Manchester City - Does Mancini Want To Spend For Spending Sake?
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Does Mancini Want To Spend For Spending Sake?

Last season, Manchester City defied the odds to win their first title in 44 years. Does the squad really need strengthening or is Mancini about to embark on an unnecessary spending spree?

The list of player's that have been linked with the club over the summer includes the likes of Danielle De Rossi, Scott Sinclair and Daniel Agger.Luckily for the Blues, none of these transfer rumours have been met with any conviction from the board.

There could be many reasons for this;Perhaps they are not actually interested in any of the names being thrown around or maybe they are playing the waiting game, in the hope that they can get rid of the unwanted millionaires that are burning a hole through the clubs financial pocket, before they buy anymore.

Either way, The Champions have stayed quite on the transfer front and I certainly think it's a sign of Sheikh Mansour's long term vision for the club. The financial fair play rules are set to come into play in the next couple of years and unless your a French club or owned by a Russian billionaire, clubs are going to feel the 'wrath' of UEFA if they don't comply with them,apparently.

Is the answer to our potential defensive problems at the end of a 22million pound check? Lescott and Kompany had a brilliant season in the heart of our defence. Providing they stay clear of the injury room, they are surely Mancini's first choice partnership. Micah Richards and kolo Toure can both play at centre half if necessary and whilst Stefan Savic and Dedryck Boyata are both young and inexperienced they are more than capable of warming the bench for much less than 22 million.

Another factor to consider is the Blues Preseason formation; Mancini has opted for 3 at the back and if he is to continue with the formation he has worked hard all summer implementing, then is another expensive centre half needed?

Scott Sinclair has been seen by many as the shock of the season, but when you look at City's wide opinions, we are rather limited. Sinclair would be a great asset to the Champions, should he join the Blue revolution. Not only does he possess everything you'd look for in a winger, he also contributes to the homegrown allocation needed to compete in europe. I suppose the only worry for the board is; Would he become an unused luxury?

The answer to the potential midfield crisis is simple; give De Jong what he wants or alternatively give the likes of Abdul Razak and Denis Suarez a chance.

Whatever happens in the transfer market this season (or doesn't happen in the Champions case), I Can't wait for the season to begin. CTWD.

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The journalist

Writer: Kev Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 8 2012

Time: 12:56PM

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He doesn't want to spend for spending sake no, no top club stands still. Barcelona won just about everything available and in the summer following it bought Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez for big money. Mancini saw how we limped out of the Champions League last season when players like Barry and Lescott, impressive performers in the league, looked slightly out of their depth and that is why players like De Rossi and Agger are probably in his mind. We're far from the finished article, winning the league with seconds to spare and bowing out of four other cup competitions proved this. I say, give Mancini whatever he wants/needs, he has proven himself worthy of this trust with improvement year after year.
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08/08/2012 13:07:00

A cleverly provocative article....I will not fall into the trap apart from saying that Mancini knows exactly what he is doing and we ignore him at our peril.
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08/08/2012 13:12:00

I'd like to see an out and out wingers playing into the big men option for when the ground attack isn't getting through. So a winger to balance against Johnno, please. The question beyond this for me is whether or not we would be better off holding back until January. Barring a mental spending splurge the club is going to come out of 2012 in far better financial shape than it did 2011 to the horror of Platini and the ant-City brigade.
Johnny Baguette
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08/08/2012 13:18:00

I personally wouldn't mind seeing a couple of new arrivals but wouldn't be overly concerned were it not to happen. I don't believe Mancini would spend just for spending sake.
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08/08/2012 13:20:00

With FFP to consider the likes of De Rossi and Agger could prove very expensive flops. De Rossi doesn't have any Premier league experience and has little sell on value if he flop's just like Veron and Ballack. Agger is a great defender when he is fit but is it worth shelling out 22 million on an injury prone centre half? City's core was destroyed when Yaya Toure left and Kompany was suspended, but are multimillion pound bench warmers the answer? Mancini's faith in Savic saw us knock out of the Carling Cup and almost cost us a priceless 3 points against spurs. Mancini was very lucky to win the league last season. He worked wonders off the field, playing the media and taking pressure of the lads, but his signings are hit and miss. The board have back Mancini in the passed with players that he wanted and has he played them or used them as back up? Dzeko? Nasri? kolarov? Surely he can't expect the board to provide him with two teams of world class players. It's in the best interests of the club to get rid of unwanted millionaires before they buy more backup for Mancini. This isn't football manager surely Mancini couldn't expect the chairman to keep spending a small fortune every time he wanted to improve the team. City have spent big this summer but not on big name signings they have invested heavily in the youth development, so like Barcelona, we can produce our own rather than surrender to the prices other teams want for average ageing players.
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08/08/2012 13:38:00

