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The Ped Report City 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur

As the day dawned with high winds and driving rain in north east Manchester, City were once again asked to play against their main title contenders in inclement weather.

The match approached and there were mixed messages around the outside concourses where fans were expecting everything from a 0-0 draw to 4-4 via every stop in between. The two teams playing the best football in the country were not going to let another record crowd at the Etihad down.

City lined up on a "best available" basis once again and pretty much in predictable fashion although not quite as expected by the Pedmachine yesterday. It was certainly a case of City determined to restore Fortress Etihad onto the skyline.

Spurs were also asked to re-shuffle with Adebayor unavailable and looked to have a strong team who would attack wide and quickly with Lennon and Bale out wide and the lightning Defoe down the middle. Parker was to provide the steel in midfield and Modric the creativity.

City too had mobility and energy in the shape of Silva, Aguero and Milner plus the no-nonsense approach of Barry and the robust Dzeko up top. Savic was the stated weakness with the rest of the backline being first choice.

The early exchanges were of two teams intent on not losing, feeling each other out and the patterns of play were much as expected, Spurs raiding down the lines, City coming back with ball retention, possession and probing. It flowed end to end with chances limited.

Parker was lucky to avoid Howard Webb`s pockets after grabbing Aguero twice in the same movement and then cutting down Silva. Richards was a constant pain to Spurs pushing back Bale and pushing the Blues forward from a wide position. The interchanging between him and Milner was superb with one covering the other. Milner`s tackling was exceptional.

City had a couple of chances with Silva, Dzeko and Aguero going close. They also forced a number of changes to Bale`s point of attack. He was getting little joy down the left against Richards. He tried right and centre also with little joy as his runs were read.

Getting to half time at 0-0 probably suited both teams.

As the second half got under way we enter "City time" and it duly happened with 2 goals in 3 minutes and City were home and dry. City weren`t going to let a lead like that slip away…or were they?

First a magnificent pass from the Magician found Nasri`s run and he for once hit it first time past Friedel and into the net. In the next attack City won a corner. Nasri delivered this right on the money. Maybe Dzeko got a slight touch but in fell into the melee rebounding off Lescott into the Spurs net.

The Etihad was in raptures and clearly shared my view but as the "Mancini" anthem got under way a punt out of defence by Spurs following an easy give-away by Dzeko found Savic caught underneath the ball, only got a back head to it and set the poacher-in-chief, Defoe, clear. If anything, Joe Hart came off his line too quickly, giving Defoe a route to goal which he took with aplomb.

Okay, City, time to regroup and keep the ball, and this is what they tried to do but Spurs once again sprang out down the left with Lennon. Richards cut off the route to the by-line so Lennon squared it infield to Bale, once again hunting in a central position. His first time shot curled beautifully out of Hart`s reach and the game was won and potentially lost in the space of 10 minutes.

Cue a Spurs onslaught for a while when it looked as though the next team to score would be the visitors. Bale did finally get clear down the left, looked up and played a delightful ball across the six yard line to the unattended Defoe. You would have put your house on him to complete the fightback but inexplicably he slid the ball inches wide.

There were then a couple of incidents which had the TV pundits drooling. Messrs Neville, Souness and even 'Arry himself found Balotelli guilty of "kicking Parker in the head" and are calling for another TV assisted ban for a City player. Parker had been systematically leaving a foot in around the field and yes he got a yellow card but by the time Webb brandished that it should have been of another colour. So my sympathy cannot lie with Parker. And what was Mario supposed to do with his feet? Risk injury?

Then there was a challenge at the defensive end when Lescott tackled a Spurs player robustly which included contact with his face. Red card? Sorry guys I`m not with you there. Neville is now coming out in his true colours. From eulogising over City before Christmas he has now joined Fergie in his attempt to do anything that gives the Stretford`s an edge and this includes abusing his position to put questions in the minds of the FA and future referees at City matches. Gentlemen, Howard Webb is not my favourite but he was the referee in the World Cup Final, so, is well thought of in the football universe. He didn`t see anything wrong there, so build a bridge and get over it. The same goes for 'Arry. You lost - move on.

