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Thai Money would be Welcome

I`m finding it hard to comprehend some City supporter`s of late. After a season of calling for the chairman to up sticks and go there now appears to be a growing consensus that are unhappy at his choice of who to sell the club to.

These doubts are seemingly built on a non too subtle political article delivered in the sports pages of the Guardian and the musings of an unelected military government in Thailand.

I am sure that Thaksin Shinawatra has resorted to all manner of unethical dealings in order to build his personal fortune, probably just like Roman Abramovich, the Glazers and all of the other billionaires now involved in English football have.

Does that stop supporters of those clubs embracing the new money? Certainly at Chelsea it doesn`t. United`s support offered resistance but post Glazer the club are still selling out an increased capacity week in week out. West Ham, Villa and Liverpool have all embraced the money that will undoubtedly have had its roots in some third world sweat shop.

In a world dominated by capitalism the Premiership is growing into one of the world`s largest brands, hence why it is now attracting some of the world`s leading capitalists. If there is a buck to be made you can be sure these people will sniff it out, just as you can be sure that when the bubble bursts they will be the first out of the country.

Personally I would rather see Manchester City stay in the hands of English businessmen but not if they are to jeopardise the club to the extent that all of the other English businessmen have in previous years.

The club, if reports are to be believed, is losing between twelve and fifteen million pounds sterling a year. They cannot continue to compete with the Readings, Boltons and Portsmouths of this division let alone the top four. Under the present regime that can only end in one thing; long term relegation from the top flight.

Some may prefer that option, certainly the experience outdoes the Premiership every time, but I want Manchester City to be successful. If that means embracing foreign money then so be it.

If Shinawatra is as guilty of all that is said and written about him then let the British Government restrict his business dealings. In the meantime if he wants to throw his money at an ailing but still great football club then Manchester City should be that club.

At least that would give us a chance before the Premiership bubble finally does burst and the money men jump ship.

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The journalist

Writer: Andy Leggott Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 23 2007