Interesting article, very provocative..
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08/08/2012 13:49:00

Lads you don't think there is any truth in the rumours about James Milner to Sunderland do you? Seems just made up speculation to me, I'd of thought City see him as a a valuable asset on the bench considering his versatility.
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08/08/2012 13:56:00

That would be a major surprise PAV. The lad had some outstanding games for us last season.
Johnny Baguette
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08/08/2012 13:57:00

Not sure what the obsession is with us buying new players. We all knew the big spending would stop when we had a team capable of delivering on the EPL. This team will continue to grow and develop, will improve. Yes some tweaking would help to improve the team, but we should only be buying world class players, or youngsters who will become world class. Personally I can't wait for the window to close so trhe spend, spend, spend merchants will have nothing to write about!
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08/08/2012 14:05:00

I'm pretty confident that Agger would not flop as he has Premier League experience and has the classiness that suits our style. De Rossi is combative and super talented, a near perfect midfielder like Yaya and the sort of player who is tailor made for the Premier League. Mancini has wanted him for three transfer windows now and must be confident he'd suit City and this league. I completely agree Chris that we have to bring through our own players and if it was a striker we badly needed then Guidetti could step in, but neither Razak or Rekik is ready yet. Rekik is enormously talented but 17 and has very little experience, Razak is also really talented but has to iron out the many mistakes he make that good teams would take advantage of, so a loan or playing in the new U21 league while being on standby for the first team would be better for him. With Lescott, Yaya, and Barry hardly spring chickens (nor De Rossi if we sign him) there will be chances for these in future.
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08/08/2012 14:07:00

We won the epl by the skin of our teeth. Our own Chairman and Manager have since conceded that we will be challenging "on all fronts" and this includes a much better showing in the Champions League. Given some of the sub standard performances we put in when Kompany/Yaya were suspended and on international duty, is it not obvious to some people on here that we MUST strengthen again? The dissenters must think they know better than Bob who said in May: "We need to improve. We need to have the strength to play Champions League and Premier League." and again in July: "This year will be harder than last so we need to improve our team". CHooley, deRossi has bags of class and would slot into any team in any league. I'm very sceptical about Agger and particularly his price tag and Sinclair I'd take or leave but not at the expense of AJ who I still rate even though he has failed to fire.
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08/08/2012 15:02:00

I disagree I think we do need to buy one or two new players to do well in the Champions League last season we crashed out against Napoli. We just about won the Premier League at the end. It would be too risky to carry on without buying another player.
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08/08/2012 15:22:00

There's certainly a case for bolstering for the CL, Carlos. The question is who is out there that could do the job for us within the right financial scope?
Johnny Baguette
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08/08/2012 15:52:00

Improving the team doesnt need to cost millions. The current crop of players will have improved from their experiences in both the premier league and the champions league. The likes of Kompany, Richards, Hart, Lescott... In fact pretty much the whole team, have improved year after year. This season we will be at full strength. Tevez won't be off playing golf in Argentina and kolo won't miss most of the season because of a drugs ban. Spending stupid amounts of money on players should be a thing of the past for City. Kompany was sign for around 6 million and he has developed into possibly the best centre half in world football. Newcastle have been picking up bargains left right and centre, why can't City Learn from there experiences and leave the 20 million plus players alone. I imagine it would make Mancini's life easier if he unearthed world class talent for a fraction of the price. It must be difficult for Marwood to Sanction more expensive transfers, when some previous signings are struggling to get in the team. Mancini has been back generously by the board for the last two seasons, but he can't keep demanding we pay stupid money for players he doesn't really have plans for. We run the risk of becoming an agents dream, sign for a huge fee this year, then move on a year later for another nice litte fee. Player are choosing to play championship football or train with the kids, because of the stupid money we are paying them. Clubs form all over Europe are trying to get a cheap deal out of us, Adebayor was spurs top goal scorer last season and if he wasn't at city would command 20 million in transfer fees easily, but because Mancini wants rid clubs try to get him on the cheap. Mancini himself has lost patience with AJ and who can blame him. He is brilliant going forward, but he doesn't work hard enough off the ball. Who would De Rossi replace ? Barry, who was statistically one of our best players, I think the board would rather keep the checkbook closed.
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08/08/2012 16:22:00

