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Ban Webb For Life - Mario Agent

The fall out from 'stampgate' continues. Mario Balotelli's agent Mino Raiola has steamed in with a right old offload on Italian radio...

Raiola's furious words have gone directly against much of the pontificating bandwaggoning we've witnessed in England over the past 48 hours and flown straight to the heart of the increasing debate over pisspoor FA refereeing standards:

'The referee saw everything, because he spoke to Mario after the action. So in my opinion, this referee must be banned for life because he did not tell the truth... TV images show that he is really close to the action, how can he say he did not see it?! What was he doing? He says he did not see it, only to defend himself.

'Mario cannot be banned for four games. He was not balanced and there was also a push from Modric. It is not an intentional foul because Mario does not want to hurt anyone, he did not see Parker, that is all.'

In a further impassioned statement, Raiola went on to suggest that the talented 21 year old Italy international may need to leave England in line with the theory that some of the soft bookings he has picked up are reputation fueled:

'If I find that there is something strange against Balotelli, my duty is to protect and then take him away.

'In such a case I would speak with City. I would ask them Balotelli's price and would look for the best team for him, as there are only 6 or 7 teams he can play for.

'I talked to Mario who said he is happy to stay in England, but he does not understand certain things and they sadden him.'

Balotelli has made 49 appearances to date for City including 17 as a substitute and scored 22 goals.

During that time he has been booked 17 times and sent off three times with a retroactive red card imminent.

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette VMC Newsdesk Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 24 2012

Time: 3:18PM

Your Comments

"'The referee saw everything, because he spoke to Mario after the action. So in my opinion, this referee must be banned for life because he did not tell the truth... TV images show that he is really close to the action, how can he say he did not see it?! What was he doing? He says he did not see it, only to defend himself." Well said, at least this fella's not afraid to tell it like it is.
from his final statements, this fella is just looking for an excuse to unsettle Balotelli and earn some more agent fees from another big money move. its not really his 'duty' to take Balotelli away, more his mission statement at the agency.
Not at all Dazz, he has said consistently that Mario is happy in the last month when the Italian media were linking him with a move home nearly every day. He is afraid his client is being persecuted for who he is and that's why he made that comment at the end.
That's crap dazzwater, this is the first time I've actually seen an agent standing up for his player. He's right, Webb is a disgrace, he's proved it time and time again. The same agent has turned away several suitors from Italy and Spain for Balotelli's services. The referees and their association, and the FA have BIG questions to answer.
Straight from the horse's mouth. Raiola knows that City is the best place for him football-wise, although he didn't reckon on the insidious influence of the tabloid press that has whipped the mob up into a blood-frenzy:

“Mario has no intention of leaving City,” Balotelli’s representative Mino Raiola said to Sky Sport Italia. “He has started to understand certain systems on how to get along there. “Strangely for him, he is admitting that Manchester isn’t as bad as he thought or said. “Is Milan a better city? It depends on your point of view, but right now Manchester is better for him.”
I wouldn't be so sure fellas. All this pro-city and Manchester stuff was before this incident. He's also recently said he'll be here the rest of this year and next and then we'll see. That doesn't suggest he's going to be with us long enough to become a legend. It says to me he's looking for a way out and I think this is another thing that will add fuel to the fire. I love Mario but are we going to keep him long term - I doubt it.
The agent is right. Webb is a disgrace. He should have sent off Balotelli there and then for his deliberate stamp on Parker's head, having previously sent off Lescott for his malicious and targetted elbow in Kaboul's face. Mind you he didn't send off DeJong for his kung fu attack on Alonso what can you expect.
Webb is one of our top refs, it would be ridiculous to call for a ban on a referee, who did see the initial contact but not the incident everyone refers to. As David Platt points out if you see it in super slow mo, then it looks bad, but HW was looking away at the time.
Buzz Lightyear
LMFAO! I suppose next he may come up with a story that Parker tried to head butt this (unts boot!
So you're all tickety with a referee and member of the police force telling a blatant porky to cover his own arse then, are you Kernowboy? You think Balotelli deserved sending off, fair dues, I won't argue that particular point - but Webb clearly saw the incident at the time and waved play on. For him to then turn around and claim he didn't see it (under pressure from the media) is nothing short of disgraceful. Hope your opinion stays the same the next time a ref changes his mind in a manner that goes against Spurs.
And he should have sent off Parker for consistent foul play, and given a penalty for BAE's hand ball, but most importantly of all, he shouldn't have lied to the FA that he didn't see it. The pictures prove he saw it.
If you had a brain you'd see that this article is not about Balotelli, it's about the refereeing standards in this country Mix2.6 - but you'll instead let your partisanship blind you to the real issue. 'Ow's 'arry getting on?
nice. not a city fan so i wasn't keeping up with earlier statements. so not all agents are self-serving :)
fifthcolumnblue some of your fellow fans are letting their partisanship blind them too. no mention of lescott's whack, or perhaps that was accidental as well? i personally don't think that Parker deserved any yellows, let alone a red for persistent fouling, or that BAE's handball was intentional. it all depends on whose side you're on. but lets agree that better officiating or video technology is needed; both our clubs have been screwed by referees much too often for our liking.
I can comment on anything I want u phucking (unt! And where does it state anything about Ref stds in the country???
I'd argue that King deserved a red for the two footed scissor tackle on Balotelli though! (ducks) :)
Agreed on the last bit Dazz. Mario was booked for his first foul yet Parker did exactly the same type of late challenge in the first half and just a free was awarded, why is this? BAE, no handball agreed. Lescott, yellow at best, arms shouldn't be up there but unintentional.
To argue on the ***** poor refs is more of a joke than this fools agent! They all have never played a football game in thier life! There will always be ref issues until the proper tech is introduced.
The point is u hope he does enough to make the game fair for both teams. None of the goals were unfair and certainly the rest of the match was played fair by both sides. All this parker giving one or two kicks etc is non sense! Any football player will always try find the refs limit and try get away with what he can. We have all done it!It's a contact sport ffs! Ballotelli on the other hand is a disgrace and should be banned!
I think it was a definite handball by BAE, he intentionally raised his elbow to block the ball and gained an advantage because of it. And Parker was consistently fouling for the game, deserved at least 2 yellows.
So Mix, Webb's limit with Mario was one foul for a yellow and with Parker it was 5 fouls before a yellow, explain to me how that works please?
Bd no comment? It's not my decision, but what I'm saying is it happens every game until the ref is forced to start booking players?
He wasn't forced to book Mario in this instance, it was his first foul.
And if the ref chooses for whatever reason not to book persistent fouls by a player, it allows him to do it again and again, thus giving that player's team a clear advantage. You still haven't answered the question as to why Parker made at least 5 fouls (Including a rather tasty one on Richards) before he got booked, yet Balotelli got booked for his first one? I'll tell you why - Webb did not see Balotelli's foul on BAE, but Gareth Bale got straight in his ear, and waved an imaginary yellow in the ref's face - end result, Balotelli booked.
Crouch not charged for this. There is an agenda at the FA.
David Gill.
Johnny Baguette
He should have seen red on the day. Banning him doesn't affect the result so what's the point. Howard Webb had a bad game, the man's had plenty games so again, what would be the point of banning a ref? They should be sent back to some kind of ref boot-camp and put through all kinds of crap. They say this kind of thing levels itself out over a season, big sweaty ones to that, we've lost around 8 points to this **** and i haven't seen us get lucky to that extent yet. It's done, over, ban him? for what purpose? it doesn't help who it affected.
anyone got a link for a real time video of the alleged stamp, the world wide web has gone slow mo.
ten men
If you go back to our front page and click on the video highlights article you'll see the challenge.
