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R5Live 'commentary' - what is the point?
11 March 2016 09:54 Post ID: #569222

I had to leave for work during the second half of last week's game against Villa. No worries I thought, R5Live have commentary from the Etihad so I duly tuned in via my trusty DAB portable radio as I bimbled into town on the bus......City were two nil up at the time so I was looking forward to an entertaining remaining twenty five minutes.....

I could not have been more wrong.

I swear that of the 25 minutes plus added time when they were allegedly proving 'commentary' on the game (as was promised in their trailers prior to the weekend) the action on the pitch was described for no more than 4-5 minutes Talk about false advertising!

They spent more time whizzing off to their compatriots at all sorts of other grounds around the country to describe all sorts of non-events such as the ball going out for a corner, a ball passed up field to an attacked who was ....tackled or generally NOTHING happening. It was ridiculous. I know they have a desire to keep fans of other clubs informed of goings on but they really ought to go there WHEN SOMETHING IS HAPPENING! Endless lists of scores from the Championship through to the West Grinstead U13 league were delivered. Ok I exaggerate with the last one but they did give out the National League (Conference) scores.

When Iheanacho was fouled in the box I thought oooh, here we go - we'll get the build up and sweet anticipation that recedes a spot kick......... but no word of a lie they went immediately and I mean immediately (I'm not even convinced that Kelachi had actually hit the ground when the 'commentator said "and we'll head off to Goodison and Juliet Ferrington where there has been a penalty"!) the Everton game where Juliet, undoubtedly a lovely person and very professional, enthusiastically told the listeners about a penalty that had been missed a few minutes ago. Not one BEING TAKEN bit one that had already been saved. No reason to go there right then really was there? Why not stay with the LIVE ACTION you promised you were going to COMMENTATE on?!!

Unbelievable Jeff! I think I managed to keep my thoughts to myself rather than turning the air on the bus blue but it would have been a close call.

It should really have been billed as 'We'll sit someone in the Etihad to act as a coordinator for football events what happens on the pitch in front of him will be irrelevant'. Not very catchy I suppose.

Frustration aside and back on Planet Earth from the stratosphere I have noticed that R5Live commentary in general has declined in it's standard over the years. Decreasingly time has been given to actually describing or commenting on the action on the pitch in favour of a general chit-chat between the commentator and his summariser. When this provides genuine insight this can be fine, it can add to the experience but this I have found is rarely the case. More often than not it is usually some drivel or irrelevant point and with City frequently tinged with "with the quality of their team they should be 8-0 up by now Darren even though we've only been playing for 6 minutes. Have you seen the colour of that player's boots? Why they can't stick with brown like I did when I played. Laced up with human hair donated by the apprentices at the club it was. Glad to give it they were too. We actually used to use their teeth as spare studs if we had lost ours. Those were the days....... Darren? Darren? Wake up Darren" or "the value of the City player boot collection is greater than the entire team they're facing"

I am not advocating a return to "Brown passes to Smith who passes it to Jones, Jones is tackled by Czechwrx who gives it to Johnson. Johnson hoofs the ball forward towards Adams...." but for heavens sake give us more than just 5 minutes out of 25 describing WTF is actually happening on the pitch THAT is what I pay my license fee for!

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11 March 2016 11:42 Post ID: #569226 - in reply to #569222
5Live have got a habit of doing that Skoorb hence I tuned out years ago.

Going to work in the mornings I used to religiously listen until I found talkSPORT. Alan Brazil's morning show isn't brilliant but at least its informative. The only downside is adverts

Talking of talkSPORT, I see they're about to launch a couple of new stations - talkSPORT 2 (launches 15/03/16), talkRADIO (launches 21/03/16) and a new and revamped Virgin Radio, under the talkSPORT umbrealla (launches 30/03/16).
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11 March 2016 19:46 Post ID: #569240 - in reply to #569222
Radio? What's that then?
Oh you mean the wireless!
Didn't that go with 78's?
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12 March 2016 06:44 Post ID: #569257 - in reply to #569240
They have gotten steadily worse. Purporting to provide commentary from a game kicking off at 3pm but then constantly buzzing around the country to report on a series of non-events such as a throw in being taken or a substitution.

It's as if they have adopted the Sky Sports Soccer Saturday methodology and are trying to generate some faux enthusiasm and the 'thrill' of constant action. They cobble together in sequence all the events that take place during different games into one amalgamated massive bundle of perma-excitement.

It makes for a very poor listening experience and is actually a great steaming pile of
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12 March 2016 08:48 Post ID: #569268 - in reply to #569257
Vital MC Platinum Award
I've tuned in my DAB for TalkSPORT 2 and Virgin Radio, not sure about the TalkRADIO, though.
I've found Colin Murray at 10am to be a reasonable listen, others I catch every now and then.

Generally agree with the points made about R5L. It's about the commentators these days, rather than the action, back in the days of Peter Jones and Bryon Butler.
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14 March 2016 09:39 Post ID: #569400 - in reply to #569222
Peter Jones
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