Manchester City - Balotelli In The FA's Scattergun Dock
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Balotelli In The FA's Scattergun Dock

Man City haven't had it easy this season by any stretch of the imagination. Roberto Mancini is now preparing to take on the next phase of games without a key squad player...

From the Champions League group of death and elimination with a hard fought 10 points and six Premier League away fixtures after each game, through tough cup draws and ludicrous refereeing decisions to missing important personnel for various reasons, The Blues have faced the lot down so the message to the Football Association is do your worst.

Tonight we learned that Peter Walton will take charge of Everton Versus City for the third consecutive season next week. Two City defeats and 12 cards including a Kolo Touré sending off at this stage.

'Just because it's City' is fast becoming a paranoid mantra around town with each kick in the golden knackers. It's a hearts in the mouth job at The Etihad every time one of our lads makes contact with a rival player.

This correspondent, hand on sky blue heart honestly could not say whether or not Mario calculatedly meant to connect with Scott Parker who is reknowned for not taking any prisoners. Parker has admirably kept his own counsel to date through the Get Balotelli hysteria led by United's Ratboy Neville and Liverpool's Graeme Souness that has engulfed City's win over Spurs. The smart money would always have been on next to nothing being said at all had City lost.

So it's nailed on that The Citizens will be without Balotelli for four games following his laughable sending off at Liverpool last year.

But then again, or is it...?

In November 2010, admitted clearly by his own manager in his Sun column as being the second time he'd done it, Spurs' Tom Huddlestone stamped with open, clear and present violent aggression on Bolton's Johan Elmander.

Referee Chris Foy, who ridiculously sent off Vincent Kompany for a brilliant tackle against the rags this month told the FA's disciplinary unit that he saw Huddlestone's stamp on Elmander and did not deem it worthy of a yellow or red card.

Meanwhile, can we yet expect a similar, concerted outcry to the one we've witnessed the past 24 hours from all English footballing angles over the shockingly inconsistent standard of refereeing this season?

Balotelli has until 6pm on Wednesday 25 Jan 2012 to respond to the charge. Forget it. Aguero and Dzeko to lead the line.

all times East Manchester

We 25 Jan 19:45 Liverpool, Anfield, LCSF2
Tu 31 Jan 20:00 Everton, Goodison Park, PL
Sa 04 Feb 17:30 Fulham, The Etihad, PL
Su 12 Feb 16:00 Aston Villa, Villa Park, PL
Th 16 Feb 20:05 Porto, Estádio do Dragão, ELR32
We 22 Feb 20:05 Porto, The Etihad, ELR32
Sa 25 Feb 17:30 Blackburn, The Etihad, PL

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette VMC Newsdesk Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 23 2012

Time: 7:42PM

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First of all good game. He did have a little stamp, you can clearly see it, However he did not connect. The first clash was accidental I beleive but the second attempt was dirty. Now, as for the elbow by Lescott, no other word for that man comes to mind except..........SCUMBAG. I beleive he should get a three month ban totally went in for the kill and could have broken his jaw. I would throw the book at this fool.
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23/01/2012 19:54:00

They're running out of players to ban, Joe Hart next I reckon for violent conduct against the grass.
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23/01/2012 19:55:00

Forearm smashes must be allowed mate. Wayne Rugney mullered that Wigan player, running straight at him.
Johnny Baguette
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23/01/2012 19:57:00

Some of you city fans are either blind or in denial. Have another look

The way he throws himself to the ground afterwards is a dead give-away, along with the unnatural movement of his right leg going against his own body's momentum.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 20:22:00

Ledgespur, I completely disagree about Lescott, yes he does catch him with his forearm and his arms probably shouldn't be that high but it was completely unintentional. The Spurs player on the other side of Lescott is grappling with him and pushes Lescott towards Kaboul, Lescott's forearm actually comes off Kaboul's shoulder up into his jaw. I know this is cliche but when have you ever seen Lescott put in a dirty challenge on anyone?
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 20:55:00

Sorry BD, but never the twain shall meet, particularly when the Spurs fans believed all they needed to do was trun up at the Etihad to take all 3 points. All our players are dirty cheats, all our fans are foolish platic glory-hunting prostitutes and our manager has besmirched the reputation of the upstanding English game by bringing his despicable foreign ways to these shores. All hail saint 'arry and the Tottingham massive, saviours of the English game, whiter than white, and in the right. Balotelli never stood a chance, he is the media's wet dream, and 'arry knew exactly where to stick the boot to ensure maximum damage. Still, very clever from 'arry, instead of questioning how his tactics lost Tottenham the game, the fans will now all concentrate their outrage on Webb, Balotelli, City and the FA.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:06:00