And what a way to lose. A neat interchange on the edge of the Spurs box saw a wonderful twist from Mario, for once leaving the impressive King flat-footed. In he slid catching the Penalty King in a scissor movement leaving him only one place to go - to ground. Well even `Arry agreed with that.

With Silva and Aguero showing interest there was only going to be one taker, this time against one of the best goalkeepers in the division. Indeed Brad must be eight feet long diving full stretch.

Up stepped Balotelli. His run faster than usual but still including the stutter while he assesses which foot the keeper is standing on. He drilled the ball hard and low to his left and it was too close to the post for Friedel to get across to and City were 3-2 up with seconds to go.

There was still danger. From the kick-off Bale set off for goal and got as far as the City penalty box before it was taken off him.

The nailbiting was finally over and once again this fixture, once it got going, produced a wonderful match delicately poised until the 94th minute. Once again the dice fell in City`s favour and for the next two hours they were six points clear. Yes that was cut back to three points following the afternoon result, but City end the day three points clear at the top of the league.

Hart was disappointing with Defoe`s goal. I thought he could have herded him wide and narrowed his scoring opportunity. The two full backs both played well giving the flying wingers little joy. Lescott was tough and Savic played well except for his first goal blip.

The midfield carried the day with Barry and Milner at last playing well together as a duo up and down the field. Milner covered well for Richards and the result was that Silva got back to creativity. Dzeko grafted hard and Aguero still scares defenders with his mobility and pace. And when you take Dzeko off you bring on Balotelli.

Man of the match was a hard call, but it must come from the triumvirate of Englishmen - Richards, Milner or Barry. Nasri might have been in with a shout with a goal and assist, but for me didn`t contribute for the full ninety. And Barry`s back turn for Bale`s goal certainly didn`t impress.

An acceptable performance from the Blues. We would have taken a win at 1.30 so at 3.30 the record crowd at the Etihad was delighted. The 20000 empty seats that Stretford`s most disgusting sing about were as imaginary as a Mancini red card. I think it was the third time this season that records have been broken - and none of them against the dark side. Tick Tock.

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The journalist

Writer: Tranmere Loyal Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 22 2012