CHooley, Vincent Kompany's come along probably once a decade. Who do you suggest we improve our team with that doesn't cost millions? It's too easy for you to sit at your computer and write stuff like that without offering alternatives. Yes we've developed since last season and are still improving but what do you suggest happens when Yaya & Kolo go to ACN and Barry and Vinny or Lescott are crocked on the sideline and we're playing 3 games a week? You know our owner and chairman expect us to ramp it up again this season and challenge on all fronts, yeah? I agree that other clubs are trying to get cheap deals when we want to move players on but this has been part of the price we have had to pay for quick success. deRossi would compete with and rotate between Barry and Yaya. As I said in a recent post, it's Sheikh Mansour who wants lasting success and glory at Manchester City. The only way to do that (as has been proven year on year by Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and the Rags) is to spend, strengthen and improve each season. And one last question, considering he's handed in about 3 transfer requests in 3 years, what makes you so sure Tevez won't be off playing golf when he gets fed up of Manchesters finest diners? He's got too much previous...
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08/08/2012 16:44:00

Barcelona spent millions on Cesc and Sanchez but what did they win last season?Were they improved? No, they lost the title to Marid and Couldn't see off Chelsea in the Champions league. AC Milan haven't been a force in there own league for a number of seasons and sold arguably there best players in the summer. Rojo your fictional scenarios are laughable what if this happen, obviously we need a world class replacement for every position. That simply isn't possible or financially plausible, it leaves a lot of expensive unhappy players watching the match on tv. Kompany is a rare gem, yes, but aren't scouts hired to find the next Vincent Kompany? Newcastle seem to be doing pretty well in that field. If any team can find the next Vincent Kompany then surly City are best suited for the job. Yohan Cabaye is of a similar style to Rossi, but cost around the 6 million mark. Yanga-Mbiwa is only 23 and was a solid performer for Montpellier in their title winning season. He would proably cost half of what Agger would, plus he would also have sell on value should he failed to make an impact. As for Carlos Tevez his recent holiday has showed him he can't have everything his own way and more importantly nobody else can afford him.
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08/08/2012 17:22:00

You can't just use Barcelona last season as an example, my point was meant as an historical one. And besides, they'll probably come good again this season. Laughable scenarios? How about this laughable scenario for ya: City win the Premier League on goal difference on the last day of the season with the last kick of the game coming from 1-2 down and winning 3-2, scoring twice in injury time. Anything can happen in football. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Mbiwa, don't know much about him but at 23 you'd think he'd have a few international caps under his belt for France, no? Rami and Mexes are hardly world beaters when it comes to central defence. I would assume if we bring in deRossi, deJong would probably hit the road and likewise Kolo would head to Turkey or Savic out on loan. We'd be making room in our squad for new players. Regarding the scouts, yes that's their job. Maybe you think that 19 of the 20 EPL clubs scouts should be sacked for failing to live up to the unprecedented standards set by Newcastle's Graham Carr. The way I see it, if Kompany is a 'rare gem', then so is Graham Carr. All new players would have to accept that they won't be playing week in week out because that's how our club is going to roll from now on. That's what guarantees success. That has been Baconface's modus operandi for years. That's what delivered titles to Old Toilet - they had unbelievable luck in a crop of great players coming through their youth system at the same time - but generally speaking, this is how they've balanced FA Cups with Premier League and Champions League titles. Tevez? He's a muppet, I don't trust him and I reserve further judgement on him until next May when he'll probably come looking for a pay rise. If I had it my way, he'd be out the door at the first sniff of a bid matching our valuation before the 31st August.
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08/08/2012 18:20:00

