Manchester City - Harry Wades Into Mario But Could He Regret It?
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Harry Wades Into Mario But Could He Regret It?

Crafty Spurs gaffer Harry Redknapp has had a rare old pop at hatstand City striker Mario Balotelli. But could the big Italian have the last laugh on the 10th of May?

Redknapp has become no stranger to talking Manchester City during these past two campaigns and his outspoken criticism of the 20 year old City player who is utterly on his arse following almost daily batterings in the Street of Shame signals something of a new Spurs offensive as 'The Race For Fourth' begins to hot up:

Redknapp said of his easy target on Sky Sports:

'He is miserable. He needs to learn to smile. He looks like he hates every minute of what he's doing. I've never seen anybody with that sort of attitude. It's frightening.

'I don't know if you can change him. He had problems at Inter Milan. I think the players there had issues with him over the way he behaved...It's just sad to see a guy, who is earning all that ­money and is doing something you should love doing, make it look like a chore. He scores a goal and he's got this look on his face - this arrogant look.'

Quite an offload about a rival club's player that he has yet to cross the path of. In an international break where Luka Modric has declared that Tottenham are a superior side to The Citizens, the North London gloves are certainly coming off.

One of the big questions doing the rounds amongst a frustrated City faithful this past week has been whether or not Balotelli can turn his increasingly titanic resembling career in England around?

We've seen wayward players pull off phoenix from the flames comebacks before. Could Balotelli yet focus his brilliant talent and have a say in the 2010-2011 'end game?'

The next step for Roberto Mancini at Carrington might well be for him to sit down the striker he has put so much faith in and run Redknapp's comments by him.


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 27 2011

Time: 8:40PM

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he is right though lads, the guys an absolute douche bag
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27/03/2011 20:59:00

Errm yes he will have the last laugh everything I've read today is about tottenham being beaten or caught up ok yes we are not going to make it in to champs league next year
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 21:06:00

"He scores a goal" That's right 'Arry, more than any of your strikers. Plenty of "douche bags" in football Wills but if they do on the pitch what they are paid to do then who gives a flying.......
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 21:07:00

Funny that gabidan, everything I've been reading has been saying City will be the team to miss out.
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27/03/2011 21:21:00

Don't see what the problem is really,, 'Arry has a famously big gob and an opinion on everything, personally I agree with what he said about Balotelli (and it seems many City fans do too!). Wish we'd hear the end of this "everyone's against us" attitude though, you guys are in the luckiest position of any fans anywhere, yet we keep hearing how downtrodden you are,, why?? And if Harry was so wrong, why advise Mancini to repeat it to the player? Either way, think you'll make it into CL, and The Sulk mark II may well score vital goals in securing it,,
The Horses Mouth
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 21:29:00

As an aside when does he ('Arry)get banged up?
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 21:36:00

Doubt he'd get "banged up" for stealing a few grande from the tax man, although are rumoring that we're trying to line up Moyes for 2 months time,,, so maybe there's something in that,,,,, Good point by bluedub, maybe I could write an article on VS, "Which would we prefer, a miserable G!t who scores goals, or the smiling idiot Crouch who ONLY scores in a brothel?",,, ;-)
The Horses Mouth
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 21:44:00

Whoever unlocks the puzzle of Mario Balotelli will be the rewarded with the best striker since Ronaldo (Brazilian). He has everything except the right attitude, if someone can get that out of the way he will be frightening. People talk about settling into the Premier League, the pace and so on. Here you have Balotelli moving from the slowest major league to the fastest, add on top of that repeated injuries and suspensions meaning no continuity... and he still has 10 goals in 18 games.
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 22:21:00

The problem with a guy like balotelli is that he'll always earn Ł80+k/wk WITH the attitude, so he'll have as much money, girls fame etc as he can handle without ever needing the right attitude! Therein lies the true puzzle, how do make him WANT to drop the attitude and become the model Pro?
The Horses Mouth
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 22:32:00

Well he himself has said he needs help and has asked the Italy manager to help him. A sports psychologist would be a good first step (well, second step now that he's admitted he has a problem).
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 22:38:00

