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Sensitive Info Surrounding Adebayor's Transfer

We at Vital Manchester City have received sensitive material surrounding Emmanuel Adebayor's transfer to Tottenham Hotspur.

I will begin by saying our source will remain anonymous and that the following information cannot be verified. Some of the material we received has been omitted for legal reasons.


Yesterday, Tuesday 21 August 2012 the official Manchester City website announced that Spurs had signed the Togolese forward following last seasons successful loan agreement between both clubs. No fee was disclosed to the media.

Sensitive Material

We at VMC understand that 12 months ago City requested Tottenham pay £15m for the transfer to go through, however both sides failed to agree. In the end Spurs took Ade on loan for a fee of £5m with the agreement that this figure would come off any subsequent transfer.

Several days ago MCFC and Spurs agreed a fee of £6m with Spurs to pay Adebayor a signing on fee (compensation in loss of wages for two years), however the hold up was that the striker wanted a loyalty bonus payment from City of £2m - The club were not prepared to pay meaning he received no additional payment.

And finally...

There was no love lost between Manchester City FC and Emmanuel Adebayor, simples. It also appears the club were pleased to finally get the 28-year-old off their payroll and see the back of him. He was a thorn in Arsenal's side, he was a pain in our side, now its a matter of time before he becomes a pain in someone else's side, yup, over to you Tottenham.

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The journalist

Writer: danielqpr Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 22 2012

Time: 9:34AM

Your Comments

NO, NO, NO! Stricvtly not true. Daniel Levy is such a genius in the transfer market that we actually PAID Spurs £twelvty million pounds to take him off our hands, and we are paying him the £170k per week wages he demanded in full, on top of whatever pittance Spurs are paying him. I also have it on good authority that we have thrown in a Ferrari, a Ferrari boat, free lifetime passes to Euro-Disney and a half dozen virgins to seal the deal.
it was a dozen virgins.
Abebayor demanding a LOYALTY bonus beggars belief..... His only loyalty was to himself..... An absolute cad and a bounder....but if we are not paying any o his salary that is good gone Despicable One.
Don't be silly oldtime. Where in the hell are we going to find a full dozen virgins in Manchester? ;)
Ade said: "I am pleased to be signing for Spurs on a permanent basis after finally agreeing my departure with Manchester City.

