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The Ped Report - Chelsea 2-1 City

City went with their big guns at Stamford Bridge, clearly out seek to win on a ground that has not generally favoured them in the past.

Full of confidence following recent results the Blues set off in typical fashion dominating play from the off with their exquisite brand of football and were completely dominant for the first half hour.

In the first major attack City scored. A cute precise pass from Augero found Balotelli who had stretched the central defenders, and who cut inside, rounded Cech to present the ball into an empty net. A dream start from the Blues and surely a springboard for more?

A few minutes later, more superb work by Aguero from another neat pass from Silva opened the door for him. He dragged defenders all over the place but his final left foot shot dragged wide with Cech stranded. Aguero should have gone for the far post in text book style and it would have been 2-0

Shortly thereafter, on 15 minutes, a neat one-two between Balotelli and Silva opened the way for the Magician who was abruptly taken down by Bosingwa in the box and right in front of the referee, who cocked a blind one at a definite penalty kick. Clearly 2-0 at this point would have put a spoke in Chelsea`s challenge but somehow Clattenburg said "no". A major decision which the referee bottled. Surely if there was a suspicion of non-contact then Silva would have been up for a yellow? Replays show definite contact.

For the remainder of the opening 30 minutes it was one way traffic. City were a total joy and scintillating to watch. Silva was on the ball and his interchanges with Milner, Yaya and Aguero were fantastic to behold. Having said that the tackling particularly by Ramires, if you could call his brand of execution tackles, could have seen him gone early in the first half in view of at least 3 challenges all of which were worthy of a yellow card. But as we know Clattenburg generally shows a reluctance to shorten teams against City and generally doesn`t show a reluctance to shorten City. This despite his dismissal of Evans in the Derby. Yaya was prowling about like either an enforcer or a thug with a series of poor fouls on Mata amongst others all of which could have had Clattenburg going into his top pocket. So he was maybe generous on that hand but on the other took away a match-defining penalty offering.

However as the Pedmachine tells you every week, City give you a chance and so they did on 33 minutes and Clichy let City old young boy Sturridge get clear on the Chelsea right. His early cross found Meireles unmarked and his first time shot beat Hart in what was their first attack and shot of the first half.

It was a huge disappointment for City who looked in total charge and Chelsea didn`t look equipped to change the game in their favour. But the goal was a gift and the London Blues will have been delighted to get to the break on level terms.

After the break Chelsea did start to change the game with City inviting pressure through unnecessary fouls in dangerous areas. Inevitably yellow cards rained like the weather and in the first minute of the second half Gael Clichy was cautioned for such a foul on Sturridge.

A little while later another foul from Clichy this time on Ramires, who should have seen the exit door in the first half, ended up with City becoming short-handed and handing Chelsea an advantage as they started to get on the front foot. The stage was set for Lampard to return from temporary exile and turn the screw on City.

A neat turn inside again by Sturridge saw his shot connect with Lescott`s outstretched arm handing a gift of a decision to Clattenburg and he certainly seemed to point to the spot with some relish. Up stepped Lampard, having missed his last 2, and this time he simply hammered it down the middle as Hart went for one of the corners.

Mancini shuffled the pack to try to add some stability and introduced Kolo by sacrificing a disappointed Aguero and then de Jong for Barry.

There was still time in hand and City pressed forward accepting that at times they were leaving the door open. They couldn`t make the breakthrough as Chelsea beefed up their challenges. City were also guilty of giving away time wasting opportunity with unnecessary fouls and corners and throw-ins most of which were won by Drogba who is particularly strong in those situations. Frustration was breaking out all over the field for City. Mario was thrashing his arms around like a demented windmill as things refused to go his way. Yaya was in similar mode and even Zabaleta, a man who would die for the shirt showed concern that each decision went with Drogba.

The last throw of the dice was to replace Silva with Dzeko and with Silva went City`s real chance of getting anything from this match and their historic start to the season was now over.

If the equalising gift brought Chelsea back into the match, the dismissal of Clichy turned it their way. Shortly before that Kompany could have seen himself walking, going in from behind when there was no real danger. Both of Clichy`s challenged were not warranted, but the punishments were inevitable.

