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Zaba Arsenal Red Overturned

MCFC have just announced that the English Football Association have withdrawn Pablo Zabaleta's three match suspension following a ludicrous red card at Arsenal...

City confirmed:

'Pablo Zabaleta's red card at Arsenal on Wednesday night has been overturned on appeal by the Football Association.
At a Regulatory Commission hearing today, a claim for wrongful dismissal from Zabaleta was upheld.

As a result, Zabaleta's three match suspension has been withdrawn and the Argentine defender is now available to face Leicester City in the FA Cup on Sunday.'

Zabaleta has been on fire for City this season and it would have been a travesty had he been sanctioned as a result of Bakari Sagna's pathetically instigated confrontation. That'll be another 'defeat' for Arsenal fans to seethe over this weekend!


Head for the VMC Match Day Experience Forum for the build up and beyond to second placed City's Sunday break from league hostilities as we face Leicester and Svennis in a sold out FA Cup tie.

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The journalist

Writer: Bluey Armstrong VMC Newsdesk Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 7 2011

Time: 1:45PM

Your Comments

You have to question yet again the standard of refereeing and linesmanship here. Justice done.
Johnny Baguette
That's ludicrous, he stood there while Sagna repeatidly nutted him, obviously that's worth a red *eye roll*.
Common sense prevails.
Cue the indignant hoardes from the Emirates.
And before any Grassy Knollington's steam in, our David Bernstein isn't in charge of the FA......yet.
Johnny Baguette
Zab should of chucked himself on the floor and rolled round a few times OH hang on his name is not Wilshire is it
Wonders never cease, these appeals usually always fail for us. But this was a stonewall bad decision so it would have been hard to reject the appeal.
Apparently Zabelata insulted Sagna which is why he lost his rag. One can easily imagine what that low-life would have said, but Bacary will take his punishment like a man. Which is more than can be said for some of your players. I mean, Jo. Lol! I've never seen such girly simulation in all my born days.
Wyn Mills
Ah Wyn c'mon you're an Arsenal fan, surely you should be used to simulation. You don't know the first thing about Zaba so why are you calling him a low life? He's not the one that threw his head or refused a peace offering is he?
I know 3 things about Zabaleta. 1. He's slow 2. He can't tackle 3. He has a nasty mouth. That's enough for me to dislike him.
Wyn Mills
Yes he lacks pace, he's a brilliant tackler(look it up) and how do you know he said anything bad to Sagna? Because Sagna said so? Give me a break!
Funny that the "slow" Zabaleta haqd the paciest player in the league (Walcott) in his pocket all night then. The look on Walcott's face as he was subbed was absolutely priceless - hell, I'd even go as far as saying that it would make international headlines if a City player had stormed off the pitch like that - but nobody seemed to mind Walcott throwing a strop. You're not a club in crisis by any chance are you? PMSL. P.S. Watch a replay of Zab's impeccable tackle on Walcott in our box and tell me he can't tackle before you go showing yourself up any further eh?
He said something and it wasn't " Sorry about totally missing the ball and flattening you mate". Sagna got kicked and stamped on by Bowyer only the previous match so you can appreciate it takes a lot to get him mad. Why did he want to shake Sagna's hand afterwards? Feeling guilty? I can imagine what was said, but its all in the past now. Let's move on.
Wyn Mills
As far as I'm concerned professional footballers should not resort to physical violence under any sort of provocation, be it verbal or otherwise. These are not school children after all. Whatever Zabaleta said may or may not have been provocative, but i woulde imagine the frustration of the entire Arsenal team at blowing the chance to beat us played more than a small part in his reaction. As an Arsenal fan I will not expect you to agree with me, but I suspect it was nothing more than petulance on the part of Sagna - the same petulance that pervades your team and makes the likes of Fabregas think it's perfectly professional to harangue the opposition manager after the final whistle.
Common sense has prevailed - horray!!
Makes a change for your manager not to be publicly harangued by his own captain I guess....................
Little Dutch
You condone Fabregas' actions then LD?
If you can't accept that zabaleta was haranguing Sagna then you can't turn around and say fabregas was doing the same to mankini. It's hypocritical one eyed idiocy. Personally I'm sure cesc was complimenting Bertie on his teams' positive pouring forward attack minded masterclass. Just as I'm convinced there was no lowdown racial materazzi style slur from the Argentinian.
if you are so convinced there was a racist element (where is your evidence from BTW or are you just stirring the ****?) then why doesn't Sagna make a formal complaint to the FA? I would be disgusted in any City player if they were to utter racist language at a fellow player and would not try to defend Zabaleta if that were the case. So please, where is your evidence for this alleged racial slur coming from?
When did anyone say anything about Zaba not haranguing Sagna Niko? There were obviously words exchanged but who knows what they were? As for Fabregas, his behaviour is plain wrong.
er I think you'll find I said I was convinced there wasn't fcb - calm down love & untwist your sky blue knicks.