Time: 7:10PM

Your Comments

Suazes 8 games? Ball o telli..stands on the head of a fellow professional...what happens?
Yet another superbly constructed report. Spot on.
Johnny Baguette
Parker would have been off for persistent fouling, ala Gareth Barry, if he played for certain teams. Webb saw the alleged stamp so to stay consistent with FA rules, nothing can be done.
Southern softies ... Can't take a right hook or a good stamp.....typical of weak Spurs and their dodgy manager ...will be moaning about the judge when he gets sent down.
Even our fans didn't sing "you're getting jailed in the morning". What about his rant on Sky. They said RM was losing it but 'Arry looked as though he'd gone!
He looked like he was about to burst into tears Ped, perhaps his tear ducts are melted and that's why we didn't see the waterworks. Another cracking report btw, I look forward to reading these after every game, top stuff.
Not only was Webb lenient with media darling Parker throughout the match,but Van der Vaart was also fouling persistently without getting carded.Ballotelli came on and was yellow carded for his foul.If he is to be suspended,should the FA also suspend Scholes(raking a guy's thigh with studs last week),Lampard v Wolves,Giggs v City,Evra v City or is it just open season on City again.I would also like City to sue the arse of the tax dodger(hope he has a Blue Monday),for his slanderous comments about Ballotelli after the match.
I know that as football fans we are all biased but for you lot to condone violent play having spent obscene amounts on players is cringing. I expect it from the likes of Stoke with their limited wealth not from money not object you. One final thing, there was no violent play from Parker. physical not violent, having employed the likes of Vieira you should know the difference.
What are the views of the Spurs fans upon how they fell behind 2-0 and looked destined to ship more goals until Savic gifted their first goal? What a pass that was from Silva into Nasri. Terrific finish.
Johnny Baguette
No, no JB - Not Nasri, but NAZI. I know this, because a Spud fan told me that'w what he should be called.
Lord have mercy.
Johnny Baguette
I can understand you guys standing up for your players but the guy clearly stamped on Parker to justify it is to say that that sort of thing is acceptable and ok to do how any body can say it was accidental is shocking to read or hear!! it was a deliberate stamp end of story!! and it has marred agreat second half of football.
only 1 spurs
No only 1, it was only a deliberate stamp to those who don't want to see City win anything this season. You lost, perhaps if your manager, players and the media hadn't hyped Spurs up so heavily in the lead up to this game it wouldn't have hurt so much, but tough luck, that's football.
no fifth your arrogance is disgusting i have no problem with Man City i hope you go on to win the league but that was a disgrace he clearly stamped out and for you to brush it off as nothing just shows What a fool you are!! i have no problem with you guys taking the 3 points no gripe with anything else but when a player clearly stamps out its wrong and he should be punished end of so come back and say its a witch hunt say whatever but it seems clear to everybody else bar some of you. I agree you haven't had many decisions go the way they should but its things like that incident that bring shame to football.
only 1 spurs
The argument ended when you called me a fool. You believed the hype, you lost, it hurts. I think you now know that the wheels are going to fall off your title challenge - Redknapp will be otherwise occupied for the next 2-3 weeks, and as HMRC have declined his offer to settle out of court, it would seem they think they have a good chance of securing a conviction against him. I cannot imagine how your club could continue to employ a manager in the event that he ends up with a conviction for fraud, and deep down all you Spurs fans know that 'arry is as good as gone - just as you secretly know that this match was your best shot of keeping in the title race. Now that you've lost, your season will begin to implode, particularly without a manager. And that reality has caused you and the other cretins from Vital Spurs to lash out blindly (ably abetted by the City hating Scousers and Rags in the media) at the club that has robbed you. And if you can't see that, then you are a fool.
FCB,there is no point trying to rationalise with some of the hypespur fans.When they have a bent bar steward as a manager,how can you have a straight view on anything.They must have a telepathic insight into Ballotelli's brain because as their spiv of a boss has ranted,he intentionally meant to do that oh so clean Parker.Be real spuds.Look at the incident in real time,not super slow motion.How can you tell in real time that it was deliberate.But i suspect that the FA with David Gill as a board member,will no doubt ban Mario,under added pressure from talk sh-te radio and skychester utd.
Great report Ped, I suppose that football will not be the headline tomorrow, rather than picking out incidents in the game, when both sides were trying to win it playing some lovely touches and some great goals. Spot on regarding Barry, but Nasri and Barry could have closed him down and they didn't. Silva another superb pass for the opening goal and Walker stood like a dummy appealing for what?
