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Video Poll: Which Person Deserved The Red Card?

Our current Vital Manchester City front page poll question asks...

Which person deserved the red card?

This is in response to Vincent Kompany being given the red card regarding his tackle on Nani on Sunday and Glen Johnson's two-footed challenge on Joleon Lescott last night.

Take a look for yourselves and decide.

Vincent Kompany

Glen Johnson

Tell us what you think.

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The journalist

Writer: danielqpr Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 12 2012

Time: 1:45PM

Your Comments

Neither but according to the FA's rules both. Notice the City players didn't appeal, is it right not to appeal to the ref? It appears to me to be wrong. It seems that you should appeal otherwise you will be punished.
We're all going to end up chasing the ref like the ManYoo role models. Seems to be the accepted way by the media to influence the outcome of football matches.
Neither did, both won the ball cleanly. But if the laws of the game are to be applied correctly, both should have received red cards. Kompany saw red, Johnson didn't. That's why City fans are justifiably angry about this. The FA are a joke. We need more transparency here. There's no black and white, just grey. As Skoorb said in the forums, it's a win/win for the crony ********s and it suits them to have it that way.
I think what we've learned over the past 3 days is that the difference between Kompany's tackle and Johnson's tackle is the haranguing of the referee. And we all know how well drilled the Rag scum are on doing just that.
Perhaps we should get Lescott to bang on about the tackle on Twitter while we're at it - worked for Pubehead and Turdinand, why can't it work for us? Neither deserved red, Johnson perhaps yellow, but by the letter of the law as so clearly revealed to Vincent Kompany, Johnson should be cooling his heels for 3 games. Stupid, senseless and utterly without regard for anyone - that's the FA, not Glen Johnson.
Johnson was an ankle breaker if ever I saw one...definite red card. Kompany's was an amazing tackle.
Dermot Gallagher on SSN: "The law is quite specific" - is he 'avin a laff?? He goes on to say that Johnson's was far worse than Kompany's.
If the law is quite specific then what is stopping the FA being transparent when it comes to the appeals process? Why not publish a report on their findings?
This tackling is proving too much of a problem. I give in. Let's get rid of it. Moulded soles all round!
Johnny Baguette
BOTH RED! It does not matter if the ball was won cleanly. The shear intimidating nature of both tackles make the opposing player (rightfully) bottle the challenge. They need to be RED cards because we do not want to see this form of tackling anymore. It is DELIBERATE because it is unnatural to jump into a tackle with 2 feet, and impossible to do by accident. Send ALL players off for doing this. We need to DISCOURAGE it NOW. This is NOT FOOTBALL.
Also it is impossible NOT to show your studs in a 2 footed challenge - which is also justifiably a red card with one foot, let alone two.
The game as espoused by Tonyrich no two footed tackles, no one footed tackles because.... no feet at all! I despair.

