its fans like a 2 dollar hohohoho in front of the the whole football world for what feels like the tenth time then i would say im doing the laughing.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 04:40:00

A huge 'Us versus them' feeling here among all Vital City fans - you think the media is against you, other clubs cant wait for you to stumble and most of all that luck is against you. Amusing. But money is money and it talks - i maintain that its only a matter of time before you end your 34 year wait for a major trophy. Understand though that the money you spend is not what you generate - its all sugar daddy money. That is an unfair advantage thanks to a loophole in PL regulations. Which is the main reason respect from opposition fans and the media is hard to come by.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 05:08:00

You're about to lose your best player.
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13/12/2010 06:02:00

Couldn't be happier to hear this. Hope it causes you big problems Chelsea#2. Would love to honestly know how City fans reacted originally when Roman put his money into Chelsea and bought success without earning it. You're both scum.
Tottenham Hotcore
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 06:54:00

Thanks for your input Tottenhman. Chelsea were already an established top four side before the oligarch arrived.
Johnny Baguette
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13/12/2010 06:59:00

Well, there goes the life and blood of City. Welcome to Manchester btw ;)
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 08:10:00

Johnny Baguette, how much had Chelski won before their sugardaddy arrived, check your stats mate, and you will find very little. The bitters deserve every bit of what is comming, your club are in complete mess, you are hanging every bit of dirty washing for everyone to see, pathetic. Everyone wants to leave regardless of how much money you throw after them, why... because your club is nothing more than a pimped fiat Punto, no one wants to drive it, no one wants to play for your club.. All the players are there for the money, no pride, no commitment, nothing, and that is exactly want you will win again for 35th consecutive year running. First Tevez, next up Balotelli, at least youve got Ha HA Toure. Keep on going, you will be the biggest joke in world football.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 08:17:00

Yes Klutch, I will continue to look at the league table because ultimately that is what matters.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 08:24:00

To all the numpties who have come onto our site to gloat about Tevez, at least we wont be sitting outside his Cheshire mansion threatening to burn it down. We will manage our way out of this hickup and finish higher than the Scum this season to boot.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 08:48:00

He's replaceable, he gets lots of goals because he gets an excellent supply, like his replacement will. I'm tired of his disrespect for Mancini and i'm tired of his regular ill-judged outbursts about quitting and i'm tired of his shinpad tributes. It will be interesting to see him not fit in at Real or play second fiddle to Messi & Villa at Barca or even maybe be a success after replacing Drogba (!) or maybe even getting fat in Argentina whilst we hold onto his registration or maybe even staying (!!!). Why should players be falling out with board members anyway?! It would seem Mr Tevez has his fingers in too many pies. For the record it wouldn't bother me if Ballotelli went in January either. To all you others on here from other clubs, your comments don't really hold any sway. But thanks for your time!
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 08:56:00

RG, agree with you here mate - City must not be held to ransom, and whilst everyone in the press focuses on him being our best player cos he gets the limelight I think we all know that the true stars at the moment are Kompany and De Jong, with admirable support from the likes of Toures, Barry, Silva, Boateng and Zabaleta, etc. We can get another forward who, with the service provided, will get their share of goals. He's been excellent for us, but this is Roberto's project with the Sheik's support - not Carlos'!
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 09:41:00

You know, some very insightful comments have manifested themselves in the discourses above.How many more will declare that they want to fell City for any number of personal reasons? Oddly enough, all of the aforementioned 'want-away' players, namely Adebayor, Robinho and now Tevez, seem to have gorged themselves on City's cash for quite a while before declaring their willingness to move. There are mercenaries, City fans, but at least they do a job and stay to see the contract through. What you've burdened yourselves with are leeches. Secondly, I would laugh at the predicament City suddenly find themselves in, as I do not deny that I did and continue to dislike the Monster-Money City that has sprung out of what was once a quite likeable club, but I realize that the people who bear the brunt of the rival fans' mockery aren't Mansour and his oily cronies, but the fans, who had no say in who took over the club and are simply enjoying the fruis of that takeover as they come.So, I see no point in taking the mick. Thirdly, an informed opinion on this 'Chelsea=City' argument-Honestly, I'm quite sure many of you City fans scoffed and disdainfully dismissed Chelsea as a big-money club ruining football when Abramovich took over, so you really can't justify any attempts at differing yourselves from Chelsea. You're both essentially the same, for better or worse. Finally, as someone said above, you do need to look at your transfer policy. The number of prima-donnas and leeches you've bought is definitely the football equivalent of sitting on a powder keg just because it makes you taller than everyone else sitting on sturdy stools. Balotelli, renowned for his strops with arguably the world's greatest modern coach, Tevez, who snubbed one of the most successful coaches in modern England, Adebayor, who was literally jeered out of Arsenal, Yaya Toure, who left one of the greatest clubs in world football just because he didn't play every game,instead of fighting for the right to do so, and others like the now thankfully-departed Robinho spring to mind. There's a reason their clubs let them go, I hope you realise that, as I'm sure most of you do anyway. You have the foundations of a mightily succesful team, in Zabaleta, Johnson, Kompany, Toure, De Jong, Silva and Hart. Not these guys. Not the volatile characters with a tendency to sulkily jet off to their next big payday with less concern for the fans than American baseball stars taking pills in the back room.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 09:42:00

