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Redknapp Slates City Ahead Of Etihad Clash

Harold Redknapp has talked City with regularity to different critical degrees since His Highness Sheikh Mansour came to town. This week he's been giving it both barrels...

The gloves are now well and truly off for this weekend's fixture following the Spurs manager's various comments this week.

Some of his more noteworthy statements have been directed at City manager Roberto Mancini. The Italian, adored throughout Manchester, who secured the club's first trophy in 35 years and direct qualification to the Champions League both inside 17 months clearly isn't rated by the Spurs gaffer, who at one stage suggested to a hack at Chigwell that he could manage Manchester City, it's that easy:

'To be honest you have got a chance of winning the league with their money. I'd fancy anyone to manage them. It's a different game when you go and buy players and pay your players £250,000 a week.

'...I'd fancy you to manage'd have a chance, wouldn't you? It is not rocket science this game. Good players give you a chance. If you have not got good players you don't have a chance, I don't care who you are. I might be knocking my own job or whatever but if I have not got Gareth Bale, I am not half as clever.'

Then there's Mancio's recent card waving gestures following another round of pisspoor refereeing:

'I don't like it. I wouldn't do it. I don't think there is any need for it. He has done a great job there and when I have met him I have found him a really good guy...'

Woe betide Mancio doing similar on Sunday because Redknapp has an ex-rag lined up:

'...I would set Joe Jordan on him!'

Redknapp then turned his attention to City strikers. The on loan Emmanuel Adebayor, whom Spurs and City both share the weekly wage bill of and the on strike Carlos Tévez:

'We don't pay the wages they pay. We haven't got the players. We have one of their players here but we pay him probably a third of what he earns there.

'If I could go and buy Carlos Tévez today - you ain't got to be a genius really have you? You guys follow football. You sit there and watch Spanish football. When people started talking last year about Tottenham bidding for Sergio Aguero I thought 'What a load of nonsense.' How can we afford Aguero? We aren't going to pay £250,000 a week to a player, it's not possible.'

Finally, the football:

'City are not invincible. We have got players who can hurt them and we are going up there with a winning attitude. We can go there, play really well and they will know they've had a game. I wouldn't want to go and sit back, we've got people who can hurt them. We want to go there and come away with a result.'

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all times East Manchester
Su 22 Jan 13:30 Spurs, The Etihad, PL
We 25 Jan 19:45 Liverpool, Anfield, LCSF2
Tu 31 Jan 20:00 Everton, Goodison Park, PL
Sa 04 Feb 17:30 Fulham, The Etihad, PL
Su 12 Feb 16:00 Aston Villa, Villa Park, PL
Th 16 Feb 20:05 Porto, Estádio do Dragão, ELR32
We 22 Feb 20:05 Porto, The Etihad, ELR32
Sa 25 Feb 17:30 Blackburn, The Etihad, PL

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette VMC Newsdesk Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 21 2012

Time: 12:26PM

Your Comments

Very offensive to Mark Hughes I thought.
Slates? what are you on about? Thats about as offensive as Wolves away from home...
No disrespect to Spurs and Spurs fans but your manager is a shameful man; a pathetic excuse for a human being. An egotistical, greedy, cash-driven, corrupt, lying crook. I have never heard such condescending, ego driven bile in my 20 odd years following English football. He's a disgrace to Spurs, taking managerial rivalry down to a whole different level. A truly despicable man
haha... he has a point tho rojo.. lol
It's evident from the wage figures that 'arry is quoting that he has a problem with numbers. Perhaps that's why he's in the dock Monday morning?
What point would that be then Tedspur? The only thing this interview proves is that A) twitchy makes it up as he goes along (then again, you Spurs fans already knew that), and B) the press do not challenge anything he says, particularly when he comes up with such ludicrous fabrications.
Must read for all you head in the clouds spurs fans:

Count one: Milan Mandaric (pictured) and Henry James Redknapp, between the 1st day of April 2002 and the 28th day of Nov 2007, at the material times respectively the Chairman and the Football Manager of Portsmouth City Football Club Limited, with intent to defraud and to the prejudice of HM Revenue and Customs, arranged for $145,000, paid by Milan Mandaric as a result of or in connection with Henry James Redknapp’s employment and as a reward for services, to be transferred to a Monaco bank account opened by Henry James Redknapp for that purpose, in order to conceal the said emolument from HM Revenue and Customs and evade the payment of Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions thereon (whether by the operation of PAYE by the club or otherwise). Count two: Milan Mandaric, between the 1st day of May 2004 and the 28th day of November 2007, at the material times the Chairman and the Football Manager of Portsmouth City Football Club Limited, with intent to defraud and to the prejudice of HM Revenue and Customs, arranged for $150,000, paid by Milan Mandaric as a result of or in connection with Henry James Redknapp’s employment and as a reward for services, to be transferred to a Monaco bank account opened by Henry James Redknapp for that purpose, in order to conceal the said employment income from HM Revenue and Customs and evade the payment of Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions thereon (whether by the operation of PAYE by the club or otherwise).

He may have overstepped the mark with regards to anyone being able to manage city, but the rest is quite true tbh... card waving is pathetic, city should win the league with all the investment, he would get tevez if possible, he WOULD set Joe Jordan on Mancini AND you are not invincible....
also whats harry's court case got to do with this?
and what did he fabricate?
I'm trying to point out the fact that dear old loveable cockney wideboy 'arry should beware of casting the first stone when he accuses someone of cheating. Waving an imaginary card is hardly a legal matter now is it?
He fabricated Adebayor's wage for one - a lie that went totally unchallenged by the press pack.
I dont see where he confirmed his wage... all he said was that we were paying a3rd of it... is that a lie? Cos i have no idea what we are paying for him... anyway its all mind games and tongue in cheek.. lets just look forward to a great game tomorrow!
We don't pay anyone £250,000 a week Ted, this is where 'arry was lying.
Sorry mate, it's all lies.

