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Etihad Lift-off For City

Etihad has today announced, in conjunction with Manchester City a financial partnership designed to elevate City into the Football Stratosphere.

Etihad has penned a deal to provide City with a 'starter' of £100million for the 10 year naming rights to the City of Manchester Stadium which forthwith it to re-named 'The Eithad Stadium'.

The name Etihad will also be linked with the 'campus' that is to be built on the east car park designed to deliver a corridor of Olympians to Alan Turing Way.

This is simply a sensational situation for Manchester City Football Club. As UEFA's Michel Platini was rubbing his hands at the prospect of telling the world's richest football club that they wouldn't be able to compete in UEFA competitions because of the financial burden of catapulting the Club from mid-table mediocrity to the elite dining table, this partnership essentially presents two fingers to UEFA as City limber up for their inaugural season in the Champions League.

The entire football world will be forced to take notice of this development. It is of gigantic and hitherto un-heard-of proportion in football making the Emirates look like a piggy bank. It essentially wipes out any trading deficit the Club is carrying and means that we can proceed diligently in the transfer market to attract the type of footballer our Club deserves.

It is understood that Manchester City Council will also benefit from the deal both in hard cash terms and the effect that it will have on the City in terms of attracting overseas visitors to Manchester.

The FA Cup win has had a major impact on how Etihad regards it's partnership with the Club, believing that City now has a winning mentality with which it wishes to be associated. I have said that the FA Cup was simply the starting point as far as City and it's owners are concerned. There is a clear path down which the Abu Dhabi Group wishes to go. At the end of this path is the Premier League Championship and the Champions League and hand in hand with that the delivery of a branded iconic Football Club, which the world cannot ignore.

As the Gooners slip into mid-table mediocrity, Liverpool play catch-up, Chelsea players sign up for the Darby & Joan Club, there is only one serious challenger to removing Stretford's finest from their perceived mantle.

That my friends is Manchester City Football Club!!

