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Rooney offside? Hardly matters to the media
30 January 2016 08:48 Post ID: #564797
The coverage of the rag win over Derby has Ben an absolute joke in respect of how the two offside goals have been reported. Utterly laughable and further proof that they remain in thrall to the Stretfords and are unwilling to report in an unbiased fashion. Whilst the hacks continue engage in their favourite sport of 'Manager Baiting' - they just love hunting down a manager, cornering him and seeing if he will fight his way out - they cannot diverse themselves from a slavish desire to pander to the rag fans by failing to call their team like they do others.

City's second goal against Everton was the only issue, the controversy that defined the game.

Not so with Wiggy's goal against Derby as the fact that he came back from an offside position and was still offside when he received the ball is either glossed over, buried or referred to as 'marginally offside' in many of the reports I have read.

Sam Wallace in the Telegraph buried the matter in the middle of his article and used the description "initially in an offside position"

If you read the BBC report you would have to pay attention to the caption beneath the picture to find any reference to this fact...

Social media shows that the view there is bias especially at the BBC in the reporting of all matters rag related is not necessarily confined to City fans....

It is not like we needed any proof but the comments of Danny Murphy at the time on the BBC commentary were laughable as at first he was adamant that Wiggy was inside and only latter when replays proved him wrong did he grudgingly admit that he 'might' have been 'just' offside.

Overall the point being - the Sterling cross of the ball was a major controversy and made all the headlines for that reason despite it possibly (I remain unconvinced that there has been a definitive angle shown) was fractionally out but Wiggy being 'marginally' offside has not been highlighted in anyway whatsoever......

....and yet, although both goals were significant in both games the difference in reporting has been marked.

Let's not get started in the eulogising about Wiggy's strike. It was a clean hit but one that a player of his ability would put away 9 times out of ten on the training ground.....
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30 January 2016 09:52 Post ID: #564806 - in reply to #564797
Vital MC Hall Of Fame
Without a word of a lie, Robbie Savage said in the post match show "I know he was marginally offside, but WHAT A GOAL!!!"

It's unbelievable how they get away with it
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30 January 2016 10:47 Post ID: #564811 - in reply to #564806
Do you mean the rags or the BBC's use of the incredibly limited and shallow twat that is Robbis Savage?

Both are unfathomable and crimes against humanity.

I stumbled across my recording of the CL away game against MGB recently and was instantly reminded of just how excruciating and grating Robbis Savage's commentary was. Truly awful screeching. What a knob.

The discrepancy in the reporting of the 'ball was so far over the line it was outside the ground' and the 'marginally offside' are stark :doh!:
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