Manchester City - VMC's Some Might Say: Atkinson Anfield Angst
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VMC's Some Might Say: Atkinson Anfield Angst

League leaders Manchester City will head into December unbeaten in the Premier League. Post Match Reaction to a 1-1 Lancashire derby draw...

Roberto Mancini:

'This was a good result, particularly because we had to play the last ten minutes with just ten men. Mario didn not deserve a red card in my opinion and I don't have any problems with him at all. He is a young player and he is very disappointed, but for me, the second booking shouldn't have been given because I don't even believe it was a foul.

'Joe Hart saved us three or four times today, especially towards the end of the match, but even when we were under pressure and down to ten men, David Silva had a big, big chance to win the game for us. It is important that we remain unbeaten because a lot of top teams will come here and drop points, so I am happy with a draw under the circumstances.'

Joe Hart:

'Joleon is one of the most honest defenders we've got. It happens. He apologised. We dug in as ten men and got a result out of it. It works both ways. We're happy and I don't think Liverpool will be too disappointed drawing with us...It was a good result for us.'

Kenny Dalglish:

'They started better than us but once we got into it, I thought we ran out the better team at the was fortunate for us that we got the equaliser as quickly as we did. It kept the spirits up but you could see the change in attitude when we lost the goal that they wanted to go and get something back.

'You could see their attitude in the second half, they were determined they weren't going to lose it and they tried their very best to try and win it. Unfortunately we just couldn't get it over the line.'

In The VMC Forum:


'Glad we got a point against 12 men tonight. Atkinson is a disgrace, plain and simple. If I were Mancini I'd get in touch with the two other teams who had players sent off for nothing and file a complaint immediately.'

rojo 2010:

'Yaya had another shocker. Is it part of his contract that he plays every game? Nasri was ineffective, Silva likewise.
Great point nonetheless, Balotelli should not have been sent off and Luis Suarez should be ashamed of his incessant diving.
Silva could have and should have won it for us but he pretty much choked, didn't he? A weird game, a great point. City remain unbeaten and 5pts clear. I'll have that...'


'Hart and Kompany were amazing.'


'Just seen the Liverpool Echo's MOTM poll - surprisingly, they've left out Martin Atkinson...'


'The ref's performance was a massive disappointment - not even handed at all. If Balotelli's first yellow was for obstruction why wasn't Nosferatu lookalike Skrtel booked for pulling dowmn Aguero in the first half? Ref gave a free kick for both so they were both fouls - should have been the same punishment.'


'City Man of the Match: Hart, Honorary mention for Clichy. Liverpool Man of The Match: Atkinson, honorary mention for Lucas.'

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Sa 03 Dec 15:00 Norwich, The Etihad, PL
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Su 18 Dec 16:10 Arsenal, The Etihad, PL
We 21 Dec 19:45 Stoke, The Etihad, PL
Mo 26 Dec 15:00 West Brom, The Hawthorns, PL

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 27 2011

Time: 8:18PM

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You were *****en lucky.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 08:19:00

Good teams make their own luck.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 08:50:00

Yep, unbelievably lucky. Their keeper should have walked, we scored for them, had a striker sent off for a nothing second yellow and our keeper was brilliant.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 09:17:00

I can't believe your surprised by Atkinson and Liverpool! It has already happened twice before this season. Atkinson has to be up there for player of the season for Liverpool, already won them 7pts this season.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 09:31:00

It's strange - here is an Everton fan offering the same opinions on the bungling referee as us. I have also seen comments from United, Chelsea and Tottenham fans that support our opinions that the referee was completely incompetent. Now none of these fans offering their opinions have any vested interest in seeing Manchester City pull even further away from the chasing pack, Manure Tottenham and Chelsea fans in particular - so all I can conclude is that it's not sour grapes on the part of my fellow Blues bemoaning the loss of two points - any semi-informed observer can see that Martin Atkinson was at best completely incompetent and at worst totally biased towards the home side at Anfield. Pity most Liverpool fans still mysteriously think they were spomehwo the better side!
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 10:03:00

