Manchester City - Van Persie Opens The Door To Champions Move?
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Van Persie Opens The Door To Champions Move?

Arsenal and Holland talisman Robin Van Persie has announced via his personal website that he will not sign a new contract with the North London club...

Manchester City have long been linked with the 28 year old Premier League hotshot and scrutiny over the English Champions raiding The Arsenal for another star player will only intensify following Van Persie's stunning statement. Here is an extract:

'I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to it's glory days...Out of my huge respect for Mr Wenger, the players and the fans I don't want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal should move forward. I've thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract...'

As City's stock has steadily risen, Kolo Touré, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri have all left Arsenal for The Citizens who continue to scale the dizzying heights of realising the FA Cup, The Premier League title and Champions League football under the cunning leadership of Roberto Mancini.

The vastly experienced Van Persie could well be the next and has a Tévez-Agueroesque strike rate. The Dutchman has scored a whopping 132 Arsenal goals in 281 appearances since signing from Feyenoord 8 years ago.

Arsenal have responded by announcing that they expect the player to play out one final season at The Emirates:

"We have to respect Robin's decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the Club. We are planning with ambition and confidence for next season with Arsenal's best interests in mind."

What could or should happen next? Have your say here on VMC.

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 4 2012

Time: 9:59PM

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Time for him to step out of your reserve side and into the first team then, nice work.
spu 4 life
Report Abuse
05/07/2012 10:47:00

Not entirely certain he's what we need spu 4 life. Great player, certainly, but we already have 4 more than capable forwards on our books - we'd have to sell at least one of them to accomodate RVP (Would be happy to see the back of Tevez!), and that still doesn't leave room for the return of John Guidetti. Really not bothered if we sign him or not.
Report Abuse
05/07/2012 11:19:00

Please bid and give us a nice 20 mi in return.
Report Abuse
05/07/2012 16:15:00

We now regard Arsenal as our nursery side but trouble is afte RVP the production line looks a bit bare as they are so mean they cannot attract good raw material these days. At least their board is getting rich.... Thank goodness we don't have them or the Glazers as owners and instead have the good Sheikh.
Report Abuse
06/07/2012 09:45:00

Lol pull that bristly old tongue out ofmanwh0res starfish you coffin dodging geriatric crawlybumlick, or does ws stand for w**ks sheikhs?
Report Abuse
06/07/2012 21:26:00

isnt it nice to see Nikol********* getting an education and learning some new swear words? cor next we may common sense out of him, and not the usual drivel, but dont hold your breath.....
Report Abuse
06/07/2012 23:56:00

You have to say Arsenal fans are in the main a miserable and foul mouthed lot .... judge for yourselves in the case of nikolaijns above.
Report Abuse
07/07/2012 00:09:00

You'll have to forgive Nikolaijns, he's blinded by his own sense of self-importance. Come to think of it, that's pretty typical of Arsenal fans.
Report Abuse
07/07/2012 01:41:00

do we really need or Want Van Persie at City? i dont, i think the strike force we already have is much better,and would we buy him just cos we can, and to stop him going to the Rags? something that happened with SWP to Chelsea and stop Arsenal getting him....... i hope i'm wrong but......
Report Abuse
08/07/2012 20:44:00

Maybe we should let Arsenal keep him as they are so pathetic at the moment ... a whinging manager, whinging fans and a whinging Chairman ............... and once they used to be good ... Herbert Chapman in the 1930's.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 00:17:00

willy, perhaps the supporter of a club which was in the third division as recently as in 1998 (when Arsenal won the league) should know better than to compare our successes? Speak about factors other than trophies won because thats a lost battle for you. Such is the competition in the league today that not even City can confidently say they will win the league next season. Even 1 billion only won the league on goal difference. In the face of such competition in the league, its best to remain humble. Points were shared at 3-3 between the two clubs last season and its not as if City come to the Grove in all out attack mode. On the contrary, Mancini always plays very defensively in reverence to the attacking quality of Arsenal.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 11:13:00

Deltaforce I agree your right tactics are to remain humble for the season ahead
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 11:21:00

Just seen latest headline .... Arsenal chasing Moses ..... now that is desperation ...think they might need a few more prophets to do any good next season.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 12:17:00

Just casting my memory back to that Arsenal squad that won the league in '98 there Delta. Overmars, Bergkamp, Viera, Platt, Petit, Anelka... hmmm, the Goonbags weren't too shy with the cheque book yourselves back in the day, were they?
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 12:37:00

