Manchester City - City Legend Accuses Sky Of Man United Bias
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City Legend Accuses Sky Of Man United Bias

Manchester City legend Mike Summerbee has stuck by his claim that Sky Sports unfairly favours Manchester United over MCFC.

Writing in the matchday programme for City's FA Cup replay against Notts County yesterday, Summerbee admitted that he lost his temper in the broadcast, but also claimed that Sky 'only see United'. He particularly criticised the broadcaster and other media outlets for repeatedly showing Wayne Rooney's winning goal.

'I am already fed up with seeing and reading about that Rooney goal. It was special - any football fan would admit that - but you can have too much of it.'

'The day after the derby I came back from watching my grandson score two goals in his Sunday morning match, switched on the telly and there was that goal again. I gave it the quick change to Antiques Roadshow.'

The 68-year-old continued...

'They [the media] go on as though we don't exist and that annoys me. I don't mind banter. I don't even mind jokes at our expense but when I feel the progress we have clearly made - on and off the field - is being ignored, then it gets my goat.'

'I was proud of the way we knocked the ball around at Old Trafford. We played some lovely football and on another day could have got at least a point out of the game. For the first time in a long time I left Old Trafford after a defeat not depressed about the result.'

Summerbee on Sky TV

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The journalist

Writer: Tudor Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 21 2011

Time: 1:42PM

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Stick it to 'em Buzzer! Irony of irony's, Crawley player tries overhead kick at the swamp: penalised for high kicking.
Johnny Baguette
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21/02/2011 13:58:00

He wasn't wrong about showing the goal, have they stopped yet. You can bet they won't ask Mike back, they need a Sky yes man. They are lucky they didn't get Mike Doyle on there.
Buzz Lightyear
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21/02/2011 15:31:00

He is right, im sick of the praise man utd get, city outplayed them at their place and deserved something. I am so glad wolves ended their unbeaten run because in 80% of their games this season then have been average/poor and scraped results, fair play to them but if they got close to arsenals invincible's unbeaten record it would have been a disgrace. The media and these so called pundits need to give other teams credit, when we absolutely battered them at VP and they scored 2 late goals all they spoke about was the 'comeback' not how we make the so called 'biggest team in england' look like a division 2 side.
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21/02/2011 15:35:00

The bottom line mate is that without Ferguson they would be mid-table, with the likes of Fletcher lucky to get a game for Everton. Rooney makes a lot of luck for them because he tries anything and everything. Next year he'll be doing that for Real Madrid and then who's left? If Fergie gets the league this year and overtakes Liverpool, Fergie might just think that's enough and create space for Mourinho. (who's getting a thin time at Real, white hankies and all)
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21/02/2011 16:30:00

Seems like a case of him being a tad bitter to be honest. He conceded it was a good goal but was too stubborn to give any insight or analysis on where it went right for and us and wrong for you. Yeah you played well Summerbee we heard ya the first 20 times but have you got anything else to say? It was an extraordinary goal for all to see so don't blame sky if they are simply keeping their viewers happy. Also he should know it's skys philosophy to analyse the winning side first and then the losing side.
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21/02/2011 17:11:00

I think you might've picked the wrong youtube video, this one is just mocking him. Man U: 54% possession, Summerbee: "We must've dominated possession for 60% of the game". Nice one Summerbee because you're not acting like a spoilt child or a sore loser at all.
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21/02/2011 17:17:00

Funny, Sky Sports' website (,19764,11065_3349329,00.html ) and Daily Mail ( ) has possession as 50.2% in favour of City, and the Telegraph has it 50/50 ( ), and yet conveniently after Summerbee's comments, Sky Sports on TV had it as 54% to United. Says it all really. Buzzer is 100% correct and pretty much any non-Stretford fan can identify this bias with ease. It's part of Sky's agenda to promote United, MUTV, foreign markets, and all - they even tried to buy the club!
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21/02/2011 18:12:00

Slight flaw there Stu, you say sky are trying to promote United yet would suggest otherwise.
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21/02/2011 18:50:00