Buzz Lightyear
what a little rat mario is an JL both should be banned
I can see why the Spud fans are getting angry, it didnt look good, but the truth of the matter is, only one man in this world knows if it was deliberate or not, and that man is Mr Balotelli. I personally hope he didnt do it deliberately as I really enjoy watching the lad and his antics. But on the other hand, it is very funny to see City defending the lad, when they aim to crucify opposition players for for tackles that are part of the game, oh the joys of being a football fan.
Thanks for the cracking game lads. Cheers.
I enjoy reading your reports Ped but you do have some tinted glasses on. Balotelli clearly stamped on Parker. His first step which caught Parker probably was an accident. The second step was clearly a stamp. If he had connected properly Parker would have been in hospital. I understand the loyalty but at the end of the day there is no excuse for that behaviour. I'm a Villa supporter so I have no agenda. Enjoyed a great game of football and congrats to City for winning but please don't do a Liverpool. Balotelli clearly stamped down and by supporting him in this case you effectively state that stamping is fine so long as you don't get caught. Your club should be better than that.
If I had a pound for every finger-waving moralist tutting about what they KNOW is right, and how every one of the opinions that differs with theirs is utterly wrong, I'd be a very wealthy man indeed.
If I had a pound for every biased opinion from a football fan I'd be a wealthy man. Your entitled to your opinion and as football fans we are all guilty of sticking up for our club / players, still to even attempt to gloss over this is ridiculous. Spineless, cowardly and completely out of order. As for Lescott's forearm smash he wouldn't look out of place on WWF.
North Upper
You're still trying to tell me what I should think NU, and I still find that incredibly patronising. Good luck to 'arry in his court case BTW. Do Spurs fans think his absence will upset the momentum of their season?
Do you believe there was intent from Lescott NU?
How am I telling you what to think? I don't quite understand and as for patronising you I really do not understand. As for his court case we'll leave it up to the finest legal system in the world, hopefully they're better than the officiating of the FA! Still if you are actually being serious I think if he is found guilty it will of course have an impact, the players seem to want to play for him. As much as I didn't want him in the first place he has managed get a group of great players playing as a team, something we have always tended not to do. His simple approach does work for us. So in answer to your tongue in cheek question I think it will. Do you think a 4 match ban for Balotelli for the stamp will upset the momentum of City's season?!
North Upper
As for Lescott Bluedub I just don't see nay reason to lead into that kind of melee with your arm in that position. It is dangerous, end of. Intent is difficult as no one will no what Lescott's intent was but it was dangerous, pure and simple.
North Upper
If it comes to that NU I don't believe it will provided Aguero and Dzeko stay fit.
So would a yellow not suffice for Lescott?
No red for me, sorry. It was dangerous. But it's all irrelevant isn't it. As I say it's all down to people's opinions. As for your comment on Aguero and Dzecky I agree you'll be fine. What do you make of Dzeko? I keep waiting for him to really take off, I saw a lot of him in the Bundesliga and always thoguht he was made for the Premiership. A run of games and a bit of confidence and I think he'd be scary good.
North Upper
I think he has what it takes to be one of the best, his record speaks for itself. He still blows hot and cold, perhaps like you suggest with a run of games he would do it more consistently. While you're here NU may I ask what you made of King's tackle? Do you believe he deserved a red card?
What for the penalty? Goal scoring oppurtunity you mean? I would have to see it again, sound like a manager there, but were there other defenders in the box? To be honest I turned away fromt he TV as soon as the decision was made. If there weren't any then letter of the law says he goes. Then again the whole crux is about the letter of the law. However it would've had no real bearing on the game, if we do apply the letter of the law then Lescott and maybe Balotelli walking could've had a bearing on the game. All circumspect.
North Upper
No, not goalscoring opp., Kaboul was there. He went to ground two footed from behind, took the man in a scissor action and not the ball, for me it was a reckless challenge, if the rules are to be applied then he should have gone imo.
Like I say though it wouldn't have had any bearing on the outcome where as the other decisions possibly could have. As for the suspension he would've received he'd have probably missed the games through injury anyway!
North Upper