That's the multi-million dollar question THM. Perhaps the answer lies in his national side. He was axed from the Italian squad for his behaviour at City, apparently Mario spoke to the Italian coach and admitted to him that he needs help. The realisation that if he carries on with the attitude he won't be able to represent his country might just be the medicine needed to cure what ails him.
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 22:40:00

Maybe that's it, maybe that what the money and fame can't buy for him! He certainly seems to enjoy the celeb status, and that can only grow with International recognition, he's certainly got all the talent he needs
The Horses Mouth
Report Abuse
27/03/2011 22:44:00

Harry talks way too much as we all know, but hes right. Balotelli is a nobhead
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 03:24:00

I think I would have a chip on my shoulder if I were black in Italy. Not exactly the most open-minded of societies. The boy just needs time. City to come 4th, Spurs to win the CL and knock 'em out. COYS! :-)
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 05:48:00

As a spurs fan although a lot of what Harry says isn't far from the mark sometimes I wish he could just keep it to himself instead of blabbing to the press, it's not helpful
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 11:50:00

The man needs to learn to keep his mouth shout. Sometimes he's right in what he's saying but really needs to look closer to home before opening his mouth. Balotelli being 'miserable' whilst Van Der Vaart trods off down the tunnel because he was subbed, showing no support for his teammates. Pavlyuchenko is hardly a happy chappy either. He's not wrong, Balotelli is a stroppy git but at the same time some of his players are seriously****ed off.
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 13:10:00

Could not agree more Harry. It's simple in fact. Playing for Man*****ty is just about a pay check, there is only 1 player who actually gives a Phuck. Tevez. TF7 let's leave managers with big gobs out of it??? Considering Alex is serving a ban...
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 18:56:00

1 player Mix? Really? Are you sure?
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 20:17:00

Harry is in no position to talk Mix. Also, you don't find Fergie slating the opposition in the same manner and repeated fashion 'Arry does, he writes for the sun ffs!
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 20:27:00

The cockney spiv should stop interfering in our business.Maybe he should look at himself if he could see through all those brown paper bags.Let's hope HMCR and the courts have the bottle in July to put this crook away. I hope no deals are done with the FA because of the future England job vacancy.
Report Abuse
28/03/2011 23:48:00

So what did Harry say that is not 100% accurate?
Report Abuse
29/03/2011 09:32:00

Missing the point Michael. What the ***** has Mario got to do with 'Arry? But I suppose all is not right with the world if we don't get the old twitcher's take on it, eh? He's one to talk about how someone looks.
Report Abuse
29/03/2011 10:05:00

Feck Balotelli i think we should seriously think of flogging that distruptive whingeing moan who critisize`s everything about our football about WHL about the food about the weather about not having a swiming pool why the feck did he come here in the first place "Only for the fecking money the fecking plonker" there is better than him in England and now his young son is on his case about going back to Spain surly the guy must have known all these problems before signing i would like to think Levy might have a clause in there about fining him in regards to failing to comply to his contract , Oh surprise surprise you call him VDV get shot of quick like the summer the disrespective sulky big girl`s blouse " COYS " ! ! !
Report Abuse
29/03/2011 12:40:00

lol how mature of u Bluedub... As if your manager has not said worse of his own player, in fact you should be thanking Harry for telling it like it is. LOLOLOLOLOL TF7 do me a favour mate and have some balls to post an honest response! I cant begin to count the amount of times Sir Alex has slated players, managers, officials, the fa, phuck me i may have heard him have a dig at the queen at one stage! Toothless mate!
Report Abuse
29/03/2011 13:15:00

How mature of me Mix? And you're the one LOLing? Sigh! Our manager managess the player Mix, what has it got to do with twitchy?
Report Abuse
29/03/2011 13:42:00

You didn't answer my question Mix, is that because you realise you're talking out of your arse?
Report Abuse
29/03/2011 13:46:00

Fergie opens his mouth but only when it's related to him whilst Redknapp, the media's pet, will open his mouth on anything and everything that has nothing to do with him or Tottenham. Please do remind me what has Balotelli, the way we are performing, Rooney's World Cup, Arsenal's title challenge or the Westham v Millwall game got to do with him? I agreed that he's not wrong, Balotelli is a spoilt brat but at the same time its of no concern of him and so he should keep matters to himself especially when Mancini could say things about some of his own players.
Report Abuse
31/03/2011 15:41:00


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