Manchester City have a squad that is full to reserves with quality. Buying more players without off loading the players that dont even make the bench is stupid. my opinions are favoured towards giving the young lads a chance if there good enough and not spending idiotic fees for one player, strenghing our rivals in the process.what sort of message does it send to the EDS lads? Work hard and you will never get a chance because we are just going to buy this proven world class player from some other overcharging team. Surely our squad has enough experience to start bedding in a few of the younger lads. Prehaps Mancini could pair the likes of Yaya and Razak together for a match? Or Barry and Evans? We were very convincing last season and in all honesty the rags were the only team close to us. Arsenal and Chelsea have spent big this year, but as a City fan do you really see them winning the title? Many fans believe that we will be right up there again regardless. So is spending pointless money productive? As a City fan Wouldn't you rather see the likes of Razak, Suarez, Evans and Boyata pick up premier league medals?
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08/08/2012 18:59:00

Of course I'm all about the younger lads but they haven't proven in pre-season that they're up to the task just yet. You have to remember that the lads you've referred to are 16/17. They're too young and unless they're exceptional, they won't get a look in. And unfortunately they're not....or not just yet. They may get some Carling Cup action and good luck to them. We need a central defender and a utility midfielder before the season starts. If we don't strengthen in these areas, we could struggle towards the end of the season when cup competitions, injuries, suspensions, extended leave threatens League form and vice versa. We're threading new territory as Champions. We need to up the ante and maintain our attack and our quest to become the best. Only this.
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08/08/2012 19:15:00

Rojo, your arguments are so logical but sorry C.Hooley yours are not ....but I do accept it is all about opinions.
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08/08/2012 19:35:00

Razak has been a constant performer in preseason and Suarez ran the game against Limerick despite the internationals in the team.Arsenal really wanted to win in Malaysia but the experience players in the team guided the likes of Razak and Savic through the game. We need to do more to help our player progress, two carling cup appearances a season will not help anyone. Take Alex oxlade-chamberlain for example he is eighteen and played considerably more games for Arsenal, than any of our lads played for City all season.
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08/08/2012 19:37:00

Logical, ok lets just keep pleasing the new bread of city fans, by shelling out millions on household names every transfer window. How long do you expect the crazy spending to continue? sheikh Mansour has only spent..... Oh just over a Billion already. Would you say Daniel Agger is worth 22 million? It's an absolute joke but if it pleases the masses then obviously it's worth doing sign him up, let's continue to spend, why not break the bank and go for Messi, FFP what FFP who cares PSG don't.
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08/08/2012 19:51:00

Chris and Rojo - quality exchange of views. Nice one.
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08/08/2012 20:51:00

Chris I part of the new breed of Cit fan....I went to my first match at Maine Road in 1954. You seem to conveniently forget that last year we struggled because of lack of quality backup and had to take a gamble on Hargreaves, take Pizarro on loan and use Savic to our cost. Next season we aim to make a challenge for the Champions League and retain the Premiership and you are talking about a youngsters performance against Limerick. The la has potential but is far from ready or Mancini would be using him far more. Why people don't believe Mancini knows what he is doing is beyond me.
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08/08/2012 21:42:00

The back up that you mention, isn't it Mancini's job to highlight that we're going to be light around the Christmas period and strenghen the team? Instead of focusing on Nasri all summer perhaps he should of strenghed other areas of the pitch. This season we have been constantly linked with another striker. A striker is the last thing we need, Mancini surely must of been aware last season that we need a defensive cover, did he try and sign Gary Cahill a young homegrown player that was going on the cheap? No. Mancini can't just expect City to throw 22 million liverpools way, so that he can have better cover than the players he bought last year. I am not saying that we don't need to strenghen I just dont feel it sends out a very good message to our younger players if we continue to sign world class player for huge transfer fees. Alot of Italian clubs loan players with the option to buy, why can't City take a similar approach? We pay the players wages and if the player plays well then a potential deal could be made. Liverpool and Arsenal are being linked with Nuri Sahin on a season long loan. Why aren't City in the mix for him? A defensive midfielder, who can pass a ball with the best of them, Cheap cover until next season. I don't mean to be portraying Mancini in a bad light, but ask yourself this would he still be at the helm if we hadn't of won the league? Side note/ If Roberto Martinez can beat the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Newcastle and liverpool with the funds and players available to him, our Roberto shouldn't be complaining.
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08/08/2012 23:04:00