“It may have taken longer than expected but I am delighted to be back at Tottenham Hotspur. I really enjoyed my time here last season and I am hoping we can achieve great things together again."
Majority of spurs fans are hating AVB already. Seeing Dawson being shipped out, and the signing of this lazy git with rubber feet (that is Adebayor) just means we are a sinking ship. AVB is destroying Spurs and makes me think that he is still on the books at Chelski, being paid to destroy us! :(
I want him to stay. The guy's been such a positive influence on our youngsters, coaching, working in the community tirelessly and THAT SMILE, it's, well it's just infectious... ...naaah, only one and good luck Totteringham
Tiatia Tiattooooo
Fair points SonicBorg.
I would like to point out that a few years ago when Adebayor signed for City, in the middle of all the gloating and ribbing from City fans towards Arsenal fans, we quite politely told you all you'd live to regret signing Adebayor, and you all said we were bitter. Can I just say ....... we told you so.
Could be the beginning of something speical, you could become a feeder club for Spurs. Fancy sending anymore down that are not required? Johnson, Tevez, Richards????
G Star
A mate of mine who is an huge Arsenal nut told me the very same Rocky7 and I refused to believe him. I just hope the Yids take this onboard.
Hating AVB already... Really?! I haven't picked up on that. As for Adebayor for 5mil I think it is worth a punt, especially as we can't seem to attract a single striker to our club. A stroppy Ade over a happy Defoe and day of the week. I mean it's not like we paid +20mil with silly wages. Plus it's only a 2 year deal with the option of another 2 years. Very clever if you ask me.
North Upper
sonic, you some kind of **** ... call yourself a spurs supporter *****er!
SonicBorg you are an absolute ***** who does not know anything about football, how can you say AVB is destroying the club? we're selling Dawson as he is 4th - 5th choice behind Verts, kaboul, caulker, gallas. Wait untill the window shuts before judging him, you sound like a school girl in the play ground!!
G Star very funny lol
SonicBorg, I see you are an idiot on here as well as our site.. No one hates AVB, let alone the majority.. It's only you, who posted that ridiculous thread on our site and then ran away..*****.. As for Adebayor great bit of business, he only cost us £5m so if he turns against us then so what £5m is no loss..
the corner pin
Rocky, that has been pointed out numerous times already on this site but thanks for pointing it out again. Btw there was nothing polite about the way it was pointed out by the majority of Arsenal fans that came on here at the time of his signing.
Just glad he is gone, well done B. Marwood.
To those Spurs fans saying he only cost £5million, think again chaps, his loan deal last year cost £5million not including wages. His transfer price is £6million and Spurs have also paid a significant signing on fee to make up for his shortfall in wages, as the article above points out.
Sensitive info?? Been in the public domain for weeks. If Ade performs like he did last year, then I'd say bargain of the century. Where are all these Spurs AVB haters then??? Stop the unnecessary stirring Sonicborg
Zummerzet Spur
Rocky 7, I can assure you on the previous related article many of us acknowledged the Arsenal's warnings. As for AVB I just like to register my personal disappointment that he hasn't been wearing his weirdo raincoat at the touchline of late or done that much jestering.
Johnny Baguette
We at Vital Spurs new this sensitive information weeks ago....
AVB out!
If that's the case Sid, why are there Vital Spuds on here claiming that you've only paid £5million for Badabuyor?
Sonicborg, you need to get out of your bedroom mate and swap that white shirt for a red one you talk utter *****'e!! Your not a spurs fan you might be a Harry "the green eyed patriot" redknapp's fan but not a spurs man!!! Actually it would say a lot because if we didn't sack him and And he was offered the england job you would be back on vital slagging him off and not AVB!! All the supposed spurs fan twa'ts on talk sport this morning complaining because Dawson is being sold aswell!! I wonder how many times they have sat in the south stand and watched Dawson kamikaze someone from behind in the box after being caught in possession or totally done for pace !! And that's without a high line.. Anyways thanks Michael you've shown great heart... Different approach this season off you go.. And ADE for 5 mil 10 mil whatever?? We could have bought Steven fletcher for 12 mil or Dzeko for 32mil!! Ermmm I think I'll settle for money bags bayor!!
Dzeko for £32million? Why would you do that? That's more than City paid.
Bored already, only been here 5 minutes and im already looking jump of a bridge. Anyway thanks for the player. good luck with your season. going back to VS, much more happening there. Thanks lads.
G Star
G Star, I'd seek some professional help if I were you mate, having a desire to jump off a bridge because you're bored is not the actions of a sane person. Take care of yourself fella.
Bluedub what we're saying is the actual transfer fee paid was 5m (6m maybe). As for signing on fees and transfers these are part of most transfers. Fact is if he didn't have his reputation his transfer fee would be 4 times what we paid. Then again you wouldn't sell. I just think this is worth a punt at the price.
North Upper
NU, I'm not saying that you're not getting a good deal, in fact I believe you are. City are getting rid of a major headache too so I guess it's a win win.
Manchester City After heavy speculation, Roberto Mancini, manager of Manchester City, confirmed on 3 January 2011 that a fee of £27 million (€32 million) had been agreed with Wolfsburg for Džeko, which was City's second highest transfer figure, after Robinho's £32.5 million (€42.5 million) move from Real Madrid in 2008. The transfer fee was the sixth highest in the Premier League. Also, the sum broke the Bundesliga record departure transfer fee, Bosnian record transfer fee, as well as that of any player from ex-Yugoslavia. The previous ex-Yugoslav record stood for more than a decade – the transfer fee paid by Real Madrid to Fenerbahçe for Elvir Baljić in 1999 (€26 million). Sorry I meant €32million or did I?? Could be that magical £5million again we been going on about lol it pops up everywhere infact seen as mancini don't really love Dzeko and Johnson no more I tell you what I'll give Danny boy a ring and tell him 5MILLION twice please 1 for Adam and one for Edin!! Yes please!! You got loads of money share the wealth!! Have a good season City boys. :-) COYS!!!!
Exactly Bluedub, everyone's happy. For now... I think though (and I hope it's true) us only signing him for 2 years with the option for us to extend for another 2 is smart on levy's part. If/when he does play up then we're not stuck with him for too long! Like I say I hope that's the contract he signed.
North Upper
Don't worry about it Chris, everyone exaggerates what City spend, you're not alone mate.
The funny thing is that there is no way in the world Spurs fans will listen to Arsenal fans and they'll be in the same bost in 2 years. Looking forward to it :)
We're just the same when it comes to the Rags Rocky7
How much damage can he do in 2 years...?
North Upper
Rocky7, I remember loads of Gooners saying we would regret signing him and we did. I am glad he is gone.
buzz lightyear
The fact that he is only on a 2 year contract speaks volumes.... he doesnt usually start playing up ( or should I say down) for about sixmonths after a permanent signing, so that eats away at the time. So make the most whilst you can... we were warned by the Gooners and thought they were being sour but they were spot on.... so be warned that you will only get about six moths before he becomes a lazy so and so.
Nice to see the Spud dreamers have been voting on our poll. LOL! Did you guys know that only one team has ever won the league after losing their first game of the season? The omens are not good for your lot I'm afraid. Then again, they never were - I just wonder how long it will take this season before the optimism wears off. My betting is Christmas.
Fifth - it's a welcome change to see the Spurs fans dreaming about winning it and clogging up the poll instead of rag fanboys ruining it.
Every fan dreams of their club winning the league don't they? The fact it turns out ending in a nightmare is another matter... Still we will keep dreaming, forking out hard earned cash, ruin relationships, livers and other internal organs to keep the dream alive!
North Upper
Don't forget last years loan fee of £2m? That brings his overall transfer fee to £8m + whatever monstrous signing on fee you paid the greedy rat...
Last years loan fee of £5million Rojo.
Yeah but Rocky7, a lot of Arsenal fans also told us Clichy was awful, and he has been one of the best left-backs in the world for us and an absolute snip at £7million.
Thanks for paying the lion-share of a players wages that you no longer own and selling him for peanuts. Levy is a genius and your sheiks have been raped. Boo-ya!
Bowerman, don't be so silly. We are not paying any of his wages, it is not permitted within the rules to do this. City are likely to have paid Ade some sort of severance package and Spurs are likely to have paid him a signing on fee. Both of these added together is likely to make up for the shortfall in Ade's wages, what these figures are we don't know and we're never likely to know.
The Guardian: His last City appearance was in December 2010 but the player still had two years to run on his £170,000-a-week contract, with Spurs understood to have struck a compromise over his new deal which involves the payment of a significant signing-on fee and a lower salary to be incorporated into the club's wage structure.
Except we aren't paying a penny towards his wages, a new myth that will be peddled.
The Telegraph: Adebayor had been on £170,000-a-week at City and, while that salary has been reduced to around £100,000 to fit Tottenham’s wage structure, he has also received a big pay-off to leave the Etihad Stadium. It is understood that Adebayor received a signing-on fee from Tottenham of around £4 million.
But feel free to believe the red top gossip columns rather than proper journalists. We're completely free of Adebayor and that my friend is a fact.
City will have given him a golden handshake to cover any losses and that will be the end of it.
Both parties win.