As we saw when we whacked United 6-1, it is difficult in these top of the table matches to find yourself with only 10 men on the field and I feel that for this reason City couldn`t get back on an even keel. Chelsea didn`t stretch City like City stretched United, nor did City get over-run, but an equaliser looked just over the horizon at every turn.

So despite 4 minutes of stoppage time, Chelsea managed to run down the clock and hold out for a memorable win and to open up the chase for the title. No doubt there will be smirking in Stretford as they can be restored to league leaders by the time the sky blue shirts are donned again. We really are starting to get down to business now aren`t we?

Let us not be dispirited. The opening half hour was sensational football by City, some of the best seen from the best team of the season so far. But as the chances come along, especially away at Chelsea they have to be taken. Has Aguero made it 2-0 and Silva been handed a nailed on penalty, that would have been that. But it doesn`t always go that way. You give a chance and they take it and the match changes completely as it did here.

There were some good performances. Kompany at the back, two poor fouls apart hardly put a foot wrong. Milner and Silva in midfield were superb and the Balotelli-Aguero axis up front was giving the creaking John Terry nightmares. He would have more than happy to see the back of the Argentino.

It remains to be said that City`s first league defeat of the season was in a match where Joe Hart hardly saw the ball and had very little to do. Does that not emphasise the Pedmachine`s machinations that City always give opponents a chance. We are going through a stage where league clean sheets are just not happening, and that needs to be addressed. If the opposition don`t score, they don`t beat City. And who looks as though they can hold City goalless? A great effort by Gareth Barry who was my man of the match for City.

That said the frustrations that started boiling over show that City has a team of winners who treat defeat as an affront. They will re-group for the next match against Arsenal and get the show back on track.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 13 2011

Time: 9:36AM

Your Comments

Terrific report Ped. Spot on as ever.
Johnny Baguette
Top report Ped - can't argue with that mate. Just hope you're proved correct with your last statement.
Following last night's defeat Sunday's game is all the important. We have to get a result or else we'll probably end the weekend in second, one place behind you know who.
The thing about the Silva penalty incident is that the touch is minimal but he theatrically goes flying as if he's playing for it. That probably makes the ref think he's making a meal of it. Despite that and going down to 10 men, as a neutral, I think Chelsea deserved the win.
Tell me Vin, have you been on Vital Chelsea yet to congratulate them?
Good report Ped. We should have buried them when we had the chance but failed to capitalise on some wonderful football in the opening half hour. Once they scored that soft goal against the run of play we seemed to lose all composure and they punished us for it with the aid of their one man advantage. We're still top, still in the driving seat so although I'm disappointed about last night's result I am still delighted with our season so far and looking forward to taking out our frustration on the Goons this weekend.
Bluedub - why do I need to congratulate them?
I didn't say you need to Vin, I'm just wondering is all. You're quick enough to come on here and give us your opinion, I'm just curious do you do the same on Vital Chelsea.
The game finished last night. Hardly quick.
The test of a great side is how it responds to defeat . Arsenal this weekend easy home win or another episode of performance anxiety? Has the bubble burst?
How it responds to defeat? On the basis of this season we responded to the Bayern defeat with a 4-0 win at Blackburn and we responded to the Napoli defeat with a hard fought point at Anfield. Has the bubble burst? One league defeat and you're asking that question Nickster? !! Go give your head a wobble.
Cheers for a balanced review of the game (I guess a night's sleep does help in that regard). I'm sure you'll still be top in January as I don't see United overhauling you on present form. See you folks at Eastlands...
Hey BD, how can nickster wobble his head if it's bolted on?