"Makes a change for your manager not to be publicly harangued by his own captain I guess" Big difference between a stroppy player that doesn't want to be subbed and what Fabregas did. But then again, nobody commented on Walcott's reaction did they.
err you did bluedub! "how do you know he said anything bad to Sagna?" were your exact words no? as soon as Zabaleta blocked him off he ran back to Sagna snarling and insulting it's there in plain view. As captain of the team it's fine by me if Cesc wants to hold a discussion with the oppo manager just as he should be the rep for talking to the officials. Noone knows what cescs convo was either so it's just carping on the part of you chaps.
Condone Fabregas's actions! Yeah Fab was screaming at Mancini while pointing his middle finger up. What a joke. Two football men had a quick debate which was settled once they shook hands before leaving the field. If Fab had said anything inappropriate Mancini would have mentioned it. Mancini was also gracious enough to mention that Arsenal played better than City and that not all teams can play like they can. I'd rather listen to a proper football manager's reaction to the game than a bunch of amateurs with mediocre analytical ability.
Big fan of Andy Gray then Delta? ;)
"I'd rather listen to a proper football manager's reaction to the game than a bunch of amateurs with mediocre analytical ability." What do you get out of being a member of Vital Arsenal then Delta?
Once again we play Arsescumfeckers and we have to contend with a shed load of abuse/moaners - They are very bitter when they dont win arent they? why is it after every game between City and Arsenal the Arseole fans always start bitching for weeks after? it must be because we dont let them turn us over anymore like a few years ago (barring this seasons home game our recent record v arse is very good) THIS is the real reason they are so bitter
Niko, you're twisting my words now, there is obviously words exchanged between Sagna and Zab, I was merely asking Wyn how does he know anything bad was said because he had suggested that Zab had a nasty mouth. I never said Zab didn't harangue him. Things get heated on a football pitch and words are exchanged, that's a given, however I do not agree that players whether they are captains or not have any authority to harangue opposition managers, they should show more respect.
More than I get from listening to your biased, half baked views FCB.
Ah yes, it's clearly easier to have the reinforcement of your mates on Vital Arsenal - which would appear to be why your rablle only ever invade our boards en masse. And words are exchanged between footballers on the pitch all the time, it's no big deal. It's when a player goes over to deliberately mouth off at an oposition manager that it becomes slightly tasteless and crass. Not that that ever stopped the arsenal's sense of self importance.
Well FCB if the only way you generate hits is by writing about us with a poison pen why be surprised when we present the other side of the coin. Ever heard of cause and effect?
Delta, this exchange started well before the article you are referring to. Post match the first poisonous comment came from your site editor.
Anything that disagrees with the premise that "all shall bow down to the mighty Gooners" seems to be enough to rile you Delta - for instance "Zaba Arsenal red overturned" is hardly inflammatory in the real world, but in arse world it's like a red rag to a bull.
Change the record Mark, blimey your repetitive moaning and bitching posts about moaning and bitching are deathly dull! The definition of irony methinks. All the gooner posts here have been good humoured banter. The only one dribbling on with whiny bitter 'arseole' 'arsescum' abuse is you mate. I look forward to our fixtures as a lot of the lads here like bagel, dub and filthycolumn enjoy the banter. Lighten up ya grumpy bugga ;)
FCB, if you open even one eye to read any gooner comments here you will find no one complaining about the decision to overturn Zabaleta's red. Secondly, look at the crude talk of some of your own ilk and check up the concept of causality on wikipedia. Cheers.
S if nobody from your side is complaining then WTF are you all doing over here? What exactly is your obsession with Manchester City?
FCB, its not a complex mystery. The title had the word 'Arsenal' which causes the article to be linked to our news sites. Whether that is intentional from your editors or not is yet unknown.
nikolaijns Dont you like the truth? - You try to bully your way to victory first in the press and then on the field aswell as in the stands and then in the press agin if you didnt win and on any message boards for weeks after what is the obsession with city are we really the only team worth talking about?
Justice done! Arsenal's toothless team of thugs still get the red card they deserve, we have ours overturned.
OK, so it says Arsenal in the title, but what is so inflammatory that requires virtually every member of vital arsenal to vent their spleen about it? None of you are disagreeing with the decision to rescind the card, even arsenal fans would not dare to make themselves look so assinine, but my point remains the same - what is your problem, and why are you still here? We are not going to change our minds, none of your moralising, patronising drivel about how much better you are than us is going to sink in and change our opinions of either the match, the red cards or any of the other incidents and none of your goading about how dull you think we are is going to change our views that we are heading in the right direction. We are City supporters, you are Arsenal supporters, fair dues, but your continued attempts to win some sort of imaginary contest to prove that you are correct are at best misguided, at worst slightly sinister. Give it up guys, there is no right or wrong only opinions, and no matter how many times you reassert yours nobody will ever agree with it. So give it a rest PLEASE, I've had enough one eyed cant from you to fill an olympic simiing pool and it's no longer even vaguely amusing. In short, I've had enough of the crap you spew to last me a lifetime, I'm sure your opinions on us are similar, so please, feel free to return to vital Arsenal and enjoy the smugfest amongst those who give a flying foch about your team.