We'll be after watching his progress this season. 67 Yellows and 7 reds in 16 games across 3 competitions. He's got the worst record of the lot, followed by Webb. No worries Ron, we'll paste them on the 3rd January in Manchester.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 10:05:00

Good point, Rob. I know a lot of fans are wondering how Liverpool can get their opponents reduced to 10 men in three separate games this season 1/3 of the way in. I know we've had sour grapes before and no real gripe about the ref, but when the rest of the league is agreeing with you then it must be something.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 12:30:00

Great to see MOTD2 highlighting Suarez' diving. Hang on a minute............
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 14:34:00

FCB,I think you are a bit gracious to Martin Atkinson.3 red cards(all undeserved)against teams playing Liverpool this season.The word that springs to mind about Atkinson is "bent".
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 18:13:00

Atkinson seems to be Liverpool's very own Howard Webb. Ironic considering a Liverpool player led the outrage against Webb's United love-in. When do we get our own Howard Webb/Martin Atkinson? :D
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 19:43:00

Frimbong and Balotelli red cards were deserved, Arsenal fans agree, and you can tell from Mancini's reaction to Balotelli that even he thought it was deserved.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 21:18:00

fifthcolumnblue, and an Everton fan doesn't have a vested interest commenting on Liverpool? Joe Hart was named MOTM, that tells you all you need to know on who is the better side.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 21:20:00

We'll see you at the Etihad Johndoe, and although we're not the sort of team to resort to the despicable tactics that Diverpool used, one would hope that the ref is a homer for that one - and then I'll listen eagerly to your opinions. And the Everton fans have every right to comment, seeing as the Rodwell sending off was ludicrous. Atkinson must have LFC tatoooed on his arse.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 21:37:00

Two of your players dived in yesterday's game, Richards and Milner, so calling us childish names like Diverpool is hypocritical. I remember you commenting on our game against Everton in their site. You said then " The Rodwell sending off was incorrect, but I saw at least two other x-rated tackles by Everton players, so I think the ref let you off lightly once he realised he'd made a mistake" Like you said then, the ref made a mistake regarding Rodwell but let Everton off on two other x-rated challanges, one, Hibbert's challenge on Adam, wasn't even called a foul. Liverpool were better than Man City yesterday, end off.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 22:10:00

Liverpool were better than Man City,said a scouser,so it must be true.And Suarez does not dive,and Reina does not handle the ball outside the area,and Agger does not elbow Aguero.In the famous words of the only truthful scouser,Jim Royal,"My arse"
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 22:31:00

It it only me that says it you would have a point giolib921, but seeing that all newspaper reports for the game, and most neutrals say the same means your talking tosh. Haven't seen a set of fans complain this much about a game when they were lucky to even get a point, not alone three, and I thought Chelsea fans were bad.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 23:16:00

I'm sorry JohnDoe.Imust have dreamt the match that i thought i saw,because if the media and newspapers stated what you said,you must have been right.Obviously Reina,Agger and Suarez did not do what I thought that they did.And yes,we probably are like Chelsea fans,they also had to put up with a lot of crap from the red tinted media.
Report Abuse
28/11/2011 23:49:00

Check the stats if you don't believe me. Liverpool had more shot attempts, more shots on target, more possession, more passes, more corners, and Joe Hart was MOTM. I guess you have dreamn't the match if you think City played better.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 00:02:00

I did not say City played better than Liverpool.Please show me where i have said this.Can you actually answer a question,JohnDoe.Would you agree with me that Reina handled the ball outside the penalty area and if so,then Liverpool would have been down to ten men in the first half?Also,can you tell me what you think about the antics of Suarez in virtually every match he has played.I'm sure you probably used to have a go at Ronaldo and Drogba for exactly the same behaviour.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 00:20:00

You said sarcastically "Liverpool were better than Man City,said a scouser,so it must be true" What did you mean by this other than implying that City played better? To answer your question yes Reina handled the ball and no he shouldn't have been sent off. I just saw it again in slow motion. Reina reached the ball first, kicked it against Aguero's leg where it rebounded against his arm. It wasn't goal bound, and it was ball to hand, not hand to ball. At most it's a free kick outside the area, and in no way it's a red card. Suarez is the kind of player you love if he's playing for your club, and hate if you're playing against him.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 00:38:00

