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Sagna Is A Dirty *** - We Have The Video Evidence

Anyone watching last night's match at the Emirates Stadium will know that Arsenal right-back, Bacary Sagna totally lost the plot and for reasons unknown head butted Pablo Zabaleta.

Pablo went in for a reasonable but fair challenge and what did Sagna do? Yes, we all saw it; the 27-year-old immediately got to his feet and began to rub his forehead against Zabs. In fact if you look closely Sagna actually made a firm and solid impacting assault, which means in my language, head-butt.

Manchester City FC agree with the rest of the footballing world and have decided to challenge referee Mike Jones's decision to red card the full-back. The hearing will be heard by an independent tribunal on Friday morning.

The evidence...

Dirty dirty Arsenal...

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 6 2011

Time: 6:46PM

Your Comments

I see Wenger is not appealing Sagna's red card. Quite right in my opinion.
Hilarious coming from a club employing De Jong. Just because you don't know the reason doesn't mean to say there wasn't any. Having been cynically blocked and dumped on his arse your sneaky cheat Zabeleta then goes on to insult him and it must've been pretty bad as Sagna has little to no track record, even ignoring that pikey Bowyer stamping on his thigh last week so get a grip and give the histrionics a rest Tudor
The Liner was right next to the incident. Be interesting to hear how he saw it. Arsenal not appealing on his behalf.
Johnny Baguette
Yeah, I was appauled by Match of the Day who said it should have been a yellow card a piece. Zabaleta did absolutely nothing wrong. Also the other week Kaboul got sent off for doing the same thing essentially, the boys in the studio were calling him stupid. Sagna basically pushed his head into his nose 3 or 4 times without much provocation. How the MOTD pundits could argue any different is beyond me, though it's Arsenal, poor, frail, hard done by Arsenal just because a couple of players were on the receiving end of rough tackles. Since then they can do absolutely no wrong, ****ers.
nokolaijns, Sagna little to no track record. Sent off last month. One more yellow and he misses a match. Cheers.
Johnny Baguette
Getting a yellow is part of the game for defenders especially given the proclivity of todays strikers to hit the deck easily. Yeah that was his 1st EVER red against Belgrade last month and was equally soft. Like I said LITTLE to no track record. Not like he kung fu kicked in a WC final is it Bagel? Cheers.
We all know that Sagna is the leader of the Ashburton Assassins. No stranger to cards he is simply a despicable individual intent on stirring up whatever he can to make up for his lack of prowess as a genuine footballer. How refereshing it was to see Barry level him in the first half. If you dish it out you have to take it. He can't. The only saving grace is that Chicken George's hairstyle is worse than his. Enjoy the Carling Cup, gooners, there's nothing else for yout his season. Can't wait to see the real Barcelona dump the poo man's Barcelona out of the Champions League. Oh..and wouldn't you just love de Jong in your team to look after the rest of your fairies?
Every club has retarded fans, e.g. Tudor, but they are usually around for the sole purpose of ridicule. How on earth have you managed to get a job posting articles?
Tudor, this is little more than a pathetic attempt to generate traffic on this board. I know you'd like to get more gooners on here but you need to concentrate on attracting more of your own fans. I admit last nights performance makes your job harder, but try posting something interesting. You never know.
Wyn Mills
sagna didn't help his case when he dismissed zab's olive branch as they were going off, just looked like a petulant child. De jong was on his best behaviour last night as well and got booked for a nothing challenge for no other reason other than that his previous mistakes make him a marked man with refs.
Fairies or assassins make your mind up ped egg? Sagna and Arsenal have accepted the ban, no need for an article like this unless your either 10 years old or a ****. De Jong? No thanks we've got Song and Wilshere who were by far the best 2 midfielders on show yesterday, I hear accidents4u need someone to generate business if Nigels interested?