This site is so transparent, an absolute graveyard (get used to that one willy) that relies on hits writing classless tawdry articles designed to get bites from other clubs, where's your huge fanbase now that you've bought the league football killers? Thought they'd be streaming here in their glory hunting thousands eh? nope it's just coffin dodger willy, filthy, Bagel the usual lonely boy no marks. @ rojo wow hold the front page another city fan chatting utter bollix shocker!. Overmars 5.5M Bergkamp 7.5M, Vieira (have the decency to spell the blokes name correctly seeing as he now works for you eh?) Platt 4.75M, Petit 2.5M, Anelka 0.5M that comes to a huge grand total of 24.25 Million or as you guys like to call him James Milner looooooooool PMSL!!, let me know just when I've made you look foolish enough rojo? I mean I honestly don't get any joy out of exposing internet halfwits, but it just has to be done. Laters sheikh strokers.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 13:31:00

Sorry girls forgot to add in Vieiras colossal transfer fee of 3.5M.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 13:32:00

I mean you've obviously confused buying players which every club has to do (otherwise every club would field a team of geriatric willies) and paying obscene, market destroying, football killing OTT filthy oil drenched insanity fees, easy mistake to make if you're utterly deluded and blind to the sins in your utter relief at being hauled out of the permanent mediocre pit of mid table. Ok I've doubled your daily hit quota so you got what you wanted. Laters Mansorehole munchers.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 13:39:00

Nikolaijns: You sound like a real loser ....and fit very well with Arsenal .... ideal match ........understand whu you come on here to rub shoulders with the Championi, Championi.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 13:53:00

Hey dic khead, you broke the British transfer record fee for Denis Bergkamp in 1995 so for anyone with half a fu(king brain cell to rub together, that would quite easily put the rest of those transfer fees in context. So if you think the mid 90's transfer fees can be taken in the same context as 2010, then who's the fu(king internet halfwit now, you despicable little ********.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 13:59:00

Quite right Rojo, tell him what you think but you have to feel sorry for him ... he is charged top wallah to watch mediocrity .... the board get rich .... underspend on salaries and transfer fees and the dumb supporters support the stance ... then they have this Russian fellah of dubious origin who wants to spendbut they support those whose asset are increasing by the month.... oh and they continue to win nothing. No wonder he is a bit demented.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 14:03:00

touchy touchy slowjo, don't get angry just because we got all those players for a Milner you whiny little maggot, whoop de do so the record got broken, didn't even last the end of the transfer window that record did it? nope some loser paid more for collymore. You're an internet halfwit son along with one foot in the grave willy, someone had to break it to you, if you think Arsenal have ever been a chequebook club buying beyond their means then you're quite clearly dizzy with stupidity, maybe all the fumes from that filthy oil?
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 14:34:00

Anyway I've helped you break the post record for the last few months we've rocketed past the 20 mark so job done. I'll leave you back to watching the sky blue paint dry and watching the tumbleweed roll by. Laters oilscum.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 14:37:00

My word, you really are quite emotional, aren't you? You still broke the record and bought 7 new players to win the league in 1998. Keep trying to defend it though, it makes you look really smart. Honest, you fu(king retard.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 15:02:00

Nope wrong again internet halfwit, Bergkamp had been brought in a full 3 years prior, the only players you mentioned brought in that year were Overmars and Petit, Arsenal spent 13.65 mill before the '98 season bringing in 7 new signings which were Wengers first moves as new manager so obviously he was going to build his own team as all managers would want to do, we also sold 7 players in the two windows for a combined 6.35 million leaving a total of 7.9 million spent, hardly buying the league as you chumps have done is it? but yeah keep telling yourself I'm not rinsing you here, waaaah you spent 500k on Anelka lol. Want me to make you look even more stupid (I know some feat!) by totting up the sums we received when those players got sold on? I'll give you a clue numbnuts as you're sorely in need of one, with the exception of Dennis who stayed til retirement we lost money on none of them. Not gonna be able to say that about any of your ridiculous kid in a sweet shop 'investments' are you? Still in stitches over 24 mill for Adebyewh0re.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 15:26:00

Actually Wengers first move was to bring in some overpriced gangly lad from Milans' reserves at 3.5 mill, flogging him onto Inter an entire careers worth of 9 years later for a measly 20 million Euros. How very dare we!
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 15:31:00