"The other week, one of the lads told him that he had not paid his £50 fine for being the worst player in training on a Friday morning. One of the lads said to him: 'Bl**dy hell, Ade, you are on 200 grand a week and you can't afford to pay a £50 fine!' He replied: 'Don't insult me, it's 225!'"

cant be far off tho? I do agree he talks too much to the press and he probably did overstep the mark.. but managers love bitching about eachother before a big game - happens all the time! Mancini gave as good as he got tbh too ;) anyway.. what do you think the result will be tomorrow? do you think we have a chance?
Why can't it be too far off? I believe it will be a draw.
well 250k cant be far off the highest earners can it? I thought yaya was on 200ish?
Lets be right i dont think anybody knows for sure just what Ade is actually on as its Private and confidential between the clubs payroll and the player Harry prob doesnt know what hes on but a fair estimation would be between £100k and £180k Spurs will prob pay £70 - 80k of that. People are getting a bit highly strung over a interview?? we all know Harry talks and talks he loves it but what is right that another manager should not wave imaginary cards its unsporting end of!! i bet everybody reading this thread has been infuriated when somebody has done it lets not turn about face now its your manager whoever does it its crap and not needed.
only 1 spurs
According to who Ted? David Conn in the Guardian claims T***z basic wage is £160k a week, he is widely City's top earner.
Only 1 spurs, is it unsporting to claim for a decision? Is it unsporting for managers to scream at referrees from the sidelines waving their arms in the air?
Now your just being silly its been said for years that card waving is not needed and when foreign players have come to the Prem their has always been outrage when they have waved imaginary cards so lets not start making excuses because Mancini does it!! its just not needed everybody seems to be in agreement ...apart from some of you lot!!
only 1 spurs
I'm not making excuses, I don't like seeing it from anybody, I also don't like seeing managers screaming in fourth officials faces, screaming for decisions from the sidelines, pointing at their watches. The issue I have is Mancini is being slaughtered for something that everyone else does, why is this?
Ah yes - when foreign players do it (Cough Rooney Cough cough) it's verbotten, ditto the foreign manager. I mean
No Mancini has been pulled up on that one thing nothing else...because its simply crap that he is trying to make a decision for the ref when a player does it other players get annoyed its the same for anybody. But only Mancini has done it
only 1 spurs
^^Continued from above I mean HOW DARE JOHNNY FOREIGNER COME TO THESE SHORES AND OFFEND EVERYONE WITH THEIR CORRUPT CONTINENTAL GAMESMANSHIP? Good thing John Bull has 'arry, valiant defender of all that is moral and right about the English game to ride to his rescue. ******** load of xenophobic nonsense.
Fifth it doesnt matter if hes english or what its not a good thing to see we all say Players are meant to set an example ...well same thing goes for a manager!
only 1 spurs
Fifth, have you got that link of the YouTube vid you posted showing Slur Alex waving an imaginary card that you posted during the week? Just to show Only 1 Spurs. There wasno national outcry when he did it. Managers attempt to influence refs decisions in every game withall kinds of gestures.
Well i didn't come on here to argue...Good luck Tomorrow hope its a cracking game and Mancini keeps his imaginary cards in his pocket ;)
only 1 spurs
If Fergie did do that then as i said "ANY MANAGER" it includes Rednose.
only 1 spurs
Where was the outcry when he did it?
Taggart had the good graces to defend his shaved monkey for the card gesture that got Kompany sent off, who are we to argue with that bastion of integrity?

I have no complaints about Wayne, I don't think it was unacceptable what he did. I think it was a natural reaction to a bad challenge from an opponent. 'But I can understand where Roberto's coming from because that's what happens with players today, they all appeal for penalties or players to be sent off, it's an unfortunate part of our game.'

Ta mate.
Well their obviously wasn't one was their and its wrong i didnt know that he had done that something may have been said back in 2009? theirs no doubt hes jumping around like a mong maybe they took pity on him as his jumping around made him look a div enough? haha either way its not needed WHOEVER does it!.
only 1 spurs
I'll accept that last point Only1, but the fact of the matter remains that Mancini is not the first to do this, yet he is the one being pilloried for it, and at a time when we have been on the receiving end of enough dubious decisions to fill 10 seasons let alone one. If the FA want respect then they should do something about the utterly ***** refereeing that is killing the game and frustrates managers, fans and players alike. The card waving issue is just a convenient distraction from the real elephant in the room, ie the utterly appaling standard of refereeing in this country. Not like Chris Foy will be on either 'arry or Roberto's Christmas card lis is it?
I think Webb has had a good game in your match - maybe should have sent Bagotelli off for that stamp on Scott Parkers HEAD whilst he was on the floor, and maybe carded Lescott for 2 blatent elbows to Spurs players that went unpunished............
What about Balo getting booked for a late challenge on BAE, which was his first foul and Parker getting away with just a free for exactly the same thing in the first half NW?
Webb should have been a lot harsher trust me - and I can see that Blagatelly incident getting looked at and a retrospective red card being issued - just a shame they cant negate the pen he scored lol

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