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Close Knit City Squad Dodges Hazardous Bullet

There's been something not quite right about Eden Hazard's bizarre public string-along over his next destination after Lille. Relief all round. It's Chelsea...

As was documented here and elsewhere across Planet Blue last week, a talented 21 year old, who is far from the finished European article gobbing off about how many starts he expects to make in his new shirt next season had City's hierarchy, nevermind the fans, shifting uneasily in their seats. In point of fact, until the Lille President opens up, we won't know for sure whether or not a firm bid to buy the exciting winger's services was lodged from The Etihad Stadium offices.

Anyroad, he's finally been on YouTwitFace tonight announcing he's chosen to go to Chelsea, who won the Champions League in fine style.

Certainly, the facts, the figures and numbers on this one will make for interesting reading following the numerous revelations in France that his agent was after a monster (copyright Eric Hall) cut in the deal.

But more importantly in this Blue's eyes, despite relentless pressure from outside, Roberto Mancini has forged a tight knit siege mentality into his young English Champions. Most notably throughout last season his men always talked up their ambition for the team, not themselves.

Hazard has been sensational in Ligue 1 but he will not get the same time on the ball he has enjoyed in The Premier League. He can also expect some clatterings. He has something of an erratic nature and having previously talked up his desire to play in Italy and Spain last year the last thing City need is another powder keg alongside the resurgent Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez.

City are in a very different situation to that of Chelsea and United. Both have a raft of ageing players that need to be replaced with increasing urgency. What a lot of hacks tend to overlook is that all of Mancio's signings have either been early to mid twenties in age. The Premier League title secured, it's a comfortable pre-dynastic place to be in.

This correspondent doesn't think this is a case of we move on. I'd suggest that the shrewd City set up have their eye on numerous similar targets. Preferably those with established Champions and Premier League experience.

Tell you what though, this flirtatious little episode doesn't half remind us of how far the rags' stock has fallen!

Is Eden Hazard Having A Laugh?

