Manchester City - Video: Vincent Kompany Did NOT Deserve Red
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Video: Vincent Kompany Did NOT Deserve Red

I've watched Vincent Kompany's tackle, over and over and I have come to a conclusion. He did not deserve to be sent off, and in my opinion match referee Chris Foy made one hell of a blunder.

The studs were showing but it wasn't a dangerous challenge and a yellow card would have been far more appropriate.

Take a look for yourselves and tell us what you think in the comments section directly below this article.

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The journalist

Writer: danielqpr Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 8 2012

Time: 7:01PM

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Hard done by sure, but you guys have more important things to worry about, think of it as a blessing in disguise to help you towards the true prize.
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08/01/2012 19:11:00

Nice words Spurs999 and I'm sure you're right but as I type I'm still hurting like hell.
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08/01/2012 19:16:00

In fact, the more I see it the more i'm convinced VK won the ball, fair and square.
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08/01/2012 19:18:00

sat in the 3rd tier of the East stand, it never any where near was that a sending off offence, Yellow card at best, and that is debatable, Rooney has to look in mirror and say ''I did that and got Kompany sent off, just to win'' is that not CHEATING?and in the press we want him for 60 million..... FFS, please Bobby Manc say it is not so....
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08/01/2012 19:20:00

Ridiculous decision. He got the ******** ball. ******** Faggot Foy.
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08/01/2012 19:31:00

not even a foul
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08/01/2012 19:32:00

The next phase of football's evolution - shoulder to shoulder contact forbidden.
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08/01/2012 19:34:00

Outside of Stretford there appears to be universal condemnation of the latest garbage refereeing decision.
Johnny Baguette
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08/01/2012 19:35:00

I will keep this short..i hardly ever post on other teams sites but after seeing old Chris Foy at it again today against you guys i couldnt help myself. I am a chelsea fan but i am fairly certain that virtually no Chelsea fan or Spurs fan for that matter will disagree with you guys that Chris Foy is absolutely the worst BPL ref out there..It amazes me that this guy is still allowed to the ref in the BPL. I really think he just loves to ensure that the attention is always on him when he refs so he is guaranteed to make at least one outrageously wrong decision in virtually every game he refs. I hear that at the end of the season teams get to vote on the refs..what the consequences are for the ref voted as worst is unclear but i really hope Foy is rightfully recognized at the end of this season for his distinction as being the very worst BPL ref this season.
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08/01/2012 19:38:00

5 rags headed straight for the ref. Rooney a disgrace but you won't read that on The Street of Shame...Micah on the official site said that the team have watched the incident 10 to 20 times and cannot believe it.
Johnny Baguette
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08/01/2012 19:39:00

5 Live were all over the decison, with one pundit claiming it was the worst decision of the season so far.
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08/01/2012 19:39:00

The only person that abo*****ely loves Chris Foy is Mark Clatterbung, as Foy makes him look positively competent.
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08/01/2012 19:41:00

Get in. Rags have to go to Anfield in next round. Looks like after us their draw luck is running out.
Johnny Baguette
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08/01/2012 19:59:00

Until Rooney opened his gob, I don't think any of the players thought it was a red card.
ten men
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08/01/2012 20:55:00

I have said it before,certain refs are bent,Foy being one of them.There are a band of them who are in Taggart's back pocket.Foy,Webb,Clattenburg,Dowd etc,whenever the old drunk needs a result,he informs the FA which one of his boys should officiate the match.As for that sh-thead with a rug on his head,please City,do NOT buy him.We do not want prostitute loving cheats at our club.Finally,it would be nice to see Marwood do some work.Let's hear that he has made an official complaint about the referee.It might not get us anywhere,but at least we would know that City are not standing for the crap that is being thrown at us virtually every week now.
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08/01/2012 21:38:00

The worst decision of the season so far was Foy's disallowed goal or Shawcross' handball on the line for spurs vs stoke!!
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08/01/2012 21:48:00

Villa fan here...shocking decision by the ref...not even bookable in my eyes. That changed the game completely. Let's be honest here..the ref gave Utd that result. From a neutral point of view I must say City have been a joy to watch this season...and are a better side than Utd without a doubt. The title is definitely yours for the taking and I hope you do after this injustice.
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08/01/2012 22:05:00

i think the fact that he took the ball cleanly is not important neither is the fact that nobody was hurt or any intent on hurting anybody from Kompany. The problem is accidents can happen and when you are diving in airborn 2 footed with studs showing you could easily snap someones leg in half. im sure you guys wouldn't be very happy seeing a tackle like that on david silva or aguero
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08/01/2012 22:56:00

