Manchester City - They Will Always Be Known As 'The Dark Side'
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They Will Always Be Known As 'The Dark Side'

Redmond6 sent Vital Manchester City the following:

The Dark Side, The Evil Empire, The Scum, The Rags, Stretford Rangers, Singapore's biggest club.

The Bitters, Iddle Ciddy, Stockport's biggest club.

Ah the joys of football rivalry. I find as I get older that I still detest everything about that team from Stretford but I would struggle for mates if I stopped speaking to fans of that persuasion.

However we, as City fans will just have to contend with their exaggerations until we win trophies over a number of years just like they've done. One trophy will not stop them calling us bitter, it will bring their banner down but they'll still level bitter at us, not matter how much we laugh at their jibes, '35 years and we're still here'. 'Wembley, Wembley, it's a crappy place in London that we finally get to see', they still accuse us of it, but you know, history is written by the victors and in terms of trophies they are the winners, in terms of everything else, that my friends is us.

Try this for day in May 1995 my mum parked her Mini outside a village pub and popped inside. When she came out somebody had put a plank of wood on the roof of the car, spat at the window and knocked the wing mirrors. Given that on that particular day they had won the league and we had just been relegated. It takes a whole different level of genius on our part to lower ourselves to imagine the mentality of the perpetrator of that action?

The Scum fans are so stupid that they bully, physically and verbally abuse anyone who doesn't support 'nited into supporting them, not realising that part of the glory of winning games is the chance to rib someone else who supports the vanquished team. That is why I am pleased that as a kid I stood up to it all, laid down my marker as a City fan and that was that.

They were all unknowns to the older cool kids, me? I was well known albeit as 'that blue bastard'!!!!

They still try to goad us with 'we are still your biggest game of the season,' well that's true enough, but only because Fabio Capello drew out their ball, if not, it would have been Stoke or Bolton.

They also do not get the irony of singing 'this is how feels to be City', 'Ryan Giggs, loved by the Reds, feared by the Blues' the famous build a bonfire song and then sing, 'City, nobody knows their name.'

They do not get that we sing ourselves about going 35 years and we're still here. One of the first songs I ever learned watching City was 'we never win at home and we never win away, we lost last week and we lost today, we don't give a (bleep) cos we're all p**sed up, MCFC ok.'

That we are portrayed as bitter, whilst despite their trophies over the past 20 years they still have a banner showing how long it is since we won a major trophy? Hilarious isn't it? You couldn't make it up.

In my old local, I now view it as a point of principle that win, lose or draw a derby we are seen in the pub because we (me, Steve mc, Boyley and Ant- my match travelling companions) know that they won't be seen for weeks when we win a derby, this despite knowing all the goading we will experience (the four of us each have a different bęte noir that gets under our skin more than any of the others!).

However, what still does get my goat about City fans is the continued use of 'm*nichs' to describe them. It plays right into their hands and to the outsiders looking in we would be tarred with the same brush. We cannot win any argument using that - it demeans us and all our struggles, I honestly believe the police should do more to stop these chants as should the club.

They talk about 35 years; please remember that they went 48 years without a pot.

They talk about their attendances being bigger, well you see more dog sh*t than diamonds don't you?

They talk about their Cup games being better attended; well they don't get a chance not to go like we do do they? Their cup scheme is compulsory.

Just after the final whistle after we beat Reading, I text my 'nited supporting mate and asked if I could borrow a map to Wembley, he replied, 'Watling Street, same as it used to be.' (He's Posh so he knows his history.)

Just remember, no matter what they do, they'll never rid themselves of us. As for us? Well I quite like seeing them around, it makes me feel better about myself. I view matches at the Swamp much like I do when I go Knowsley Safari Park - all those animals milling about, close enough to touch but we know that most of us have evolved and they've still not got opposable thumbs.

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The journalist

Writer: Redmond6 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 21 2011

Time: 8:05PM

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see you in your THIRD CUP FINAL. we are going to UNLEASH HELL
Nobby Allcock
Report Abuse
21/03/2011 20:44:00

I don't get it you say you're not bitter and that we in actual fact are the bitter one's yet there's been 3 articles this week on how "bitter" we are and how "proud" you are. Whilst over on VMU Redboy never writes articles about City, you being bitter, us proud or anything of the sort. Why the compulsion to try and prove your not bitter? Who actually cares? People will have their opinions and like my previous comment I feel this is another emotionally driven article and the hysteria is notably obvious. I apologise for the actions of some of more scummy fans but as you may soon find out (assuming i'm wrong and your progress isn't a false dawn) that your fan base will be filled with these classless, glory hunting supporters who believe football is meant to be like "Football Factory" and "Green Street" (stupid film producers, eh?). To say we're bitter of once yoyo team City though, is delirious.
Report Abuse
21/03/2011 21:05:00

famousno7 ? liverpool fan ? wtf are YOU doing here? i suspect fn7 that you are actually a redtard (read that carefully it's really quite a clever pun) You absolute fekkin muppet. Your FIRST sentence in the post you made "I don't get it you say you're not bitter and that we in actual fact are the bitter one's" is perfect QED. You're not bitter or obsessed, but here you are posting ***** on a city forum. There's nothing football related would ever make me (and my fellow blues) read red ***** on the web and then log in and post. Frankly, redtard, you are an embarresment and should be forcibly neutered to protect the gene pool. now, in terms you'll probably understand, DO ONE.
Report Abuse
21/03/2011 23:14:00

