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City Stranded With Over Paid & Over Priced Players

Manchester City chief executive Garry Cook and football administrator Brian ­Marwood are stranded with over paid and over priced players.

That's exactly what several of the Red Tops have been reporting for months and to be honest, I have to agree.

Emmanuel Adebayor, Wayne Bridge, Craig Bellamy, Roque Santa Cruz, Nedum Onuoha and Jo are still contracted to MCFC and I'm sure even they would be the first to admit - they haven't a hope in hell of getting a squad number this season.

Reports suggest their combined wages are approximately £500,000 a week and even with the financial clout of ADUG this cannot be sustained for another season - surely?

Adebayor is thought to be the biggest earner from the six earning a whopping £130,000 a week but if you were in their shoes what would you do? Perhaps one would be happy to stay and pocket their mega-bucks salary and do nothing in return, or if they had any morals then perhaps they should be prepared to drop their salary demands and move on.

The club are thought to be holding out for the best price possible but with the UEFA financial fair play rules on the horizon perhaps Cook and Marwood should bite the bullet and let them go at a loss.

The summer transfer window closes on 1 September and something or someone is going to have to compromise. I wonder who it will be.

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The journalist

Writer: danielqpr Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 26 2011

Time: 10:38AM

Your Comments

Who exactly is going to have any sympathy with Man Citeh? Behave lads, you've brought this on yourself. Just another soul less club who is hoping to buy success by throwing stupid money on average to poor players. If your players hang on to their large contracts fair play to them, you only have yourselves to blame!
One has to start somewhere and that's exactly what we've done. The difference is we can attract the so-called A list of players now we're in the Champions League and so something has to give, especially with the introduction of a 25-man squad and of course the UEFA rules on the financial side of things.
Timmsy lets be honest mate, if your club had the money they had you wouldn't complain. Not their fault they got took over, they might pay big money for average players but teams over price them because of the money they have, thats the way it goes now but they will be succesfull.
Bloody hell P.Avfc that's the most sensible comment you've ever made on VMC. I applaud you sir.
I won't slate you because as supporters its not your fault and not many have had it harder than city fans over the years, although i will slate your board and the way the club has been run, we would have bought bellamy of you in a heart beat but instead you would rather pay him to play at cardiff, its not the fee's you pay for players thats my objection its your money and you may have inflated the market but thats your perogative but the wages you have paid are starting to make football unsustainable, the likes of barry are reported to be on over a 100grand a week and in my opinion you should be able to spend what you want but your rediculous wage paying should be capped immediately for the good of the game in general nothing personal i actually like city and good luck to you in the cl next season
I wouldn't want that money at my club. I don't even want that money at any club, it's silly and could be better suited helping things that really matter in the world. People need to get a grip and realize it's a just a sport and the world is a ****e place right now and some people could really use that money. No over paid primma donnas who got lucky playing a kids game.
Perhaps the answer could be a player salary cap. That way all the top clubs could buy on an level playing field. Thoughts?
City CEO is actually calling for a salary cap believe it or not. He has been quoted as saying the current European model is unsustainable. Why do City cop all the flak for this anyway? The wage bill is similar to U*d's and a lot less than Chelsea's. At least City's and Chelsea's ( to an extent ) outlay is coming from money they actually own rather than loans that the so called top clubs across Europe use to fund their businesses. LA Villian it's all relative mate, as long as the TV revenue is so high, the prize money is so high and the sponsorship revenue is so high the players wages will reflect this. Would you rather the club's executives pocket the money for themselves than the players get it? P.Avfc, is that really you? Fair play to you mate.
No problem bluedub. At the end of the day every team HAS to pay big for players in order to be successful, teams are over pricing there players which means teams like city, chelsea, utd and even us have to pay big bucks for players who simply are worth half of it. All teams are guilty of it, look at utd and lpool the prices they have paid for jones and henderson is criminal. City aren't the only team throwing the cash about. And LA Villan what you on about we would love that kind of money at villa as long as we spent it the right way and had good owners backing the manager then cool.
Bollox to those criticizing us. I saw Liverpool fans do the same and now with money, go to their forum RAWK and they are 10x worse for transfer muppetry than we City fans are, demanding this player and that, not even batting an eyelash at the amount of money Liverpool are splashing out. It'd be the same with any club who came into wealth that could finally end the year after year monotone of watching 4 teams dominate above them by spending money on good players. Our early transfer policy was scattergun but it is better now. However, we're stuck with the mediocrity Hughes signed.
Timmsy - who exactly is looking for sympathy?