JD, I will try my best to be as objective as possible. The Reina incident - at the time I wasn't sure, having seen the replays I'm convinced that if Hart had done the same thing at the other end with the home crowd baying for blood he would have been sent off. If a player gets booked for repeated fouling which Mario was initially ( Atkinson made a gesture pointing out 3 incidents ) then why are players like Suarez not booked for repeated diving? I can't recall the Milner dive you're referring to, the Micah one Downing catches his ankle and he goes down rather theatrically, but their was a foul. Despite Suarez being the most guilty of play acting, the most obvious dive of the game came from Charlie Adam in the first half when Barry was a good foot away from any contact, that was right under Atkinson's nose and no card. Onto Mario's red card which really swung the balance of play in Liverpool's favour, a high ball comes in, Mario attempts to put his body across Skrtel's to try turn him as the ball comes down, in doing so he leads with his arm, there is no deliberate swing of the arm toward Skrtel and there is no way he catches him in the face either, there is no way this challenge is worthy of a yellow card. The reason the ref gave the red is because of Skrtel's playacting and the jumping up and down of the Liverpool players in the ref's face, as well as the crowd reaction. In short Atkinson's decisions on the day were being influenced by the home crowd, he is a homer of a ref, so no great surprise. Right now onto the game itself, for the first half hour of this game there was a clear gulf in class between the two sets of teams, City were controlled in possession and were stroking the ball around comfortably despite good closing down from the Pool players, on the occasions that Liverpool did win the ball in them opening exchanges they were too hurried in possession and didn't really look too much of a threat. Then City got the goal their play deserved, but unfortunately from a City point of view immediately after Liverpool scored an extremely fortuitous goal when Lescott turned a nothing shot into his own net. The result of this was City's heads dropping and the momentum swinging in Liverpool's favour. With this momentum Liverpool forced one chance of note when Hart reacted brilliantly to save with his foot. Second half, the first 15 mins saw both teams going toe to toe with both trying to establish that foothold in the game again, nothing really doing, maybe a half chance to either side. On the hour mark City began to visibly tire and the momentum started to swing back in Pool's favour, from that point on Liverpool looked the more likely to score but despite that they didn't create anything really clear cut. The game then took a massive swing in Liverpool's favour with the unjust sending off of Mario, it was only after this that Liverpool really dominated the play and thanks to Hart City hung on for a point. All told I believe the draw wasthe right result, Liverpool could have and perhaps should have won it after the unjust sending off but there is no way they were deserving of a victory in that game imo. as for your argument about stats, I'm sorry but it doesn't wash, we played Napoli last week and had 70% possession and twice as many shots as them, yet they were the better side, they looked like a threat througout and were deserving of their victory. If we were to take stats as an indicator of who deserves to win then it was City hands down in Naples, but we all know that's horse***** because Napoli created the better clear cut chances and played a better tactical game. Over and out.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 07:57:00

Bluedub, I disagree with your Reina point. He didn't deliberately handle the ball, so how can anybody claim he should've been sent off for that is beyond me. Mario's foul on Johnson is a yellow card in by it self. He grabbed him from behind and spun him, it's a yellow card every time. His second yellow came when he put his forearm into Skrtel's face. He didn't jump for the ball, and he was behind the defender at the time. I remember Reina being sent off for just touching Robben on the face, a straight red. What Mario did was much worse than that, a second yellow was justified in my opinion. Adam was touched by Barry, yes he exaggerated his fall but he was touched by him, as was Suarez which all city fans claim that he dived a lot. I have friends who are not Liverpool fans that were surprised that he didn't get more fouls. I don't like him rolling around pretending to be injured but he gets caught by defenders a lot and doesn't get the fouls. City played well in the first twenty minutes, but even before your goal Liverpool were getting back into the game. And we created a lot of chances even before Mario's sending off. Downing had two good chances were he should've scored, as did Kuyt with a headed chance, so to say that the game was even until the sending of is wrong.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 16:42:00