I too maintain that King should have seen red, the action of his legs wrapping around mario's was seriously dangerous. Not that that would have made any difference to the game, nor to Spurs hopes, as King will most likely need three games rest before he plays again anyway. I know he is possibly the best English CB, and certainly head and shoulders above Dawson and Kaboul, but it always mystifies me how Spurs can rely so heavily on someone who is so rarely fit. yesterday was a case in point - whilst he did a good job, the idea of rushing him back so soon from a hamstring injury clearly cost Spurs the game. He's good, but is he worth it?
So do we agree on 3 red cards then?! Only joking. As for king he is simply just that good, he brings a calming influence to the team and the defenders around him. Unfortunately one thing we have been missing for years is a leader at Spurs and in King we have that. Not an ideal situation as you say but I personally think we have to play him whenever possible. As for th tackle yesterday he very rarely makes a mistake like that, not sure rushing him back was to blame. more the slick play in the build up. Oh for a pair of knees what could've been. Then again you'd have probably bought him!
North Upper
I personally don't think Lescott warranted a red. It was a good whack that Kaboul took, but putting your head in where it hurts means you're gonna take a few. It was a full-on challenge, but one which every centre back makes week in week out. Like I said, a foul and possibly a yellow but no more. I can't say the same for Balotelli though. Every time I see it I am more and more convinced that he knew perfectly well what he was doing. And I don't buy into the whole 'he wasn't looking' argument. Because that holds no water whatsoever. Good footballers (which he is, no doubt) throw tricks with their eyes dozens of times every game. Whether it's to throw the defence off when playing a pass, or to throw the keeper a dummy when taking a penalty or close range shot. Point is, his line of sight has no bearing on what his feet were doing. So I'd like to ask an honest question of the City fans on here. When your team sits down to watch and analyse yesterdays game, what do you think the reaction of his team mates will be? Do you beleieve that players of honesty, class, and integrity like Richards, Silva, Aguero, Milner will look over at Balotelli and laugh it off as a joke or a job well done? Or do you think they'll recognise it as a cowardly violent opportunist cheap shot and lose respect for him? And just to clarify things, regardless of decisions both ways, I thought it was a hell of a game yesterday. And I also believe there is a lesson to be learned in the aftermath, meaning we need to learn to be better losers, but City and their fans also need to learn how to be better winners.
And also, yes. I thought Ledley was going to walk for the penalty foul. And I'd find it hard to come up with a good argument against it.
For me he is the best CB in the PL but ultimately you need to get rid and bring in someone else that has the same knack for reading a game as he has. Great sides are built on solid defences and if your best defender can only play so many games you're shooting yourself in the foot in terms of no stability at the back. Just my opinion.
WRT your last comment Lillywhite - we are trying our best to be magnanimous, but unfortunately, we are at the top of the table and regarded as interlopers by a lot of people, and with down right hatred by a lot of others, in particular the fans of your north London neighbours who believe we've usurped their rightful place at the top table. You will forgive us the siege mentality that is developing, we've had a week of the media repeating Redknapp's unfounded allegations about us, and a season of bile directed at us by all and sundry. I for one would like to congratulate Spurs on where they are at the moment - your players are most definitely a class above those of the Rags, Chelsea and Scousers, as they don't engage in the usual abuse of the ref that we see from those most usual of suspects. But unfortunately, most of what is coming from Spurs fans is complete abuse, and I'm not the sort of person who stand for that. Vital Spurs has many decent posters, but unfortunately, the law of the Vauxhall Cavalier applies - Not all Cavalier drivers are cnuuts, it's just that there are so many of them that the proportion of cnuuts rises accordingly. I love talking about football, I love a bit of banter, but I really do value rational debate and most importantly good manners, and aside from a minority such as yourself, I haven't heard much of that from any rival fans for a good while now. Still, I'd rather be the target of abuse because my team is top of the league than patronising head-pats because we're pluckily defying relegation every year!
In regards your LWH about what Mario's team mates will think, it's impossible to know mate. I'm not certain on the whole incident, it seems strange to me that there was no reaction at the time, if it was as bad as it is being portrayed why was there no reaction?
