Manchester City - Respect The Referee (Chris Foy) Yeah, Right!
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Respect The Referee (Chris Foy) Yeah, Right!

Vital Manchester City member, Mancitygal4eva sent us the following.

Referees, they are a selected few appointed to keep the game fair and just. Except most of the time they don't.

No far too often these days a referee will decide that they are bored of the anonymity and they decide that 'today is their day', yes today will be the day their name is finally in the press.

Today was that lucky day for one particular ref, Lancashire's own Chris Foy. Obviously being given the job of controlling the 162nd Manchester derby proved to tempting an opportunity to pass up for Mr Foy as he decided to take a decision which would certainly put his name in the tabloids.

The St Helen's man, no stranger to controversy (just ask the Spurs fans), ruined a tantalising game by wrongly dishing out a red to Belgian colossus Vincent Kompany. Despite the City captain taking possession of the ball he was given his marching orders by the referee which in turn led to his team collapsing to 3-0 down before half time.

Despite the obvious disadvantage of 10 men versus 12, the home side valiantly fought back to take the game to 3-2 thanks to a stunning free kick from Aleksander Kolarov which was dully followed up by some sublime skill from Sergio Aguero.

And most would agree that the Blues were unfortunate to end the game without the replay they so richly deserved. A controversial penalty call from a Phil Jones handball being just one of their late and numerous chances.

Yet it wasn't to be, despite a superb performance from Aguero and a typical warrior like second half display from Pablo Zabaleta, City fans will be left to rue the controversial and numerous bad calls from the in the black.

Respect the referee?! They will get that when they respect the game.

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The journalist

Writer: Mancitygal4eva  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 8 2012

Time: 6:38PM

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Chris Foy has all season, just think about the QPR vs Chelsea game, the liverpool game etc - made a mockery of football as a sport by his refereeing. He should be forced to retire and watch his own efforts like the character in A Clockwork Orange.
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08/01/2012 18:47:00

By all accounts Mancini went into the ref's dresing room at half time and spoke to Foy about the red card. Foy, so I believe said he thought he'd made a mistake in sending off VK. Not sure if its true but if it is then perhaps the card might be rescinded, should the club decide to appeal.
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08/01/2012 18:48:00

Chris Foy - The man who oversaw the rags exit from the League Cup against Palace. Taggart was critical of him and his linesmen.
Johnny Baguette
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08/01/2012 18:49:00

there's no other "Vital site" that's nearly as depressing as this one! Almost daily there's an article about how unlucky Man C are, how your results were affected by a refereeing "conspiracy" etc. Why not wake up and accept that you're the luckiest bunch of supporters around? Picked from decades of total obscurity, sold by a Thai "business man " (who Amnesty International want jailed -on good evidence), and partially sold to a group of ruthless Arab oil merchants who have spent more on players than any team in history!?!/! (Whilst the Thai eile from justice still retains a 10% interest!) . The rules state clearly that two footed tackles are banned, and dangerous play is decided by the ref, you don't have to make ANY contact to qualify. The idea being; "let's stop the dangerous tackles BEFORE they break the legs"! See how long this post stays on the site lol
The Horses Mouth
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08/01/2012 18:52:00

Foy is not amongst my fave refs - cue memories of QPR v Chelsea!
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08/01/2012 18:59:00

what if he won the ball with two footed tackle and player also tackled would that be a red, also you cant tackle like that its hte rules for every so no sympthy, look what adam done to bale
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08/01/2012 19:01:00

stoke v spurs ring a bell
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08/01/2012 19:04:00

The Horses Mouth not sure where you get your information from. Thaksin doesn't own anything in Man City anymore. The last 10% was bought out when his money was frozen by the Government that was put in place by the military coup that overthrew him, an illegal act, which they made sure nothing could be done about by placing it in the New Constitution, also called the Charter. As to Amnesty-International wanting him gaoled i am not so sure that they are right on that. They call for lots of things, but that doesn't make them right. I am not sure by a long shot what your "good evidence" is ! Having said that what is it to do with this game !! I don't think Andy Townsend and Martin Tyler are City fan's but just watching the game back neither seem to think it was a red card. I doubt your post will be removed btw it's not a red site that removes non-fawning posts.
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08/01/2012 19:05:00