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 28 2012

Time: 10:02PM

Your Comments

Will put this one down to Mancini and Khaldoon's refusal to give in to the footballing and financial demands of the latest primadonna to grace the epl. Fair play to them, I say.
Haha Sour grapes! The club which pays Toure that kind of Salary, can't pay Half and little extra to Hazard is not to be believed. He may have chosen Chelsea but, saying he is not Proven is not fair. He is in the same situation as Baloteli was in Inter. I do believe Baloteli has immense talent so do Hazard. Well, we shall see in the Month of August then.
Bigger Primadonna than a certain Carlos Tevez?? No way......
I'll actually only believe this when we officially confirm it. This kid has a lot of pranks up his sleeve by the looks of things. And he claims he agreed terms with yourselves, United, and us, so I believe this prima donna's decision was based more on playing time; with yourselves already having a large squad of starters (and ours unloading wingers), while United have a ridiculous number of wingers. Gutted as I was when you signed Aguero I was very happy to see the premier league take on another great talent, hope this one settles in well.
hahaha there is vital City now
Thankfullly that circus has come to an end. He's carrying a lot of pressure as well as that big head of his on his shoulders. Good luck to him.
your ed must be like 12yo
Hey you'd have taken him and you know it...having said that he aint signed yet so how do we know this is'nt a ruse?
No doubt whatsoever here that Hazard is a very talented little feller. But I standby the reservations I've voiced on here this year and in particular last week. I truly do not believe he will mix with what we have on board already in East Manchester. What Balotelli has over Hazard is bulk. He's a big lad and when he focuses that power he is a mighty handful. I'd wager a majority of City fans aren't mithered about this one.
Johnny Baguette
On a related note I get annoyed when Chelsea and City fans sledge each other. a.) Because it's impossible to tell which blue is laying into who (so it's hard to join in!) and b.) Because various history boys just cut and paste their insults at our respective clubs. Lol.
Springy, to be honest with you I would have taken him when I was just judging him on his football ability, over the last couple of weeks however he has come across an arrogant little****, so on the face of it, it looks like we may have dodged a bullet. Time will tell.
In the immortal words of Catherine Tate - "I ain't bovvered"! Feel free to gloat Chelsea fans, you could just possibly have a superstar on your hands. But he's a superstar who would have been just as happy to sign for the rags or us. That's not the kind of loyalty and team spirit i want at my football club, and for a 21 year old player to come in and demand more money than many of our established players, to demand exactly what position he plays and how much game time he gets? He's having a laugh. Can't wait for Cashley, John Terry, Fat Frank and Danny "Big I am" Sturridge to find out how much Hazard is earning and go knocking on (whatever) manager's door demanding the same. The phrases "opening a can of worms" "cat amongst the pigeons" and "we told you so" are only one strop and dodgy performance away. Good luck to the lad, he could be a contender - but to coin another phrase, "bullet dodged" as far as I'm concerned!
Yaya Toure has proven a hundred times over that he's worthy of that salary blue world. Hazard is not proven - he looks a talent and I wanted him here - but to have an ego that size before he's even proven himself outside of a generally weak league is worrying. I also think there was no decision for him to make - Rags could never have afforded the fee/wages and City didn't give in to his demands. Proper order. Another Torres/Shevchenko possibly, or maybe the next Ronaldo. No sour grapes here though...
come on city fans. You are talking like half of your squad doesn'r earn 150K a week
but everything that i said before its just a joke. Pls don't take me badly. Any but United...
French newswires are reporting a 130,000 GBP per week salary and 32 millon GBP transfer fee. Hope to God they didn't give that agent a lorry load. Chancer and a half, he is.
Johnny Baguette
hahaha agents always make alot of money. I think about 8%. But i don't have a reason why he wouldn't be good for Chelsea
Anyway, Villa Park will be a great occasion this summer. Looking forward to that much more than the Euro's!
Johnny Baguette
He could well do a job for you. Yohan Cabaye has been brilliant for Newcastle coming out of Lille.
Johnny Baguette
Daily Fail are reporting £100k per week AFTER tax - that would make it £200K per week gross. I know you have to take the media's wage reports with a huge grain of salt, but if that figure is anywhere near the truth, then your more established players ain't going to like it one bit.
ya we need a proper AM. Not like Mata as such but someone more phisical. I hope he can do the part. But its not confirmed yet so i won't be too excited yet
So Eden versus Micah or Zaba on August the 12th?
Johnny Baguette
Not at all JB - Eden has told Roman in no uncertain terms that he wants to play behind a striker, so he won't settle for being on the wing!
A lot the rag biased hacks are going to be stunned that he hasn't gone to the swamp despite their best efforts!
Johnny Baguette
Even more of the hacks will be shocked that "Moneybags" City didn't offer him twelvety squillion pounds per week to sign for us too. Hope Khaldoon and Mancini told his agent to take a long walk off a short pier when he (allegedly) demanded £6m just for brokering the deal. Seems they learned their lesson through dealing with Joorabchian and said never again. I seriously don't understand why Chelsea are signing players without a permanent manager in place though - Roman should just dispense with the pretence and sit in the dug out on match days, because he clearly calls the shots at that club.
Torygraph going with the reports we heard last week that City pulled out...
Johnny Baguette
Just as long as he has gone to a 'BLUE ' team and not to the rags.
