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Spurs Get Adebayor For Next To Nothing

Tottenham have reportedly signed Emmanuel Adebayor from Manchester City for next to nothing.

In 2009 City paid Arsenal £25m for the Togolese striker but now the out-of-favour 'Bambi-on-ice' lookalike moves to White Hart Lane for an estimated £5.5m.

Adebayor will have to accept a drop in wages - he is reported to earn £170,000 a week at City - but this may be compensated for by a signing-on fee.

Personally I can't wait to see the back of him - good luck Ade!

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The journalist

Writer: danielqpr Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 13 2012

Time: 6:12PM

Your Comments

Ditto ...his attitude at both Arsenal and Citysank ... played when he felt like it .... one of the worst players in terms of attitude ever tobe at City ...god riddance
Lets hope he can prove you all and us wrong. COYS
Yido T
Ade like chicken badge HHXX
Horny Helen
Not too hard to get a few firsts over here, me reckons,,, COYS
Gripping and insightful article though
It's a mistake on our behalf. AVB is proving already that he is just a "yes man" and agreeing to every suggestion that Levy makes. Adebayor does not score enough goals for a top 4 team and he doesn't fit the 4-3-3 formation we are likely to play. I can not believe we are going to pay him such a big signing on fee, the boy is lazy, and has a rubber foot that cannot control a good pass in his direction. His ability to shoot is rubbish, and is often offside, or sat on his arse with a whining look at the ref. Spurs made a MASSIVE Mistake wasting money on him, but more importantly he is taking up a striker spot that belonged to someone world class, or atleast half decent!
Better to get £5.5m now rather than nothing next season. Daniel knows how to get players for nothing and sell for top dollah though. Ade should start to show his true colours now that he's got a new contract... glad to be rid.
Still....gripping and insightful enough for you to comment Spunkster.
You don't like him. We do. So everyone's happy, right?
Sonic have you ever watched him play because he scored 18 goals and 11 assists last season but you already knew that didnt you.
Yido T
I hope it`s not a signing Spurs regret .The man is a first class tw*t ,so i hope he produces on the pitch .As a person i have no time for him .
big cockeral
FAO spurster Why write a million words on the subject when only a few will do. It saves time, energy and reading a whole load of waffle.
Quality player. Can dribble, shoot, hold up the ball... is very quick. Scoring all those goals up-front on his own last season despite some criticism for spending too much time on the wings and in front of the back4. Terrific signing. And if he can't sustain his profile at Spurs, we will definitely sell at a profit.
just giving you something to talk about, since this place is crap , tojo..
Tudor, you mean keeping it simple for the average manc ??,, i see where you are coming from
FAOspurster VMC is that crap you feel you have to visit and add comments. Fair enough, I like your style (move on, nothing to see here).
I can feel a slagging match coming on with spurster but on seconds thoughts...its a Friday night and i'm off to the pub to have a chat with an adult Spud (and fellow Mancs!) Have a good evening gents.
Fact is he made us a better team last year IMO. I am not a ADE lover or 100% sold on him, but the simple fact is he is better than Defoe and any other striker we have at the moment, so it's a no brainer to take him at a cut down price. Man City have plenty of talent up front and i'm sure RVP will be on his way too, but from what I hear he is a cranky basterd too, so attitude wise I think you are getting like for like. What happens when you drop RVP will he be happy? No think so!
only havin a larrff tudor, enjoy your swill and keep the conversations brief..
Will do spudster, er, sorry, spurster!!
i better go Fondle Another Ostrich
You don't seem to be a bad lad after all spudster - must admit I like your banter. Stick around bud. Right, I must awaits.
And Vital Spuds is where it's all at Spunkster with yer races to be first to comment on articles. It's the little things in life I guess. You're quite right Ledgespur, the biggest obstacle to City's success has been keeping the egos in check and the more top players we bring in, the harder that becomes. But we have a quality manager who has already shown that he has the patience but more importantly, the ability to do just that. I guess you should be hoping AVB can do likewise at Spurs, and especially when players like Ade throw a strop. Can't deny the lads record with Spuds last season though. 18 goals is a pretty good return.
Blimey Sonic Borg, that's a tad harsh! Understand your concerns re attitude but hon form he an ideal spearhead in a 4-3-3. COYS