I will not delete your post The Horses Mouth. You and everyone else has an opinion and just because I may disagree with you it doesn't mean I will delete anything you or anyone else has to say. Just as long as its not abusive (smiles).
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08/01/2012 19:09:00

have to say, you guys were ROBBED. Chris Foy is probably the WORST referee in the Prem. Three shocking decisions in our game against Stoke cost us dearly. In a modern world where Football has become more than ' just a game ' It's a multi million pound ' business ' , where peoples livlihoods are on the line, and hnge on ' critical ' decisions by the likes of Foy. The guy should be given his P45 ASAP, and told to find ' alternative means of employment ' p.s. is he closset ' red-nose' ??????????
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08/01/2012 19:18:00

Spurs fan here in peace. Chris Foy has been under-performing all season. He screwed Chelsea against QPR, us against Stoke and you today. The thing is this, Kompany's red will not get rescinded due to the face he left the ground with two feet showing. Plus if it does then it makes a mockery of the review board as Milijas' of wolves was the same tackle. I hope it does not get rescinded from a selfish point of view as he is by far your best central defender!!!
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08/01/2012 19:18:00

Surprise surprise. Foy has dicked Chelsea, Spurs and City so far this season. Remind me again who Manure's main challengers are?
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08/01/2012 19:37:00

Anything you say Horse Mouth. You'd be going mental if that was one of your players, and be delighted if His Highness had bought Spurs. The "ruthless arab oil merchants" are building a Sixth Form College and swimming pool for the community in Manchester, the tyrants.
Johnny Baguette
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08/01/2012 19:43:00

i'm a Villa fan and agree that Foy was very poor today. you at least deserved a replay. the red card was nonsense, obviously it may have something to do with the stupid rules we have today, he could of faced criticism if he didn't send him off, although it is ridiculous that it was a red card. he got the ball, everybody was fine. he didn't even really go in with his 2 feet together straight towards Nani's legs, which players often get sent off for doing. both feet did leave the ground, but 1 was more used to hook the ball away and the other foot wasn't really doing anything, it was just in the air, there was no danger of it catching Nani. It's stupid really. You also should of had a penalty for Jones' handball, but then Utd could of also possibly had another penalty. You deserved at least a draw though.
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08/01/2012 19:46:00

Although the letter of the law meant he had to show red the useless tool just needed to use his loaf!! i gave up respecting the refs along time ago as their isnt a weekend that goes by without 1 official making a v.costly mistake to the team(s) fair enough if its genuinely down to players blocking view ect but when its a bread and butter decision then these fools need to get a new profession i cant and shall not respect the refs/officials until they stop being morons good evening all :)
only 1 spurs
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08/01/2012 19:57:00

Fergie got his rotation spot on today, leaving out Harold Webb and bringing in Chris Foy, all chance you had today was lost after 11mins, the guy is a joke, but he will be back in the thick of it again, to can be sure of that, he will be the first person on the team sheet i look for in future games we have. The tackle was a yellow card if anything, he made no contact with the player, played the ball, but Rooney got your man sent off, getting in the ref's face...
spu 4 life
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08/01/2012 20:13:00

Fair play to the fans of other clubs on here telling it like it is. Foy should have used common sense but unfortunately that doesn't seem to come naturally to him.
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08/01/2012 20:15:00