How many sendings off is that under Wenger? Was that the 83rd?
Johnny Baguette
Lol Johnny can you name them all please? Bearing in mind you've had two in our last two meets to our one it's probably something you should just kinda sshhh over ;)
They are so sore about their inabilities. They used to call us bitter blues!
Wind up article alert.
Ped, if anything a team which has failed to score in the last 7 games against your bigger neighbours, Arsenal and Spuds have impotence and other related inabilities. Lets not compare our clubs abilities as that would be embarrassing for you.
Is this genuinely the only way you can generate traffic around here?
Little Dutch
Atleast zab didnt chuck himself on the floor unlike a certain Arsenal player did last week hmmmm who was it again? Dirty cheating team if they aint winning they moan whinge and cheat
The whole idea of this article is of course to generate debate. Why else would we be here? On the whole I thought I was quite reserved in my comments and to be honest there is nothing in it which is not true.
I was spot on Niko. It's 83 Reds and counting. There'd been a calm period the last couple of years but this season's 6 Reds have upped attention again....1996...Sep 28: Arsene Wenger takes over at Highbury... Nov 26: Steve Bould v Liverpool Nov 30: Tony Adams v Newcastle Dec 21: Ian Wright v Nottm Forest 1997....Jan 1: John Hartson v Middlesbrough Jan 11: Dennis Bergkamp v Sunderland May 11: Tony Adams v Derby Oct 14: Jason Crowe v Birmingham Oct 26: Emmanuel Petit v Aston Villa 1998...Jan 17: Patrick Vieira v Coventry Feb 18: Patrick Vieira v Chelsea Mar 17: Dennis Bergkamp v West Ham Mar 31: Martin Keown v Bolton Aug 29: Emmanuel Petit v Charlton Sep 9: Lee Dixon v Chelsea Sep 26: Martin Keown v Sheff Wed Nov 25: Ray Parlour v Lens Dec 20: Gilles Grimandi v Leeds Dec 28: Patrick Vieira v Charlton 1999...Jan 24: Emmanuel Petit v Wolves Mar 13: Emmanuel Petit v Everton Apr 6: Martin Keown v Blackburn Apr 11: Nelson Vivas v Man Utd Sep 29: Gilles Grimandi v Barcelona Oct 2: Patrick Vieira v West Ham Nov 7: Fredrik Ljungberg and Martin Keown v Tottenham 2000...Mar 19: Gilles Grimandi v Tottenham Mar 23: Thierry Henry v Werder Bremen Apr 1: Oleg Luzhny v Wimbledon Aug 19: Patrick Vieira v Sunderland Aug 21: Patrick Vieira v Liverpool 2001...Apr 18: Gilles Grimandi v Aston Villa Aug 18: Ray Parlour v Middlesbrough Aug 25: Patrick Vieira v Leicester Sep 11: Ashley Cole v Real Mallorca Sep 29: Martin Keown v Derby Oct 30: Oleg Luzhny v Schalke Nov 5: John Halls v Man Utd Dec 18: Ray Parlour v Newcastle Dec 23: Giovanni van Bronckhorst v Liverpool 2002...Jan 27: Dennis Bergkamp and Martin Keown v Liverpool Jan 30: Oleg Luzhny v Blackburn Feb 19: Ray Parlour v Bayer Leverkusen Sep 1: Patrick Vieira v Chelsea Nov 23: Sol Campbell v Southampton Dec 12: Kolo Toure v PSV Eindhoven 2003....Mar 25: Pascal Cygan v Chelsea Apr 16: Sol Campbell v Man Utd Aug 10: Francis Jeffers v Man Utd Aug 16: Sol Campbell v Everton Sept 21: Patrick Vieira v Man Utd Dec 6: Ashley Cole v Leicester 2004...Feb 4: Martin Keown v Middlesbrough Nov 24: Lauren and Patrick Vieira v PSV Eindhoven 2005...Feb 19: Dennis Bergkamp v Sheff Utd Feb 26: Robin van Persie v Southampton May 21: Jose Antonio Reyes v Man Utd Sep 14: Robin van Persie v FC Thun Dec 10: Gilberto v Newcastle 2006...Jan 21: Cesc Fabregas v Everton May 18: Jens Lehmann v Barcelona Nov 29: Philippe Senderos v Fulham 2007...Jan 13: Gilberto Silva v Blackburn Feb 3: Philippe Senderos v Middlesbrough Feb 25: Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor v Chelsea Sep 2: Philippe Senderos v Portsmouth Dec 18: Denilson v Blackburn Dec 29: Nicklas Bendtner v Everton 2008...Feb 16: Emmanuel Eboue v Man United Mar 29: Vassiriki Diaby v Bolton Nov 1:Robin Van Persie v Stoke Dec 21: Emmanuel Adebayor v Liverpool 2009...Feb 8: Emmanuel Eboue v Tottenham 2010...Mar 20: Thomas Vermaelen v West Ham Aug 15: Laurent Koscielny v Liverpool Sep 18: Alexandre Song v Sunderland Oct 16: Jack Wilshere v Birmingham Nov 7: Laurent Koscielny v Newcastle Dec 12: Bakari Sagna v Partizan 2011...Jan 5: Bakari Sagna v Man City
Johnny Baguette
No cheating from city last night then? laying on the grass when confronted with fresh air, cheats. That was Milners only contribution to the game, £26m what a steal.