how did his tactics lose us the game? we looked as much of a threat after our subs than we did before. What lost us the game was a poor tackle by one of the best central defenders in the league. Im 99% certain Harry neither instructed him to do it nor did he advise JD to be an inch too short. Tactically we matched you pound for pound. We had a gifted goal as did you when Lescott fell over and hit the ball into the net. Lescotts arm to the face was a free kick - not a sending off but high arm to the face generally results in some kind of free kick. Either way, im pretty sure Mario B's reputation has everything to do with him being a horrible piece of scum. He clearly lashed out at scotty p. meaning to hit him in the face? irrelevant. he kicked out, faked falling over then pretended to apologise. disgusting. Your boys got lucky - in the end there was nothing between the two teams.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:19:00

So should Huddlestone have the same done to him for his stamp on Elmander with far more *unquestionable* intent, Cape Town Spurs, you evil evil little man? Or is that OK?
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:26:00

Dude02, City were the better side, Spurs didn't threaten at all until we gifted you a silly goal through a sloppy mistake. The circumstances at the end can be perceived as unlucky but on the balance of play over the ninety minutes City were the better side and deservedly edged the game.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:33:00

stu - im not gonna disagree that Hudd's challenge on elmander was dirty. I didnt disagree at the time and that was actually the second evil challenge id seen him make on a player in a few months. he also lashed out at a FC Twente player in the CL. Im no hypocrite and i hate cheats. But what Hudd did is irrelevant to yesterday game. 2 wrongs dont make a right. How any Man City fan can defend Balotellis actions on the basis that someone, somewhere at some other time did something similar but got away with it it laughable. It doesn't even make sense as an argument. Have some class. You won the game! No one is going to take the points away from you if you swallow your pride and admit that the man who won you the game should not have been on the pitch to win it.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:35:00

Bluedub. I never said spurs were the better side!?! i said it wasnt Harrys tactics that lost us the game. We gifted you lescotts goal, so like i said, thats 1 gifted goal each. Your first and our second were both class goals from class players proving why the prem is the best league in the world. After our goal, we were the better side for the most part of the last 20. You guys were on the back foot. Im not saying over the 90 we were the better team, but lets be honest, you guys werent all that and if you did deserve to win it was by the slightest margins. Again, have a little class....we came to your house and nearly sent you all home crying. Be a bit humble in victory.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:40:00

I am humble in victory mate, I'm just saying what I saw. City controlled that game and completely nullified Spurs while not constantly threatening did have decent opportunities to score and deservedly took the lead. Lescott's goal was as well taken corner, excellently flicked on by Dzeko at the near post and Kescott was in the right place to get the sufficient contact to get it over the line. We gifted you a stupid goal against the run of play and the momentum swung in Spurs favour, they capitalised and scored a great goal through Bale. At this point the game could have gone either way with both sides leaving gaps. City then took a foothold again and 'arry recognised this and brought on Livermore to tighten up midfield. The next chances of real note were the Defoe miss and the Balotelli penalty. Like I said above we edged it but for the majority we controlled the game.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:52:00

Mario Balotelli is a disgrace to football ,the beautiful game ? not where he`s concerned ,he`s a coward & a cheat & yes Balotelli always you .I have no beef with City ,or with Lescott ,but no City fan should stick up for Balotelli ,that makes you just as bad .If it was a Spurs player i`d want him banned not just by the F.A but by Spurs too ,no need for that in the game, by any player of any team .You lot should be embarrassed by him ,not protecting him .What about kids watching ? who wants to see that ,Lescott i`ll give the benefit of the doubt , but players like Balotelli sums up to a tee ,all that`s wrong in football today .Man i hate that player
big cockeral
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:56:00

City were the better side ,only Savic was keeping us in it by his constant poor defending .
big cockeral
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 21:59:00

Big Cock, nobody saw it at the time (Well, Howard Webb did, but that's another story!), so Mario hasn't corrupted any children - you can blame the media for showing slow-mo replays every three minutes since the incident for that one!
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:04:00

Bluedub - Even game where City shaded the last three and a half minutes. For being the more clinical City did deserve the win but bar a mental 10 minutes both teams nulified each other
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:07:00

Aguero had two good chances to score in the first half Phartman, Friedel came off his line a number of times to cut out through balls behind the Spurs defence whereas Hart, apart from taking the ball out of his net, had little to do. Spurs didn't get the ball in behind City at all. City created more good chances. Stats don't always give the full picture.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:14:00