No i wouldn't want that money at Villa. I don't even want it in football at all. It's silly and could be used to better the world around us, or the towns that our football clubs belong to. It doesn't need to go into the CEO's pockets or the players, but the community. It's supposed to be a club that people can go to and support and they support back - but the term club is now reflected as "LLC". Because it's just a business and a dirty one at that. Manchester City Corporation, Aston Villa Corporation - it's all the same. It's silly money they make weekly that 90% don't make in a year. All the sponsorship revenues, tv packages you speak of, and prize moneys - who are the people at the end of the day that generate that money for all of those people to enjoy?? Us. the consumer, the patron, the people who show up to the games and buy the shirts and watch the programming. People, this is common sense that is not so common nowadays. It's criminal that the world is like this and that people are making millions of dollars while we save up our pennies to bring our kids to a game once a year.
LA, I'm surprised you contribute to football forums, let alone that you're a fan of the game if you hold them beliefs. If you bothered to look into what City actually do in terms of charity work and re investing back into the community you might be surprised by what you find but I'm not expecting you to do that given the tone of your comments. One more thing, City were voted number one this season in the PL for value for money for the FANS.
bit of a joke whoever wrote this. No morals? haha please mate
Personally, I hope they stay and City are penalised for their idiotic spending, sad thing is, even if they stay if wont affect the club financhially, which is disappointing, because if you buy a player for 17.5mil (RSC) then you SHOULD be penalised. Disgusting what football has become.
If you buy a player for 17.5 mil you should be penalised? Are you hitting the crack pipe again Rob?
What sort of a utopian world are you living in LA Villain. Come down out of that ivory tower of yours, wake up and smell the coffee. I've never read such nonsense in my life. Rob, do you not think the Cityruiningfootball brigade is getting a bit old now? Would you not try and freshen things up a little bit, no? Bitter much, aiiiiiiiiiii...get off the page you numpty
Yes, i would like some change, but I want the team that does create the change to EARN it, not buy it. And yes, if a team CONSISTENTLY makes bad moves in the transfer window then I hope they are penalised, because the amount of money you have wasted on players is quite pathetic and to put it bluntly embarrassing. As for being bitter, not really fussed, because Everton may not have the financhial capacity like City but I know Everton earn everything they have gotten (i.e. 4th place, FA Cup final) and not given it to by their daddy's. I support Everton because of their passion and spirit, I love our attitude, and it is perfectly summarised in the 2 games we versed against your lot. But oh well, my rant is over, so long
LMFAO please don't stop Rob you're so entertaining I could read your bolloxology all day long. Go on give us some more, you know you want to.
Man City showed we have enough passion when we were relegated twice in three seasons and then promoted two seasons in a row. Everything that has happened since has been a bonus. Penalties for bad signings... seriously, you're embarrassing yourself mate. You speak utter gone you cretin.
English football has been money driven since the invention of the Premier League in the early 90s, long before we got a wealthy benefactor.
I agree Stu but I'll say the day football in England was confirmed as a business ahead of just being a sport was the day U*d floated on the London stock exchange back in 1991, so if anyone wants to bemoan the ridiculous amounts of money in the game today they need look no further than Salford for the reason we are in the money mad climate we are in today.
Rob why you so bitter towards every clubs supporters? The transfer market is ridiculous nowadays but it's not man city's doing, it was getting bad before they got all there money. It's up to them if they want to spend stupid money on players. It's kinda jealousy from your part, probably scares you that they can take any of your players from you. Peace out.
That's it, that must be the answer. The footballing economy and all it's issue's originate from us! pmsl! Chelsea, Barca, Madrid and yourselves are all angels and completely innocent when it comes to the matter. The comment is actually funnier the second time round reading. Haha! Cheers for the laugh Bluedub.
Tf7 is what I have said not true? Were U*d not the first club in England to whore themselves on the stock exchange? Did this not in turn lead to U*d creating massive revenue as a business and thus leading to others to try follow suit to compete financially? I know a lot of ex Rags that gave up on football the day U*d floated because they were disgusted by the club putting the business before the game. Btw I said England so I don't know why you're mentioning Barca and Madrid. I also didn't say anyone was angels, I was merely pointing out when money began to rip the soul out of the game.
Oh and btw see how I answered your attempt to ridicule my comment by putting my point across instead of *****ing and moaning like a little girl that you do whenever I call you up on something you've said.
XD Haha! Whatever floats your boat bluedub.
Truth hurts does it?
Tell you one thing - united were the first team to drop the words "Football Club" from their badge when they became a PLC. They also get mentions for their rapacious marketing all over the world, their pioneering of branded credit cards (yes, you can take out loans from MU finance LOL) and their pursuit of sponsorship deals that generate enough money to render their fans totally irrelevant when it comes to club finances - they don't care how many green and golders shun their season tickets as Nike pay them far more than the fans ever could. Can I also mention that the rags paid £30m for Ferdinand, a transfer record that stood for 6 seasons until City broke it by singing Robinho for a mere £2.5m more. Don't even get me on distorting the transfer market - remind me what the world record fee received for a player was? Oh yeah, £80m for the lady boy. In short, Famous, I do blame the rags for the state of the football economy these days - where they lead, otherrs follow.