I wasn't denying it just enjoying seeing you waste your time Johnny, who cares? lol rofl etc. An average of 5 a year whoopee doo.
Ton up this season? There's still time!
Johnny Baguette
Tudor, your stance on your high horse is somewhat compromised when you glance about six inches north on your screen and look at the title you gave the piece. Do you really not have the intelligence to initiate debate any other way than with infantile name calling?
Little Dutch
If you had the money you'd do the same Iceman ... oh no couldn't could you as Scrooge Le Duck is still at the helm, intent on winning nothing in the near future. As for the players diving well yes Arsenal do go down as easily as Audley Harrison but, players like Jo and Milner were quick to stall and fall over too. Onto the issue in hand, Zabaleta and Sagna are both honest hard footballers, technically gifted who don't shy away from challenges or confrontations. The problem last night was that Sagna was the aggressor and Zabaleta just stood his ground.So a red for dangerous intent for Bacca was just wheras a yellow for Zabba for not walking away would have sufficed. Exhilarating football played by Arsenal last night but you still lack that bit of physical and mental steel needed to stamp your authority on the physical teams or to kill them off. City although very defensive yet again, last night were forced into it through injuries and if anything showed they can mix it with anyone and play any style (with their first 11) and tough it out like Champions need to. Not saying we will be, but surely on this evidence we have the right elements of toughness, talent and of course luck needed to be champions before Arsenal are again. After all The Rags are the jammiest team of all time and also one of the most successful (shudders). Good luck for the rest of the season though as football is supposed to be played the way Arsenal try to play- without the diving of course. PS Bye bye Fabregas and good luck with replacing that one on the cheap!
Are you talking about hits on a VMC article Johnny? Unless we face you in a cup I doubt it mate ;)
So, according to Tudor and his reserved comments, "Sagna is a dirty ****." So what acid tongued rant must Tudor have unfurled after karate kid de Jong took Ben Arfa out of the game for nine months in his Newcastle match report? "De Jong is NOT a dirty player. He doesn't mess about i'll give you that but he's not dirty." You're correct Tudor, very reserved there.
Little Dutch
Lando if we had untold riches you flatter yourself to think we'd spend the best part of 40 mill on lumps like Barry and Milner. We've got cones at London Colney that give us more of a challenge 2 bog standard Engerlish rump steak bewildered bozos got run rings around last night. Give us 250 mill and you can have Jacky :)
Who's Jacky?
That guy who *****ed in your teams face last night.
Dunno? nikolaijns, who's Jacky?
Anyhow I'm out lads, I've done my part in donating you charity hits :) cheers for the banter and despite the fact you'll spend another squillion if you attain it, I still wish you success in gaining CL footy if it's at chelskis' expense. Laters.
Say what you will about Milner, but Barry has been in excellent form for a while. He won Bluemoon's player of the month for December and that is a vote of thousands of fans who could just as easily have voted the outstanding David Silva, but Barry has been tremendous lately. Worth every penny of the 10m we paid for him.
Well that just confirms what we all lot don't know Jack :) boom tish and goodnight.
Well, more likely it confirms we watch every game rather than basing our opinion of a club and its players on a single game, which was played in a style out of the norm for recent City. It's like me judging your team by yesterday's match and calling Nasri - who I rate as one of the league's best players - as ineffective.
Yeah cos I never watch anything or anyone else apart from when they face us stu, if it's sideways passing that turns you on, you can have Denilson, starting bid of say 45 mill?
Well, that shows you haven't been watching us recently as one of the reasons for Barry's recent popularity among City fans is that he has been getting forward more and making some excellent passes. Yesterday he was cast in a completely defensive role and wasn't able to show the traits I have mentioned.