Ha, fair point Fifth.
how was chelseas first goal a gift? was a well worked goal sturridge turned over clichy and picked out a great pass
Picked out a great pass to an unmarked player. It was a good goal but from City's point of view it was gifted as Sturridge was allowed turn so easy and Meireles was allowed make a run into the box unchallenged. City had 8 defenders against Chelsea's four attackers, it was a lack of concentration that led to the goal that is why from a City point of view it was a gift.
yes - bad defending by us means it was a gift - we defend properly and the threat is gone. Fair dues to Sturridge for taking the opportunity (it is after all what he's paid to do), but our defence should not have allowed him the space in the first place. It wasn't some sublime piece of skill on his part, he merely capitalised on a mistake, hence the expression "Gifted". It's not intended as a sleight on Chelsea, it's just the way things panned out.
City's Achilles heel is the defence average Joes that have no Hart (no pun inteded ) .And the only wobble I see is the the over hyped 200m+ team of Mercs wobbling to second place after this weekend .
We have been a bit sloppy defensively, having said that we've only conceded one more than yourselves Nicskter. As for having no heart, I'm not sure whether you're posting that because you thought it was funny or if you actually believe it. If it's the latter you're a numpty, as Kompany and Lescott have plenty of heart. As for 200m+ team of mercs in second place, you're already in second place mate.
We've conceded one more goal than the rags this season nickster - on the way to scoring 15 more. The same central defenders were part of the joint meanest defence in the league last season, with only one change in the overall defence being at LB. I'll agree that we lack defensive cover, but you're wide of the mark suggesting our defence is a weak link.
i don't really get it though. granted, i didn't watch the match so i can't make any in-depth analysis yet, but how is playing away at Stamford Bridge harder than playing away at Old Trafford for Man City? were you missing key players, or is it a matter of form? or motivation?
In the first 20 mins Dazz it looked like it could be another rout but Chelsea did well to score against the run of play. For some reason it seemed to knock the stuffing out of City and where they were passing clinically up to that point, all of a sudden we lost our composure, became hurried in possession and start hitting stray passes, Chelsea obviously sensed this and capitalised on it. In the second half Chelsea sat very deep which made them very difficult to play through, this is where City went wrong imo, instead of trying to draw Chelsea out we tried to force the issue and got caught on the counter which lead to two rash challenges from Clichy and he was off, from this point on it was all Chelsea, despite not creating too many opportunities to score they dominated the play and it felt like it was only a matter of time before they took the lead, and so it proved to be.
well, i guess that means you aren't invincible yet ;) i'm a spurs fan and although i don't want City to run away with the title (not much of a league run-in otherwise), please rebound from this defeat and beat the crap out of arsenal!
No such thing as invincible in football. I'm confident we can do a job on Arsenal, one of the things that stood to us last season was our ability to bounce back from defeat. In fact we were the only side in the league last season that didn't go more than three games without winning.
Ah, the legendary Gael Clichy brain fart, I’m glad we managed to offload him to you. Enjoy!
Sir Henry
Have you watched Clichy much this year Sir Henry? This game aside he's been exceptional and a lot better than either of Arsenal's LBs.
No such thing as invincible in football? Well when it comes to the top division of little ol' Englands' league you're horribly wrong dub, horribly wrong. 1888/89 Preston North End. 2003/04 Arsenal. No point trying to belittle such magnificent achievements, just makes you look a little mardy ;)
Eh? You went a league season without defeat Niko but were beaten the following season, hence not invincible. You were also beaten in cup competition, hence not invincible.
the creaking John Terry, lol, why was he and Ashley Cole so far forward leaving us thread bare at the back to gift you such an early goal, fair result though, especially after the 1st 25 mins when I was starting to think you were going to feck us over good and proper, you seemed a different team when we brought you back down to earth with an outstanding assist by Sturridge, was Clichy in his pocket or what.
ten men
The test of a great side was mutiny on the bench and a 2-0 loss to Bayern Munich... followed by a 9 match winning streak. We are a great side, great players, great teamwork, 100% work ethic from just about everyone (Mario not quite 100% but much better than last season), and the celebrations from Chelsea fans like they had just won a cup final shows how good we are, that they know the size and importance of their win. During one of Mourinho's title winning seasons when we beat Chelsea it was us celebrating like that.
Nothing like the rosy glow of past glories eh Nikolaijns? Pity that's all they are for arsenal.
Great report ped....although my 'biased one' seems to have got a lot of attention from chelski fans and only one or two from city fans.....where were you all when i was getting all sorts of chuff for watching the game with blue tinted lenses. Plus i hate that ref.