If City were without two of Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli, Dzeko i'm sure Ade would still have a part to play, but he is not in the same calibre as any. He was fantastic for us last season and well worth the transfer fee. His wages are a pain in the ass as he isn't worth anywhere near 100k+ a week, but we are happy to have negotiated that and i'm sure City fans are glad to have him off their books.

Let's save this "thorn in the side" nonsense. He was good for City when he played, good for Spurs when he played and good for Arsenal when he played. The fitness of RVP saw Ade sidelined for Arsenal. Arrivals in Aguero, Dzeko and Balotelli saw Ade sidelined for City. That is the only reason his performances slipped. When he is a regular first team started he provides assits and goals as proven.
Ryan, he was good for City for a couple of months, after that he was largely useless. Aguero had not arrived by the time Mancini had decided he wanted rid. In fact Dzeko was brought in after Ade had left to Madrid on loan.
BBC website: But with the player refusing to accept a big pay-cut, the Premier League champions were forced to accept having to continue to pay the player the difference between his new wage of around £80,000 and his earnings at City in order to complete the deal.

The Telegraph: Aug 21st: Spurs and City had previously broken off talks over Adebayor, who scored 17 goals while on loan at White Hart Lane last season, since his wage demands exceed the London club’s budget. However it appears City are now willing to make a significant one-off contribution to compensate for the reduction in Adebayor’s future salary if Spurs meet the Premier League champions’ transfer-fee valuation.