JohnDoe: In what world isn't this a dive and cheating? To make things worse it's actually a bad tackle by Suarez. This was the incident where Liverpool fans are telling us Kompany should have been off -
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 16:45:00

How was that a dive? And why is it a bad tackle on Suarez's part alone? Suarez and Kompany kicked each other, it was neither a dive nor a bad tackle on either.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 17:34:00

JD, I said Mario deserved his first yellow, I agree that challenge was a yellow in itself, I was merely pointing out that Atkinson signalled persistent fouling by holding up 3 fingers to Mario and then pointing to where the offences took place. There is absolutely no contact whatsoever with Skrtel's face, I can't understand how you can say there is when there is replays and photo stills available online proving their was no contact. If that challenge is deserving of a yellow we'd have cards being flashed almost every time there is an aerial challenge. Gary Gillespie described the incident perfectly mate, go look up his quote. I didn't say the game was even, I said the momentum swung in Liverpool's favour, meaning Liverpool were on top, they looked more likely to score but they didn't dominate City until the sending off. Just one last point mate, this was a City side performing well below their best whereas Liverpool played a brilliant game by their standards, it finished level, what dies that tell you?
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 18:17:00

JohnDoe: Amazing, spectacular delusion there. He goes studs-first into Kompany's foot then goes down in feigned agony. I see Aguero is sporting a black eye tonight from Agger's non-elbow that was conveniently missed by referee and Liverpool fans alike.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 21:01:00

I tells me we can't finish off clubs at Anfield. We didn't finish off Sunderland, Manu, Norwich, and Man City when our performances merited all three points.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 22:01:00

I can say the same about you StuMCFC.
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 22:04:00

So where exactly did Suarez's agony come from? Pray tell since Kompany's foot and shin were BELOW his foot and studs, or are you going to deny that too???
Report Abuse
29/11/2011 23:56:00

Both players were going for the ball, both missed it and kicked each other. When you kick a leg as opposed to a ball it would hurt a little, wouldn't it? How much did it hurt and how much was it acting on Suarez's part only he could answer but from what we can see there was contact between the two. How is it a dive as you claimed earlier? The definition of a dive is when you fall down without being touched, like what Richards did in the first half. Suarez was clearly touched by Kompany, they kicked each other, how is it a dive?
Report Abuse
30/11/2011 00:52:00

I give up, the stereotype I had doubted is true - Liverpool have the most deluded fans imaginable and will defend the undefendable.
Report Abuse
30/11/2011 01:01:00

Jesus Johndoe, are you a holocaust denier too? How any sane and sensible person can deny that it was a bad challenge followed by a blatant dive is beyond me.
Report Abuse
30/11/2011 11:44:00

You get kicked in the foot, you fall over, how is that a dive?????? You can argue that Suarez exaggerated the fall, you can argue that he was acting to get Kompany sent off, you can argue that his kick on Kompany was worse that the one he recieved, but what you can't argue is that he dived. As any sane and sensible person knows, pay attention StuMCFC and fifthcolumnblue, a dive is when you fall over without being touched. You have to be blind to say that Suarez wasn't touched by Kompany, therefore it wasn't a dive. By the way, the most deluded set of fans are the ones who want a goalkeeper to be sent off for an accidental hand ball outside the area, who think they played better when every newspaper report of the game and most neutrals say otherwise, who think they should've gotten all three points when they were lucky to get one.
Report Abuse
30/11/2011 13:14:00

Who thinks we should have got all three points?
Report Abuse
30/11/2011 16:12:00

I guess you haven't read your fellow supporters comments Bluedub. In this article alone you have fifthcolumnblue saying "so all I can conclude is that it's not sour grapes on the part of my fellow Blues bemoaning the loss of two points" PhillyBlueMoon saying "Glad we got a point against 12 men tonight. Atkinson is a disgrace, plain and simple. If I were Mancini I'd get in touch with the two other teams who had players sent off for nothing and file a complaint immediately" Johnny Baguette saying "Yep, unbelievably lucky. Their keeper should have walked, we scored for them, had a striker sent off for a nothing second yellow and our keeper was brilliant" etc...
Report Abuse
01/12/2011 14:08:00


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