Manchester City - Picture: The Meaning Of Useless = Joleon Lescott
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Picture: The Meaning Of Useless = Joleon Lescott

Why on earth did Manchester City pay Everton £22 million for Joleon Lescott?

I am a proud Blue and hate to depict a current Manchester City player as anything but someone who walks on water. HOWEVER, Joleon really does need to step up to the mark.

The 28-year-old may have 12 England caps to his name but the second rate centre-back really needs a kick up the backside.

A man of his experience should command the line but instead he allows League One players to run him raged. Yup, I'm thinking of the drawn game against Notts County.

This article is not to demean Joleon but, should he read this then perhaps the following picture should be enough to make him think about where he goes from here.

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I for one think Lescott has a City future but the jury, in my opinion is out!

**The hosting company has decided the picture was not appropriate hence i'll add a new one in due course.**

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 30 2011

Time: 7:16PM

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He was dreadful today. Burned off again.
Johnny Baguette
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30/01/2011 19:23:00

It is very difficult to play one match every month or so and all players need to have regular games to keep up their match fitness, that is why it surprises me that some of these players don't play more reserve team football or are they too good to do that.
buzz lightyear
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30/01/2011 20:03:00

Harsh! He's not worth anything like the ridiculous fee we paid following Hughes dogged fight for his signature, but he's far from useless imo.
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30/01/2011 20:05:00

I see the haters are out in force on the 'who overall deserved to win' poll.
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30/01/2011 20:08:00

The meaning of "wasting money" more like. Actually thats quite a toughie, especially with the likes of Santa Cruz, Jo, Robinho, Adebayor and Milner all also competing for the accolade.
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30/01/2011 20:17:00

We'v been over this one TF7, Veron, Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Tosic, Bebe etc. etc. I mean how many times do we have to do this? Sigh!
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30/01/2011 20:26:00

Harsh to call Lescott useless, he may not be top four quality but he isn't awful. And bluedub, you forgot Owen "The English Patient" Hargreaves, Taibi, and Forlan. :D
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30/01/2011 20:40:00

And I can't believe you all forgot..........Poborsky
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30/01/2011 21:03:00

Hmm, well I can go one better back to the time when the rags were "buying football" and picking off the best players. Gary Birtles in 1980 for 1.25 mil, a fortune in those days! Flopped horribly for the rags.
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30/01/2011 21:22:00

Now I know this might get the odd persons back up but we need to get behind our players more. Our songs are pretty rubbish and we are far too cynical. As soon as something bad happens in a game our whole contingent accept defeat. You could see it today at Notts County with 25 minutes left. There is too much riding on the players in my opinion. We are the 12th man but the lack of passion sometimes is woeful. Leicester at home in the last round was a disgraceful turnout and atmosphere and I wouldn't be surpised if its just as bad this time.
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30/01/2011 22:29:00

Go through it as much as you like Stu, Kleberson, djemba djemba and tosic didn't cost 20 mil a piece! To brand Bebe a flop is naive to say the least.
Report Abuse
30/01/2011 23:23:00

TheFamousTroll: Those transfers took place quite a number of years ago when transfers generally were lower. Still, United paid what are considered obscene amounts for Veron (the biggest flop of them all, 28mil in 2001!), Ferdinand (30mil in 2002!), Rooney (27mil in 2004!), even Anderson (17.5mil) and the mediocre Carrick (14mil). You spend equally as big, only difference being we did it in accelerated fashion to play catch-up, while you New Bitters would have us buy one expensive player each year for 11 years. Go back to Sadcafe, troll.
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30/01/2011 23:40:00

There's a massive gulf in class between our big money signings Stu, Rooney and Ferdinand are world class whilst Anderson is slowly living up to expectations whilst Lescott, Santa Cruz, Jo, Robinho, Adebayor and Milner are average to say the least. Carrick has given us good years of service and was heavily involved in 3 PL titles and a CL title which isn't too bad for 14 mil whilst your big money flops have given you what in return? Fair dues with you highlighting our flops but please don't try to compare our average wastes of money to your big money flops.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 00:07:00

Correction Famous, Rooney WAS world class. PMSL.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 00:14:00

Rooney was world class for a grand total of one season so far. And yet you neglect to mention we signed Kompany, who many (not your lot I'm sure, but many impartial) are calling perhaps the best CB in the league this season alongside your own Vidic, for a mere 6mil, 5x cheaper than Ferdinand. And De Jong was signed for a similar amount to Carrick, who he is vastly superior too. Look, I can pick and choose too! Admit it, you have signed just as many flops as us, and if you look at our list most were signed by Sparkless and his limited "British eyed" view of the transfer market, while Mancini's buys are by large playing well or settling in decently (Silva, Toure, Balotelli when not injured, Kolarov).
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 00:50:00

The difference is that we have players on our books who were signed by several differnet managers, so if they are not in the current manager's plans, then they are excluded from the team and outsiders like Famous brand them flops. I don't think anyone can brand Given a flop, yet he has been benched virtually the entire season. So whereas we have signed players that have fallen foul of a new regime, the rags have signed players who were genuinely not good enough - and there is only one red-nosed alcoholic who can be blamed for that.
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31/01/2011 01:18:00

totally disrespectful .He didnt live up to his price tag, but this isnt the way to show our hatred.
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31/01/2011 03:17:00

Rooney is more accomplished than ANY STRIKER you have! Prove me wrong....someone...? Any striker you have start for their national teams at age 17? FifPro World Young Player of the Year, Euro 2004 Team of the Tournament (17 yr old). Lets not forget the BBC, PFA, PWA, England's Best Player awards. He's having a bad year. It doesnt make him all of a sudden Corradi! Class is permanent. SAF has made mistakes in the transfer market but what manager doesn't? But I mean, with all these trophies we've been winning can you tell?
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31/01/2011 03:21:00