I don't usually come on to other clubs sites but I couldn't resist due to the amount of media coverage there has been. So apologies if I'm intruding. But I'm sorry but I have to stand by Foy on this one even though I do not like him (I'm a spurs fan!). Kompany does cleanly win the ball. But, the law says that two footed challenges when you are lunging through the air like that are red card offenses. They are dangerous tackles. They are tackles that result in broken legs. This time it didn't but none the less it is still a red card offense.
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08/01/2012 23:38:00

i hate manure, and i know he got the ball but everyone knows you cant put tackles in like that so universal condemnation of referee is 5hite, had to go off
Super Bock 1898
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08/01/2012 23:48:00

To meee93,name a tackle that had no contact with an opposing player,that resulted in a broken leg?Strange that spurs fans are siding with the rags on this one,yet all other neutrals can see what really happened.
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08/01/2012 23:53:00

Tough red card though but City were all ready down 1-0 and who knows what would have happened 11-v11 . .Face it felllas it was not your day you were not hungry enough beaten before you stepped on the pitch in the end it comes down to bottle and experiene ( good performance in the second half but you had nothing to lose oh except the match and your cup )
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08/01/2012 23:58:00

@giolib921. Has nothing do to with me being a spurs fan that allows me to see that its a two footed tackle in the air. A bad tackle is not a bad tackle becuase he makes contact with a player. It does not have to break the leg to be a potential leg breaker. Nani has to jump/adjusts leg to avoid the contact (out of fear of injury) makes it a free kick.
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that makes me a neutral then and i still think he had to go, tit for lifting both feet off deck, whether he got the ball. he wont ever do it again so hes learnt something.
Super Bock 1898
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09/01/2012 00:12:00

You will find that nani,if he felt he was near to being fouled,what have either rolled over or remonstrated with the ref as he always does.Yet he just carried on,which shows that no offence was committed.It was probably the reaction of the rug wearing sh-thead that prompted Foy to do what he was told to do.
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09/01/2012 00:14:00

So you're saying it wasn't a foul because Nani didn't react? and that he only got sent off because other players did react? So do you think players should react and shout at the ref or not because you seem not too sure.
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09/01/2012 00:19:00

No way Kompany should have seen Red, even Nani didn't react to the tackle. The one by Giggs about 5 mins later was far more dangerous.
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09/01/2012 01:07:00

The best thing about the game was that in my imagination during the second half I could hear the rags defenders shouting to each other, " Don't Panic" " Don't Panic " As for the red card, well the more I think about it the more think it should have been a yellow and it would have been if Shrek hadn't started up with his nonsense. Foy has to be the worst ref in the league and I don't mean for that red card only, I mean it for all the decisions he made in the rags favour the most blatant being against Milner wehn camelgob had him on the ground and supposedly kicking under him to get the ball. Time and again the rags player took our boys legs from under them and not so much as a warning. Good to see Baconface out congratulating Foy at the end showing in public what we all know to be true. Make no mistake, the day was ours and the league will be ours also. I have had my doubts about that but this game convinced me of it. Go the City!!!!!
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09/01/2012 03:19:00

When a player is airborne with two feet, even though Kompany's right foot was just an inch off the ground, there has to be excessive force and an endangering of the opponent for it to be red, to all those saying once he's airborne with two feet he has to go, please read the rule. Kompany cleanly won the ball with his right foot, he intentionally kept his left foot wide so as to not make it a two footer. Foy didn't blow straight away, he only blew once Rooney turned to him appealing, then 4 other players ran screaming in his face, none of these players appeled for anything until the whistle was blown. A shocking decision and it makes me wonder if those that are saying that's a deserved red have played the sport at any level. I'm gobsmacked that anyone can think that was worthy of a red.
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09/01/2012 07:24:00

@Nickster, what game were you watching? Not hungry enough? We outplayed you for the first ten minutes and you scored against the run of play, two minutes later the sending off occurred and the momentum swung massively in U*d's favour. In short, you're talking crap mate.
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09/01/2012 07:27:00

He's a a rag BD - why are you so surprised that he's talking out of his ring-piece?
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09/01/2012 07:55:00

True Fifth, I was of the impression that nickster had a bit of sense about him and wasn't your typical can 't see the woods for the trees Rag, sadly it appears I was mistaken.
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09/01/2012 08:05:00

They'll always revert to type mate. It's in their DNA (along with a goodly bit of neanderthal if Shrek is anything to go by)
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09/01/2012 08:53:00

Yesterday has only served to strengthen my belief that Spurs are a far better side and a far bigger threat to City than the rags. The most glaring aspect imho yesterday was how much fitter City's players looked.
Johnny Baguette
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09/01/2012 11:07:00
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09/01/2012 17:27:00

That didn't even get a yellow, did it Stu?
Blue ponderer
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10/01/2012 12:50:00

This debate will still be spoken about in years to come lol
Report Abuse
11/01/2012 12:59:00

Don't worry mate, we'll never forget this one.
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11/01/2012 13:33:00

FCB - at end of season lets have a proper debate over game changing decisions that have gone for or against us they would have changed the way the table looks
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11/01/2012 14:08:00


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