Manchester City - Dictate Tévezgate Now City - Transfer List Him
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Dictate Tévezgate Now City - Transfer List Him

Worldwide groans greet the latest Carlos Tévez will he, won't he exclusives. Let's get this straight and stopped off now...

Two weeks on from the end of the season, Manchester City's captain, who submitted a transfer request then withdrew it six months ago, still refuses to commit to the club he is contracted to play for by contradicting the contradictory statements that he has been making alongside his agent ad nauseam.

Cajoled, mollycoddled and the beneficiary of City's top dog status, the player continues to court sensation seeking hacks by becoming involved in very public discussions about his personal dealings within the club. No matter which way you dress it up, any player who comes out and says he deals only with the club's owner and nobody else whilst decrying the boardroom does nothing for the image of Manchester City, nor his own reputation for that matter. This weekend he has made the cardinal sin of slating the city of Manchester itself.

Regardless of the why's and the wherefore's that drive Tévez and his adviser's need to be adored in the extreme and keep moving on, whether they be financial or familial, this player is not bigger than a club that has been absolutely transformed from nosedivers to contenders in all aspects of it's operation.

That transformation has realised Champions League football and the FA Cup following the hard grafted forging of a team ethic by Roberto Mancini across 17 astonishing months.

To be in possession of the captain's armband as the club's talisman on the brink of leading the team onto the biggest European stage should be an almighty honour and something to afford respect. But you'd be hard pushed to dig up a quote whereby El Apache says he's up for it. He will miss the Community Shield showdown with united at Wembley on 7th August. City have already granted him three weeks off following the Copa America with Argentina.

There seems little point in detailing here the very latest statements attributed to Tévez. Better to list some facts that surround a player who has still not won back the full support of all City fans since that ill advised transfer request.

Manchester City hold all the aces. Tévez isn't the only under contract prolific striker out there. He isn't the only player capable of running his socks off for the cause. The Blues have more than had our money's worth. A phenomenal 53 goals across 78 League and Cup starts have taken the club to a point whereby nobody is irreplaceable. City are on the big stage now and this has become a crucial test of the club's credentials. The club's hierarchy needs to be perceived to be in control of this situation for us to move on and maintain stunning momentum.

So let's see City turn the tables having greeted every single media dalliance by Tévez and Kia Joorabachian with increased efforts to portray a happy ship.

Put him on the transfer list and let's see what he and his adviser have got. Let's see who will come in for him and deal with it. Yes or No, play on.

Then let's get on with preparing for an unprecedented 2011-2012 campaign.

City, you have got NOTHING to lose by acting now.


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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 5 2011

Time: 12:34PM

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Its a bit rich of him to slate Manchester life when he hasn't even bothered to learn the language. People saying its because he's South American - what about Zabaletta? he's loved because he has a positive attitude. what he's said about only playing for sheik mansour is so disrespectful to us as fans. You're right - he should be transfer listed.
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05/06/2011 13:42:00

Good post,although he has been instrumental in citys recent success its got to a point now where enoughs enough.Citys whole season has been totally overshadowed by the "will he wont he"scenario.I personally couldnt really give a toss if he goes,yes we would miss him but hes not irreplaceable.Dont think any city fan could truthfully say any different because we all know Tevez isnt personally capable about committing to anything other than joorabachian and a big pile of dosh
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05/06/2011 13:49:00

Don't talk nonsense. It would half his value immediately.
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05/06/2011 13:50:00

We can't be standing around now. Some big big teams are coming to Eastlands this autumn and Mancio needs everyone on message and up for it. We can't afford to be wasting valuable time continuing to indulge Tevez. 2 months this weekend, the rags at Wembley. And we already know he won't be playing. And it's not like he's being forced to not lead City out that day either. - Maybe he/ Kia is trying to force his fee down?
Johnny Baguette
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05/06/2011 14:04:00

Chelsea fan here. I don't think you lot need Tevez if he doesn't want to play for you. You can easily send him to some team in Italy or Spain and then sign a replacement since money isn't a problem.
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05/06/2011 14:21:00

Jorabchian's strategy is clearly one of attrition. Currently, the teams that can afford Tevez (ie barca, Real) haven't expressed an interest, and the teams that want him (Juve, AC and Inter) can't afford either the fee or his wages (although rumour has it Juve offered him a wad of cash to go to Turin). So in light of these developments, Joorabchian's strategy appears to be one of getting Tevez to mouth off as much as possible so that he alienates the fans, manager board and most importantly, Sheikh Mansour. Once he's burned his bridges, we can only assume that Jorabchian is hoping to engineer a move on the cheap. I think we should see his bluff, ie NOT transfer list him, but remind him that he's ours for the next 3 years at least. Most of the noises he's making now indicate that he would be prepared to stay, and whilst I'm fed up with the whole saga too, I don't think Carlos is the brains behind the operation. perhaps pointing out to Carlos how invaluable his mate Kia has been in helping Mark Hughes' recent career decisions would help to focus his mind?
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05/06/2011 14:31:00