These English referees will soon make me hate football. How on earth is Chris Foy still officiating such important games? Why? It's beyond me. Feck me, how can the FA still judge him as competent enough while THEY CLEARLY RECEIVED the tapes of the mistakes he made in the QPR-Chelsea/Stoke-Spurs matches? I'm a Chelsea fan by the way. He absolutely ruined our game against QPR within 29 minutes by giving one of the softest and most ridiculous penalty I've seen in my life and one red card for a foul for which it would have actually been exagerrated to give a yellow! And when the feck was that? 30 minutes after City destroyed United at Old Trafford. You just had to see his face during the game damn, he was almost smiling when he threw his cards at us. And don't tell me I'm biased because I'm a Chelsea supporter. QPR made 17 fouls and we made 17 fouls - we conceded a penalty, 2 red cards and 9 yellow cards from these fouls while QPR were awarded 2 yellow cards. What the hell? Stoke Spurs? Even worse. Handball on Etherington's first goal, three stonewall penalties turned down for Spurs and when Kaboul complains - and rightly so - he gets a yellow and who then gets sent off for one of the softest challenges you'll ever see. Today he ruined what was potentially the game of the season, you just had to watch the first ten minutes ffs, end to end stuff. 12 minutes and he decides to send Kompany off for a fair tackle. His feet weren't high, he won the ball with his right foot and then his left foot came into the mix, and he didn't jump, how on earth is that a red card. Referees are having way too much influence in today's football it's just incredible. The FA really has to revise their referees standards because it's unacceptable. Feck me every matchday, every week end it's the same story. Always a referee in the spotlight. If it's not Howard 'I love United' Webb, it's Chris 'I love United' Foy. If it's not Chris 'I love United' Foy it's Andre Mariner. If it's not Andre Mariner it's Martin Atkinson. If it's not Martin Atkinson it's Mark Clattenburg. If it's not Mark Clattenburg it's Phil Dowd. If it's not Phil Dowd it's Mike Dean - fire them all ffs and promote other referees they can't be worse than that.
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08/01/2012 20:27:00

I didn't see the game, & to be honest don't much care for your club, but Chris Foy is to refereeing what the Hindernberg is to air travel.
Cape Town Spurs
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08/01/2012 20:29:00

Very good article btw, I couldn't have put it better myself Mancitygal4eva.
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08/01/2012 20:33:00

Will Taggart risk the badge and granny kissing Rooney at Anfield in the next round?
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
08/01/2012 20:45:00

Nice one Mancitygal4eva. :)
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08/01/2012 20:45:00

You want to try being a Wigan fan then you'd truly know how poor the refs are in this bent league
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08/01/2012 20:48:00

Wincezd at some of the treatment you have had Worbo. See you a week tomorrow night!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
08/01/2012 20:50:00

They talk about corrupt referees around the world...surely the Premier League's referees can't be so consistently incompetent?
Report Abuse
08/01/2012 21:22:00

Lovin the solidarity Chris Foy is a hom. a superhuman hom
Report Abuse
08/01/2012 21:40:00

That decision was laughable. Kompany got all of the ball and there was minimal contact with Nani. I sympathise with you lot.
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08/01/2012 22:13:00

Changing the subject a tad. Anyone else delighted when 'tough tackling,quiet lad,all-round-good-egg' Scholes came on? Turned the game in our favour instantly! Lets hope pig-headed Ferguson plays him a lot more this season. Our secret weapon!
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09/01/2012 00:45:00

I wonder who Referees the Referee?! Chris Foy deserves a red card that wasn’t a two footed tackle he got the ball fairly.
Report Abuse
09/01/2012 01:45:00

No one will be satisfied until there is quick-fire video technology. That will make United and Liverpool fans unhappy though, as they seem like the two most well protected teams in the league. Liverpool play some horrendously dirty football with elbows and stamps galore but very little gets punished.
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09/01/2012 02:02:00

Mancitygal4eva great post Horses mouth - what has money to do with Foy's decision.. BTW Ass is spelt A S S not M O U T H
Report Abuse
09/01/2012 03:27:00

Great article and excellent comments. We all know that nobody at the FA wants to see City make a serious challenge and one way of getting at City is to make them short-handed. Maybe we should train with only 10 men. Foy's application of the laws of the game were not in the spirit of the laws of the game. And as for horses mouth - please demonstrate where in the referees chart it refers to "two footed tackles" because it doesn't. The term "two footed tackle" is too vague to represent a "law".
Report Abuse
09/01/2012 07:28:00

Chelsea fan here. Chris Foy is an absolute joke of a ref. He is mentally retarded. This horrible refereeing performance shows that he's the new Ovrebo. Unofficial new man$hitter utd signing. Sick. He's ruining the game. Brings back the day when he ruined our game against QPR. Bloody **** ******* needs to be literalli kicked out of the FA. I feel for u guys, u were unlucky. Bloody Chris **** Toy
Report Abuse
09/01/2012 07:36:00