Tudor think we're gonna need a bigger boat for all the fish we've just landed. Although seeing them gasp on the deck is rather entertaining. Cruel, but entertaining.
Yes, with 2 assists in 21 appearances this season, Barry really has been showing his nous with that forward passing.
Little Dutch
Yeah OK LD - we admit it - l'arse are the greatest football team EVER, their players are like gods, ours are all just utter cloggers who can't pass the ball, and we might as well hand you the title right now - no need to bother playing any games, you are just simply so great that you deserve it. P.S. Screw that Will guy, I reckon Arsene should be the next in line for the throne. How does that sound?
Like truff.
Not quite what I was saying FCB, bit of a leap you took there there from me pointing out that Gaz Baz has 2 assists this season. But if you really wanna know, nobody should be next in line for the throne, all those plum sucking scroungers need to be given the chop.
Little Dutch
So barging a player to the ground off the ball then leering over him is 'reasonable but fair'? Bearing in mind Sagna was stamped on twice by Bowyer last week without batting an eyelid I'd guess your little angel Zabaletta did slightly more than you like to think. As for this 'video evidence' you scream about as though it's something entirely new that will shine fresh light on the incident but is actually just foreign highlights, isn't it embarrassing how little they feature any intent from your £500 million team? Forget any issues about the morality of the 'city project' etc etc, no team with that little ambition deserves to win the league. ***** it, I'd even rather see sp*rs win than you lot, at least they actually try to win matches.
ouch nikolaijns ! see JBs post above. consider your whining cockney (illegal immigrant ?) arse well and truly spanked ;) 83 not out
Well, you City boys know how to entertain off the field even if your team are clueless on it. What's your next article on Arsenal Tudor? The expensive burgers at the Emirates? That should give you at least another 50 hits. Tell you what, rename the board 'Vital City -But wish we were Arsenal' and be done with it.
Wyn Mills
If Zabaletta is so innocent why was he leaning over the top of Sagna when he was down in a confrontational manner. Was it to compliment him on his new boots? I think Sagna was rightfully red carded but i cant help but think something was said. Zidane was rightfully sent of in the WC final but after what materazzi said who can blame him
Poor timing for this article seeing as City are currently bottom of the PL Disciplinary table.
As I've pointed out Tublu. An average of 5 reds a season over 15 odd years isn't hugely disproportionate given the fact we've consistently had European fixtures and decent cup runs and not just the league (like some traditionally middle table clubs) I mean you're 2/5ths of the way there to that figure already just on our meetings alone, getting through now is it? you slow witted, geographically ignorant (cockney is east london duh) borderline racist manc wazzock :)
In fact wouldn't you know it but city currently sit at 5 red cards this season in the league alone with only just over half the season played. Shocking really :) Based on that as an average prediction over a similiar span of time then Mankini would be sitting on 150 red cards, ouch how d'ya like them apples tubbly?
Being as we've hit 5 reds in the league too already our average will doubtless be pushed up, difference being I don't really give a tadpoles toss and wouldn't try and bring it up to discredit a team currently sitting above my own in the fair play league. Laters ladies x
Thought i'd drop in and donate another hit to you Tudor. Happy new year.
LD, are you really judging a deep lying midfield players forward passing on the number of assists he has? tut tut! I expected better from you, I really did.
No, but your erstwhile colleague suggested his popularity of late has been down to his prowess going forward. If you really want to know, I happen to think Barry is a slightly above average defensive midfielder who won't be on your payroll once you qualify for the CL.
Little Dutch
For the record earlier in the thread. Since his debut for City two years ago this month, Nigel De Jong has never been sent off for Manchester City across 75 league and cup starts.