Quite agree Ozi, I am much more relaxed at him going to Chelsea than the Scum as he could be good but on that time will tell. Important thing was that he made the choice where he wanted to ply his trade which was his right and which we need to respect. His way of handling things was immature and egocentric but this is the world of Premiership football and we have come to expect this. Also being fair would you want to compete with Silva, Nasri, Yaya and Tevez for the spots behind our strikers? At Chelsea the competition is far less fierce with only Mata of any real class and potential.
LMAO @ only Mata ??? who are European Champions ? Watch the rest of the window! and dont forget a certain Marko Marin
@Bluedub..."arragont little ****"?? mean like Ballotelli and Tevez?
Yes, exactly like that Mel. We have our fair share of egos, adding Hazard's to the mix may well have been disastrous. The new Chelsea gaffer will have his work cut out, what with Roman's ego along with those on the playing staff, good luck making up the 25 points we finished ahead of you.
Another take from Paris...."Laurens: Chelsea were the only club to meet Hazard's wage demands" ....
Johnny Baguette
£78million over the course of the deal if the papers are to be believed. That's a lot of money for a 21 year old with no PL experience. Talk about heaping pressure on himself! If he doesn't hit the ground running and become an instant success, there will be a lot of people questioning this deal. I'm personally glad that our owners turned this lad down (and his agent's £6m) - to have someone like that just walk into our squad on huge money would be too much of a disruptive influence, and plays havoc with any attempts we might be making towards compliance with FFP. I quite literally have no idea how Chelsea will ever hope to accede to Platini's regulations if they're going to blow the £100m+ that's being reported this summer. I realise they have a great deal of rebuilding to do after their poor performance in the league last season, but can't understand what they're doing at all.
If Chelsea is Hazard's choice as reported, then good luck to him, another talent added to the PL. I tend to agree with Bluedub, this may turn out to be a transfer we were fortunate not to have completed. We'll see.
Colin Is The King
What they're doing fcb is using Abramovich as their director of football to spend millions regardless of the clubs finances and the FFP rules coming into play very soon to sign every self-proclaimed world class yet unproven talent in football (Neymar, Lucas Moura to name but a couple) and meddle with his clubs affairs as much as possible by firing and hiring players/managers at his whim in some sort of foolish hope he he'll dominate European football with attractive attacking football. Basically, the mans obsessions is going to feck his club up, having a ugar daddy bankroll your club isnt always a good thing and you must relieved that your owner isn't a delusional, impulsive, irrational, ridiculous and meddling man. There is no direction at Chelsea, there never has been despite their initial supposed plans at the start and as such they've got an ageing diplinished squad lacking width, a boring stoke city style of play, no manager, having to spend millions refurbishing it, a youth academy they don't utilise, barely enough players to fulfill the home grown requirement, a massive wage bill they can't afford, a (by big clubs standards) small stadium and to top it off, they're yet to announce a profit as a club. They cant even understand what they're doing :P I think you're right though, both Manchester cllubs have dodged an egotistical, narcissist bullet which woulda only caused disruption before heading off to Barca/Madrid.
Hazard is a great signing for Chelsea (ego or not) but I don't understand the Marin signing. As an avid watcher of the Bundesliga he has not fulfilled his potential and has been overtaken by Germany's bright new young generation. I mean he's a good squad player but while Hazard is the sort of player that will help Chelsea close the gap between us and the rags, Marin isn't the sort of signing to fear.
But te silence relating to swallowing all that guff about not ever letting Tevez back in a blue shirt has been so well hushed up.........come on lads, upset our CL vicotry knocked your PL win off the back pages?
Erm, not really merlin, but nice try.
Can we have that in English please Merlin?
Get a ******** life merlin ye dope
I like the analysis on Chelski from #7. We could not take him on and pay him more than Super Mario is on, so we move on. I would rather we buy Silva from Milan.
Copying Chelsea is what Man *****ty does best, but you will be always be in our shadow. If u win PL we wud win FA + CL, with your super brilliant squad your idiot *****ty manager almost managed to gift the title to ManU, do you guys seriously expect to win anything next season, when we will have far more superior squad than you and ofcourse MANU will not repeat the same mistake again for sure, i can see you guys struggling to finish fourth next season and Mancini getting bullet in his Anus. With love from Mansoor
You are an utterly charming man BlueBoy. Funnily enough, you sound like a typical rag (that's a man U supporter for our foreign posters with little knowledge of the EPL). You haven't just jumped ship from the rags to Chelsea due to winning the Champs League have you my little glory hunter?
@fifthcolumnblue I did not know that you are a Super dumb ass-reader, hahaha
If you post super dumb ass-reader (sic) comments, then I guess the mere act of reading them makes me a super dumb-ass reader. Simple, innit? Who do you think you'll be supporting next season then Blueballs?
FCB, get ready for a lot of Blueboychelsea kind of johnny come lately fans to follow your club as well. Its inevitable, every successful club as some of them while two clubs have a lot of them.
True enough Delta, I guess it's only to be expected. What i don't understand is why your north London neighbours seem to have such a following of trolls despite their lack of success.
HAZARD has confirmed he is coming to CHELSEA the champions of Europe(i never get tired of saying that,u should try it too).Better start preparin ur defences cos hazard's gonna poison dem,Hulk's gonna smash smash dem.Torres pls jux torr-ment dem
Is Merlin running a crèche over at Vital Chelsea?
he made his mind, city doesnt have the mouth to critics the players wage.teves, adebayor,aguero,balo,dzeko,yaya toure and many others players in man c, how mch do they earn?

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