Hey FCB dont be diplomatic. Say it like you feel it. Its simple enough for even you to understand - dont link your articles to our news sites and we wont come here.
Deltaforce - you guys are always welcome on VMC. I love the debate / banter, call it what you will. Its what makes Vital unique from stand-alone club forums.
Thanks Tudor, you are most welcome on VA as well. Cheers.
You're welcome Deltaforce.
Newsnow does the linking, as does Vital - and I'd welcome you too if your head wasn't so firmly stuck up your arse.
Do I condone what Fabregas did? Jeez, I really don't give a monkey's a hole, just like I didn't disagree with the decision to send Sagna off or the decision to overturn Zabaleta's red card. They're all grown men and I'm sure they can exchange views without us appointing ourselves the moral majority. I don't think it's a great deal to worry about, all got sorted and in the correct manner. "What is your obsession with Man City?" Well, have a look at your front page now and look at how many articles there are about Arsenal? Done? No go to Vital Arsenal and check what's been written about Citeh. Not just the headlines, read the match report too. What's the point of expressing or even reading other opinions if some form of mutual education isn't your aim FCB? Maybe you'll read something that makes you see in a different light? Be open to that possibility and you'll benefit immeasurably. I've had my opinions changed dozens of times by compelling arguments, does a man good to allow his opinions to be challenged.
Little Dutch
And btw, you can't really have a different opinion about Fabregas talking to Mancini or Zabaleta talking to Sagna. Either you think they're both collosal arses for doing it, or you think it's not a big deal. It's the same action and reserves the same judgement, you can't think one was right and the other was wrong, it was the same action.
Little Dutch
You can have a different opinion and I do. Like I said above two players getting a bit heated after a challenge on the pitch is natural. I believe a player should not have the disrespect to remonstrate with the oppositions manager on the pitch after a game. I'll put it like this if Shawcross was to do it to Wenger would it be acceptable in your view?
Depends in which scenario. It's curious you've used Shawcross there, I don't recall Fabregas snapping a City players leg in half before telling the world he had no plans to change his tackling style. But no, I wouldn't really. I can't imagine it'd bother me in the slightest. They're both grown men capable of talking to one another without me flattering myself and thinking I can go all Judge Judy on them. What they do once a game is over is none of my business.
Little Dutch
We'll have to agree to disagree LD. I still maintain that it's highly disrespectful and shouldn't be tolerated, if that's me being "all Judge Judy" then so be it.
Oh come on Little Dutch, are you really trying to tell me that if a City player were to have a go at Wenger after a match that you wouldn't be just a tad peeved about it? Sorry, I suspect you'd be rather affronted by it in all honesty.
Well I wasn't peeved about Zabaleta having a pop at Sagna, so why would I? Unless I have full access to what he says, why would I get my knickers in a twist about it? Why is having a pop at an Arsenal player any different to having pop at the Arsenal manager? If I knew what was said I'd have something to go on, if it's not in the public domain, it's not my business and two grown men can sort it out for themselves.
Little Dutch
@mark.mcfc what in the name of larry are you babbling about son? bully our way to victory over you in the press? Wenger has been respectful and non inflammatory both before and after the game. bully on the pitch? yeah fair cop we footballistically bullied the living daylights out of you I accept that, bullied you from the stands? lol do you get to many games? I'm here because we just played city although it may have passed you by (as you hid behind the sofa watching it between your fingers) and because this article is related to that game that's all - it's two days after not weeks, I'm never here when we don't meet - you simply don't matter to me, so please dispense with the dumbstruck siege mentality teenage paranoia schtick. Note you had no defence over the 'illegal immigrant' crap wise that, let yourself and your club down there! Ta ra.
Actually my apology it was tublu who made the 'illegal immigrant' comment. My bad.
we got a point AND a WELL DESERVED ONE AT THAT....Zabaleta get the card rescinded, but it was NEVER a red in 1st place, justice was served, we amy have got the same result back in October IF the referee had not been SWAYED in the 1st 5 minutes..... goes to show Arsenal would have struggled to beat 11 men as proved on wednesday..... even for all the pretty football on show they still did not score.... 11 against 11..0-0,............ 10 against 11...0-3, not the 'champions' they think they are are they?
Come to this late! Looks like i've missed a bit of a love in!

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