Rojo, you didn't win the title. Utd lost it. And that
QPR goalie made a mint. If anything, you bought it. We're signing quality players at reasonable prices that will give you posh boys a run.
", you didn't win the title. Utd lost it. " Oh dear! The retards are out, quick someone hide all the sharp objects.
Might drop by and read your next gargantuan post Tudork !! off now for a whiskey meself...
You'll have to find somewhere for me then...;] p Even Mancini conceded defeat. Or you think he was bluffing? Even the bookies started paying out. And look at Fergies' squad to yours? Fergie done a Redknapp and capitulated which is very unusual. Your manager inherited that squad then threw more money at it then needed the luck of the Irish to scrape it by a nats eyelash and you're gushing?
well, it looks like the lads at Vital Arse, were right, (and it pains me to say that) Ade will let you city boys down, and he did, wonder if he feels the love at Spurs? well he might for 6-9 months but i think it will go sour not long after.....just like he did at City, Good luck spurs, you may need a great big dollop of it.
how about all you city ***** just go home and sh*g yer dogs you dirt scumbags you didnt win the leage you bought goodbye off to the pub
Guys, can I just say that I am forever in your debt for being gullible enough to take Adebayor off our hands. Not the biggest mistake Hughes ever made, but close. If he does the business for you then so be it, enjoy. But as the goons were so quick to tell us, the man is an arse. Good luck with him.And Cumonyerspurs_TSB - be careful at the pub matey. With a bad attitude and a gob like yours I foresee a trip to casualty sometime between last orders and the Kebab shop for you.
5thcb i reckon they are all a bunch of over payed arse nonces,, really, i mean if you were a girl (oohh imagine) would you take any of them home for tea and Mr Kipling with your nan ?? They are an unfortunate disposable product of the commercialization of the beautiful game,, bar one or two (who play for spurs obviously)
fifth, either Coys_tsb, will as you say may end up in casualty, but followed by a police cell for the night... all this anger and they have signed a striker too, you would have thought they would be happy? Ade is i suppose, another signing on fee, and possible regular 1st team start.... whats there to be unhappy about?
The Adebayor transfer suits both clubs well what with him having only a year left on his contract but its not a cheap transfer by any means. A fee of 5.5 million and a signing on fee of 5 million equates to a fee of 10.5 million for a 28 year old which when added to wages of 100k + for a 4 year contract translates to a total outlay of over 30 million pounds over 4 years. For a player with minimal resale value in 4 years that is an expensive outlay. While not a complete striker in terms of technique, Adebayor is very strong in terms of physicality, pace and heading ability and is decent in terms of finishing ability.
No issue Spurs want him...we want to get rid ....everyone happy
Honestly, Adebayor seems changed man since involved in Togo bus shooting. I really dont remember any of his stupid antics after that. So, City bought him for 25m, Loaned him to 2 clubs for 18 months and eventually sold him for 6m - FootballEconomics
A bargain on paper (although City are glad to just have him off the books, he is not a Mancini type player as Mancini demands discipline and concentration) but smashing the wage structure to accommodate him inevitably means other top players will want parity... just how it works at every club.
Yes, he did have some shochers with us last season but at the end of the day he scored 17 goals in 33 gmes and provided a good few assists.. Thats a good return in anyones book. And we literally missed out on 3rd on the last day of the season. Its amazing when some people spit out the same rubbish about a player i.e lazy, attitude etc. some people who know nothing about his character or dont even know they guy spit out the same rubbish. Its all recycled . No, he is no Van Persie but he has worn our shirt with pride and delivered. And as long as he does that I am happy. Cant wait for the season to start..COYS!!
He lacks discipline Freddy, 'arry gave him freedom, remains to be seen will AVB want him to play a more disciplined role.
Hey, why the ***** is any spurs fan complaining when we've had to endure Crouch up front for around 2-3 seasons!!?? Ade gave us so much more dimension last season so I for one think this is a decent signing.... we'll get Remy in as well to make up a trio of them and Defoe!!! Coys!!!
huh? He lacks discipline, concentration, he's lazy and has a bad attitude...... sorry who are we talking about here, Adebayor or Balotelli??