The 2-1 loss to a major rival could send you guys on a downward spiral , dissapointment leads to doubts leads to lack of confidence and not having the experience of winning the premier league could unravel your ambitions .
Did you pull those wishes straight out of your letter to Santa, Nickster?
FCB, atleast we have recent past glories to speak off unlike your highly mediocre past. Cue, the handbags.
Yeah, delta, we'vbe got no history, I mean HOW ABSOLUTELY DARE WE! PMSL!
You got that one right FCB, cheers.
What is it with football fans, especially Rags, goons and dippers not understanding what the word history means?
Well, arrogance is the obvious answer as far as Dltaforce is concerned. His continued disdain for other clubs is quite possibly some kind of denial that his club are no longer making history, they are merely consigned to living out past glories. But hey, no bother, it's like water off a ducks back to most of us, I rather enjoy the way he makes himself look a complete plonker every time he posts.
Delta force ,you are delusional ,just like most city fans at the moment .Terrible blinkered report . At the end of the day ,Chelsea started the first half hr slowly but we scored that suberbly well worked equliser it was all Chelsea from there on in .I dont actually remember Cech having anything to do after the 1min ...Ramires and Meireles ran the midfield ,Romeu had silva in his pocket ,he was non existent after the 1st half hr. Kompany and Toure are just thugs ,picking on players that are half there size . You guys should of had 3 red cards by the end of 90 mins . And that was never a peno ,Siva's hair on his shin may have been touched by bozman but it most certainly doesn't make you "fall r trip" 3 foot high into the air and hit the ground like a tonne of bricks , go on ,give it a try one of you and see what happens ??? Anyway ,"have some of that ,Thusday night Channel 5" Hahaha!
The most blinkered post I've seen yet from a Chelsea and he's accusing City of being blinkered. What did Hart have to do mate? Not a whole lot and that was with an extra man. Did you see Meireles stud up challenge on Zaba's knee? Your own manager can see it's a penalty on Silva. Is that a crèche that Merlin's running over there at Vital Chelsea? FFS!
Are the Chelsea fans now trying to outdo the goons in their sheer ability to talk from their rectums or something? Must be a full moon. (No offence to those Chelsea fans that have been reasoned in their comments BTW, but I think you know what I'm saying WRT zeldaisamuppet^^)
Zolaisalegend, your username may be about the most sensible thing about you. Next, FCB, yes compared to a club who just 13 years back spent time in the 3rd division, its obvious which club's history is considered significant. I wouldnt have brought it up this obvious fact normally but given your inflated sense of entitlement and utter and total change of behaviour for the worse which one notices from the pre ADUG investment to the post ADUG invesment days, it was worth mentioning it.
You've been a naughty boy Fifth, I think Delta wants to put you across his knee. Maybe there is a behavioural change Delta but perhaps that's due to having to defend the club on a daily basis from pompous, obnoxious, arrogant, patronising****s like your good self, who believe they are an authority on all things football.
Oh you are a wag Delta - you would have brought it up, it's one of the few sticks you've left to beat us with. Ever heard of the term "Projecting"? It's what you are doing when you claim that City fans have a sense of entitlement, when it's clearly you that feels that way about arsenal. I reiterate - City fans have not changed, I most certainly haven't, why don't you try thinking for yourself instead of regurgitating the claptrap that you read in the Daily Star? We might take you more seriously if you actually had your own opinions. Actually, scratch that last sentnece X)
What's patronising about the statement "it's obvious which club's history is considered significant" Dub? PMSL!
Sorry to break into your cozy mutual admiration society dub and fcb but it needs to be pointed out that you both have taken the term persecution complex to a whole new level. The pressure, banter, press coverage and intrusion that a club with big pretensions is different from that of a small club. Get used to it going forward because you have no choice but to develop a thicker skin. Banish the small club mentality, embrace some valid criticism repel the rest but overall wake up, the world is not against you two precious lads.
I'm well aware the world is not against me Delta, the fact still remains that you're an obnoxious,arrogant, patronising****. You've just proved that point again in your latest post.
Thus speaks the footrballing oracle. Cheers for the words of wisdom, I won't begrudge you your opinion. :P
Thanks FCB for letting me having an opinion which is more that can be said for Dub who would prefer to muzzle anyone with an alternative viewpoint. Dub, I'm happy to say that I find you an utterly dim, bitter and insignificant tool.
Awwww thanks sweetheart, you're too kind. I love you too. x
Actually Delta while you're here, how much do you think we will pay you for RVP this summer? You're good with financial things like that with your job in the city, so in your expert opinion, how much?
Good to see you are in touch with your feminine side what with the 'awwww' and 'sweetheart'. Its okay to shed some tears too if it makes you happy dear.
Only if it's your shoulder I can cry on big boy. Btw it's a bit odd that you feel compelled to respond to someone you see as insignificant.
Erm, Delta do you have a short-term memory problem, or does irony simply go right over your head?

