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Who Will Score City's Winning Goal Against Arsenal

Our new Vital Manchester City front page poll question asks...

Who will score City's winning goal against Arsenal?

The match takes place at the Emirates Stadium this Wednesday, 4th January 2011 live on Sky Sports. Kick off 7:45pm.

To vote, use the poll question to the right hand side of this article.

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 3 2011

Time: 5:58PM

Your Comments

Me - I will run on the pitch on 89 mins and score a 30 yard screamer, then promptly get nicked and banned for life, Joking aside there is only one match winner for us in these big big games and thats Tevez so its hard to see beyond him scoring the winner
The poll suggests Tevez is currently way ahead of the rest. As for running on the picth and scoring a last minute winner - perhaps I should have added mark.mcfc as a suggestion (lol).
Hopefully one of the ex-Gooner boys!
Though Tevez doing his little arse wiggle dance in the direction of Arsene Wenger would be hilarious.
How about Cesc "Card Goader" Fabregrass with an og?
Johnny Baguette
Wow. It will be interesting coming back here on Wednesday to witness all the punctured egos. May the best team win.
Wyn Mills
Plastic team. Nobody respects you! Bought your league position. Whereas Arsenal are there and have been for years by merit!
lmao. And of course if The Arsenal were bought out in similar circumstances ********* Whinger would refuse to buy any players and you'd all be protesting if he did.
Johnny Baguette
and furthermore. We've gone from never be able to attract top players. Done. Mercenaries will never bond as a team. Done.
Johnny Baguette
Remarkable confidence against a team that beat you 3-0 at home earlier in the season! Anyway, I appreciate it's a bit of fun so I joined in and voted for Jo because nobody else had and I felt sorry for him. In reality though it'll be 2-1 to The Arsenal. And Johnny Baguette - we have two billionaire foreigner shareholders and the fans have done nothing but protest against them taking over because no, we don't want to be like that.
So would you rather be also rans TBIR&W? Are your manager's principles getting in the way of your Club's success?
3-0 after a sending off on 3 minutes. 11 against 11 should give us a better idea. Lest we forget that 3 games prior to that at Eastlands we'd tuned you 3 times hitting 10 goals with our mercenaries. I reckon that's what's been at the root of Arsenal fans being so bitter towards City. In all honesty even the rags and Chelsea aren't as wound up when they see the league table. Looking forward to playing "spot the England players" in red and white tomorrow night.
Johnny Baguette
Johnny, the argument that we only beat you because you were down to 10 men is fallacious at best. Let's not forget that it was a brilliant piece of play by Fabregas that led to the sending off. His through-ball forced Boyata to make the foul or else Chamakh would most likely have scored. Also, we were denied a stonewall penalty in the second minute when Arshavin was brought down in the box.
Chris Red
Waving an imaginary card in the ref's face is not something I'd define as a brilliant piece of play. Fabregas getting away without a booking despite hios indiscretions during that match was pretty astounding though.
Chris Red, We fully held our own until about the 70th minute when every blue inside the ground knew that if we hadnt scored by then we would lose 3-0 because of tiredness and being a man light if City had made it 1-1 within them 70 minutes we would of gone on to draw the match the only reason you won 3-0 was because we got tired but still had to chase the game, and at the end of the day you certainly did not deserve to win 3-0 did you, also i might add that a draw on wednesday is by far a better result for City than it is for the Arsescum
At least City have English players. Arsenal are the 21st team in Ligue 1
fifthcolumnblue, Fabregas waving an imaginary card in front of the ref is a complete non sequitur - the ref had no choice but to send Boyata off, imaginary red card-waving or not. I hate when players do that, and don't condone Fabregas doing it, but nevertheless there is no way it could have influenced the ref's decision. mark.mcfc, You did hold your own for long periods, but so what? You weren't going to just keel over and die. Once again, you seem to be making the mistake that many City fans are making - that somehow the sending off offence was a handicap that was inflicted upon you by some evil forces at the start of the game. I stress again that it was a sumptuous through-ball by Fabregas that put Boyata in such an awkward position; if he didn't make the foul Chamakh would probably have scored. We deserve a lot of credit for forcing you into a position where you had to play the remaining 87 minutes with 10 men. Of course you got tired, but that was thanks to our great play, not some freak coincidence.
Chris Red
bernio3000, Wilshere, Gibbs and Walcott are future stars of the national team, while Ramsey is one of the best young British players. Jay Emmanuel Thomas is on the fringes of our first team and has a massive future; Benik Afobe is on loan at Huddersfield and has huge potential (check out his stats, they are remarkable); Kyle Bartley is on loan at Sheffield United and could well be a future defensive stalwart for us; Chuks Aneke, Emmanuel Frimpong and Craig Eastmond are just 3 more in a long list of top-class young English players who should have long-term futures at our club. The English players you have at your disposal were not brought up through your youth ranks, with the exception of Hart. Milner, Barry, Lescott, Bridge, and Wright-Phillips were all ridiculously overpriced and are prime examples of the additional 10 million pound price tag that is put on English players purely based on their nationality.