Transfers in used to be easy at City - our squad needed bolstering in so many areas that we just had to assemble a list of world class players then go out and buy them for whatever money it takes. If I'm honest, although Kompany has been the best bargain, spending 37m on Aguero hasn't exactly been money wasted! Also, 24m on Silva looks something of a bargain in retrospect. That situation is now in the past though, and it has now become much more difficult for us in the transfer market. The fact is, we no longer actually need that much in the way of playing talent. I agree with the majority of posters on VMC that quality defensive back up, a winger and possibly cover for Yaya/Barry are required, but think unearthing that back-up is rather more difficult than most would imagine. For starters, what world class player wants to warm the bench? Many players will now lookj at City's squad and question whether they'll actually get a game or not! So the idea of just going out and plucking a couple of world-class players off the shelf is a non-starter for me, and will only lead to unrest in the squad. I suspect the manager and board are also aware of this, and are looking at young players that Mancini can improve - the type of players that will be good enough for cup games and in an emergency, but that are a few seasons off being nailed-on starters. Once again, it's not easy to spot such players, and as we've all seen with Stefan Savic, reputations don't always translate into PL readiness! So I think the club are in a bit of a transfer quandary at the moment. Aside from trying to sign Eden Hazard (what club wouldn't attempt to sign someone who could go on to be one of the world's best players), I suspect the club are looking at numerous targets on the quiet; players that the press have virtually no knowledge of (I believe our alleged interest in RVP is a bit of a red herring if I'm honest). So IMO, City WILL strengthen before the end of the window, and we will also get rid of some of the leeches like Badebuyor, but we will not be spending huge ammounts as we have done in previous summers. Not only do we no longer need to spend big, I do believe our owners have one eye on FFP. On a final note, I would absolutely love De Rossi at City, as far as I'm concerned he'd improve any team in the world!
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09/08/2012 07:32:00

Good logical sense Fifth and a knowledgeable summary.All,I would add is that the stakes and the challenges will be highe this year if w are to succeed in both European and domestic competitions .... Those that are taking a frugal approach don't seem to understand this and would have us going backwards.
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09/08/2012 09:08:00

Willy, I don't believe a frugal approach would see us going backwards, more experience, more self belief, last year's signings acclimatised to their roles in the team, more trust between team mates and a stronger mentality will be natural by-product of last season's success. This will make us stronger regardless of new signings, whether that is strong enough to achieve equal or more success than last season is open to debate but we are definitely not going backwards.
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09/08/2012 09:15:00

Bluedub.... in my book we are definitely going backwards if we are not achieving more success than last season........ that is the stated plan. I dont want to go over old debates but I cannot understand some fans lack of ambition. I know they are true Blues but some talk like covert Scum fans would.... the thing the Scum fear most is that we carry on and go to the next stage and in the prcess leave them behind. If Chris Hooley had his way we would be so worried about the attitude of our young players that we would not recruit any more world class players .... how he thinks Mancini can win the Champions League and the Premiership with those kinds of restraint is quite beyond me .... and thankfully beyond rojo ..... as at one stage I thought I was a lone voice and could not begin to comprehend the views that I was reading. Recently you listed a number of views with which I totally agreed but now seem to be going back on that and saying that we dont need to improve the squad but it will naturally get stronger and seem quite unconcerned whether or not we keep on winning more titles. lease understand I have no peronal beef with any ones views but they do frustrate me with their apparent nievity and with their apparent belief that they know more than Mancinis and his experience.
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09/08/2012 11:04:00

I am not going back on my belief Willy, I still believe as I've said all along that we need two players to cover, to give us extra squad depth. What I'm disagreeing with you now over is your belief that we will go backwards if we don't make new signings, we won't imo. We will be stronger regardless of new signings, that doesn't mean I don't want to see signings being made.
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09/08/2012 11:11:00