BigCock - SHUT THE FU(K UP, WE'RE NOT STICKING UP FOR HIM, SO GET OFF THE FU(KING PAGE. He's been charged, now move on. So sick of this *****. dude02 - City were the far better team yesterday, stop fooling yourself. One moment of individual brilliance from Bale, one howler from Savic, one scuffed shot from Lennon and one clanger miss from Defoe - that's Spurs entire 90 minutes summed up. Wake up, get over it, "nearly sent you home crying"... load of tosh, reality is we DID send you home crying and yer all STILL crying...and moaning...and whingin...and trying to make excuses for your loss.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:20:00

only city fans will defend Balotelli , all other fans see him for what he is a waste of space end of! have u lot forgot the trainning ground bust ups and the stupid sending off's , so if webb had sent him off which he shld of, then maybe u lot wld posting how he is ruining your season. well there still is time !
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:22:00

Great game, and i hope you go on to win the league. Some of you are really letting yourselves down though choosing to incredibly defend Balotellis actions. If it was Vidic on Silva you would have an article named "Dirty Rag in the dock for vicious stamp on merlin" AND DONT EVEN DENY IT
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:24:00

Agree on stats but think you're interpretation is mostly based on the result over the match. Both teams passing was infront of the other for pretty much the whole game. Bale had a couple of cut backs which Defoe missed, Friedel made one good save off Aguero but apart from the goals there wasn't any penetration from either team, both teams stopped the other playing very well. As I said before City were more switched on in the last 5 minutes. Don't think there's much else to say. Think we'll have to agree to disagree on this then mate. Best of luck for the rest of the season
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:24:00

Pretty even game and either side could have nicked it in the end. Hated losing it by a pen though (was a def pen though). The thing is, you cannot defend Balotelli, as much as i couldn't defend Thudd when he did it against Elmander. It is a part of the game that needs to be dealt with harshly. It's a shame that that is the major talking point in what was a thrilling game!!! Still hoping you lot will implode though!! lol.
Report Abuse
23/01/2012 22:37:00

Fair enough Phartman, like I said I'm just saying what I saw mate. Good luck to Spurs, I hope you catch them horrible Rags, maybe with a winner from secret agent Adethewhore.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 07:02:00

I don't remember this but this is typical spuds - Cry foul when it happens to them. claim they don't see it when its in front of the dug out. Harry is guilty as hell on the tax thing. Yet he expects to get off. What a hypocrite.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 08:40:00

Oh poor hard done by €ity. Poor,€ity with their unlimited funds to guarantee success. You may have been given a great team but you're a $hit club through and through. Your money man won't stay for ever and then you'll vanish like Leeds. Enjoy it while it lasts. Flash in the pan club. We'll be in perfect position to carry on long after your bubble bursts. How many of you stil have your Chelsea shirts in reserve?
Tottenham Hotcore
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 09:39:00

Hotcore, on what basis is Man City a ***** club? "our money man" is building this club into a major player, we have already surpassed Spurs in terms of commercial revenue, so even if he does walk away ( which tbh is just wishful thinking on many people's part ) he will leave us ina position where we are able to compete at the top because of the revenue streams that have been established.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 09:45:00

The most frustrating thing about this is the fact that Webb was looking in the direction of the incident just as Balotelli's foot was planted, this was pointed out by friend of City Ratboy Neville in the post match analysis. The video evidence is there, there are also a number of stills doing the rounds that prove Webb was looking in the direction of it, if his claim that he didn't see it is true then he is not fit to referee. My gut feeling is that he did see it, in real time he didn't deem it worthy of any action but because of other influences he has taken the easy way out and said he didn't see it. The inconsistencies in the FA applying laws are a disgrace. Before any Spurs fan attacks me for this I want to point out I am not defending Mario as I can't hand on heart say whether he had malicious intent or not, only Mario will know that for sure.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 10:10:00

People do not walk away from £1bn pound investments Hotcore. And that is not including what has been spent on the team. Watch out, Tottingham are the ones who will suffer most at the hands of Platini and co - with your small stadium, hugely expensive property prices in London and the continued determination of your billionaire owner to take from the club rather than give, you will end up going absolutely nowhere but mid-table. Your manager will leave, either for a stint at her majesty's pleasure, or to take up the England job he so clearly lusts over (such sterling loyalty), and your best players will leave to seek better money and more success elsewhere. Enjoy the benficence of HRH Sheikh Mansour who has kindly lent you the waste of space known as Adebayor, and enjoy it even more when he walks out on you at the end of the season for someone who will offer him more "love". City have invested heavily to catch up with the clubs that have ridden the gravy train for decades, and that strategy appears to be bearing fruit - we planned for success, and with success will come financial stability - Tottenham on the other hand got lucky. And your luck is about to run out.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:01:00

Forgot to add - enjoy the scrutiny of the media circus surrounding 'arry's court case, and when that's over, I'm sure you'll enjoy the media circus surrounding the Olympic Stadium bid and the alleged spying done at your club's behest. Who's the S Hitty club now? 4 arrests and counting....
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:03:00

