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Houllier & Bent Tell It Their Way

As a Manchester City supporter I suppose I should be gracious in defeat. In fact I would like to think I am hence the reason why you have the opportunity on a Man City website to hear what Villa boss Gerard Houllier and his new signing and goal scorer, Darren Bent had to say following their 1-0 win over City yesterday.

Gerard Houllier

Darren Bent

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 23 2011

Time: 11:36AM

Your Comments

One swall doth not a summer make.
Must be really quite annoying being a Man City fan these days. All the money in the world and you're still not very good are you? Tevez was immense yesterday, but, apart from him, you had nothing. Gawd help you if he goes.
Jonah, get a grip. Look at the league table for evidence of how you're talking through your arse. Tevez played very poorly yesterday, too greedy, so where you're getting he "was immense" from baffles me. I suspect you're one of them idiot Villa fans that was booing a player that gave your club such sterling service over what was it 12 years? What exactly is Barry guilty of? Ambition? How dare he want to win something other than the Intertoto cup before his career comes to a close. Something that I've always admired about my fellow City fans is that we treat our ex players with respect and some say we lack class.
We owed you that one chaps, following our total surrender at your place back in December, the day we truly hit rock bottom. Thanks for being present (those of you that were) to witness the turning point of our campaign, you should be somewhat honoured that you lot were the first outfit to be put to the sword by the rejuvenated and reinvigorated AVFC. We wont be in the lower reaches for too long, so those of you who want to put the boot in, you'd better do so now. You've spent an awful lot of money though to still trail the likes of United, Arsenal and Chelsea, quality and class wise. Still, you look on course for the Champions League, something we can only dream about right now, so I'm not exactly well placed to be too detrimental. Good Luck for the rest of the campaign, but thanks for yesterday. Hugely pleasing to roll you over, and particularly uplifting in a childish sort of way to put one over Messrs Barry and Milner. Football is a great game though isn't it. There's high and lows. Sending you lot packing yesterday was definitely one of the former.
Bluedub, what does your village do for an idiot while you're posting on here? Where did I mention Barry? I think you doth protest too much mate. Just because a (tiny) minority of villa fans booed Bary yesterday doesn't mean I did. You're only problem with me, I suspect, is I speak the unpalatable truth..i.e. you have spent a fortune and you're still not going to win anything. You also prove you know f*** all abut the game if you can't see how you lot would struggle without Tevez. In fact, all round, I thnk SADDO probably describes you pretty well.
Bog off Jonah, our team is fine - that was just out 2nd loss in 17 games, every team has to lose and we were fulfilling our obligation of doing that after such a good run. Mancini has improved our team on all levels now and we are now one of the top teams in the league. Imperfect but getting there, and bad days aside, playing some great football.
Tevez was terrible yesterday, so it speaks volumes of the poor fare on show at Villa park for you to come on here and tell me how well he's played! Once again, fair play to the Villa for clinging on grimly, but you are getting somewhat carried away with your one victory. I know we're a big scalp nowadays, but please stop suggesting you "Turned us over" or were somehow the better side, you clearly were not.
Thanks for that Jonah, lovely chap. I didn't say you mentioned Barry, I said I suspected you were one of the MAJORITY of Villa fans booing Barry. Unpalatable truth? You said we weren't very good, we are third in the table. You said Tevez was immense, he was average at best. The truth is Villa took their chance and defended for their lives against clearly a much better side, credit to them for that, but there's no need to talk nonsense.
Bluedub, at best you need your ears testing if you really believe that the MAJORITY of villa fans were booing Gareth yesterday. And my, what a touchy lot you all are...did I hit a nerve boys?
No nerve touched Jonah, we're just pointing out you're talking ***** is all.
Oh, sorry, you're protesting like a girlie made me think I had. Apologies for that then. tara a bit.
Protesting? You throw out petty insults and then have the neck to call me a "SADDO"? Good grief!
I never boo Gareth and would have him and Milner back in a flash . Talking to one of your fans yesterday at the game he said you lot think they are both crap. When your manager stops behaving like a spoilt kid in a sweet shop you'll realise they are the sort of players who are suited to winning prem games . Not the flash foreign players with the fancy flicks ,
Says the man whose first reply in tis tread started with an insult. You really aren't a very intelligent person are you?
It wasn't my intention to insult you, I was just pointing out your post was idiotic, which it was, I'm sorry you're so easily offended.