You can choose to cherry pick the quotes that support the conclusion you want to reach as much as you like, but the truth is, nobody really knows, and that my friend, is a fact.
Yep Guyver, we will continue to provide quotes, such as this one "However it appears City are now willing to make a significant one-off contribution to compensate for the reduction in Adebayor’s future salary" Perhaps if you'd care to read what yyou yourself posted, you would realise that we ARE NOT payting any of Greedybayors wages - we paid him a severance package, Spurs gave him a golden hello. The figures don't matter, what matters is dispelling the deliberate misconception on the part of numerous Spurs fans that we are subsidising his wages. We are not, and that's the important fact.
Seems you've completely missed my point fifthcolumnblue, So i'll spell it out. You can cherry pick any quote off the media to back up your preferred conclusion. Why don't you believe the BBC? Difference between you and me is im saying, nobody knows the contract details for sure, while you and some fans of BOTH clubs are carefully selecting media snippets that back up your claim, while ignoring everything else. Confirmation bias.

"misconception on the part of numerous Spurs fans that we are subsidising his wages. We are not, and that's the important fact." A fact? backed up by what? newspaper quotes and a source that cannot be named. You are claiming to know more than you possibly can know, that's the important fact.
Guyver, why would City continue to pay a weekly wage to a player that is no longer on their books? I think it's obvious that they would pay Adebayor in one lump sum to get the situation resolved and cut all ties, would you agree that that would be the most likely scenario?
"why would City continue to pay a weekly wage to a player that is no longer on their books?" Because Ade would refuse to leave unless he recovers all that he was set to make, whether in a lump sum or via wages (like the loan deal). Either way, neither of us know what Spurs or City have contributed to the Ade deal, so il go with what you wrote above "Both of these added together is likely to make up for the shortfall in Ade's wages, what these figures are we don't know and we're never likely to know". Well said, and backed up by the fact that there are so many conflicting stories on how the deal was structured.
Sorry Guyver, we seem to be getting our wires crossed here. My argument is that City are no longer contributing to Ade's wage as they have given him a 'golden handshake'. The BBC report suggests that we are subsidising the wages in the same way we were during the loan deal, I believe it's ridiculous to suggest that City would do that rather than cut all ties with a lump sum.
How much would that lump sum be? If added to the loyalty bonus he was allegedly stalling the deal for?
Guyver, IF City are still paying some of greedy-bayors wages then surely we can demand that he does not play against us in the 2 Premier League matches as we will still have some say in his playing career? and didnt WHU get fined 30 million for something similar in the Carlos Tevez affair with THIS PART/3rd OWNER SHIP RULES AND WHICH ARE NOW BANNED... so we are not PAYING ANY OF Greedy boys wages in any shape or is against the English FA's rules and regulations,
Whether its done via wages or a "golden handshake" makes little difference to Ade's wallet other than the time it takes to get there. He's also entitled to a loyalty bonus and possibly a percentage of the transfer fee. Would be interesting to see how much City paid overall.
Haven't a clue how much the lump sum would be to be honest. Over the next two years City would owe Ade over £17million in wages if the media reports of his wages being £170k a week are true. If the reports that Spurs are paying him £70k a week is right that would mean Spurs are paying him over £7million in the next two years. Subtract that from what City would owe him and your left with £10 million, so we can assume that this would be the lump sum that City would pay him. All the figures I used are open to debate though as we only have media reports to go by and we all know how the football media like to exaggerate and sensationalise.
Sounds about right Bluedub, but again, we don't even know if Ade accepted a reduced offer, so City may not have had to pay the full 8 - £10m, there are also other factors, bonuses ect. So as you said, we'll probably never know the full details of this relatively complex transfer, but i'd agree that it is unlikely that City are paying via wages.
Sounds about right Bluedub, but again, we don't even know if Ade accepted a reduced offer, so City may not have had to pay the full 8 - £10m, there are also other factors, bonuses ect. So as you said, we'll probably never know the full details of this relatively complex transfer, but i'd agree that it is unlikely that City are paying via wages.
"No Club shall enter into a contract which enables any party to that contract to acquire the ability materially to influence the Club’s policies or the performance of its teams in Matches and/or Competitions. This Rule shall be applied in conjunction with any regulations governing Third Party Investment in Players as may be adopted by The Association from time to time."

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