Bluedub dont worry your mediocre mind about the assumptions I make at my workplace, just worry about living your life. My statements are my own opinion and while I often laugh at your opinions - at the sheer ill informed, emotional drivel that often pass as your thoughts, one doesnt begrudge you having an opinion. Deltaforce Read more:

Dub, firstly it was very classy of you to sing about acquiring the services of RvP at the Carling Cup game. Secondly, you can hope to buy RvP not "this summer" but the next one. Thirdly what you are doing by presuming that you will buy RvP is not arrogant at all. Arrogance after all is only a trait that United, Pool and us have.
Win some lose some, you will bounce back I am sure. All the best v Francenal.
Blue is the colour
It's called banter you numpty, you should try it some time.
Typical merchant-banker. I'm sure Delta is familiar with cockney rhyming slang...
Thats cool dub, what City fans indulge in is banter while what I say is patronising and arrogant. We have an agreement. So much for the insults. Putting that aside, your team is playing quite excellently and one looks forward to a good game on Sunday.
Lol, and that RVP post wasn't obnoxious arrogant and patronising then dub? So because we were beaten the following season means we weren't invincible for the 03/04 season then? Very bizarre logic. I'm aware we were beaten in cup competition which is my post quite clearly stated when it comes to the top division of the league. 49 games unbeaten was a fantastic achievement ended only by a cheating fat scouse grannylicker and after lashing squillions you managed merely just over a quarter of that. Permission to heh.
Hence not invincible. That's banter Niko. When someone tells you that they work in finance in the City as a way of belittling your opinion, that's arrogant and patronising.
I can only presume you don't realise the way you come across Delta; I'm also certain you aren't representative of the majority of Arsenal fans, as I know a fair few of them. But I refer you to your above post that I have quoted (from a few days ago). My feelings on the matter are that a statement like "I won't begrudge you an opinion" are the very height of arrogant C_ockism as far as I'm concerned, and whether it's intentional or not, you spend your entire time on Vital City belittling our posters, our club, our players and our manager. Would you tolerate one of us coming onto your board and coming out with a constant stream of vitriole based on what you know to be untrue? I doubt it, and that is why you get a somewhat less than friendly reception from us. I often wonder if people such as yourselves are somehow emboldened by the relative anonymity of sitting behind a computer screen and as a result let the finer points of social interaction lapse. God help you if you are so oblivious to others that you should choose to carry on your internet persona in real life.
Bluedub, if you care to revisit the post you refer to, you were incorrect about some technical points you made about your finances and one pointed that out which would be banter if I were a City fan but then one is not.
Ah, and the other chirpy, cheeky chappy chode Nikolaijns has come back for a visit. What's the latest conspiracy theory WRT City today then Niko? Have we teamed up with the Illuminati now in order to install Wayne bridge as president of the world yet?
FCB the very same accusations that you make against me can be made against you. You fool noone except perhaps dub and a few other City fans with your often demented rants day in and day out on many vital sites. Thats the power of opinions, we disagree so find the other disagreeable. Am fine with that but you clearly need to resolve some pent up anger issues.
There you go again Delta addressing me in a post, am I insignificant or not?
Do you find it hard to make friends Delta?
Do you have intimacy issues and a fear of abandonment FCB? We can play the faux psychologist game all day but lets keep the agenda football related please.
Niko, I was in no way shape or form belittling Arsenal's achievement of going a league season unbeaten. I had nothing but admiration for that team, however the tag ' invincibles ' was just that a tag, as I said before there is no such thing as invincible in football.
Hi filthycolumn! sobered up a little now have we dear? Hilarious ranting from yourself t'other night, your impotent rage entertained me no end :) I must say you ladies seem a little down today, like lickle backwards Barry in the photo up there. What's with the WRT before the word city btw? are you giving yourselves a title these days? I'm guessing based on the shameless knee scraping and ringer licking of that greasy spiv mansour I've witnessed here that it stands for With Royal Toadying?