i for one was quite glad johnson and milner didnt start, and cannot see the reason why you brought them if you dont play them, barry did bottle it quite bad as our crowd got under his skin a bit. enjoyed a few chats with your lot at the station and great bunch, though did see a few get pulled by the transport cops for singing, hope they werent fined as a few of our lads were when they visited your ground.
Now now boys. I will admit i had a little boo towards barry when he first touched the ball, WHO AM I KIDDING? I ******** booed my head off! He gave us 12 years of service yes, and only about 4 of them if that were actually good. His statement when he said he wanted to leave villa was that he wanted champions league football and early indications showed he was off to liverpool for 'champions league' but he ended going to you who didn't even qualify for europa at the time and you still havn't got champions league. And i think by the time man city are competing with the big boys you would have replaced him with a younger better model so the move was for nothing more than money and that is why i despise the tool! But for milner i would cheer and cheer because i truly believe he went for footballing reasons, he is young and has alot to give to man city and start of this season all the signs pointed to man city doing great things so i dont blame him.
Bluedub why is it always you arguing with other fans on here?
P., when someone talks ***** about the club I support I will defend them.
Cant see anyone talking ***** about your club, you just attack everyone who comes on here.
I responded initially to Jonah's comment that we weren't very good despite the money we have spent, and his suggestion that without Tevez we would need god's help, I would say that Jonah was talking *****.
I think without tevez you wouldn't be as good as you are to be honest but you have got him so...
Without Tevez we might not have the same inspiration out of nowhere but we'd have more balance as Carlos tries to do everything himself which effects the balance of our team sometimes.
I responded initially to Jonah's comment that we weren't very good despite the money we have spent, and his suggestion that without Tevez we would need god's help, I would say that Jonah was talking *****. Which proves my point that you really arent very intelligent Bluedub, if you lot can't see that Tevez is cayig you, then you never will win anything.
cayig?...not sure what happened there, SB carryng..sorry
Riddle me this Jonah, if Tevez is carrying us then why did we demolish you 4-0 without him?
And, what has us lot seeing that Tevez is carrying us got to do with our chances of winning anything?
BlueDub are you bitter? You form part of the bitter blue axis of evil don't you not after all? Everturd, Man Ci£eh, and Small Heath Alliance? All that money and still nothing to show!! ha ha Great players, no team spirit. And the stetchford end clock rolls on another year. One million years and won diddly squat. If you had more players like Tevez and Milner you'd win something but there's too who dion't give a turd about manc city. ps Carlos Tevez looks like Steve Bruce
Glad I missed this one. An absurd amount of tosh being spouted by you Villa boys. Cocky much after one win? Bluedub, particularly enjoyed your riddle request :)
Riddle me this Jonah, if Tevez is carrying us then why did we demolish you 4-0 without him? errr, because we were *****e. Like I said earlier, you're really not very intelligent are you?
And your team is still *****e Jonah, jammy goal or not. Good luck avoiding relegation.
"if you lot can't see that Tevez is cayig you, then you never will win anything" this Jonah is a quote from your good self ( note quotation marks ). You continuously question my intelligence yet you come out with a corker like that. I don't need to ask you if you are intelligent because I can see from that quote that you are as thick as pig *****. And to think you're actually a moderator on Vital Villa, God help the decent fans on there.
Is jonah a moderator? Never knew that. I think tevez is by far your best player but everyone has an opinion.
When City win - silence from the opposition. When City lose - deafening noise and lots of trolls. Luckily we don't lose that much.
jammy goal ftb? You'll have to explain that one. me being as thick as pig ***** and all. Your thinking we might get relegated doesn't say much for your intelligence either.....I am beginning to see a pattern here. Would love to stick around and wind you up a bit more lads, but it really is too easy and I am bored with it now.
Yawn at the Villa fans - Did we come on ur site taking the p*ss when we hammered you 4-0 nah i didnt think so THATS cos City fans have class and are very gracious in victory and defeat (unless its v the rags) - DID you deserve to win? NOPE, Was City unlucky? YEP, So we lost a game boohoo but atleast the toys are still in the pram, When we played like u did v Arsenal we was ripped apart for it, but yet we just cant win with any of the outsiders jealous views because you are all blind to the bigger picture AND that bigger picture is City will rule the world!
And just to think Villa fans wanted and celebrated the sacking of oneill only to replace him with a clown - I think that says it all about Villa fans 2 top6 finishes and they call for the managers head cos they would rather finish 17th and say atleast we made 300 passes per game! IDIOTS
still counting. still haven't won won ***** all. BORING BORING CITEH !!!

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