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 8 2011

Time: 5:00PM

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Saw this on Twitter regarding commercial income: MCFC £84m, MUFC £100m, LFC £62m, CFC £56, AFC £44m. Unbelievable how far we have come and we're only just in the Champions League. Cook and company are doing some amazing work on the business side of things.
How much is this deal? Read on Bloomberg it was £300M! It's actually much more than stadium naming rights.
PS, Platini will be all over this with a nit comb! PPS, the t**t.
Looks as though the arsenal supporters trust have already gone to UEFA telling tales.
City have announced that they are to sponsor Carlos Tevez's underpants for £20m a season in a bid to keep him at City and of course this deal has no reflection in the UEFA ruling, because it is an endorsement and not wages. To promote the product, Tevez will drop his shorts everytime he scores a goal for club and country...
"etihad" translated means united!!! so city are now the united couldn't make this sh@t up! lol.....
I was waiting for some retard to come out with that one Lily. El-Muttihid is the Arabic for U****d. We've already gone over all of that in the press when Etihad became the club's sponsors, do try to keep up, there's a good lad.
Selling your soul and all that. The translation of Etihad is union however, it can also stand for alliance, friendship and, yep you guessed it, united according to Mohammed Nizami.
So we'll be playing Manchester Unity in the Charity Shield then? Got it.
A U*d fan has no right to comment on soul TF7. Your club Manchester Friendship hasn't got one.
Come on Famous, the Glazers are just waiting for the green and gold protests to die down sufficiently for them to rtisk selling the (highly lucrative I'd imagine) naming rights to Old Trafford. Can't wait for the "Armitage Shanks Stadium" to be announced - after all, it's stuffed with ***** every match day!
I think you've misunderstood my intentions with that comment.
As an impartial snotty nosed brat looking in through the window at the 'Restaurant S*****y De Posh' my opinion for what it's worth is that this is a shrewd move, and shows up Uefa and their dubious socialist experiment for its impotent worth. A 'financial fair play league' is the most ridiculous construct Michael Jackson statue outside the newly named stadium after its erection... Craven
Restaurant s.w.a.n.k.y de posh. Jaysus, health n safety.
By the way, we're not all as funny as Oxfordspur.
Or as well informed as Lillywhites
And yes...(stands up)... I support Spurs.
Im Sparticus!!!
This is just a way of getting past UEFA's financial regulations. Pathetic. You found a loophole cus lets face it, with the kind of wages you offer and the kind of revenue you make, you woulda had NO CHANCE of playing in Europe! So what better way for your owner using his VAST connections in the UAE to try to break you even? This is essentially a donation in the form of a name rights deal! I mean who in their right mind would offer you such a deal outside Abu Dhabi?? Until about five years ago, you barely had any fans. In fact, when you played Europa League/UEFA Cup games at home, the away fans would come to visit the Old Trafford museum and tour our stadium before heading to the match. So you can see why a ridiculous deal like this for a club of your size should raise eyebrows with UEFA!
Stu - I'm not sure where you got those numbers from but according to Deloitte, your commercial income as of 2011 was £47 mil!
FU, I think you'll find that Stu was referring to our commercial income post-groundbraking announcement. 'Until 5 years ago, you barely had any fans.' - We have no more fans now than we did 5 years ago, all the real City fans are here now and will still be here when we go back to being *****. I accept that the coming years will see us gain many plastic fans like yourself, but I genuinely dread that day. And finally, please don't feel the need to type certain words in capitals, it makes you look like a moron.
FU - who were the first English club to go corporate? Stupid Rags and their ridiculous preaching, now go away and get ripped off by the Glazers some more.
Note to FU - We are Manchester City Football Club. Your team dropped the "Football Club" bit at the end in about 1990 when you became Manchester U****d PLC. Have you got you manure credit card? Your manure mobile phone? Or perhaps you've got a loan out with MU finance? I love how you lot seem to think you have a divine right to everything, yet as soon as the real Manchester club become genuine competitors you all go whining like a bunch of spoiled children. Get used to it.
Glad to know you all agree with me then.
FU - the last survey carried out by City to determine the amount of fans they have worldwide puts the figure in around the 3 million mark, that survey was carried out around 5/6 years ago.
3 million? So I'm guessing 2 million of those are from the UAE?
I'd be very surprised considering it was 3 years before the ADUG takeover.
I love the way rags always have to reassure themselves that "liddle ciddy" are still liddle and Manure are still the giantest, most specialest club in the whole wild world, with twelvty zillion fans around the globe! You lot are sure getting paranoid these days.
fcb - Au contraire. I think you're the ones who keep telling yourselves that you are a big club just because you now have the money to compete with us for the same players. I guess going by that, Malaga is also a pretty big club!
FU - your the one coming on here discussing club size, I haven't read our heard any City fans discussing it, can you show me examples to the contrary?
Bluedub take a look at the last paragraph on this article, the writer basically insults Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and removing United from their "perceived mantle" Not quite sure how it is perceived since they have recently become the most successful club in england. As for the deal, am not a fan of it, think it is a cheap tactic, but fair play, they exposed a loophole in the regulations, but hopefully UEFA will do the right thing, I mean the deal is ridiculous, City being sponsored for that kind of money is a joke.
Rob - stop pretending that you understand this deal and what it encompasses. You do know that City consulted with UEFA at every stage of this proposal to ensure it was legit under their regulations right? You do realise what this means for Manchester City Council right? You do realise what this deal means in terms of creating employment in Manchester right?
We had no fans before five years ago? Our average attendance in 2003 edged our average attendance from last season! Why do the new bitters create such blatent lies?
It helps them deal with the cold hard reality that we can now compete with them on a level playing field Stu - I can imagine quite a few rags (including the dark lord himself) sitting in a darkened room, rocking back and forth whilst clutching their comfort-blankets and repeating the phrase "Forever in our shadow, forever in our shadow". The arrogant farquars will refuse to believe that we are now able to compete at the very top until we've bagged a few more trophies, but that's only a matter of time. Oh and Rob-EFC - Everton more than anyone else should be aggrieved at the FFP rules, as with your limited cash flow and small ground you will not currently be allowed to expand or grow to compete with the largest clubs. Hell, the entire FFP farago was concocted to maintain the status quo, which is why everyone is jumping on the anti-City bandwagon. I mean HOW ABSOLUTELY DARE THEY TRY TO BREAK INTO EUROPE'S ELITE?
So I guess you dont see anything wrong in this deal? City are worth the 400mil in naming rights. If United did something like this you would have no issues with it? Anyway, enjoy the Etihad stadium, sure Everton will be taking another 3pts from it whatever the name.
If it's within the rules there's nothing wrong Rob. Can you grasp that concept?
Bitterness seems to cause suspension of normal critical faculties.
it seems that we have not only lost our record of 34years of no trophies, but also the name ''Bitters'' as the rags call us!! judging by the ''FU7'' he has taken over the Bitter name on his own, judging by the rants of jealousy his post is full of, and he seems full of the other too.....this is tiime all other clubs fans got sde to it.... Sheikh Mansoor is here for the long run, not an excursion as some chairman are/were.....Deal with it and get used to it...
400mil is NOT for the naming rights, it is the entire project which includes sponsorship deals for the shirts, the training ground, the rugby club being created, and anything else on the "Etihad Campus". My god, our rise has created some outrageously bitter football fans.
400 mil, you are one expensive bitch, hope the Sheik enjoys his blow.. Love your suistainable business model, have you thought what will happend once your suggardaddy dumps you, and leave it up to your great businessmodel.. Why would United fans be jealous, haha what a joke, you have won one micky mouse trophy, shagged your way to a hell of lot of money, but face it bitters, no matter how much you scream and shout, you will forever be in the shadow of United.. Enjoy your pantomime.
Who let the mongo out of his cage? Quick someone hide everything that's sharp.
If the Sheikh dumps us, it won't be for another 13 years as the owners are not too entrenched in a 15 year plan, and you are only just starting to see what it is about. :) We will and always shall remain Manchester's biggest and only club.
Did this tool just call the FA Cup a mickey mouse trophy? I guess that's why the scum haven't won it in 7 years, they must not be taking it seriously. If you do somehow turn us over in the Community Shield, I bet you won't be calling that a mickey mouse trophy. As much as I despise everything about rags, the thing that disgusts me more than anything else is their inability to laugh at their own club. How deluded are they? Everyone has to laugh when times get tough, it's all you can do. When times get tough for the scum, which will be sooner rather than later, nordkap will be claiming to be a Chelsea fan through and through.
I don't know if a 10 year deal with a 10 year option at the end of it counts as the sugardaddy about to leave the club. In fact, he stands to make an incredible amount of money from the deal, which can't be said about the Glazers. How much are the rags in debt these days? Is it still £750m or has it gone up to £800m these days? Those collectors start showing up in a few years, be ready for it.
nerdkrap is a 12 year old Norwegian child with no friends and a need to live vicariously through someone else's achievements. One day he might make it to old toilet, but in the meantime, go easy on him - his acne will clear up one day and he might actually get a life.
Excellent put Filthcrapblue, how insightful you are, dont be so bitter..
Talking about having a life, who has the most comments on this site.

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