Ferguson has had years and years to build his team, he was a "failure" when he started and was on the verge of the sack before that FA Cup win. As for this comment - "SAF has made mistakes in the transfer market but what manager doesn't?" - you came here trolling City fans about bad signings, you hypocrite!
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 04:22:00

All the trophies you've been winning on borrowed money, ForeverUnited? Wait until the banks get fed up and finally want their cash back, then you'll be crying, because no one is going to bail you out.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 04:33:00

Stu, if im trying to take the**** out of you i'm not going to say: "Jo, Santa Cruz, Lescott, Robinho and Adebayor are all **** and big money flops but Kompany is good, oh, and that De Jong aint too bad either" It just doesn't quite have the same effect. Now, being level-headed, yes you have made good signings but you still have wasted vast (key word is vast) amounts of money on average under performers. Yes we wasted money but 6.5 mil and 3.5 mil here and there, even during the period and the different financial values, still doesn't equate to 20 mil today.
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31/01/2011 07:54:00

Right TF7 let's go through our "flops", Robinho - scored 15 in his first season playing on the left wing, fell out of favour in his second season under new management and we got a decent return for him from Milan. I won't go into how that transfer made us so much revenue in shirt sales or raised the profile of the club worldwide earning us a serious amount of revenue. Adebayor - begun his career at City in blistering form scoring the vast majority of our goals early on last season this helping us step up to the next level, then fell out of favour under new management, his loan to Real could turn permanent in the summer seeing us get a decent return from him also, a bit premature to label him a flop, let's wait and see how much we get off Real eh? Milner has featuredin almost all of our games so far this season, granted he hasn't found the form he had last season but he's still very much in the manager's plans, bit premature tocall him a flop also. RSC, Jo and Lescott I've got nothing, bad transfers but like you've said every manager has them and it just so happens that it's not our existing manager that made them purchases. U***** have made just as many if not more bad investments on players through the years, some you win, some you lose but for a Utd fan to try take the ***** considering some of the stinkers Slur has brought in and paid through the nose for over the years is laughable.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 08:43:00

Don't forget slur's comedy efforts in the goal keeping market Dub! LOL
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 11:23:00

So 32 mil and 25 mil for one good season which was ultimately followed by poor form, being left out of the team and causing disturbances in the squad isn't deemed a flop?
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 12:27:00

No, because both played a big contribution in the transition of the team from mid table also rans to title challengers within a couple of seasons. A flop would be someone that makes no contribution at all. And another thing, you're throwing these figures out but you're not factoring in that them figures are based on performance and appearance bonuses, you're also not factoring in the money we received for Robinho in particular when he moved to Milan.
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31/01/2011 12:36:00

Ah Lescott and Rooney definetly rings a bell. As for Lescott, any Everton fan couldve predicted this, the reason why Lescott was so good for us was because of CONSISTENCY, played week in week out with the same back 4 and they become accustomed to each others game. Cheers for the 22mil lads, and our replacement Distin (5mil) been an absolutely terrific signing for us. Love how the city fans are trying to give the United lad grief, obviously they mustve done something right to win title after title, trophy after trophy. TF7 wouldnt worry to much, top of the league, no worries mate, as for rooney, when the Rooney-gate happened, someone tell me who was being linked to Rooney??
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 15:52:00

Rob, couple of things, firstly this is a City site, if a U*d fan didn't get grief for an attempt at taking the ***** there'd be something seriously wrong. Secondly, how's the relegation battle with that rock Distin at the back going?
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 16:00:00

Oh, and another thing, of course we were linked to Shrek, we areCity afterall, it's a favourite pasttime of lazy journalists to link City to everybody and anybody.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 16:07:00

The defence has suprisingly done alright Bluey, pretty sure as you know we have had a striker problem all season, and I mean we cant throw 20-30mil on a striker. I mean Distin did play a very important part in the WIN @ EASTLANDS last month
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 16:28:00

Bluedub, please state that it was a successful attempt rather than just an attempt, don't take your 35-year of trophyless frustration out on those who have merely stated the facts.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 16:30:00

That's just the thing TF7, you conveniently ignore all the facts. The fact is that U*d have had as many flops if not more than City, that's why your attempt is so laughable.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 16:35:00

Rob, it's a shame your manager wasn't smart enough to use some of the Lescott money to adress you're striker issue, just think if he did you might not be fighting relegation now.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 16:37:00

I think its a pretty successful wind up attempt when the victim feels compelled to reply. I take back my previous comments, Man City is in fact the meaning of useless.
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 18:33:00

Like you felt compelled to reply TF7?
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 19:44:00

Embarrassing article, who approves this ****?
Report Abuse
31/01/2011 23:56:00

Your calling our manager inept? LoL, loving that one, tell me which one had a little spat on the sidelines when he couldnt handle his to losing to Everton?? To say United had more flops than City is stupid lad, come on, understnad they are your rivals but you seriously believe that? You have had more flops in the past 2/3 yrs then united have period. there is a reason why Ferguson has won how many titles now? Pretty sure he didnt win them by signing flops no did he?
Report Abuse
01/02/2011 02:54:00

I'm just enjoying your compulsion to have the last word, its brilliant.
Report Abuse
01/02/2011 07:55:00

When did you become a manure fan Rob? And Famous - it's funny to watch you reeled in time after time after time - all those hooks in the mouth must be hurting by now eh?
Report Abuse
01/02/2011 09:40:00


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