I'm sure, regardless of the outcome, Mancini will (again) tear strips into Balotelli, and his team mates will hopefully do likewise. My biggest beef, to add to Fifthcolumnblue's quality comment, is that most Spurs fans that came on to VMC were on the abusive offensive straightaway and tarred all Man City fans with the same brush, branding our club, players and manager alike as cheats, scumbags and whatever else (money, blah blah). Add that to the utter condemnation we had to read in the press from your manager and players the past few weeks, it made it all the sweeter that we won the game completely fairly and squarely, and it gave the City fans a reason to be a bit more bullish about events yesterday. I can safely say that I don't think any fan on here will or would condone Balotelli's stamp if he is proven to be guilty or if he comes out and puts his hands up. The truth is, only he himself knows if he meant it or not. And it may prove difficult to establish intent. The utter hatred that was spewed towards City yesterday (from the media and online forums) was massively uncontrolled, in the midst of a desperately unfortunate ending to a great game.
I've just watched the tunnel cam on City's official site and there seemed to be no animosity towards Mario from any Spurs players, quite the opposite in fact, Kaboul hugged him and Bale swapped his shirt with him, Mario had waited for Bale. Again it seems odd considering some of the claims made by Spurs fans on here claiming it was anything from disgusting, sickening to he should be banned for life and everything else in between. Bizarre!
I do get where you're coming from Fifth, and I'm with you on the outpourings of bile that have been slung your way recently. The whole 'buying the league' thing is plain and simple jealousy, and it's been played to death. I don't know why Redknapp chose to dig the issue up, because it made him look a bit silly to be honest. And in my contact with other Spurs fans it seems to be the case that we'd rather he kept his mouth shut. On that and plenty of other occasions!! Every club in the world works to their own budget, large or small. Money still has to be spent wisely, and while transfer history is littered with expensive failures I honestly don't think you've bought a single lemon. You might correct me on that of course, given that you see far more of your team than I do. And with regard to my comment about being better winners losers, it's really only about the beef I have over the Balotelli incident. Vital Spurs today is littered with posts from City fans either dismissing it completely or claiming complete innocence. And it would be nice if rather than waiting for any official news, the City fans would judge the incident based on what they can see with their own eyes. Likewise for the majority of my fellow Spurs, it would be nice of us to acknowledge that there were a number of reasons we lost yesterday. Namely not stretching ourselves and playing our natural game until we were already two goals down, and a complete bottle job by Redknapp in his substitutions. At 2-2 it's anyones game, and I honestly thought we had the momentum to grab a win. I have no problem with the subbing of VDV, who was pretty inneffectual all game. But if Redknapp had shown some balls and flung Pav on then we could have given ourselves a chance. Not only because I believe Pav would have scored where Defoe narrowly failed, but also because we have proven time and time again that we don't have the mentality to sit on and protect a lead (or in this case a draw), AC Milan last year being a noteable and very rare exception. I do still believe a draw wouldn't have necessarily flattered us, but we have to look in house for the reasons why we didn't pull off a win.
LilyWhiteHart, you are a breath of fresh air and a credit to Spurs, fair play mate.
All this debate was pretty much as expected. FCB and BlueDub not taking any prisoners. I didn't support Balotelli with his antics last year against Kyiv and didn't support Adebayor against Arsenal on either count, but I am simply sick and tired of the bar-room barristers constantly sniping at my football team because they have had a general change of fortune and for once look like winners. Think of the times the Stretfords get a win because they get away with one (Rooney at Wigan last year springs to mind) and does their manager speak out against his players? No. So don't expect me to do so if I don't believe it. Howard Webb sees this in real time and makes his decision based upon that. As for Parker, he systematically went around deliberately hacking at our players more or less all afternoon. He should have had a yellow for persistent misconduct ahead of getting the yellow he got. He would not then have been on the field and therefore the Balotelli incident wouldn't have happened. We can all go down the route of whats ifs and maybes. We just have to get on with it. The witch hunt starts because losers are sore and suffer from amnesia. If I look at a match through sky blue tinted spectacles, bothered, not. But don't come on here attacking City when you have a perennial thug at your heart, who can't be a fouler because the red-tinted press love him.. and he's only little.