The thing is, you don't like anything said against City and so dismiss the opinion all together as bollox, bull, etc, etc. You have an answer for everything, no matter how far fetched and desperate it is e.g. "if anyone wants to bemoan the ridiculous amounts of money in the game today they need look no further than Salford" note how you're generally speaking of the game itself, reply: "Btw I said England" hmm, your previous comment wouldn't seggest so :S Oh and a personal favourite: los_angeles_villan talking of how unfair the world is and you come out with this gem "City actually do in terms of charity work and re investing back into the community ... City were voted number one this season in the PL for value for money for the FANS" what sort of argument is that? You're still spending mega money on players which los_angeles_villan wants to see put back into the world. You're too stubborn to admit you're wrong and jump to hysterical conclusions e.g. "The general figure being thrown around is 20 mil though I read somewhere that we actually paid 17 rather than 20. TheFamousNo7 Of course you did TF7. But if you heard the extortionate figures being said about City you wouldn't question it would you? Bluedub", err OK. What relevance did that have to my comment? What relevance did that have to the article? What relevance did that have to the original question asked? What relevance did it have to City? You meet stereotypes with extreme prejudice. Oh and unless someone's up your a55 you won't agree with them e.g. P.Avfc: "Timmsy lets be honest mate, if your club had the money they had you wouldn't complain" You: "P.Avfc, is that really you? Fair play to you mate." There you go, there's your points, feel free to stick 'em where the sun don't shine or tell me i'm chatting bollox, like I said whatever floats your boat.
In the nicest possible way :P
If you take my whole comment I specifically mention England but you edit it to make it sound like I was talking about football in general if that floats your boat. Your'e *****ing and moaning about me questioning you on disputing Young's price tag, yet you come over here and question Fifth about comments he made about Hernandez when the article is about Silva, so is it ok for you to do that but not ok for me to do something similar without you getting on your high horse? My comment to LA Villian was in response to him bemoaning the fact that money wasn't put into things he believes are more deserving, I was merely pointing out that City are involved in charity work and investing in the community and my comment about the fans was to show that our owners( unlike some I could mention) do their best to look after the fans because they recognise they are the life bread of football. Have you got a counter argument to my original comment?
My counter argument is the original comment is bollox (taking a note from your book). Every transfer record set has to be broken and unless time began from 1990 onwards (which it doesn't) and we set and broke every transfer record (which we haven't) the influence doesn't come solely from us. As for England, we're not secluded, foreign influence like Madrid and Barca does exist and it's ridiculous to even ignore the effect their spending has had on the English market. You want to talk of setting trends, how about knocking up the price of the average players to 20 mil. No doubt that was us eh? Milner, Lescott, Bellamy and Barry for the short time frame they were bought in and the amounts they were bought for has set a trend made notable through the signings of Bent, Henderson, Young and Jones. Chelsea spending 50 mil on Torres, Liverpool 35 mil on Carroll, and on a European level (which influences the English market btw) Madrid 80 mil on Ronaldo alone not including their Galactico's project in general and Barca 60 mil on Ibrahimovic was influenced by us looking for gems in the dirt like Hernandez for 7 mil and Smalling for 7 mil at the time? Teams demanding 40+ mil for decent, but not world class players and prospect like Modric, Bale, Neymar, Pastore stemmed from us spending 17 mil on recognised prospects like Nani and Ronaldo whilst you forked out 24 mil for Balotelli, Liverpool 35 mil on Carroll, Madrid Reyes 17.5 mil, Benzema €41 mil and Di Maria at €36 mil. You're blinkered if you can't see that A) Foreign influence has an effect on the transfer market, not just dealings by us in the 1990's B) Time didn't begin in the 1990's, there was records being broken before us both in England and abroad C) If we have contributed, and I don't deny that we have, it hasn't been solely us nor has it stemmed from solely us.
Errmm Barry cost £12 million, Carrick cost £16 million you work that one out. "for the short time frame they were bought in and the amounts they were bought for has set a trend made notable through the signings of Bent, Henderson, Young and Jones" This is absolute tosh. These deals had absolutely nothing to do with City. For a U*d fan to condemn anyone on their spending is ludicrous. U*d dictated the English market for well over a decade and as soon as they lose their grip on that market Slur comes out with his bollox about distorted markets, give me a ******** break. What's worse is the fact that so many people ( like your good self ) buy into his bull*****. I stand by what I said originally about money taking over the game in England stemming from U*d whoring themselves on the stock exchange, putting the business before the game( and screwing their own fans over in the process). Btw I wasn't saying anything about the foreign influence on the transfer market, that seems to be an argument you're having with yourself.