CHooley, been pretty much offline since yesterday eve. A couple of things: Limerick FC are in the 2nd division in Ireland, a desperately poor league. I'm not trying to knock the lad but the performance from Suarez is not really worth shouting about. I was at the game and Limerick were pretty crap. I don't think anyone on here wants City to spunk unnecessary millions on players but unfortunately we've built a nest and we have to live in it - when City come knocking, there's a premium to be paid. I've questioned in the forums why we weren't in for Cahill when he was snapped up for 7m by Chelsea. Apparently we were the previous Summer but were quoted in excess of 20m and that seemed to have killed off any interest we had. At 7m only 6mths later though, he would have been ideal. Your point about Sahin is also good and maybe we are working on something? Who knows. To answer your question about Mancini still being at the helm if we hadn't won the league. It's common knowledge that Mancini was given the full backing of the owners after our loss to Arsenal, the day we fell 8pts behind Utd with 6 games to play. Bluedub/Willy, think it's fair to say that if we don't strengthen, we're more or less standing still. Yes we're going to improve as a squad even without strengthening (another year together and all that), some might say that Tevez is almost like a new signing and if ACN wasn't on again this year then there would be a different outlook. But the task that's been set for Mancini is to retain the EPL and have a good run in the CL and domestic cups. With all that in mind and considering (in my humble opinion) that the young players are not quite ready to step up, and considering the teams around us have added some great talent to their squads, it might look like we've taken a slight backward step. Of course all of this is blown out of the water when reinforcements do arrive - and I strongly believe they will - but to my mind they must be strong additions. Agger would be good (but not at the price), deRossi would be an excellent addition (pity about his age), Javi Martinez would be outstanding - probably the best multi position player on the market today.
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 13:58:00

Rojo... we are singing from the same hymn sheet mate .... I just hope your confidence in getting at least two world class players is Rossi seems the most likely but who for central defence? .....the Scousers are having a laugh with Agger, so forget him and all on Martinez has gone quiet.
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09/08/2012 14:11:00

How you come the conclusion that we've taken a backward step is baffling to me, it's all opinions though.
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 14:16:00

Bluedub: "it might look like we've taken a slight backward step" does not equal "we've taken a backward step". I've also said I expect us to make the appropriate signings before August 31st so I expect us to be heading into the new season as a stronger unit.
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 14:33:00

Bluedub: Its backwards because the requirements and the ambitions have changed from last year and we are now setting our sights higher in order to continue to progress. To stay at the same standard is thus not enough and we will be seen not to succeed in our quest to win both the premeiership and the Champions League. That is why Mancini wants more players and to suggest as this article does that he is spending for spendings sake, is at best nieve and at worst just plain ignorant of football reality. We have to think big,we are the richest team in the world and we have the objective of being the best team in the world .... not one that didnt progress out of the first stages of the Champons League .... we do have to improve on that not just think about not going backwards ....... its the wrong mindset.... the 'typical City' mindset as Gary Cook used to say.
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 14:38:00

Fair enough Rojo. Apologies for misquoting you.
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 14:39:00

The sheikh has spoken; 'What is important is to preserve the achievement (winning the title) and maintain the good standards of last season. We will support the team with a player, or players. This does not detract from the efficiency and capacity of the current squad of players, with whom the Manager is completely satisfied.' One or two players it is then, the rumour mill continues....
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 15:46:00

Willy, we are not the richest team in the world. The richest team is the team that makes the most revenue because the powers that be have declared that investing money from outside football into football is not good for the game. Sorry mate, I'm not buying your argument that we are going backwards if we don't add to our squad at all, it doesn't make any sense to me.
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 15:56:00

Bluedub... you deal in semantics in sticking to your arguemnt. What does ...not going backwards mean?....does t mean we are staying at the same level or does it mean we are going forwards ; which we quite clearly have to do if we are to progress by retaining our title and winning the Champions League. For goodness sake stop being so negative and get some postive feelings and stop thinking about'not going backwards' and go wild and think about progressing, going forwards, setting our sights higher.... it will free you up from your lack of ambition and reticence.
Report Abuse
09/08/2012 17:57:00


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