Chris Red
City have definitely surprised me this season on how well they play defensively and offensively, despite the bust up between several players and manager. I'm sure it's now gone but Mario is the cause i think he's an excellent player just too big headed. I'm 60/40 on who'll win this match, Arsenal is at home and Man City is on fire, but the 60/40 goes to Arsenal as i think they have home advantage and Van Persie is back + Fabregas and Nasri are on form. But 50/50 on a draw though. Spurs fan BTW, peace.
Freak coincidence? You played 87 mins with an extra man, tiredness? go figure. Why didn't we keel over and die? Surely that wasn't anything to do with our mercenaries showing team spirit was it? Because I was under the impression we don't have any. Chris, I'm not saying what the outcome of the game would have been either way had City not been reduced to ten, that would be to use your words fallacious. However there is no denying that a sending off at that stage of the game is going to have have a massive impact on the outcome.
being a gooner, i'm going for a score draw
e dubbz
Absolutely, bluedub, and by the way I have never said you were a team of mercenaries. Look at the comments if you don't believe do seem to be ignoring the fact that your tiredness was a direct result of our good play early on in the match, which resulted in a forced foul from Boyata that led to his being red-carded. Most of the excuses I've heard for the loss have centered around the red card and how it was unfair to praise Arsenal for the result because of it. I will reiterate my point for the last time - you played 87 mins with ten men and tired towards the end BECAUSE OF (not in spite of) our great play in the third minute which cut open your defence and left you severely weakened for the rest of the game. Fabregas and Chamakh deserve the plaudits, and bad luck is completely irrelevant to the situation.
Chris Red
You see Chris red, I don't believe the ref saw the incident involving Boyata clearly enough to make his own mind up - in such a high pressure situation and so early in a big game he most probably would have issued a yellow - until captain courageous came up with one of the snidest acts I've seen this season. We all know it was a foul, it's easy to see with TV replays - what is debateable is whether or not a clear goal scoring chance was denied. And Fabregas settled the debate for everyone didn't he?
Of course it was a clear goalscoring opportunity. Have a look again... The commentators agree at the end that Chamakh would have got there, and to be honest I think it is overwhelmingly obvious that he would have. Look at the timing of the pass and Chamakh's position in relation to Hart's. There is no argument there at all. And by the way, Clattenburg's back was turned when Fabregas waved the imaginary red card.
Chris Red
You are relying on video evidence which is very easy. You only need look at how the scumbag Gary N. Evil got away with a much more blatant foul than Boyata's against W Brom yesterday to see that most refs will not issue a red card unless they are 110% certain of themselves - and my point is that Fabregas ensured the sending off with his grotesque act of bad sportsmanship.
Video evidence shows that this was undeniably a red card offence. Surely you can't deny that?? As for Fabregas influencing the ref, there is no convincing evidence of that. The ref had his back turned when Fabregas waved the imaginary red card. Sure, Fabregas was shouting that Boyata should be sent off, but any time in any game that there is an incident like that, both teams will have players coming up to the ref and pleading their case. It happens absolutely all the time. Also, if you look at Clattenburg before Fabregas approaches him, he appears in no doubt as to what his decision will be. He made the correct decision and appeared totally confident from the moment the foul was made.
Chris Red
Really wouldn't call Walcott the future star of anything... Wilshere probably, Gibbs maybe. Walcott is the typical athletic masquerading as a footballer like so many English players. As for Wednesday, this will be a very difficult game for both sides, so long as its 11 vs. 11 and there appears to be a non-attention whore referee in charge for once, which is good. I would take a draw as even last season when we had Arsenal's number, we only took a draw from the Emirates. And if we really are missing Silva we will be creatively dry so will have to pack the midfield and battle like we did against Chelsea to good result.
Petty banter guys. You can argue about Boyata's sending off till the coys come home but it wont change the fact that Boyata is an inexperienced fool who deserved to go for a clumsy challenge on a striker clear through to goal. The proof of the pudding will be on the pitch tomorrow. No doubt 300 million pounds means that City has the best chance of winning away at Arsenal since 1975 but your overconfidence is quite amusing to see. City will have to pack the midfield through cloggers and try and pick out Tevez once in a while because the only midfielder who is creative enough to command a place in The Arsenal is David Silva who may not play at all.