Whatever happened to Charlie Wijeratna I wonder?
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:18:00

Sadly, it seems my prediction was correct. And on both here and Vital Spurs there is far more talk about FA procedures and lifelong bans than there is about our own perfomance yesterday and the root causes of our defeat. The second half was probably the best 45 minutes of footie I've seen this season. The first half sidled by unnoticed as we seemed content to contain, which I was surprised to see we did for the most part. But it isn't our natural game, and we never got out of the blocks. It took us going two goals down to actually kick into gear, and it's up for debate whether even that would have happened were it not for an isolated error from Savic and a smart finish from Defoe. Having got on terms and arguably on top briefly, we handed the impetus straight back to City with Redknapps choice of subs. It's hard to say a draw would have flattered us, but if JD's legs were 6 inches longer and he'd have tapped in then I have to say that a victory definitely WOULD have flattered us. Great performances all over, from Milner, Barry, Richards and also from Kaboul, great flashes from Bale, and a gutsy shift from a largely isolated Defoe. With regard to that, our tactics were flawed from kick-off. To stick JD up to knowing he'd always be up against at least 2 defenders twice his size was tantamount to playing with 10 men, especially as our midfield appeared to be under orders to hang back rather than lend him any kind of support. I've had my say on Balotelli/Parker, and there'll be enough column inches over that without me adding to them. It's Citys title to win, and barring a stonewall miracle in our own run-in, then I hope to hell you do just that. As long as we get 2nd right behind ya!!!
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:26:00

Also, and as much as this really DOES stick in my throat, I have to say Nasri was also outstanding in that match. I've not watched every City game by any means, but to my eyes that was his best performance in your colours.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:29:00

Nicely said Lilywhite. Does it get lonely being the voice of sanity on Vital Spurs? :)
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:31:00

It was certainly up there LWH, he played well at your place too. The media seem desperate for him to fail and that is why I believe his poor performances are highlighted. He hasn't been as bad as a lot of people make out, in fact he according to the statisticians has created more scoring chances this season than any other player in the PL. Thanks for the good wishes, here's hoping for a City, Spurs 1,2.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:34:00

Hahaha.......believe it or not Fifth, there are a hell of a lot of us over there with our heads screwed on. And plenty who share my opinion on Sundays match and our own performance. There'll always be over-reaction to any defeat, especially one as dramatic and hearbreaking as the one on Sunday. And as we all know it's every football fans perogative and god-given right to believe their own club is the unluckiest, hardest done by, and just plain $hat upon in history. Some of my fellow Spurs fans reactions have bordered on the embarrassing, to the point where they'd have us portrayed as this feeble little David who took on the evil Goliath and almost won the day. We're better than that, and we need to shake off that mentality if we're going to achieve the things I actually believe are within our grasp. If not now then very soon. And Bluedub, yeah he did have a good game at the Lane. And let's face it, anyone who moves to City is going to come in for stick from anyone who isn't a City fan. I think the biggest compliment I could pay him and your boys on Sunday is that for the majority of the game you didn't seem to miss Toure Jnr. And as for your poll on here re. the City vs. Spurs DVD, a big thumbs up from me. I reckon both sets of fans, and any fan of quality footie would relish re-living some of the classics we've fought together.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:45:00

I get the whole players getting stick for coming to City, I understand that people want them to flop. It just irks when people ignore the facts when criticising any player.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:53:00

As a wiser fella than myself once said......."never let the facts get in the way of a good story".
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 11:57:00

Report Abuse
24/01/2012 12:01:00

No worries Lilly white - we do get a couple of decent Spurs posters visiting our forums from time to time, and they're always good to talk to. I don't want to tar all Vital Spurs members with the same brush, and both my father-in-law and brother-in-law are Spurs fans (for their sins), and are thoroughly decent chaps. Sadly, it's the trolls that stick longest in the memory.
Report Abuse
24/01/2012 12:02:00

All the EPL teams have had players do this to one extent or another - Roo is an example from my own team, sometimes I really wonder how the hell hes got away with things, but then sometimes I see rival fans comments that are complete crap - Blagatelly was a very naughty boy, and should have been sent off - thats the end of it, but Webb apparantly didnt see it - King should have got a red too - we cant always condone the actions of our teams players, as they dont deserve to have us stick up for them, but I have noticed a couple of City fans agreeing Blaggy should have gone, and they are the ones with the balls to say it and thats why I try to stick up for rival players sometimes when they dont deserve any action to be taken against them, or have had the totally wrong decision go against them such as Vincent (Hacker lol) Kompany.....
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 18:50:00


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