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The Ped Report Chelsea 2-1 City

Stamford Bridge was today set for the real clash of the titans as big spenders Chelsea and City went head-to-head in the biggest match of the season so far. And what an outcome it turned out to be.

This week's dice shuffle by Pellegrini saw him load the midfield by leaving out danger man Negredo and putting Garcia in front of the back four alongside Fernadinho. Yaya was detailed to be the link with Aguero, with Silva and Nasri to provide the skills. Demichelis got his first start in central defence alongside Nastasic. Predictably Zabaleta and Clichy occupied the full back berths.

Chelsea saw a lot of the ball for the first few minutes then City got into their stride. Much of the play though was in and through midfield with nothing really happening in either danger area. For the most part it was played in the middle third but at least nearer to Chelsea's goal than City's.

Time and again Silva drove the attack to the edge of the box but with only Aguero foraging up front it was difficult to see where a goal might come from as Chelsea closed ranks in numbers and blocked off all the usual through routes that Silva carves out.

In midfield it was becoming a titanic tussle but the new found confidence of Torres was Chelsea's only light up front. On the field, their 12th man Howard Cristiano Wayne Webb followed his usual trait of giving City nothing and pandering to the whims of his new assistant, John Terry.

Once Fat Frank was booked after about 21 minutes, the very next foul committed by City saw the Assistant Ref in royal blue invite Webb to get into his pocket, and he duly did as he was told.

On the half hour as the game was opening up Torres beat the offside trap, got fully clear and steered the ball over the top. Two minutes later he fell like a tree under pressure from Nastasic who once again committed a needless foul. This kept City under pressure and the Chelsea fans in voice and it was inevitable that a goal must come, even though City had had most of the play.

And it duly arrived after 33 minutes when Torres from deep took on Clichy down the right. Clichy was a yard too slow and rolling like a wheelie bin allowed Torres around the corner. Nastasic turned his back as Torres drilled a daisy cutter along the six yard line to find Schurrle unattended at the far post having bamboozled new man Demichelis with his in-out run. Schurrle is the man on everyone's lips, especially when they've had a few because the pronunciation sounds like someone being sick, but the only ones sick in this incident were City's defence who almost switched off en-bloc to allow him to stab home the first goal.

After this City were rocking a little especially when from a safe position Torres cut inside Zabaleta and from nowhere flashed an unstoppable shot against the bar. Chelsea were now on the front foot and seeking blood, especially in midfield where anything seemed to go especially where Ramires was concerned. City's task was to get to half time with no further damage and they achieved this and in fact had chances themselves from Yaya, who looked at last to be setting his sights.

Almost as soon as the second half started, we could see City trying to continue this and with 48 minutes on the clock a straight line move saw Silva combine with Nasri who in turn played in the Mighty Atom. Aguero tuned like lightning and hammered home the equaliser beating Cech at the near post.

The game started to open up now and chances started to appear at both ends with the blocking and tackling in midfield coming thick and fast. As usual if City blocked, the player was cautioned (Garcia) and if a Chelsea player did the identical thing, he wasn't.

Some strange decisions by Webb once again raised the tempo for Chelsea invited time and again to load the City penalty area in the same was as Cardiff had earlier this season and with the quality that they have on board you cannot continue to do that.

As the game started to reach its crescendo just about everybody in Stamford Bridge was settling for the inevitable draw. The game was creeping towards 4 minutes of stoppage time when an almost panic clearance by Terry headed toward the edge of City's box. Nastasic looked to have it all under control, but Torres had gambled and Nastasic had not seen Hart for some inexplicable reason come haring out of his goal into no man's land. The pair of them were certainly struck dumb as Nastasic headed the ball over Hart and towards his own goal. Torres was round everyone in a flash and tapped it home just ahead of the late-arriving Zabaleta.