and what about Crouch being let off for gouging. How is that any different to what Balotelli may or may not have meant to do? But for me, the most hypocritical point is that the FA is prepared to fight to reduce a ban when it suits them. I'm talking about when Rooney delibrately kicked an opponent when playing for England. Talk about double standards.
Barney Daniels
Fifthcolumn, surely you are not trying to argue that persistent fouling is the same as trying the stamp on someones head and the Parker tackle on Richards was never a foul, it was just a man's challenge, one that Richards clearly accepted in the sporting and competitve manner in which the game was played. If you look at the Balotelli stamp you can clearly see that Webb was looking at the two players, but looked away at the point where he has brought his right foot down to stamp on Parkers head. We all have our allegencies, but trying to defend the undefendable is a joke. Your club won't even appeal and as David Platt said, when you slow it down it does not look good!! You won the game and the player who won it for you got away with it on the day to enable the win, he will now miss 4 games, sounds about even to me!
Paul - THFC Forever
Paul, the Balotelli tackle that's being referred to in the yellow card debate is the one on BAE.
Balotelli should be charged for Attempted Bodily Harm by the police. Go to the pub, try & kick someone in the head, & I assure you you will get taken to court. So why not this aggro *****.
Cape Town Spurs
Jesus H Corbett. Did you type similar when Huddlestone did Elmander?
Johnny Baguette
And 'Arry should be charged for tax evasion and cheating the country. Oh, wait, he already is. :D
Boy, and I thought Americans were dumb...then I read this debate. English - you finally win.
Cape Town Spurs, shouldn't Huddlestone be a year or so into a jail sentence them for jumping studs first on Elmander's midsection? There is room for doubt in Balotelli's case, there was no doubt whatsoever in Huddlestone's.
Don't worry LA Villan - Americans are just as dumb as the Brits, they just express their stupidity in different ways. ;)
Sadly, dumbness is a universal epidemic. not exclusive to any nation or sporting affilliation!! With regards to this article, and in particular my fellow Spurs fans reaction to it, all this hyperbole really needs to die down. Webb had an absolute shocker, and it's far from his first of the season. He was well below par once again last night in the CC semi-final second leg. I've gone on record as saying I believe Balotelli controlled his foot onto Parkers head. It actually took more effort for his foot to land where it did than where it should have landed naturally. Straight red, and Webb was in a perfect position to see it. His yellow card was a nonsense. It's a foul and it's clumsy, but he's fresh off the bench and he's catching up with the pace of the game. It's his first offence, and should have been met with a good bollocking from Webb and told that a repeat gets him in the book. Lescott? No red. Foul and maybe a yellow at best. That's two big centre-backs being committed, and those challenges happen a dozen times every game but they just aren't highlighted. Kaboul didn't moan, knowing full well that putting your head in where it hurts means you're gonna take a lump or two. I don't buy the BAE handball, nor the Parker/Balotelli challenge that was repeatedly shown at half time. The repeats show there was minimal contact with Richards from Parkers trailing leg. That was 95% contact with ball, 5% with the opponent. I'd also have a hard time coming up with a convincing argument for keeping Ledley on the pitch following the penalty. It was a godawful challenge from behind, and it could well be argued that it prevented a goalscoring opportunity. Maybe Kaboul was covering sufficiently, but reds have been given for a hell of a lot less. Kompany will tell you that!!! The sad thing is that we're still discussing this, when we really ought to be gushing with pride over our two teams, and the best 45 minutes of football of the season so far. City now have to concentrate on winning the damn thing, and we have to do our damndest to finish right behind them. Let's just see how much complacency THAT shakes up with the F.A and their hallowed 'Big Four'!!!
Still feel that both our clubs will see a lot more in the way of dubious decisions LW, they don't like it up 'em!
The good thing about this is that three or four years ago neither of us were dreaming of this conversation. THe "big four" were relaxed at home , thinking about how they're head and shoulders above the rest of us and working out how to keep the gap as it was. Not any more! As i said, a ban doesn't change the result so i don't see the point. There's doubt about the intent so just move on.
The story knocking about Carrington is that Balotelli's ankle, heavily strapped for his Spurs cameo needs rest and he will need a few games off to fully recover.
Johnny Baguette
Yeah, I can't escape the feeling that you're right there Fifth. Pretty grim isn't it, when we're looking ahead at our teams fixtures and we're equally concerned about which ref will be 'officiating' our games as we are about what problems our opponents may cause us?!
They are all bastions of integrity according to the FA, none other than Howard "ManU" Webb. YCMIU!

It should have been a red, but is Webb looking directly at the incident - or does he catch a glimpse out of the corner of his eye - refs are **** simple as - but calling for a ref to be banned is utter boll0x - these agents need banning form the game as all they are interested in is making money - NOT for putting a players interests first - I mean look at Tevez - STILL that drama is going on.....
Someone has to call refs to task NW, a life bam is a tad extreme but if Mario's agent doesn't question Webb who will? City wouldn't for fear of a fine for bringing the game into disrepute.
BD - I totally agree with the fact that someone needs to call the refs to task, I totally and utterly give you my backing in that, but ffs an agent saying ****e about refs us boll0x and we all know that - THEY are the greediest bunch of underhanded scum in the world......

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