DubaiSpur, some decent comments there fella. Only exception is (and this is the truth!) that we never scoffed at Chelsea, at least i didn,t hear any. Probably because they were above and beyond us! Maybe we'd have scoffed at you or EFC though! But that's life, you or EFC would have been ok with it after developing a thicker skin and there's absolutely nothing we could have done about it.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 10:08:00

"I'm quite sure many of you City fans scoffed and disdainfully dismissed Chelsea as a big-money club ruining football when Abramovich took over" - actually, as a poster on City message boards back then I can tell you many of us loved it, as it meant a new club were blowing United out of the water. Spurs also had their sugar daddy, Alan Sugar (lol), I remember when they were buying World Cup stars like Klinsmann, Popescu, and Dumitrescu after their impressive showings in the 1994 World Cup, when big name foreigners were a rarity in England then.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 11:13:00

Carlos Tevez has said he has to leave Manchester City because there are too many two faced people at the club.Well surely he should stay and borrow one of them off somebody.
BigBadBobbyC 9
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 12:17:00

Keep it coming Nobby Nordkap. Long long way to go.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 12:38:00

Robson, and Stu, yeah, I didn't see that angle. The man blowing United out of the water would only have seemed like a Russian Avenger to you good people back then. Same with us and Arsenal, I suppose. But re Alan Sugar, he treated the club almost entirely as a business, as opposed to a traditional sugar daddy like Sheikh Mansour or Abramovich who pump money into the club they own to see it succeed.Yes, he purchased Klinsmann, Popescu and Ilie. The only other big money signing he financed apart from those three was Les Ferdinand, by the way. But he refused to sign players like Ince, due to his belief in resale values, and he refused to give players like Sheringham longer-term contracts beause he felt they had passed their resale value point.In fact, both Klinsmann and Sheringham cited Sugar's obsession with running Spurs as a pure business as one of the reasons they both left. that isn't being a sugar daddy, that's being a businessman with no interest in the football side of club ownership.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 12:45:00

Dubai - fair comments in the main. There is one thing I take issue with though. Yaya played a huge role in Barca's success while he was there and didn't lose his starting place due to his ability or lack of fight, he lost it basically because he's African and Barca had an able Catalan replacement for him in Busquets.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 15:14:00

Bluedub, in my measured opinion, Busquets lacks many of the qualities Toure posseses. He cannot tackle all that well, he lacks the physical strength of Toure and he isn't as fast either. All Busquets brings to the table is an almost unrivalled ability to pick out long passes(the best completion rate in La Liga behind Xavi and Xabi Alonso, if I'm not mistaken) and an aptitude for keeping posession. Barca had to buy Mascherano this summer, why? to replace Toure. Therefore, all Toure had to do was force his way back into the line-up ahead of Busquets, which was something he evidently lacked the stomach for. Seydou Keita plays as a bit-part man for them, you don't see him complaining.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 19:11:00

I don't believe he lacked the stomach to fight DS. He could just see his days were numbered as a regular in the side because of the emergence of Busquets. Trust me a black player is never going to be picked ahead of a local lad at Barca. Then there's the nice earner he was offered here of course, but you also have to factor in the opportunity to play with his brother and the chance to share success with him, which he has stated in interviews was a boyhood dream of his. I could be wrong and Yaya will be next to have a strop and if he does I shall eat my words. Time will tell.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 19:53:00

Ah, yes, I forgot about his desire to play with his brother. Point well made, Bluedub, and we'll see if he does follow Tevez into point-blank betrayal of the club he plays for.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 22:11:00

I've listened to and read comments made by supporters of other clubs all season.The fear and jealousy and vitriol knows no bounds.On Tevez,if he wants to leave,let him leave,on our terms,not his.We will replace him.We have to back Cook,Marwood and Mancini.Since we got rid of the red leg end,the club has improved a million fold.We have method in everything the club is doing.The academy is being upgraded enormously.The style of football is a joy,pass and move,not long ball.The facilities for the fans are great.To answer some of these bitter fans.Klutch,Mancini has,in the main brought in young,hungry,talented players.The players that are creating problems are all Hughes signings.Tottenham hardcore,our manager will have success with us for a long time.Who will be your gaffer after April,due to a certain tax evasion court case.No cockney spivs at our club.Finally,to nordkrap,when your whore loving mercenary shafted bacon face up the backside,your club crapped itself and let him have what he wanted.We have told our mercenary where to go.We also,do not have a network of fergie poodles managing other clubs who just roll over when manure play them.At least one club had the courage today to get rid of one of these poodles.
Report Abuse
14/12/2010 00:34:00

Its a shame the board don't share the 'if he wants to go, let him leave' sentiments that you City fans abide by.
Report Abuse
14/12/2010 08:01:00

Famous, your missing the point, I want him gone if he doesn't want to play here, but it will be on our terms. I back the club 100% on this. We are in a position where players do not have the luxury of dictating to our club, unlike some others I could name.
Report Abuse
14/12/2010 08:37:00


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