Time: 1:58PM

Your Comments

If we do not get big money in from somewhere, Manchester City is a fecked club. Alledged crooked millions saved Chelsea, likewise alledgedly serious dodgy deals have boosted the rags. Both continue to buy trophies with success. The other takeovers all have ropey finance behind them. I take one look at where we are and where we will be without finance and I will now accept anyone's money. I really believe the club is in such a desperate state. Our fastest and most athletic player has gone to Portsmouth. A surefire message to all Blues that we have to Take The Money and Run as the great Woody Allen once wrote. I am for taking Shinawatra's money and giving all City fans the management leadership, entertainment and excitement that we deserve.
Johnny Baguette
Liverpool and Fulham have been to the mad-mad world of Shinawatra before us and both were made to look foolish. Well it's all petering out for City now, and we should be thankful. Let's get real, he's on a another attention seeking ego trip, and who really wants a Chairman with the form he's got. If anyone runs with the money it will be Shinawatra. And good riddance to Distin, he double crossed Newcastle before he joined City. Now in turn he's double crossed City and in the bargain he's slagging us off on TV. Don't worry, the money will come to City as soon as the Super Casino is approved by the House of Lords. Clear Sky
Clear Sky
Distin didn't slag us off he spoke the TRUTH if the Club has any ambitions why sell off the best players... he has said what we all think.
Not just about the personal accumulation of (agreed) unethical wealth- it's about the misappropriation of government, corruption, brutality, human rights abuses (inc muslims). This club will be seen to have sold it's soul if we entertain this ********.
Craig Cain
"I am for taking Shinawatra's money and giving all City fans the management leadership, entertainment and excitement that we deserve". Your a damn fool.
Craig Cain
The desperate state our club now finds itself in is cause for concern. Other clubs are already strengthening in preparation for what will be a more closely fought season for the teams outside the top four. MCFC meanwhile, is treading water. All Blues have been calling for investment for two seasons. Now some of them don't like what happens when the door and books are opened. The board have effectively put the club up for sale - To the highest bidder? Outside of Ranson's post Aston Villa bid and the alledged American hedge fund group's interest it is clear that the City board would accept a bid from Thaksin. IF it comes in. The baggage Thaksin brings with him is certainly cause for concern and a number of Blues, nowhere near the majority at this stage are against his money effectively saving City from almost certain relegation next season should there be no takeover. I may well be a "damn fool," but I don't want to see City nosedive down amongst the deadmen again. Right now I am stunned that Thaksin has not been tried for the crimes you have detailed and that he is allowed to live in London.
Johnny Baguette
'it's about the misappropriation of government, corruption, brutality, human rights abuses (inc muslims).' With all due respect those charges could (and have) be levelled at Blair and Bush yet they were both re-elected by their populace (a novelty Thailand no longer shares). Why is it assumed that we are so morally superior in the west?
31 years
Enough about politics for me anyway. Manchester City FC is for sale. Who are we to block its sale to the highest bidder when he is acting within the laws of this country?
31 years
Is the Club waiting for a takeover before appointing a manager ? As you say all the other clubs a busying themselves strengthening for next season. What are we doing ? ...Absolutely sod all...It is time the board took their finger out and appoint a manager, surely they must have had somebody in mind when they sacked SP. If they didn't then it is another example of their total lack of expertise at running a football club.
31: Aint useful or accurate to speciously bracket Blair, Bush and Shinawatra. Certainly doesn't develop this discussion. As you said, enough of your politics. Yes - we should care who owns this club. We should have standards and we should assert them. I want a board that will conduct the club's business professionally and with integrity. What sort of stability (never mind integrity) would this bid bring to the club anyway?
Craig Cain
Whatever is said on here another day is passing and there is still no news or movement at MCFC. The "interested parties" remain the same as they were yesterday. Meanwhile, a gradual Newcastle takeover continues, Spurs and now even Middlesborough are talking to new players. City's future rests on a knife edge. Anybody got any suggestions or back up plans as to what the board's next move should be if no takeover takes place or nobody else with dirty money takes any interest?
Johnny Baguette
Why were the board so laconic about Ranson's efforts?
Craig Cain
Not the highest bidder?
Johnny Baguette
not as cash-rich?
Craig Cain
Anyone know what is happening with Joey Barton ? I though he was supposed to appear before the Board last week...perhaps there is nobody at the Club until July !!!
nothing can procede in the current vacuum - inc the new appointment and Barton's future
Craig Cain
Good grief, blues, it's chaos. God knows what's happening with Barton, Alphie. All I can imagine is tumbleweed blowing around Carrington. I've just been told there is a rumour now doing the rounds that Thaksin's assets are to be siezed and he will be knacked, so you may have a result, Craig. How much truth is in that, I dunno. Furthermore, expect the top four vultures to circle around Micah Richards as the limbo goes on. One of his best pals is Ishmael Miller and somebody already told him he's off. Meanwhile, something has happened between City and the Ranson people that's for sure and the question is ARE there any Americans? The board may have to bite the bullet if nothing happens within a few days, appoint an affordable manager and stumble on with what we limited and debt ridden resources we have.
Johnny Baguette
Asset freeze An asset examination committee set up by the new government is checking the extent of Mr Thaksin's London properties as part of an investigation into possible conflicts of interest between his business dealings and political interests. "There are two things we need to know now - how he got his assets and whether he has reported them," said Sak Kor-saengruang, a spokesman for the committee. He added: "If we find out some assets have been transferred to the UK we might ask as a government for cooperation to transfer or freeze those assets or we might conduct a lawsuit to recover them." Imagine MCFC being seized as an illegal ill-gotten asset. Come on Wardle - smell the feckin' coffee - they'll get this guy one or another
Craig Cain
Sounds horrible. To all intents and purposes, barring a sudden miracle we are destined to be perennial hangers on and feeder clubs for the big boys if Micah goes. Hate to sound so pessimistic but we are in serious, serious financial trouble. The lads on purelymancity and The Trust have done some superb work in revealing just how dire our situation is.
Johnny Baguette
craig: without dwelling on the politics too much I'd suggest it depends on where you are in the world and whose propaganda you listen too as to where you bracket certain world leaders. However it is a Manchester City site and yes I would accept Shinawatra's money. To steal someone else's analogy should Manchester City be the only kid in the classroom prepared to play it morally correct and then wonder why they finish bottom of the class?
31 years
31: Morality and ethics aside - its not just about the highest bidder - this cannot be the single criteria. Like I said its about long term stability, professionalism and integrity - I don't see these properties in the bid. This man is the target of the assassin and the courtroom - plus he is not the most successful of businessmen. The bid stinks - Johnny take your strap line of the site please