Ah yews, all other teams are cloggers compared to la belle arseoles eh? Arrogant buffoons.
Delta, are you really trying to tell me that Yaya, Barry or De Jong wouldn't get in to the Arsenal side ahead of Song?
Chris, you have conveniently left out Adam Johnson who we didn't pay the premium on, in fact did very good business on. You also left out Richards, Onouha( on loan at Sunderland ), Michael Johnson and Alex Nimley. And another thing we made money on SWP as opposed to paying the England international premium. Sold him to Chelsea for 21mil and bought him back three years later for 9mil(thanks Roman). It is false to say we haven't created our own English players.
Yes Bluedub Song suits our play far more than the 3 names you mentioned. fifthcolumnblue, call it arrogance or whatever you like but you know what was said is true.
Buedub, Chris was referring to English players developed by City - not bought. Adam Johnson doesn't qualify under that criteria though it has to be said that the City academy does churn out some good quality English players.
So why's he mentioning Walcott then? What was it 16 mil you paid for him? I was using Johnson as an example of where we didn't pay the England international premium as Chris was suggesting we paid over the odds for all of our English players with the exception of Hart.
Not sure who is being the more arrogant here. You don't find us Gooners posting polls about who will score the winning goal. For a team who have very little history to speak of and are being massively financially doped you certainly know how to talk up your chances. Just hope it doesn't result in some free range on your face tommorrow.
Wyn Mills
Wyn, I think the article was intended as a bit of fun to get some banter going, it seems to have had the desired effect. For my money Flappianski will score City's winner, spilling the ball into his own net, after an aeriel challenge with the man mountain that is SWP.
Actually looking at the current results it seems no one is confident that any City player will score the winning goal. Does that mean Arsenal will score an OG for you?
Wyn Mills
Bluedub, I know mate. I'm taking it in the way it was intended. Looking forward to the game immensely. Will be overjoyed if we get the points and mortified if we fall at this particular hurdle.
Wyn Mills
Only in your trumped up little universe Delta - arrogance is arrogance and I'm sick to effing death of the lese majeste attitude of the arsenal supporters - if you were really that good surely you'd have a trophy to show for it? In your world view the arsenal are the only team capable of playing pretty football, all others are just clogging imbeciles who are not worthy of taking to the same pitch. Cannot wait for Barcelona to give you their annual lesson in humility - lord knows you could do with one.
Theo Walcott - developed in the famous Arsenal academy in, erm, Southampton...
Your pie hole does emit some particularly pungent stuff FCB. Arrogance is writing an article saying which City player will score a winning goal against a team they havent beaten away for 36 years! That is arrogance. I dont think my team plays the prettiest football - Barca does. But does it play better football than a team which plays with 2-3 defensive midfielders in every game and depends on one striker for more than 50% of its goals? Yes I do.
Is that a blue chip on your shoulder fifthcolumnblue? Too many years in the shadow of neighbours can do that. Just look at Spurs. You ought to stop reading those inflammatory Arsenal blogs and concentrate on your own.
Wyn Mills
2-3 defensive midfielders every game LMFAO! You really are just a tabloid reading sheep aren't you? I think Manchester City might just give you something to think about tomorrow night. Thank god I've declined the offer to go and watch it with 3 gooners.
FCB, you are the epitome of the City fan who changed his facade overnight when the oil money poured in. Get real - you support a team which has lost the nautral support it enjoyed earlier and has no history either. I am not arrogant enough to take tomorrow's victory for granted like you but lets see who comes up tops. Btw, Nigel De Jong and Yaya Toure are BOTH defensive midfielders who start for your team. Thats 2 players in case basic arithmetic is beyond your grasp.
Delta, Yaya played as Barca's anchorman or DM if you prefer for three years, before that he was playing as a central midfielder for Monaco. Since he has joined City he has being playing in an advanced role in midfield. The view that City play 3 DMs is wrong, perhaps if you watch City play you would see this. As for the history argument, of course City have history, not as decorated as Arsenal's granted but what does history matter when it comes to the here and now? or more importantly the future?
Thats a fair reply Bluedub but I would describe Yaya Toure's new role at City as a box to box midfielder more than an advanced midfielder. Yaya's first priority is to defend. He goes forward when spaces open up in the opposition's half. About my comment on your history, it is in response to the breathtaking level of arrogance that almost all rival fans are noticing amonst many City fans. In the past 6 months Chelsea, United, Spurs, Villa, Everton and Arsenal fans have all come on to this site to comment on the general sense of entitlement that writers on this site have cultivated overnight.
Perhaps I'm biased Delta but I haven't noticed any sense of entitlement in the articles. I have however noticed a lot more confidence in the writing in general, but that I feel is understandable considering.