Spurs have a bargain as long as the Lovvvvvveee is still there, apart from that, he is bone idle and is more offside than on. Having said that his ratio games to goals is one every two games, not bad, but needs the love to keep going.
Buzz Lightyear
Who said he's lazy or has a bad attitude Guyver? I said he lacks discipline to play a specific role, he tends to wander out wide when he should be staying central to be the focal point of the attack.
He has been a problem at Arsenal with that nice Mr Wenger ....and a problem at City with that equally nice Mr Mancini ..... That tells me he will change completely at Spurs and after about six months become even more of a model pro.....Grimms Fairy stories methinks .... Be gone Ade and quickly
It's rare you get a transfer where everyone 'wins'. Spurs get a good striker for a reasonable amount (even accounting for sign on fee). City save £7-8m a year in wages. And Adebayor goes from being 5th choice striker at City to being Spurs 'main man'. When we loaned him last year I was skeptical we'd be able to afford his wages but a credit to all parties that have been able to compromise a deal. City took a lower fee so Spurs could pay a large sign on fee instead, which let Adebayor take a huge drop in wages, which meant Spurs could justify stretching their wage structure to accomodate him. Not used to seeing Premier League transfers dealt with so maturely
Blue dub I was just combining all the criticism directed at him by those on this site, didnt say you said he was lazy ect. Point is you already have a player in Balotelli that is worse than Ade when it comes to attitude, concentration ect, ect.
In your opinion Guyver, bear in mind Balotelli at 21 is still learning the game. Ade is a bit long in the tooth for the flaws in his game to be coached out.
All I can say, is if the fans of one club are warning you that a player is an rsole, you can dismiss it as sour grapes. When the fans of two clubs are calling the player an rsole, then perhaps there's something in it? Caveat emptor.
That's a fair point 5thcb, but from the outside you seem to have a bit of a fight club going on at your training, and the gooner's can't hold on to any of their players, which doesn't look very good on them given their league position. You could understand it from a mid table, low finance club, but there must be massive problems there. Not just blowing smoke, but we do play, and train, with a smile. Get the ball down, everyone gets a touch and I honestly believe players remember why they became footballers when they come to join us. If we can add some a bit more success to that formula, which looks promising, I can't see anyone wanting to leave, or disrupt that.
Fair play Ghentis, but I'd say your view is definitely that of an outsider. Can't wait for the new screens to go up around the training ground so the paps can go and make up stories about another club!
"Not just blowing smoke, but we do play, and train, with a smile." - Harry's pat on the shoulder formula is gone now, AVB is closer to Mancini, more of a tactician who demands more out of his players. It isn't as media friendly but in the modern game it leads to more success as Mourinho and Ancelotti are similar style coaches. The so-called "Fight Club" as the media put it is nothing more than players who work their arses off in highly competitive training where very little is held back. There are no blood feuds at City, it's media ********* and one look at the behind the scenes stuff puts that the rest easily enough. Mancini has brought high expectations and high quality to the club that isn't for the mentally weak which is why players like Stephen Ireland were quickly ousted. I think Adebayor prefers the Harry Redknapp easy-come-easy-go style and might not like AVB's more demanding style as much (he is the sort who will complain if told to run 2 laps instead of 1) but we shall see.
So why does Modric want to leave Ghentis? Flies in the face of everything you've just said.
I suspect the likes of Van Der Vaart aren't going to like the new regime either.
I amjust getting a bit worried that theeal hasnt bee announced yet ......Adebayor begone from our kingdom.... you are excommunicated to the barren lands of the Spurs for your sins.
So, Ghentis, we have a "fight club" going on in our training and it lead to winning the title. Spurs have a "country club" in their training, and you end up losing a massive lead to Arsenal and look at a season in the Europa League. I'll take a little grit and guts in training over tea and crumpets, as you Londoners enjoy so much.
Oh no Spurs are trying to chisel another million of the originally agreed figure of six million and Ade is now going to report for training at he Etihad. Could be interesting as these days City don't back down when they are rooked and it could mean stalemate a bit longer.

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