A dream ending for Chelsea but a nightmare for City. And it begs the question once again as to Hart's concentration. There is no doubt at all that both teams would have accepted 1-1 here. If Hart would've stayed even 10 yards from his goal he would have got to the headed backpass first. But here his ridiculous positioning presented the winner to a much maligned footballer who today simply never gave up. It was that very persistence that saw Mourinho's men over the finish line with three points in the bag and unbelievably City with nothing. Quite how Eto'o didn't get a card for his very first involvement remains one of life's mysteries. But he was very tactile towards Mr Webb so that made it all right.

This was a testing match for City in a stadium that generally gives them nothing. But they were every bit as good as their hosts except for the 10 minutes around Chelsea's first goal. City did not deserve that second goal against but once again the uncertainty caused by chopping and changing centre backs was prevalent. Demichelis in fairness had a good game, except for falling for the bait when Chelsea opened the scoring. Nastasic looked to be doing well also only giving away 2 needless free kicks today.

Zabaleta, having been booked by John Terry in the first half had to behave for the rest of the match and did so despite putting in some earth shattering tackles. On the left City had problems. Having been outpaced by Torres, Clichy looked shaky for pretty much the rest of the match to the extent that Pellegrini pulled off Garcia and sent on Kolarov as cover on the left.

Fernandinho and Yaya did well controlling much of the play, Yaya at last pushing further forward, Silva was magnificent, Nasri put in a shift and lone-star Aguero was simply Aguero. A man never deserving of being on a losing team.

At 1-1 going into stoppage time it was job done. Pellegrini had for me sent out a team to do the job, probably didn't look like winning, but not looking like losing. Mourinho lined his men up in similar fashion, but today the gods were smiling on the chosen one. City couldn't make it three away wins in a row, but hey there were days when winning two matches on the trot was like winning the Champions League to us Blues.

The Pedmachine, though very disappointed, cannot be upset at the level of performance today. But the manner in which the winning goal was presented was totally unreal...unless you are Torres of course. If you are a true predator, you keep running to see what happens and this paid off for him handsomely today. He was mobile in the box and forcing defenders to make decisions all the time and of course having the odd appointment with the grass if it suited him.

City are walking a title tight rope. Generally the title winner doesn't lose more than 5 matches and City have blown three so far although they are now looking more like competitors away from home. They will play worse than this and win matches this season, but how sick must they be feeling as the Pedmachine writes this? Probably not as sick as the Pedmachine!

Anyone fancy Pantilimon for Wednesday?

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The journalist

Writer: Pedmachine Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 27 2013

Time: 7:00PM

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Chelsea fan in peace....can't agree with you completely about Webb. He must have been in total confusion for this match about who he disliked more. We certainly don't look forward to him officiating our matches either. As for both our teams, it was harsh on you guys to lose but we did create good chances too. Blue is the new Red ....peace.
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 19:38:00

@Michael, I think you've misinterpreted, Ped is saying both are big spenders.
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 19:38:00

Blueleader, I can only think of Cahill and Torres' chances in the first half and if course the goal, that aside very little was created. As for Webb, very weak, it was obvious he was letting the crowd dictate, very disappointing.
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 19:40:00

Michael. Bluedub was correct. Both Clubs are handy with the cheque book!
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 19:49:00

i read the whole article and another one , and i noticed some sense of injustice about webb , now i dont know when exactly that happened but you guys were clearly too rough the only times webb didnt see it was against silva that terry did and ramires body check . you guys were quite physical even at certain areas of the game that wasnt needed . And overall i think we deserved to win , you guys played us for a few minutes in the second half of which you scored but when mikel came on , the balance was tilted abit until you guys started defending deep .
Don capon
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 20:48:00

And dont say it was luck , i mean all the years man utd scored last minute goals , you could say it was luck but no one says that cus its fergie . it was clearly a defensive error that really should not be happening for a club like city although i feel if kompany was arou nd things would have been different , but that was a plus for us
Don capon
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 20:55:00