Not only that but you wont catch too many teams, fans or pundits crying or throwing their dummy out of their pram because their team wasn't shown first.
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21/02/2011 19:00:00 is a football news site and I don't see the relevance? Their on-air coverage is extremely biased to United, even United fans should be able to see this as it isn't even really questionable, it is as obvious as the grass being green or sky being blue.
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21/02/2011 20:23:00

TF7 - there is no flaw there, the stats on show the official stats that are retrieved from Opta. The live broadcast showed U## with 54% of the possession, now tell me where on earth did they get that figure from?
Report Abuse
21/02/2011 21:00:00

And another thing, his complaint wasn't about his team not being shown first, he was complaining of the disparity in the analysis and the ignoring of the fact that it was City who had played the better football and looked the more likely winner for large parts.
Report Abuse
21/02/2011 21:08:00

bluedub, the man was acting completely unprofessional on air and really made himself sound like a stubborn old man. He didn't like the fact that sky was analysing Man U, or more importantly, a fantastic goal which viewers wanted to see. Sky always traditionally showing the winning side first and then the losing side, yes our talking point may of dragged on but this was due to an amazing goal. Furthermore, he offered no insight to Uniteds game, even the Scouse pundits atleast offer that much, he was genuinely annoying me with how pathetic he was being. Then when City was being analysed, with a decent and fair analysis, he still could only say "it took a fantastic goal to beat us" and "they will be looking over their shoulder at us" and "can we see more of us" he was completely bias and oblivious to the amount of luck that went into your goal. The man acted like a petulent child who had threw his dummy out of the pram. It was a serious case of the bitter blues, no offense to yourselves, you guys took it quite well. Stu, is a branch of sky and they could've quite simply made a mistake, and even then any allegations of bias would never stand and even then what would it matter? It hardly is life threatening or game changing, like I said no-one gives two tosses. The odds are he wont be on sky again because he is the worse pundit I have ever seen on TV.
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21/02/2011 23:09:00

A flukey goal that overshadowed everything else. Your luck will run out one day, but until that time everyone, Sky included will continue to brown nose you. Until then I guess everyone who disagrees with the manure version of history is just being bitter, eh famous?
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21/02/2011 23:45:00

it's the 1st time ive listened to the pundits after any match, as a lot of what they say is complete tosh,Redknapp, and until recently Keys AND Gray, all saying what would /could have happened, and IF Kompany did'nt slip Rooney would not have got near the ball for THAT goal.... FACT.... but then again i would be accused of being a bitter blue like THE LEGEND, that is Mike Summerbee(not a bad club to be in IMHO) and the rags dont see that do they i mean they still think ****ona was innocent in 95/96 or whenever it was..... enough said
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21/02/2011 23:59:00

"Some say it's a lucky goal but a goals a goal", moments after stating: "it took a fantastic goal for them to beat us" or "it took a goal like that to do it". "I'm not into stats" then: "We must've dominated possession for 60% of the game", "we created more chances than them" - Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Mike Summerbee! I'm sorry but what part of him throughout that whole thing wasn't bitter? The man oozed bitterness fcb, it's not a case of whether he agreed with us United fans or not it was the simple fact that all his points were self contradictory the manner in which he delivered himself to the public.
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22/02/2011 00:33:00

So telling the truth makes you bitter? Ok TF7 whatever keeps everything smelling rosey in your Rag bubble.
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22/02/2011 08:39:00

Nothing wrong with being honest or presenting a counter-argument (as long as it's within reason and there's points to back it up) but Summerbee's version of the truth was well off, stu's statistics shows that. When you stretch the truth in the manner he did and present double standards, as shown in my previous post, it really highlights how much of a sore loser he was and, like i said, the bitterness really showed in the way he presented himself to the viewers. You say we're blind to anything that isn't pro-United it's clear that it's a similar case with you with regards to City.
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22/02/2011 17:48:00

Double standards to who Famous? We'll have to agree to disagree on this one, I agreed with Summerbee, you didn't - coincidentally we support the opposing teams in the debate. And never the twaiun shall meet.
Report Abuse
22/02/2011 20:25:00


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