Ha, the irony that your club doesn't get to see a red cent of the Adebayor fee, it all goes to your greedy fu(k of an owner while Arsenal fans still continue to be raped by the highest ticket prices to watch the tripe served up week in week out by your **** team. Laugh away pal, I'm laughing at your joke of a club that no one wants to play for. You toss pot, wind your neck in you thick fu(k.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 16:40:00

" classless tawdry articles " Niko, can you explain to me what is classless or tawdry about this article?
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 16:55:00

Not you for sure dub, the one classy thing about this site! unlike the post above you unfortunately which looks like the ravings of a slathering inbred potty mouthed simpleton internet halfwit megalolz thanks for that slojo! made me openly guffaw to imagine you hammering out your impotent halfwit rage there :) When you lose an argument I suppose impotent rage is all there is left. Ciao! x
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 17:17:00

& dub you know as well as I do that cheeky boy bagel likes to pen his little digs at Arsenal to boost the sites hit count, again I can trawl through recent history if I really must but I'd really rather not as my schedule is pretty much fully booked, all this looooolling at slojo takes up so much precious time y'know? ;)
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 17:20:00

nikolafjons been reading a Dick-tionairy again..... piy it's ful of expletives, his mother must be so proud, not least her son has learnt to read, not much but it's a start..... s for his musings on Arsenal he hopes Manure beat us to the title, something his team wont do but hey -ho, hope springs eternal....
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 17:30:00

One thing is for certain - Nikolaijns sure loves the sound of his own tedious, droning voice. I'll take our cleverly written, witty articles over youtr dross about 1930's players that not even the most nerdy of your fans gives the slightest toss about any day pal, unless of course I've got a touch of insomnia, in which case Vital Arse is the perfect remedy. ZZZZ. P.S. Whilst we're on the subject of "Football killing", "Unfairness" and "distortions of the market", it might surprise you to know that you're not getting much sympathy outside of your own pathetic fanbase. Moan all you like, everyone is laughing at you, not with you.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 17:44:00

Nikolaijns is a really sad case, up till 5 years ago he was a Spurs supporter but because they werent winning anything switched to Arsenal. Unfortunately he then switched to Arsenal and again they have been totally potless. He applied to be a City fan but failed the basic intelligence test and so is back with Arsenal with little prospect of winning anything have a little compassion for him.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 18:35:00

Deary me, some sour grapes. The foundations of the Invincibles would never have been built without a £50million investment from outside the club (not club generated revenue) that enabled Arsenal to up their wage ceiling and buy new players.
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 00:48:00

StuMCFC, pray tell us what this 50 million investment was?
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 08:15:00

Deltaforce, read this: - a part of choice - "Those calling for more spending on the current team will be interested to learn how highly Adams rated Fiszman's contribution. "I think that a significant factor, 90 per cent, in why we achieved so much is that Danny Fiszman invested £50m in the club and we were able to go to the next level," he said. "I got my first decent contract at the club, so did David Seaman, we were able to bring in Dennis Bergkamp – and that was before Arsène arrived – David Platt, Patrick Vieira, Nicolas Anelka, and were able to pay them – top players from around the world."
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 19:30:00

Tut tut Stu. Don't go befuddling the poor Arsenal fans with cold hard facts!
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 20:09:00

"When you lose an argument I suppose impotent rage is all there is left." So what does impotent rage feel like then fu(kolaijns??? You fu(king moron, go and learn something about the club you support, you stupid p.rick.
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 20:32:00

Here are some more cold hard facts - Arsenal in the late 90's early 00's (their most recent period of success) were the second most valuable team in the land, both in terms of transfer spending and wages. But hey, what do I know, I got the info from an Arsenal blog, and as I was told in no uncertain terms by all on Vital Precious, all Arsenal blogs are *****e. Ho Hum.
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 21:34:00

Oh how the mighty have fallen. PMSL!

"The point is that Arsenal were a buying club in that era. They held the British transfer record when they bought Dennis Bergkamp for £7.5m and they also had the highest paid player in the form of Sol Campbell who was on £100,000 a week after leaving Tottenham. It’s not that Arsenal were exactly like Man City and Chelsea – the club got good deals, spent wisely, and sold for a profit – but the fact remains that Arsenal were the second most expensive team in the land."
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 21:36:00

It's all gone quiet over there......but they are a very sad lot
Report Abuse
11/07/2012 10:12:00

as has been said why let fact get in the way of a good made up story? Nikolojohn, needs to read up his Arse-nal history, but as fifth says it's gone mighty quiet.....sssshhhhhh.
Report Abuse
11/07/2012 22:03:00


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