It's all common sense really isn't it Bluedub? We as a club, like every other club, can't blame any and everyone else when we come up short. And if we do, then we're never going to achieve all those things that we are (quite rightly) starting to believe are achievable. Having read your post re. the Balotelli/Parker subject, my last thoughts are this. I think the reason why there was no massive reaction at the time is because it was Parker who he caught. If it was any number of other players, thay would have made a far bigger meal of it and been far more vocal to the ref about the whole incident. I'm not gonna jump on the whole 'whiter than white' Parker bandwagon, but he does have the kind of attitude where he doesn't pi$$ and moan when the game gets physical or try to get fellow pro's booked or sent off. His own game is obviously very physical, and he kind of expects to get as good as he gives. The same could be said for Kaboul with the Lescott challenge, but as I've said previously I reckon that was a yellow at the very most. Also for Micah Richards, who took a couple of hefty challenges yesterday and took them with the same attitude. There were players on both sides who made sure that yesterdays game, or the second half at least, lived up to its billing. I'm taking plenty of positives from the match, and if anything I think far from deflating our confidence, it might actually instill a bit of belief that we can mix it up with anyone without fear or any kind of inferiority complex. Hell of a game, even if it's taken a good few hours to gain a sense of perspective haha!!!
Spurs fans don't remember Huddlestone's stomp against Bolton - unpunished? + +
StuMCFC, we do remember it well, and it was a disgraceful act of violence as well. the difference is that spurs fans were at least honest about it, wrote that it was bloody sad to see a spurs player act like that and huddlestone should have been sent off, no questions asked. what is surprising is that I have not read one comment from a city fan acknowledging what was an obvious stamp from Balotelli. Does it no ways any questions of blind allegiance when literally every unbiased opinion in the media agrees that it looked pretty bloody bad?
Lilywhite - it is to the credit of both our teams that our players do not respond to each and every throw-in that doesn't go our way by surrounding the referee and screaming in his face. It is perhaps also to the detriment of both teams, as we've all seen how this sort of gamesmanship has benefited the old Sky 4 clubs for so long. One of the things that so impresses me about the likes of Silva and Aguero is the way in which they seem to get hacked to pieces almost every match, yet simply get up, dust themselves off and get on with it. I do think that if there is ever to be any chance of some sort of respect for the officials that this behaviour must be stamped out. It's simple really - one little rule that states that the captain of a team shgould be the only player on the pitch that is allowed to remonstrate with the ref - anyone else who persistently shows dissent should be booked, end of. In fact, I believe there are already rules in place that allow for this. A simple matter of enforcing them by booking or sending off the odd player for dissent would quickly end the shameful practice. As to your point about gaining confidence from this result - a battling loss can have a galvanising effect on a team, as we witnessed when going down 2-3 to the rags after playing without Kompany for 80 odd minutes. Good luck to you, I hope the confidence lasts long enough for you to at last get something from a game against ManUre.
Guernman - the difference between the stamp from Huddlestone and the Balotelli incident is that Balotelli has plausible deniability on his side - Huddlestone is clearly looking directly at the opposition player and launches himself at his target - Balotelli is off balance, not looking at Parker and certainly not aiming for him. Huddlestone's stamp is clear cut, and had balotelli done the same he would get no sympathy from me, just as I did not attempt to defend Adebaby when he stamped on van Persie - not sure Adebaby meant to connect with that one, but the kick out was clear. With regards to Balotelli, there are too many what if's and maybes to say with 100% certainty that he intended to stamp on Parker, therefore he gets the benefit of the doubt from me.
I just think that second movement of his leg is not natural, you wouldn't need to exert any force if you are just looking to land. also he knew Parker was on the floor regardless of his eyeline and if anything you would think he would go out of his way to try and land land nowhere near him if only to do the decent thing and try not to land on him. Unfortunate that this is what we are talking about after a good game of football but I guess that's what you get with players like him. just lucky he's a bloody good player!
North Upper
I'm sure the red media will do their best to try and hound him out NU - they're out for blood. Hell, the guy can't even take a crap without it being reported on!
You lot really ought to grow up a little. For what it's worth, I thought you deserved the victory yesterday as we only played for about 15 minutes in the whole game. We can all debate the decisions, but to give us all the paranoia about the media is the sort of crap I expect from our gypsy neighbours who are always as myopic as their manager. Furthermore, to give us supporters clog when many of us came over here to rightly praise your team when they thumped us at home, is a bit thin-skinned. Try looking at things with a more objective approach, and don't assume we're all against you; we're just keen on fair play.