OK, let's try another tack. Nikoliajns and I had a debate the other day about a player that we're both familiar with, one Mr Loopy lou Adebayor. His main argument was that City were loaning him to Tottenham in a concerted attempt to destabilise our rivals, in that Spurs couldn't actually afford him, and that Adebayor would score goals against the other top sides to our ultimate benefit. Now this is a lovely and quite plausible little conspiracy theory that Nikolaijns repeatedly assure me was true. However, this convneiently ignores the fact that we accepted two bids from PSG and Zenit St Petersburg for the player - which he refused out of hand. The point I'm making is that in the face of it being blatantly illogical for us to continue to pay half the wages of a player we do not want, and the fact that we were very happy to sell him does not seem to have changed the opinions of your good selves. In such cases, we can't win. It's clear that we have intractable opinions on such matters, but the fact is I continually strive to back up my opinions with fact, whilst trying to remain amenable to the opinions of others - I don't begrudge them, I welcome them - but I don't see too much malleability on the part of those Vital Arsenal posters that continually tell City that we are some kind of abomination.
OK I'll try another tack, in your relentless bunker mentality siege you failed to see that in my adebayor suggestion I was actually giving a compliment to citeh in saying what a clever move it was, genius even of arming a team that whilst are never going to be a threat to anyone regarding the title are still more than capable with a decent striker which until now they've lacked of pinching points from the big boys apart from citeh as he'd be ineligible. My opinion isn't intractable at all, and I'm half winding you up as I was aware of the other bids for him, maybe now all at citeh have seen how it can work you can stockpile a ton more players and arm the Boltons Blackburns and Wigans of the league to do further jobs on the rest of the top teams, buy Villa for 80 mill off you go son, year loan to Norwich, Messi...ok let's see...ah yes it's Swansea for you laddie. :)
A compliment? Wow, that's the most apt piece of damning with faint praise I've ever heard. I don't buy your retrenchment BTW (make of that what you will), you struck out on that theory - and most of the other accusations you fling at us are similarly wide of the mark, hence our staunch rebuttals. If we have a bunker mentality it's because of half-arsed critics like yourself Niko.
70 odd posts and counting! Funny that these above exchanges wouldn't have taken place a few years back. It was so much easier for everyone else when City were insignificant wasn't it?
To be honest when you can't even accept the basic tenets of reality such as Napolis' chairmans' assession that you're merely a rich mans plaything, then your staunch rebuttals don't mean Jack filthy. toodle oo x
Does a rich man with a "plaything" put £1b into the area surrounding a football club in order to help the community and raise money for the club so that it becomes self-sufficient? Or does he pull an Arsenal and attempt to put in high-end condos just so that he can make a few bucks on his own while still charging the fans of the club a ridiculous amount of money for a single game ticket?
You wish Niko, have you ever been to Manchester and seen What the Club do in the community, the plaything as you call it, is still going strong and eventually will stand on its own two feet. Does your mum let you stay up late?
buzz lightyear
Arsenal are much more of a rich-man's plaything. Your owner views you as a means of making a fast buck, he doesn't give a stuff about trophies - the bottom line for Mr Kroenke is repeated qualification for the Champions League - one day you'll realise that you are flatlining, and that only the threat of failing to get on board the gravy train will ever spur your owners out of their complacency. Surprised you'd give any credence to a buffoon like DeLaurentis anyway, unless of course your wife doesn't wash her genitals?
FCB, I am surprised that Euf have no done something over the allegations he made about match fixing in order for City to get through. The fact that we weren't good enough didn't occur to him.
buzz lightyear
far easier to hide their heads in the sand than actually do something Buzz!
Looks like the Chelsea, Arsenal and Rags Vital members have all returned to their respective sites. Perhaps we should visit Vital Arse when we beat them on Sunday.
We're far too interested in our own team to do that Tudor.
Good point well made fifth.

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