Spot on Ped re "two footed tackles", some people on here obviously haven't made themselves aware of the rule. They seem to have got their football education from Sky's moronic punditry team with their idiotic claim of ' two feet, he has to go '.
Report Abuse
09/01/2012 07:52:00

Horses Mouth. If you get depressed here you could always just ***** off. Clown.
Report Abuse
09/01/2012 09:41:00

let's put it another way. If Jones or Smalling had made that challenge the press would be hailing "Fergies Fleglings", calling them future England captain and talking about their genius incessantly. Repeat ad nauseum.
Report Abuse
09/01/2012 09:46:00

Some of you may know me from old - yes Im a rag - but Im not here to cause an arguement - just want to put my poiint and opinion across.

I was amazed that Kompany got sent off - shouldn't even have been a yellow - he won the ball, yes his feet did leave the ground, but then what happened with Giggsy - nothing - something I was amazed at again..
It is as Keano said - at the end of the day we are still in it, and you guys are out - but who is to say what would have happened with 11v11 - thats anyones guess, we may have gone on to win it, or you guys may.

Point is this reffing thing is all bollox - Utd too have had crap decisions and we could have very well won games that would have put us on top of the league, or on the same points as you guys.
Its all a load of tosh that refs are in SAFs pockets, and you guys know that - just that when a decision goes against your team and for us, that old chestnut rears its head once again - its boring - its utter tripe.
Refs need to buck their ideas up, also they need consistancy - from a fairness POV I hope the card is rescinded, but obviously as a rag I am also not wanted it to get overturned.

Slate us all you like - it proves our dominance in this game for the last 20 years - hate our team all you like - but us fans at the end of the day are just the same as you guys - showing our passion for our club.

I also think money gets a team everywhere - yes weve spent big in the past - but never as much as some teams have in one or two seasons - our signings have been 'marquee' signings, and never spent all that much on one player then another then another - anyway good luck to City for the remainder of the season - but Utd will fight you tooth and nail for the Premiership :P
Report Abuse
10/01/2012 12:47:00

First up Niteworlok, fair play to you for applying common sense in regards the tackle. Secondly on the money issue, you may not have spent what we did on transfers but your outlay on wages over the past 2 decades is colossal in comparison to City's yet I never hear this spending being discussed. And finally, I don't believe any ref is in Slur's pocket but I do believe that because of the profile of your club and Slur's influence on the general perception of football in the UK means these weak minded referees are more inclined to give in to the pressure from your club and their players and that is why we see U*d getting more favours than most.
Report Abuse
10/01/2012 13:41:00

Not a single ref in the country wants to be in Slur's sites the day after a game, which is why I believe they always opt for the easy option, ie doing things that will not upset him. The dodgy decisions HAVE been going against all teams, more so this season than any I can remember - Foy has been struck off the Christmas card list at Chelsea, Spurs and City already this season, and ,I expect him to rile quite a few other teams if he carries on as he has done. But all I can see from a City perspective is a bad call against us ruining the game for us - then a succession of similar fouls (aside from Giggs, Rooney also made a naughty challenge from behind on Silva, as well as elbows from Evra on both Richards and Aguero) that were not given against your side. I don't imagine for one minute that Slur has done a Western Union transfer to Foy's bank account, but he was clearly intimidated by your manager and therefore only succeeded in infuriating the City supporters and our team & manager. I really do think the FA should look at bringing in officials from other European leagues for high-profile matches. I've been very impressed with the standard of European refs (possible exception of the one who d*cked us against bayern), and they would be much less open to accusations of favouritism than domestic refs.
Report Abuse
10/01/2012 13:52:00

Whinge whinge whine whine, Now you start to understand how we have had it for the last 5 years.
Blue is the colour
Report Abuse
10/01/2012 14:12:00

Blue is the colour, what are you talking about?
Report Abuse
10/01/2012 14:18:00

Hold you heads up high lads - was a damn fine comeback you lot staged, but it still could have been an scoreline - and still not in your favour.....
Report Abuse
11/01/2012 12:49:00

any scoreline not an lol
Report Abuse
11/01/2012 13:02:00


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