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Manchester united 4 - Manchester City 2 Johnny On The Spot & Stats Link
13 April 2015 14:31 Post ID: #547703 - in reply to #547614
Quite so Buzz. Sticks in my craw though at the unprofessional nature of some performances yesterday & recently. The more i think about it the more meaning and weight I am seeing buried within Vincent Kompany's BBC interview. Even the way he looked away when he made the comment quoted above. Laden with meaning and frustration.
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13 April 2015 20:24 Post ID: #547729 - in reply to #547614
Crème De La Creme
Ok, we may possibly see wholesale changes at City in the summer, but will MP GO to? Cos if he does get 'the Spanish Archer' should questions be asked about Txiki and Ferran as well? Because we went for the 'Hollistic approach last year and it worked but it was Mancini's team in the most part that won the cups, imo

M'S signings if indeed it was his decision, only 1 player was what I would call had success and he is not here now, Alvaro Negredo, Jovitic, Navas, Fernandinho have had 1 good year, this year they have had a mediocre time,

this years signings Mangala, Fernando Sagna, they haven't had time on the pitch to get used to how we play, never mind the chopping and changing around them when they do from 1 week to the next.
Was they his signings or players that Txiki said Could become good as in Mangala' s case?

Sagna's case is differant, he knows the PL and was Arsenals best defender last year, but a player in his 30 he should have been better, in some games he's been good but most average, and that is not good

Fernando????? Yes he wins the ball in midfield, but when he has it he has not got a clue what to do with it, too many times he has passed it short or made it a hospital ball and we lose possession and he has get it back again, 1 game he has played well... Roma away, the rest Average at best......

Navas, what is it with him? Last year he got us out of our seats with his attacking runs! This year the guy is to crosses what Christ is at Easter, hates em, he has not beat the 1st man or when they do they are just lumped in and hope? Is he another Stevie Ireland a 1 season wonder? Cos if it is then I will drive him back to Spain and leave him there.....
Bony? Not really had much time to make an impact, but when we needed a striker, and we needed one since late Nov, why oh why a player that couldn't play till February? If we got someone on loan for the season, say, we might not be the postion we are in Now..... but i cant put any blame on Bony, the Decision makers Yes

and that brings me back to the original question, should Txiki and Ferran be sacked as well as MP if it goes pear shaped in May?
They have been poor but that I think is down to the tinkering from MP, is it he is trying to keep ALL his players happy and give them game time whether they are in good form or not.....

Edited by cityman51 13/4/2015 20:32
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13 April 2015 21:35 Post ID: #547732 - in reply to #547614
Extremely Mature
Well another spineless performance. We do forget that the first Rag goal by the diver was simply lucky. Clichy did well to get there but was unlucky with the way the ball bounced. Then there were 2 offside goals which nobody in the media are highlighting. You could class that it was great defending to get the offsides but you cant rely on officiating these days.

With an overhaul clearly on the cards and a number of players will go this season, it will make it really hard on Pellegrini to motivate the players from here. Although, I have lost some faith in Pellegrini this season and wonder if he can turn this current squad around.

Couple that with possibly Sagna, Kolarov, Navas, Yaya, Nasri, Jovetic, Milner all looking the likely bunch to move on, along with Lampard and possibly one or both of the Brazilians, there is going to be big change in the squad and it doesnt look like many of them are playing for their positions at the moment. However, if we dont get to CL you can kiss goodbye players like Pogba, De Bruyne etc coming here.

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13 April 2015 22:30 Post ID: #547738 - in reply to #547614
I don't think you can lump Soriano and Bergiristain in together.

The club is thriving off the field and that is part of Soriano's remit so I guess in that sense he's achieving. He does have responsibility though in the hiring of Bergiristain and Pellegrini so he has to bear some of the responsibility for the failings on the pitch I guess.

I'm torn on Txiki, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he has a proven track record but I think the scrutiny he's coming under is fair. I do also believe though that there are extenuating circumstances that are restricting him, namely FFP. I don't want to use that as an excuse but it has affected our ability to be truly competitive in the transfer market mainly because we couldn't offer the wages to sign the top players.
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