Johnny Baguette
Well JB thats only because the refs know where Nigel Jet Li De Jong would put his boot if they give him his marching orders. :-)
NDJ has never been sent off in his entire career (although pretty much everyone agrees he should have gone in the WC final). Hardly the mark of a dirty player despite what your sheep-like media-formulated opinions would suggest. And the goons next specious argument will be...
So that means he's as pure as the driven snow. A cracked rib and a broken fibia on his chargesheet for 2010, but that's o.k, but Sagna is, to quote the author "A dirty ****" for squaring up to someone and for a professional foul in a dead rubber CL game in which we were leading 3-1 in injury time. I suppose someone who murders three times but is never charged is therefore a good bloke, whilst a man charged with one count of manslaughter is the devil incarnate.
Little Dutch
Dirty cheating scumbag Arsenal when ur not winning you cheat moan and whinge you try to get the press pon ur side with all the drible ur manager and BIGHEADED PLAYERS come out with AND WHO IS JACKY?
i also see not one arsenal fan has denied being a cheat and a thug?
This is how Arsenal fans think - I know we didnt win so lets moan about the other team like we do EVERYTIME WE DONT WIN even Fungie had to tel ur manager to shut up the other day and it gets embarrassing for the good arsenal fans who can actually take not winning like a man. Why cant you lot just accept you dont win everygame rather than kissing and telling to the press EVERUTIME you play city u have something vile to say afterwards, Bitter bitter fans the Arsescum lot
The only moaning about the game is on this side. Pretty well everyone at VA accepts that we didn't win because we didn't score. Nobody blames Citeh for not having any belief that they could win at the Emirates whatever your sensitivities might be telling you. Most everyone accepts that Sagna has himself to blame and risked being sent off reacting the way he did whatever the provocation. But all the bitterness and name calling is happening here. It's almost as though you don't feel you really deserved your point and are looking to hide your embarrasment at your lack of ambition.
Amos, that view is very contradictory to the scenes witnessed at the Emirates the other night.
All the moaninng IS indeed being done over on Vital City - by Vital Arsenal posters.
What scenes were they? Were you there too? There was a natural feeling of disappointment at an opportunity not taken but no real complaint. A fair bit of amusement at such an expensively assembled team as yours being so lacking in ambition but no bitterness directed towards your lot. Most accepted that you got what you came for which was simply not to lose and that while there was never any danger of us losing we didn't get what we came for which was a win. Yet you've done little but whine and call us names since your pyrrhic victory - which this article, and many of the VMC contributions, epitomises. Most gooner contributions just question what your need is for such a slanted view.
You missed the booing then? You missed your captain getting in the face of our manager after the game?
Sagna's headbut, Van Percie's elbow on Kompany... Arsenal are a team of thugs.
Your article makes me laugh, a lot. How on gods earth you are allowed to write on a site of footballing opinion is beyond me. After a dire display from your team all you can write about is Sagna who rightly lost his temper. Sagna never loses his temper and I think this is why you look like such a muppet right now, Zabaleta had no reason to do what he did. I agree it was a red card for one and not the other, but in no way is Sagna a "dirty ***". Are you hiding from the fact, despite your "ambition", you came to a title contenders stadium and were very content and happy sitting in your own box looking for a draw? Your club and fans are a disgrace..
And instead of critiquing others, you only have to look among your own ranks as an example of dirty play, De jong, Kompany etc.. disgusting..
Do be quiet goonerzak (lol).
Is that all you can muster up? Please, take a seat.
"Your club and fans are a disgrace" - Thanks for that goonerzak now jog on back over to your own forum where they care about what cretins like you think.

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