Wasn't old red nose laughing at some city fan who had "European Cup Winners" tatooed on his body recently? Lol! There's arrogance right there! I mean, it would be better to win it first!
Wyn Mills
The actions of one silly fan does not represent the fanbase in general, no matter how much Slur Alex would like everyone to believe it does. Perhaps he can use the money he got from selling his story to the gutter press to have his tattoo removed.
I'm "the epitome of the city fan who has changed his facade"? And you are the epitome of a pompous ass Delta.
If you want to see a pompous ass you only need to look in the mirror FCB. Maybe the next team you support will have the same initials as your username.
The next team I support? Bit rich coming from the team with "A worldwide fanbase" - you know, the ones who've been fans since 1992. Cheers for demonstrating your ignorance in what is a blatantly pathetic attempt to wind me up, but epic fail. P.S. My season ticket only costs £500. That's 5 games worth at the Emirates if I'm not mistaken.
Bluedub, I know that. Just as many Arsenal fans are being tarred with the same brush. Most of us remember not so long ago when we played an uglier brand of football, so its particularly pleasing to see our lot playing in a style that is great to watch. I wouldn't call it arrogance....more an irritating smugness if truth be told! However we know our limitations at the moment, particularly in defence, and most gooners will be hoping we at least come away with the Carling Cup. Anything else would be a bonus.
Wyn Mills
Yaya Toure has, for a considerable amount of time now, been closer to a support striker than defensive midfielder. It really frustrates me how people subscribe with such ease to media/popular stereotypes about teams or players. The "expert" pundits on Sky can't even get Silva's name right, Boateng's nationality right, and god knows how many thing. And I again take offense to the notion that we have no history. I understand a lot of fans seem to consider the creation of the Premier League (the true point when English football became about money, long before our spending!) the beginning of time as far as football is concerned but there was a long and storied history before that. For those who believe we have no history, may I suggest "Manchester - A Football History" by Gary James -
This whole article was a wind up FCB as was the article which talked about a power shift from London to Manchester. Maybe wind ups are the only way your site would get some comments. Anyway, its clear that we share a mutual disdain. Moving past that the game between our teams should be a cracker and it will give new information on our relative positions.
Arsesum 1 City the pride of Manchester 3, 2-0 to city at HT 3-0 after 65 minutes and the scum will drag one back on 83
There is a difference between a wind up and being tongue in cheek - perhaps if you had a sense of humour you might not be so easily offended.
Some people are so sensitive (he says smiling).
Wow .....I must say I am surprised. You would think City are playing Accrington stanley tomorrow. Reminiscent of reading the Chelsea posts before our game against them...predicting a landslide victory......keep it coming that's all I can say. One game doesn't define a season...and to think so, shows that your football intellect is non existent.
Wo's predicting a landslide g76? Where does it say that? Opinion is mixed with some of us thinking we'll win, others not so sure. Reel your neck in and take the arse couloured specs off - it's meant to be a laugh. P.S. I'd be more than happy with a point.
Oh, and I agree, one game does not define a season - your manager is somewhat more concerned than you are though:
Nice to see the arsenal academy developing young English talent from a young age - now thats what I call growing a club organically!
Your ignorance truly knows no bounds FCB. We have Kieran Gibbs, Henri Lansbury, Benik Afobe, Jay-Emmanuel Thomas, Chuks Aneke and Emmanuel Frimpong who will form the backbone of the English national side of the future. We will have more players in the English national team than City thats for sure.
Excuse me for not knwoing the minute details of another team's academy Delta, my bad. And I'm glad you are so certain that all of these players will make the grade, get called up by the England team and form the backbone of the side in the future. Because making such predictions is not arrogant at all.
Thanks StuMCFC for the comments about my book "Manchester A Football History" - the book is actually about the development of football at all the Manchester clubs including City and United. Anyone interested in Manc football will find some facts about the history, successes, failures and so on of all the region's clubs. For example, it included for the first time the true date of Utd's formation as MUFC as well as making a serious attempt at telling the story of the game factually through the region's clubs. Images and details can be found at and Thanks again. Any Arsenal fans reading may also be interested in "Joe Mercer, OBE: Football With A Smile" - a true Arsenal legend.
Gary James
If it's 11 vs 11 then it should be another crushing victory for City.
FCB.....Chelsea were predicting a landslide victory....I can read my posts correctly even with my arse coloured specs on ;)
Sorry gunnerman, must have missed something - Chelsea? No idea what you're talking about.

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