Craig Cain
So stick with Wardle then? In all seriousness his tenure has been nothing short of disaster. From what I'm led to believe they are not prepared to listen to Ranson because he doesn't guarantee a 100% return on their money and any American interest is pie in the sky. What I hope we can all agree on is City need investment. Unless we are prepared to go the way of Leeds of course.
31 years
Sorry Craig, what's a strap line? Please explain. I have assumed that the City board are looking towards the highest bidder because they refused to entertain Ranson. I answered your question with a question. Anyway, I asked yesterday if anyone had any suggestions or back up plans as to what our debt ridden club's next move should be if no takeover takes place or nobody else with dirty money takes any interest. Do you have any? Anyway, can I ask what will you do if Thaksin takes over? Will you stop supporting The Blues? I respect your opinion completely and find your views admirable but can you stop City's board from proceeding if the Thai takeover happens?
Johnny Baguette
Got the message now, cheers Craig. "A strapline is an advertising slogan used as a secondary sentence attached to a brand name. Its purpose is to emphasise a phrase that the company wishes to be remembered by, particularly for marketing a specific corporate image or connection to a product or consumer base"
Johnny Baguette
JB: 'I meant your Thai money would be welcome' banner It implies the site supports the bid. Can we stop it? Only mass action can do that. My personal support will never cease
Craig Cain
I didn't write the article and headline Craig. However, I fully back up Andy's opinion and his journalistic right to express it. If the other four MCFC Vital site journalists support your view and the majority of our visiting Blues protested, then I am sure democratically the article could be removed. With regard to our MCFC future, although I am based in France I never lose touch with back home. I can confirm to you that one of my solid mates is vehemently against the Thai bid. Some have expressed reservations but the majority are resigned to it happening, dreading what would happen if it didn't, pretty much like myself. Across the internet, in particular the MUEN comments sections, it seems most Blues are talking up who the next manager and new players will be if the money arrives at Eastlands. I really do not sit comfortably with it all to be totally honest and detest the way modern day football has progressed but I realise our Manchester City desperately needs finance if we are to stand a chance of surviving at this level, nevermind winning anything again.
Johnny Baguette
okay JB fair enough - but try and think past the immediate - we'd be a gangsters toy. EPL clubs are a coveted commodity aren't they?
Craig Cain
Craig ..... Give us your long term answer. You don't like Shinawatra, you make that quite clear, but are you suggesting that the current board, for all their failings, are likely to sell in City's worst interests? I'm not a fan of Wardle but his one saving grace is he is a supporter and I cannot see him throwing the club to the wolves. Read Shinawatra's bio on a number of sites and there is equally as much good as bad in terms of business as well as ethics and morality. I respect your opinion but you are reluctant to give us an answer to how you would resolve City's problems without Shinawatra. Doing nothing isn't an option.
31 years
31: I'd back my own judgement against John Wardle any day. I'm frankly stunned at the board's courtship of this mob - its extraordinarily naive and dangerous in my view. Obviously, we are not privy to discussions with interested parties- but it appears they have locked on to this bid, and not given Ranson or the septics the time of day. As I said, EPL clubs are good business just now and there must surely be a more appropriate suitor out there? Given the status quo or Thai money, I go status quo and robustly pursue new investment
Craig Cain
Well it's certainly fostered debate. In response to your comments to Johnny with regards my article Craig, I'm sorry but I stand by the article. Although I respect your personal opinion I wouldn't justify my position as editor of this site if I didn't have my own opinions and stand by them. Having said that it is not a dictatorship and Johnny and the others are free (and encouraged) to write whatever they want from whichever stance they wish to take. Indeed Aaron has written in support of the Ranson bid on this very site. I do value your contributions to the site and encourage you to continue having your say. On the subject of Shinawatra, I am quite obviously in support. Quite obviously the club is not in a position to pick and choose suitors and to do nothing will signal the end of this club. For the Blackpool's and Forest's of the past read Manchester City. I also do not believe that this club should act as a moral guardian for the Premiership and its excesses. There is more dodgy money in this league than either of us can begin to imagine, I would rather have a City that can compete. Again though you obviously feel strongly about it and if you wish to have your say and choice of headline I welcome your input. Just send me an email.
Andy - moral guardianship is a marginal issue here. It's about the long term stability of this club - the bid does not inspire any confidence, professionalism or integrity. This guy and his empire are falling to pieces
Craig Cain
'This guy and his empire are falling to pieces'. With all due respect that description fits City to a tee. On the plus side Football is all about opinions and Shinawatra's 105 million and ability to attract a top name manager sounds better to me than Wardle's 'significant funds' and inability to attract any name of manager or retain any of the playing staff.
Craig notice Houllier has quit Lyon and is being linked to City. Do you think that has anything to do with the guy intent on ruining this club as you see it. Somehow I couldn't have seen the likes of Ranieri, SGE or Houllier making themselves available to Manchester City back in December if Pearce had gone. FFS they wouldn't have come near us .... we were all talking Big Sam, Simmo and Davies as the best we could hope for.
31 years
football and its people are notoriously short termist. If we go tits up these people wont be seen for chicken ***** John Wardle is not the target of the assassin, the court or the sequesterer.
Craig Cain
31:Ask the scousers what they thought of his tactics and personnel
Craig Cain
would you have what he won? Or more of last season.
31 years
Granted its a step up. But not looking likely now anyhow.
Craig Cain
Just got to say that we do need a takeover and i will gladly accept Shinawatras Money and i think anybody who doesnt needs to pull there self righteous stubborn arse off a seat and help the club look for one, lets face it, do we want to be watching league 1 football again, i dont, we dont own our own ground and lets face it, our players total value is not amazing so can someone tell me how Shinawatra is going to cash in on City If he buys us for 108m, i`ll tell you, by buying players & getting success(everything a TRUE BLUE wants) I dont want to go back to Peter Swailes, thats what it felt like last year, and Shinawatra WILL only make money at City if we get success cos lets face it(and be honest with ourselves) we are pretty worthless at the moment!!
MM: Suggest you actually read the comments before posting. I think you'll find the drift of the criticism reports moral and ethical issues as marginal. My main concern about the bid was the absence of long term stability, professionalism and integrity
Craig Cain
CC: Sounds like the current board your describing
Ronin: Cheap shot mate, expect more from your usually erudite cameos
Craig Cain
he can be good for you this thai guy but priorities first

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