I'm a united fan firstly. Secondly, the article involves my team so I have every right to comment on it, you may learn that's what make VF better than most other forum sites. Thirdly, why the aggression? I thought City was hospitable, most probably one of those glory hunters I was stating in my previous comments, despisable, distasteful bunch your lot. You say i'm not bitter or obsessed yet you're talking about United on a City forum. Hypocrisy doesn't bode well with you does it? I don't normally pick up on spelling but hey, you called me a retard yet struggled to spell "embarrassment". If you're going to insult someone's intelligence, here's a tip, don't make yourself look like one. Also, take any quote out of context and you can have a field day with it e.g. "redtard ... muppet .... embarresment", hypocritcal, ironic, xenophobic and overly aggressive, kind of building a facade to appear as if your on some sort of higher intellectual level, as though you think it makes you superior. Get back down to Earth son your heads in the clouds, or up City's a55.
Report Abuse
21/03/2011 23:45:00

Quick question to the decent City fans, that excludes you tublu (and only you), I thought you were much more classier than our fans? tublu, on his own, has contradicted that entirely. A new breed of City fans pehaps? I hope not. He clearly isn't familiar with banter or winding up, he might just be as irritating as, dare I say, wswilly! Perhaps even worse....
Report Abuse
21/03/2011 23:51:00

What is this? You realize you won't be winning anything this year, so its time to tell us that WE'RE bitter? You talk like Citeh fans are angels aren't they? The same ones that attacked Mame Diouf's brother for no reason? And that banner is to continuously remind you that you're forever in our shadow. If anything, that should motivate you lot! Embrace it!
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 00:21:00

ForeverUnited: Pray tell, why do you say Citeh? You do know don't you that it is a Southern mockery of the Mancunian accent. Why would any Mancunian mock the accent? ;)
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 00:31:00

fn7, is this a wind up ? I'm a glory hunter ? FFS. actually, not that it's ANY of your business (is that right miss?) I've been a city season ticket holder since the days before sky invented your club. Now, on to some facts. "yet you're talking about United on a City forum" - wrong redtard, I was simply telling you to do one. As I said earlier, I would NEVER visit the redtard side. xenophobic ? where ? - I didn't call you 'foreign ba5tard red' did I ? hypocritical ? where ? - cmon, help me out enlightened intellectual one, I think I know what hypowhatsit means but I can't see it in my post. If we're gonna nit pick on grammar redtard how about this little doozy "to try and prove your not bitter?" recognize that ? "much more classier", nice one. "to appear as if your on some sort of higher intellectual level" - oh come on now, surely you are (you're if you prefer) making sport with me.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 00:37:00

foreveryooonitid. you really don't get it do you ? imagine, for a moment, a parallel (is that the correct spelling fn7?) universe. city have won loads for 20 years, yoonitid have won fek all (I know, but go with it for now for the sake of my argument (that's irony fn7 you *****wit)) just how many CITY fans do you think would be bothered (dare I say obsessed enough) to look for articles about their irrelevant neighbours, from a town near to their own city, and then log in and post on them. I'd estimate something less than 1. Here's the news redtards (and this is the bit that really gets you) YOU DON'T MATTER TO US.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 00:48:00

The article involves Man U, the team that I support fu(ktard. I'm actually not going to even waste my time with someone as pathetic as you. The hypocrisy of it is you call me a retard and insult my intelligence yet spell embarassment, in a retarded way. You can't stop me posting on VMC so, in terms you might understand, DO ONE! Now be the 4 year old and have the last word ;)
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 07:53:00

Excellent stuff Redmond, enjoyed reading that. In regards to the banner, is there any other football club in the world that actively engages( I don't mean fans as the authorities at the Swamp or any football ground have to give permission to drape a banner ) in triumphalism at their rival's lack of success? In other words is there any other club that acts in such an obnoxious, arrogant, guess you could say childish manner?
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 11:39:00

Bluedub, look at the Spuds and their actions towards Arsenal.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 12:30:00

As I already mentioned TF7 I'm talking about the club itself, not the fans.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 12:38:00

Well there was that giant poster of Tevez saying welcome to Manchester. Not quite taking the mick out of our misfortunes but all the same it's still quite childish, as you put it.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 13:57:00

I was waiting for you to mention that TF7, soooo predictable! That was a marketing campaign by Man City, absolutely nothing to do with the Rags. Just because Slur spat the dummy out about it doesn't mean it had anything to with U####d, he actually helped generate awareness of it with his strop.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 14:40:00

Spat the dummy out! That's an outrageous statement. He turned it into a national incident more like! He let it get to him, he played right into your hands. The marketing campaign was just an alibi for having a dig at United, I think that's pretty clear, therefore is it not safe to say your club is childish in the same manner?
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 16:22:00

Not at all. City simply put up a poster of their new signing on billboards for marketing reasons, it was Slur's reaction that was childish. Even if was intended to be a dig it doesn't even begin to compare to the lack of class shown by U#d in allowing that obnoxious banner to be draped.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 16:33:00

I never said it was obnoxious but childish was definately on your list and in my eye's, the Tevez poster was childish. Who know's you might be taking it down soon anyway, perhaps Fergie will be more concerned with Tevez than the poster of Tevez.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 19:34:00

Then again you will only take that poster down when Tevez leaves (not too far off, he wants to go back to Argentina, well I think so anyway), so maybe Fergie doesn't need to concern himself about either Tevez or the poster when the time comes.
Report Abuse
22/03/2011 19:36:00

look lads, the way i see it WE ARE GOING TO WEMBLEY 3 TIMES..... The Semi against, Trafford Park Red Sox,.... THE FINAL against BOLTON (or Stoke not bothered which).... and THE CHARITY Shield/Community Shield against ARSENAL.....AND NOT LOSE ANY MATCHES.... WIN THE CUP AND SHARE THE SHIELD.......OH and then we have a banner burning party IN Manchester.....
Report Abuse
24/03/2011 16:38:00


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