fifthcolumnblue - why is it that each game I see has 1000s of challenges, and NONE with 2 feet? Is it too much to ask? It can be a sending off with merely one foot if you jump into it. You get the ball cleanly because you have 2 feet going for the ball instead of one - twice the probability. And the opponent backs off, giving you are better shot at the ball. It is cheating plain and simple. It is dangerous too - if some mindlessly brave player was the opponent, he probably would not back out of the challenge - and break a leg. The reason why 2 footed challenges are punished because it is impossible to do a 2 footer without jumping into the tackle. If it is any consolation, I think that Johnson's was worse...
TR, when Kompany made contact with the ball he caught it with the instep of his right foot, his studs were facing away from Nani, as he slid by Nani his studs came into view as he controlled the ball. He also kept his two feet wide apart to ensure that two feet weren't making contact with either Nani or the ball.
Even American Football - which is massively more violent - has rules on how you can challenge & tackle. There is nothing wrong with rules that make a safer and fairer game. I still like a good challenge, but it must be fair.
Bluedub - granted, but he still jumped into it...
So when someone jumps in there is no way it can be a safe challenge?
Bluedub - Dangerous tackles can be punished. Those that are usually deemed safe are those made whilst standing, still or sliding. A player should not have 14 stones of player flying airborne towards him feet first. These laws are there for safety reasons. If I slap a player - even tamely - I expect to get sent off. It is not going to cause damage, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. My last point is that also Kompany KNOWS what a 2 footed challenge is likely to result in, so why do it? A player needs to take responsibility. He lost his head, or his technique or something - and was punished for it. I am a Spurs fan, and Kaboul got sent of vs Stoke for a virtually nothing...and we lost. But I accept it because the player was going toward the corner flag, and not a threat. Kaboul needs to use his head, and through stupidity he paid for it. Fair enough.
(to clarify - Kaboul barely touched but was deemed to have "fouled" an opposing player - whilst on a yellow, and the opponent was going nowhere) - he got second yellow.
I remember the Kaboul sending off, it was a nonsense. Maybe Kompany's technique was wrong I'll accept that but for me he went for the ball with his right foot whilst stretching, he did indeed come off the other foot but deliberately kept this foot wide so as not to endanger Nani's safety. Listen rules are rules, if they are applied consistently I've no problem with that but as we all saw last night they are not. It also seems to be the case that if you don't disrespect the ref by screaming in his face you won't get your way.
Im a rag fan and still dont think Kompany should have been sent off.....

Glenda on the other hand should have gone
both yellow
Buzz Lightyear
Both reds.
I don't see the difference between the two in terms of severity tbh. Johnson went in with both feet together, but Lescott was so far behind the ball that by the time his boot arrived at where it had been it his Johnson on the arse. Kompany went into the player (meaning whether he took the ball or not Nani had to take evasive action, as opposed to Johnson, who didn't touch Lescott) but his feet weren't technically together and he won the ball cleanly.
Both had the risk of being mistimed, and if they had been I doubt we'd be having this debate as both would have been reds. As it is though, I can see why some people who prefer a game where players are protected want these challenges outlawed. I disagree with that - I don't think football should be only about the flair players; there should still be room for the physical side of the game. Personally I don't really want to see every team in the league fielding 8 players who can do 500 stepovers but won't touch an opponent; if I wanted to see that sort of thing I'd watch figure skating or syncronised swimming. Football is a contact sport and this gradual erosion of what is permitted in terms of tackling is killing the soul of the game I grew up watching.
To wrap up though; both deserved same treatment as they're both the (and I would honestly say that because Kompany went straight into Nani that his was slightly worse than Johnson's - not being biased there). But either both are reds, yellows, fouls or nothing. What we need is more consistancy from the reffing, and I suppose after this fracas we'll be seeing a set of 'guidelines' published before the start of next season that attempts to clear this up (but in fact won't and will just muddy the waters further).
Final point though - I don't think I'm alone in thinking that if there's to be retrospective action against anyone it should be Rooney (x2) and Ferdinand. Rooney for trying to (and succeeding in) influencing the refs decision, and the pair of them for discussing an ongoing disciplinary issue in the media before the judgement on Kompany's appeal had been made. Can't believe no-one else has picked up on that.
If those tackles had of been mis timed we are looking at serious injuries. That is why those tackles aren't allowed. Well, shouldn't be.
Good post Naoise. I don't agree about VK's being worse than Johnson, if anything Johnson went in with more ferocity at pace but I don't believe either are reds. On your final point we've been saying it mate, Slur made a quote saying Kompany has gotten away with doing these type of tackles already this season and of course Shrek and Wio's tweets. Vinnie himself made a riposte to this in his statement on Facebook in which he said he is only making a statement now because he didn't want to use the media for his own personal agenda before the appeal was heard. He's a smart lad our Vinnie.
Yeah, Vinnie is smart, and he's also classy. I'd even go so far as saying he was nice. But as SLur and Pubehead prove time and time again, scumbags always prosper in this game, nice guys finish last.
FCB that mean your club are gonna get relegated this year then????

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