LJ, anyone that comes on here that is respectful and civil will receive the same respect and civility in return ( unless they're a Rag ). Have a look at some of the initial comments following the game, the first comments on most of these articles and tell me they are civilised and respectful.
better than that LJ, come down to our forums and see the trolls we've had to deal with telling us how "the mighty spurs" were going to demolish "$hitty", etc. etc., blah blah blah. Vital Spurs must have the largest number of trolls of any on the network, and they don't half make themselves heard. We give what we get, although I'd suggest we're a good deal more polite to the WUM's than they are to us. Let he who is without sin and all that.
' was only a deliberate stamp to those who don't want to see City win anything this season...'. Blimey. '...ably abetted by the City hating Scousers and Rags in the media...' Really?. Getting these pinned up on the ol' dressing room wall? A little early for the siege mentality? By the way VS probably does have the largest number of trolls, as we have the largest number of contributors to this site bar none. Free speech a problem is it, even for 'cretinous trolls' as you gracefully refer to us on Vital Woolwich? Don't expect an acknowledgement, never mind reciprocity from the Student Gwants on that excuse for a forum though, as, so up their own Arses are they, metaphorically and figuratively, that any obsequious indulgence is, as in your case, ignored. Pip pip.
First kick to head was accidental - second was well intentional!
You seem to have appointed yourself as my personal consience there LJ. Nice to see you're a fan. As far as the cretinous trolls that infest the Arsenal pages, I think that's a fairly apt description of the ignorant oafishness that some of your members clearly mistake for banter wouldn't you? A bit of wit never goes amiss, and despite sarcasm being described as the lowest form of wit it does appear to be well beyond the reach of quite a few Vital Spurs members. It hasn't escaped my notice that your members frequently see fit to mention how busy and active your site is, as if engaging in some kind of dick measuring competition - i won't contest that, Vital Spurs does seem to have the largest number of dicks! If mentioning that fact makes you feel good about yourself, then hey, don't let me get in the way of your back slapping, but nobody is as impressed as VS members seem to be. Interestingly, you seem to view this as some kind of confirmation of your status as a big club "Hey lookit us, we gots the most posters!". You have more posters than us, Vital manure, Vital Arsenal and Vital Chelsea. Does that actually make you a bigger club though? Does it also mean that Villa and Millwall are bigger clubs than Tottingham, seeing as they consistently seem to have more posts every month than Vital Spuddies? To be honest, I seldom bother to read anything on Vital Spurs, simply because there are so many posts that it becomes a bit of a chore trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff - and there certainly is a lot of chaff.
To be fair FCB if he did take a crap he would probably attach it to a firework and let it off in the middle of Manchester City Centre! Still as long as it was aimed towards Old Trafford...
North Upper
@NU lol he wouldn't have to aim it that way mate, ***** is naturally pulled towards the swamp through some sort of magnetic field.
Probably why so much of the stuff comes out of their players mouths... You think one of Rio Ferdinand's friends or family member would tell him to keep his mouth shut.
North Upper
Does Wio have any friends?
It's funny how he has an opinion on everything and anything but when his brother was allegedly racially abused by his England team mate he had nothing to tweet, the *****.
Good point FCB, I would be trying my hardest to disassociate myself from Rio if I was in any way linked to him... He alone should be the erason Twitter is removed! I just hope he doesn't follow that other gob****es career path Neville and end up on my TV screen after he stops playing. That's all I need!
North Upper
As for the racism tweets even Sepp Blatter managed to shut him up. That says it all!
North Upper
ooo dear god cant believe you all think this to be regarded as good reading just read it in stitches bear in mind i know we lost the game but did you rele watch the game !!!! stupid mancs rele stupid balo*****ii should have seen red regardless! clear intention of forcing his foot down on parkers head!! you are just brought talent nothing more
Well, you are certainly in the running for the Vital Football end of year literacy awards DC1986. I'd rate your chances as "rele" high. PMSL!
anyway BD - im a rag fan and you dont always think I spout crap, and tbh we even sometimes agree on things........

Social networking is not only a pile of tripe, and degenerating our youth into computer geeks, our 'celebs' are too involved in it as well - as for Rio and the racisim thing - he was probably told not to social network post any of his opinions for the possibility of tainting any court case verdict if it ever went that far.

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