The following was in the Guardian late last year ===> "15 December 2010 10:08PM A Brief History Of Carlos Tevez The boy's got form... Boca Juniors (2001-2004) Tevez forces his way out of the club claiming that the press intrusion in Argentina is too much for him and his family and the club aren't doing enough to support him. Public bust-up with manager also ensues. Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will. Time at club: Two-and-a-half seasons. Corinthians (2005-2006) Tevez forces his way out of the club, going on strike, after arguments - some physical - with teammates, the head coach and the club president. Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will. Time at club: One season. West Ham (2006-2007) Tevez almost immediately falls out with the manager and players. Storms off and threatens to go on strike after being substituted. Goes AWOL to Argentina at one point. Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will. Time at club: One season. Manchester United (2007-2009) Tevez complains of being fatigued and overplayed in his first season. In his second, he complains of being underplayed - drama queening it every time he's taken off - managing just five goals, despite playing more minutes than the league's third top scorer Fernando Torres. Parting shot of "I'll scream in Ferguson's face when I score against them". Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will. Time at club: Two seasons. Manchester City (2009-????) Tevez is tired, homesick, wants to retire, takes time off to see his daughter and is caught on camera spending that time allegedly banging his mistress (the actually banging remains unphotographed), feels there's too much greed in football despite being the highest-paid player in Britain, hates football in general yet throws a wobbly every time he's taken off, wants his old life back, hates the club executives, claims that he would like to punch his young teammates and finally hands in a transfer request. Claims he loves the club and supporters, and always will. Time at club: One-and-a-half seasons so far, some of it begrudgingly. Sums it all up really......" Lets get rid eh guys?
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05/06/2011 14:44:00

Pity the banging remains unphotographed, she's a bit of a hotty!
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05/06/2011 14:51:00

Then again, he's not.
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05/06/2011 15:00:00

Good grief. Some top posts here. City have got a job on to sort this out.
Johnny Baguette
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05/06/2011 15:14:00

Scales fallen from the eyes re the apotheosis of a modern day footblah with entourage of money-grubbing sycophants...I mean personal advisers... eh chaps?
Report Abuse
05/06/2011 16:32:00

MES, is that you?!
Johnny Baguette
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05/06/2011 17:38:00

Hold him to his contract and play him in reserves or sit on the bench for the whole of next season and see how he likes that.......
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05/06/2011 21:55:00

And now the MEN are creating petitions begging him to stay: We are not desperate. And who is Mike Whalley? what a nobber.
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06/06/2011 08:42:00

That MUEN petition is fecking embarrassing.
Johnny Baguette
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06/06/2011 10:34:00

Stick him in the reserves or on the bench. He's still under contract for the next three seasons, and apparently the money he makes isn't enough. If he doesn't want to stay then good riddance.
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06/06/2011 13:43:00

Don't get the anti-Tevez stuff on here? You won't be happy until he either a. hands in a transfer request or b. kisses the badge and sings blue moon. He's a class player who wants a move but can't get one. So what? As long as he's banging the goals in who cares whether his blood is blue?
Report Abuse
06/06/2011 13:51:00

Surely to christ it can't be good for a team to have a more than high profile wantaway in the dressing room who slags the city of the fans he's supposed to be playing for?
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
06/06/2011 14:04:00

Totally agree JB. Spooks, you're completely wrong (again) :P
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06/06/2011 14:42:00

Can't believe everyone on here buying the same media bull***** bandwagon about City and their players that we so often moan about at other times. Tevez has done one interview with the British Press - Neil Ashton. The rest is open to all the usual interpretation of being lost in translation etc. City are doing the right thing....they're staying quiet. He will stay a City player until the club accept an offer or his contract runs out. Don't say he's a disruptive influence...since the end of the season both AJ and Nige have both said that they hope he stays.
Report Abuse
06/06/2011 15:30:00

I'm more than capable of making up my own mind about Tevez. What he's doing is wrong and disrespectful and unacceptable. I've never seen such a circus surrounding a player in my life. Do you think what's going on is good for the club and the squad? I don't know what it's like for the players but I suspect it's disruptive and can only lead to other players getting the same idea and trying the same trick. It's a shame...
Report Abuse
06/06/2011 15:57:00

Rojo - just exactly what is unacceptable? He's told the truth - he misses his kids but if he has to stay at City then he will. Fine. Everything else is all press bull*****. Yes, it's disruptive to the fans, but surely not to anyone else. I can't imagine Nigel, Vinnie and Asian Dave worrying about this on their sunbeds can you? I agree, it's a shame that Tevez won't just be a good boy and sign his new deal and pledge his allegiance to the flag but I guess that's what you get when you have a Ł50m world class player who doesn't like the Manc weather and misses his kids! The club will make the right decision.
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06/06/2011 16:37:00

Well, for a start, if you sign a contract, you respect that contract. That's unacceptable. You don't just wake up one morning and decide you don't like it anymore. In everyday life Spooks, you or I would be in front of a judge for that offence. WTF did he think when he was signing for City? Why did he not speak to his family then? Why was it not a problem back then? Secondly, you don't tell the world what was said between you and the owner of your club. That's unacceptable. You don't whore yourself out to every club with the money to pay your fat ******** wages and expect respect. Finally, you respect the people that pay you - the owners and the fans. Good boy???? I don't want him to sign Spooks, I want him to go.
Report Abuse
06/06/2011 16:57:00

Time to stand up and be counted Mr Cook. PS, copy of this thread to go to Messrs Cook and Khaldoon?
Report Abuse
06/06/2011 21:40:00

Spooks, I think you do the other City players a huge disservice when you accuse them of not worrying or being bothered whether Tevez stays. Both Kompany and De Jong have spoken on this subject. I think they are very bothered actually. As for lying on sunbeds, we all need a holiday.
Report Abuse
08/06/2011 09:50:00

Ok.....I'll do it. He would obviously prefer more familiar surroundings, and there's this little club around Buenos Aires, that'll suit him down to the ground.........Deportivo Moron....I kid you not.
Report Abuse
08/06/2011 14:20:00

He's a****
Report Abuse
08/06/2011 14:59:00

Yeah but at least he scored goals Yiddo... :P
Report Abuse
08/06/2011 15:28:00

a troubled soul I'd call Tevez, one of life's wanderers!
Red Boy
Report Abuse
08/06/2011 19:36:00


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