Did I condemn? I don't actually recall criticising you for it. That said, I don't recall ever saying City were ruining football or anything of the sort, took the mick out of some of your transfers but never condemned. '"for the short time frame they were bought in and the amounts they were bought for has set a trend made notable through the signings of Bent, Henderson, Young and Jones" This is absolute tosh. These deals had absolutely nothing to do with City' Do you not see the hypocrisy in that? The fact that you're so quick to pass the verdict about our influence in the transfer market but ignore your own? The fact that you condemn us for something you're also guilty of? That's like me saying our transfer had no bearing on others, when it clearly has. Don't make me laugh. No seriously please, the original comment left me in fits and I still haven't quite recovered. As for my points about the foreign market, that originates from you so conveniently ignoring the foreign influence on the English market just to try and prove your point. Bit bias if you ask me. Don't try and use us as scapegoats to detract from the idea that you, Madrid, Chelsea and Barca have adopted and escalated a trend which has stemmed from a variety of clubs and there spending since football originated, not just one club in a single decade. I can acknowledge we've had some influence in the market but can't accept that we're the sole reason, with good reason also. I don't expect you to budge from your opinion, to be perfectly honest I gave up ages ago, but why is it you can't accept your involvement with the current distortion in the market? You're not even a sole culprit but even then you can't stand being labelled as being even remotely involved in the inflation. Does the truth hurt?
I think you might be stuck with them because you've offered massive wages to some average to slightly above average players . The problem is that these players now believe they're worth this kind of money back in the real world and expect to move on , having failed at City , to other clubs at the same wage . Unfortunately there's only a select few clubs in Europe who can pay this kind of wage and they'd rather spend it on great players .
How could City's spending have anything to do with what U*d spent on Young? U*d were spending the same on Carrick Five years ago? U*d were spending the same for Van Nistlerooy about ten years ago that Villa paid for Bent. I don't see where City have done anything to set the trend for buying a kid like Jones at that price, I suppose you could argue Balotelli but he cost less than Rooney did 6 years later. So no I don't see the hypocrisy, U*d were setting this trend years before City were bought over, just because City were taken for mugs on some of their transfer dealings under Hughes doesn't mean they were distorting the market or in fact dictating the market like U*d had done in the nineties after they sold their soul. City have broken the British transfer record once, tell me how many times have U*d done that in the last 20 years? And that**** has the audacity to suggest City are distorting the market, give me a ******** break ffs.
Danny Mills set the precedent in digging his heels in on a massive wage under Mad Kev then Psycho. He did nothing but receive top medical treatment and start his punditry career. As things stand, there is going to be strong competition for the Moonchester costume this summer if Mills Syndrome is repeated on a wider scale.
Johnny Baguette
Utopian world? No mate, I'm just a man who refuses to roll over and take it in the arse like most of the world. I stand up and do my best to change what I feel is "nonesense" in the world, and if you're surprised i'm on a football forum stating my beliefs then you really are daft.
LAV - do you actively support Aston Villa Football Club? Have you ever visited Villa Park? Have you ever purchased Villa merchandise? Do you subscribe to a sports channel on TV to watch Villa play? Do you pay for internet to browse Villa forums or websites ?In short do you spend money as a result of supporting Villa? If yes then you are part of the problem you're moaning about, that my friend would make you daft.
LAV - sorry mate, but the horse has well and truly bolted. Unless you withdraw from the modern world and go and live in a cave somwhere with nowt but your own body hair to keep yourself warm, then there is no escaping the ludicrous world of modern football finance. Nobody on this message board is actually in approval with the silly wages, outrageous transfer fees and inlated ticket prices, not a bit of it. And whilst I admire your basic principles, WTF can be done about it? Not even mass boycotts by fans will stop the football juggernaut, so stop beating your head against the wall, join a local supporters group and help change the world that way. I'm all for sticking it to the man, but your one man campaign will get you no-where, nor will singling out my club as the one that has "Ruined" football! We got on the train a long time after it left the station in Salford.
I'd like to echo Fifths comment, I too admire your basic moral principles but they're no better than anyone else's on this forum. So good luck to you. But don't start your "I'm going to change the world" guff on a Man City forum. Did you raise the same concerns on any Villa forums when your board sanctioned a £24million pound move for Darren Ashley Bent. Links please... Bluedub, you're on fire mate :)
on fire? If that's what you call being too stubborn to even admit being remotely wrong and completely blinkered to what 300 mil of spending in 3 years has done to the market then fire doesn't quite suffice. Perhaps supernova is a better description.
Supernova? You big flirt TF7 x. I did get something wrong by the way I said Carrick cost £16mil when in fact he cost £18.6mil

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