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Assessing Tottenham's Title Chances

For the last 15 years the Premier League has been dominated by Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, but not any more.

With the emergence of Manchester City and Tottenham the so-called 'Sky's top four' has been infiltrated and broken up (for good, hopefully) by two teams who deserve to be challenging for honours.

With City beating Wigan on Monday and Spurs only managing to add one point to their league tally at the weekend Vital Manchester City assesses Tottenham's title chances.

Harry Redknapp's team travel to the Etihad Stadium on Sunday in what can only be described as a six-pointer. If Spurs are going to have a realistic chance of winning the league they are going to have to beat City on their own turf. And with the Toure brothers playing in the African Nations tournament, Vincent Kompany suspended and (Mad) Mario Balotelli a doubt Spurs have never had a better opportunity of clawing themselves up the league table.


Sunday's fixture aside, Vital Manchester City takes a look at the team's next six Premier League games.

Man City

Everton (A) - Sunday 31 Jan
Fulham (H) - Saturday 4 Feb
Aston Villa (A) - Sunday 12 Feb
Blackburn (H) - Saturday 25 Feb
Bolton (H) - Saturday 3 March
Swansea (A) - Saturday 10 March


Wigan (H) - Tuesday 31 Jan
Liverpool (A) - Monday 6 Feb
Newcastle (H) - Saturday 11 Feb
Arsenal (A) - Sunday 26 Feb
Manchester United (H) - Saturday 3 March
Everton (A) - Saturday 10 March

Come Sunday 11 March how many points do you expect City and Spurs to have accumulated and in what league position do you expect each team to be in?


ESPN football pundits Shaka Hislop and Steve Nicol assess the chances of Tottenham winning the Premier League.