A balanced report imho. City bossed the second half and the statistics edge the game in our favour. Mourinho's gracious statement that Chelsea have beaten the best team in England speaks volumes. He knows his football.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 21:10:00

City is nolonger ruthless like the mancini team.It's lacking the directness and chelsea exploited that by packing the mid-field and counter attack
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 21:11:00

Don, the game was decided by an individual error, of course it was luck. City controlled for large parts but Chelsea did have better chances, a draw would've been a fair result but congrats a big win for you.
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 21:11:00

I'm not buying that bekozi. Mancini's team wasn't ruthless at all last season. Pellegrini's sides are this league's top scorers.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
27/10/2013 21:19:00

Baguette mancini's team was hard to score aganist and the way they did attack,was out of the block!!!
Report Abuse
28/10/2013 05:05:00

I think I can speak for us all in saying that last season we were far too laboured and slow going forward. The morning after the night before, it seems a pity that Pelle opted to play with 3 central defenders and 1 striker against Chelsea. Had we gone with Negredo alongside Aguero with Navas in for Garcia, certainly the older Chelsea players would have been given a sterner examination. Still, a long way to go.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/10/2013 10:43:00

This is funny, a Chelsea fan trying to tell a City fan how City play(ed).YCMIU
Report Abuse
28/10/2013 11:08:00

LOL I thought only the Manure fans are deluded but the blue section of Manc are not far behind. Chelsea should have buried that game in the 1st half itself. You lot hardly had any clear cut chance in the entire game. The Aguero goal also was not even a half chance. The Arabs have taken over your club for 5 years now. What have you won until now? FA cup and a title on goal difference. This is what you get when you buy every tom dick and harry for 25 million.
Keyser Soze
Report Abuse
28/10/2013 17:52:00

Ah, Keyser Soze, how we've missed your foam-flecked observations. Must do it more often, no? FWIW, for all this talk of the "Rejuvenated Torres" (TM Every lazy London-based hack that's ever written a word about football). your strikers have hardly set the world alight this season, with the huge majority of your goal threat coming from your midfield. I thought Pellegrini got it spot on by taking control of midfield and snuffing out the threat. And just to prove how utterly subjective football is, WE were far and away the better side throughout most of the match, and if any Chelsea fans don't believe me, you only need to look at the over-exhuberant celebrations of your manager, players and fans at the final whistle to know what we City fans know - You got out of jail and were incredibly lucky. See you at the Etihad ladies.
Report Abuse
28/10/2013 18:00:00

P.S. By over exuberant, in the case of your manager I meant Crass. For that is what Jose Mourinho is. Any wonder that Old Red-nose liked him so much? He recognised Jose for what he is - an arrogant, egotistic sore loser.
Report Abuse
28/10/2013 18:03:00

You are deluded @fifthcolumnblue. We could have scored 3 goals in first half itself and that would have been game over. But we couldn't and so the match was evenly contested.First half belonged comfortably to us whereas you edged the second half & that to me doesn't sound as "getting out of jail" or "incredibly lucky". We won and we were better than you..............As for the meeting at etihad,That clash would be important if you lot are in title race at that time;-)
Report Abuse
29/10/2013 08:23:00

MHZ, come off it, yes you had better chances but City edged it in terms of controlling the game. Chelsea had a 15 minute spell in the first half when they were on top but apart from that it was comfortable for City until the ***** up at the end. Can't wait to see you at the Etihad.
Report Abuse
29/10/2013 10:33:00

Good grief. What's with the "we've arrived and you're doomed/thrown money around" coming from anyone associated with Chelsea? The arabs versus The oligarch. What's the difference? ...8 months ago Chelsea were lucky to get nil in Manchester. As for crowing about spending money, you're having a laugh...I think we should put this over excitement down to this being Chelsea's first win over City in almost two years and only their third win over City in over three...after all, as their manager said, they've just beaten the best team in England.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
29/10/2013 11:41:00


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