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The journalist

Writer: danielqpr Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 17 2012

Time: 9:19AM

Your Comments

In August I was in a pub in Cyprus watching us beat Spurs 5-1. Pity I can't afford to do the same on Sunday.
We were a shower of **** at the beginning of the season. I think you will find us a different prospect on Sunday. I cant see another 5-1 but I do think it will be a cracker of a game. I hope we can capitalise on you being without Toure and Kompany, and hopefully with Adebeyor being ineligable, Defoe will have something to prove!
Strings, is King fit for this one? Has Adebayor played every league game for Spurs since the 5-1? If Spurs have any chance of the title they need a better points return against the top sides. 8 from 18 I believe against the top 7 in first half of season, just doesn't cut it.
Not sure on King, if the current pattrn holds then he might be available but I have a feeling he's tweeked a hamstring so may be out. Dawson is back though. Harry seems to start with Adebeyor if he can but he's gone off the boil latey, (i think he has history of doing this mid season) We are one deadly striker short of better things certainly. Personally dont really take out title hopes that seriously, but that said, considering we were hoping for Top Four at best, to even be mentioned in the title race is a great thing. Still along way to go and the second half of every season is a totally different animal to the first half. Teams at the bottom are playing for their lives now and the pressure at the top ramps up too. Its going to be interesting. My main hope for Sunday is that the Referee has a good game.
Thanks for the response mate and I'll second that on the ref having a good game. We've seen too much inconsistency this season to last us a lifetime. I think Spurs with King in the side are a much more formidable unit, I don't really rate Daws tbh, I know he's your typical body on the line English CB and that Spurs fans love his attitude but he makes too many silly errors and his positional play is poor.
Would both teams settle for a draw? I think there is outside pressure from neutrals for Spuds to prove that they can go to the Ethiad and win but in the bigger picture a draw would be a more than acceptable result for them. For us, I can't see Mancini throwing bodies forward if it's a tight game so a draw is the more likely outcome.
There is no doubt that Spurs go into this game without pressure. They don't need to win nor expect to win the title. The goal is top 4 and CL qualification, anything else is a bonus. After spending zillions expectations and the pressure that goes with that are all in City's corner. Judging by what I saw at Wigan last night it shows too!
I disagree that Spurs need to win this. Long way to go. However, defeat and an 8 point gap, given our run of games would seem terminal, but who knows?
Michael, judging by what you saw last night? City dominating and winning a game away from home shows the pressure? we are top of the PL form table. Btw we don't "need" to win the PL despite what the tabloids say. In an interview with Khaldoon Mubarak at the end of last season Khaldoon said that Sheikh Mansour's belief was when he took over that by year 4 we would seriously challenge for the title, this is year 4 and we are seriously challenging.
Spurs certainly dont NEED to win this game... but our next 5 fixtures after the Wigan game do look very daunting...
Winning away from home against a side battling for their survival is always a great result, no matter what spin one puts on it. I'd much rather win away than draw at home against relegation fodder. What's a zillion btw, michael? We've spent a little over £400million.
Win on Sunday and Spurs will look to push on. Lose and you'll be looking behind you for the rest of the season, and may bottle it. That's when the pressure will be on you boys...
i'd say a zillion = little over £400m..............
I can’t see us winning without King to be honest but having said that I have a feeling he will start. Dawson and Kaboul are formidable defenders but only if either one are playing along side King/Gallas. I think Lennon will be our key player going forward and will be a very interesting battle with clichy. City may be without Toure but I think the loss of Sandro is massive for Spurs in this fixture possibly a bigger loss then Ade
That's the thing Dazza, they both look good defenders next to King when he's barking the orders at them where to stand but without him they look vulnerable. It's similar to us without Kompany.
Should be entertaing on Sunday, I hope it is a good game.
buzz lightyear
I predict a high scoring draw with both sides getting a penalty ;)
I expect we'll either concede early and roll over and have our bellies tickled or we'll go and pull a real surprise out the bag. At full strength I would fancy us but I'm concerned about not having Ade up front as he helps us retain possession. Defoe might nick a goal but he won't contribute to us retaining possession and our build up play will suffer big time. Bit disappointed we haven't gone all out for a striker early this window in time for Sundays game. If we really are in the title race this could be make or break. Will be a very entertaining game for the neutrals.
Playing away to the bottom team who have only won once at home. Mancini's demeanour on the side line was not of a manager who seems calm and composed. Bringing on De Jong in the second half, screaming at the ref, waving the imaginary card.... There was even one stage when the linesman asked him to stop screaming at him. I know he's done it in Italy but he is feeling the pressure big time and the players will see this. Look at other managers who have been in his position in the past, Fergie, Mourinho etc... You never see them behaving like that....And to read some comments recently that Man City play the most attractive football in the league, WTF? Bar a workman like victory against the bottom team game Man City haven't won away from home since November. Simply not good enough and Mancini is feeling the pressure
Spurs will have a right chance with Savic at the back. No adebayor, spurs will aim to stretch the City defence and expose the lack of pace of Lescott and in particular Savic...It's going to be a very interesting game... One thing I think we will all agree on is lets hope the Manure Gooner game finishes in a draw....
Batigol, have a day off mate. You never see Fergie or Mourinho behaving like that? You need to get your arse to specsavers. At the moment City aren't playing as well as they have been but they've still scored the most and conceded the least, are in the top 5 teams in Europe in terms of possession per game and in the top 3 in terms of successful passes per game. One last thing, Mancini's reaction is not a result of pressure, he has shown in Italy that he thrives on pressure. The reason for his actions on the sideline is frustration at the double standards in officiating.
Savic doesn't have a lack of pace, he is quite quick for a CB, it's his positional sense and strength in the tackle that needs improving.
Strange comments from Batigol entering into some mind games of his own and getting it all wrong. The reality is that the title will not be decided on Sunday. City will be a little less pleased with a draw than Spuds. But there is a long, long way to go.
What makes it even stranger Spooks is that Batigol claims to be a Hammer.
Did someone just use the words "referee" and "Good game" in the same sentence? I'm beginning to wonder if that's actually possible at the moment!
Erm, Batigol, don't know how long you've been watchiong football, but you see Moaninho and Slur alex screaming at the referees each and every game. Both he and Moaninho consistently talk about referees both before and after games, and to the best of my knowledge both of the above "gentlemen" have both been banned from the touchiline several times for their behaviour on the touchline. Mancini to the best of my knowledge has not (not in the PL anyway, don't know about Serie A), and it is hardly surprising that Mancini is bewildered by some of the utterly mystifying refereeing decisions that have gone against us this season. To be honest, the Glen Johnson two-footer that didn't even warrant a booking occuring the very next game after our captain had been sent off for a lesser foul must have felt like the FA were sticking two fingers up at City to Mancini (that's what it felt like to me), so I'll forgive him for wanting to vent his frustrations. But to say that other managers don't do it is just plain crap.
How cool would it be to see Moyles running out of the dugout waving imaginary cards? Or Tony Penis in his tracksuit chasing the 4th official demanding players to be sent off. We're so boring in this country. Forza Mancini.
Moyes could get away with it though - all he'd need to do is slip the ring of power on thus rendering him invisible to everyone except the evil undead (aka Taggart)
For the record re earlier in this thread, Taggart regularly goes ape***** on the touchline and pursues refs and liners down the tunnel.
Johnny Baguette
Lmao Fifth. Puts that little argument to bed. Shut the filthy wums up
You must be missing Kompany! I rate him very highly and I,m glad he cant play sunday,,,even though he should never have been on a ban in the first place, looking forward to sunday, although this game does not decide anything as regards to the league, just hope Spurs can level things up a bit after the drubbing at WHL,
Who knows!! perhaps we are due some well dubious decisions from the officials, lord knows we,re owed a few eh! - )))
Should be a great game B&B. Of course we've missed Kompany, he's our most important defender. And you couldn't possibly be facing us at a better time without Komps, Yaya, Kolo and Balotelli. At least you're missing Sandro, King and Adebyebye... evens it up... somewhat. Defoe will need to show his worth (£20m???). Levy's 'avin a laff, is he?
If £20 million is a fair price for Defoe what is a fair price for Adethewhore?
or Tevez? Defoe is worth £7-8m TOPS, given his age and waning ability. Adebayor has done far better than I had expected with, what 9 goals and 7 assists so far this season. He must be worth at least £18m, £20 perhaps. If he was a Spurs player, levy would probably be saying he's worth £40m, like Modric. Utter tosh. Modric is a £25m pound player (£30m at best).
Im no fan of City, but they are the only ones that stand between the title and two absolutely ****bucket teams. So I seriously hope you guys make it.
Does that word the swear filter has blanked out rhyme with Chum, Sajit? LOL.
Most neutrals will be happy with City or Spurs winning the title, apart from certain bile-fuelled Arse-bandits, eh Sadgit?
Defoe worth 7/8million tops? You need your head screwed on mate. Kenwyne Jones cost 8 million. Waning ability- Defoe has scored 7 goals this season and he's only started 7 games. He's already on course to beat his tally his achieved over the past 3 seasons. So please get the facts right.
Funny thing is about Adebayor, he's now playing at T*ttenham courtesy of Man City who have sent him on to a team that actually turns out to be their title rivals.... The Spuds are paying Man City 70k of his wages, which means Man City are paying the Spuds more than 150k a week to turn them into a title contending team... DISCUSS
The only thing I want to discuss is how gullible you are Batigol - do you honestly believe the made up tripe about Adebayor earning £225k per week? When he signed for us the reported wages were between £125k to £140k per week. That's some inflation, innit? Try thinking for yourself instead of believing what the tabloids tell you, or go and rejoin your flock.
Excuse me fifth - how gullible are you?? How do you know what wages he is on??? I am going by what I have read below and I don't see why a manager would make something like this up....
You don't know why a manager would make sopmething like that up? ROLMFAO! Baaaaaaaaa!
P.S. Batigol try this one on for size:

Batigol, you don't why 'arry of all people would make something up? Priceless! PMSL!
Ok, whatever - how about this then.......
Adebayor, is now playing at T*ttenham courtesy of Man City who have sent him on to a team that actually turns out to be their title rivals.... The Spuds are paying Man City 70k of his wages, which means Man City are paying the Spuds 70k a week to turn them into a title contending team... DISCUSS
We're not paying Spurs, we're paying Adethewhore. Adethewhore had other offers that he refused in the summer stating that he would only go to Spurs. City are trying to trim their wage bill and so struck the best deal they could with Spurs to pay part of his wages. Not ideal but what otherchoice did City have? Pay a player the alleged £140k a week to sit on his arse, all the while his value decreasing while he was out of action? What would you do in that situation Batigol?
Spurs will understand why both City and Arsenal were so desparate to offload Adebaby as soon as the ink is dry on his contract (although to be fair, he will not accept such a huge paycut to play for the "CLub he loves" ®) and will be offskis to the highest bidder in the summer, no doubt waffling about how it breaks his heart to be leaving such a wonderful club...
Big of you to man up and admit that both yourself and 'arry were wrong about Adebaby's wages though batigol :P
I just find the irony of it all amusing.... that is all.
Do you know what irony means?
FFS, what a joke. Good luck Bluedub, keep up the good work - spending hours and hours of your life commenting and sneering at other contributors to VMC. You must have an exciting life.
I hope Man City win the league this season to make the league more interesting. Good luck to Mancini and the team, would be nice to see United knocked off their perch.
I spend a good part of my working day browsing the net Batigol including contributing to VMC. I'm not sneering, I'm just challenging what you have said, that's all. If you can't accept someone challenging or questioning your opinion then perhaps you'd be best advised not to go onto other teams forums.
Good man Bluedub.
He has "only started 7 games" and is "already on course to beat his tally he achieved over the past 3 seasons"????? LMAO, 'nuff said mate, you're actually helping me to prove he's only worth £7/8m. So how much do you think he's worth then Batigob? Bearing in mind he's turning 30 this year and can't get his game and is nowhere near the English squad. Levy has rejected a £4m bid and just put a price of £8m on dosSantos head. I mean, wtf? How does he come to these valuations?
Why are you calling me a good man Batigol, is that your attempt at being condescending?
On Adebayor: Mansour & Co. are making a saving of £3.64 million pounds by loaning him out. With FFP rules coming into force soon, this is good business if you ask me. Also, Adebayor is scoring goals and increasing in value. He wasn't part of Mancini's plans (It was the transfer-savvy Hughes that bought him), he didn't want to move anywhere except Tottingham, what do you expect City to do? Enlighten us Batigob
Also Batty, on your criticism of bluedub, the words 'pot', 'kettle' and 'black' do come to the fore at an alarming rate
There's an old saying about how, when you find yourself in a hole you should stop digging Batigol should take it as a bit of advice.
Telegraph and Independent both say he earns 150k and Spurs are paying 100k of his wages while City retain his image rights. Plus Spurs paid a 2 million loan fee.

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