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Chelsea vs. Manchester City

Stamford Bridge



On Sky

Stamford Bridge Showdown

The Clash of the Titans, the Battle of the Billionaires... Whatever you bill this as, it's going to be an epic game.

Andre Villas-Boas has turned Rafa Benitezesque in only a few months at the helm of Chelsea. One can only admire the strength of character Roberto Mancini has displayed, a man who was chastised for his negative football and continually hounded out by those who thought only the 'Special One' was good enough to lead us to glory.

While this game is not of any significant importance to City other than to emphasise our dominance over the top-flight, it is of great importance to Chelsea. Losing today will surely eliminate them from contention, leaving only Manchester United in the hunt for silverwear.

Vital Quotes:

Roberto Mancini was cautious ahead of the clash with Chelsea, respectfully commenting: 'It will be a tough game because they are in good form but it will be a good game because two strong teams are playing.

'We will try to go there to win but we know it will be a difficult game.'

Joleon Lescott, an ever-present rock alongside Vincent Kompany this season highlighted City's mentality, stating: 'We are not afraid of going to Stamford Bridge. We don't think we'll go and score six like at Old Trafford, because that was even a shock to us.

But we know if teams don't apply themselves right against us, we can punish them. Our main goal this season was always the Premier League and that remains so.'

Chelsea Team News:

Chelsea will have to make do without the David Luiz who is suspended after picking up a 5th yellow card of the season.

Jose Bosingwa will face a late fitness test after missing Chelsea's midweek demolition of Spanish giants Valencia.

Player to watch: Daniel Sturridge

The England international left City fans with a sour taste in their mouths after departing for Stamford Bridge.

Fans could not understand why a player with his ability would be allowed to leave, and so pinned the blame on wage demands and greed.

No-one really knows what went on under Mark Hughes' tenure, including Roberto Mancini who was evidently bewildered.

Sturridge has set about proving a point after being overlooked by subsequent managers. After eventually being loaned out, the young striker made the whole leage take notice with his clinical finishing and silky skills.

While he has nothing to prove against City, the Brummie born hot-shot will undoubtedly be a threat.

Manchester City Team News:

Aleksandar Kolarov and Micah Richards respective injuries mean that Roberto Mancini has little choice but to play Pablo Zabaleta and Gael Clichy. This strength in depth is crucial if City hope to continue their unbeaten season.

Player to watch: David Silva

David Silva is the king of exploiting defensive lapses, and against Romeu, he will have the perfect opportunity.

The diminutive Spaniard has proved to be the leagues stand-out player alongside Robin van Percie, and like the Dutchman for Arsenal at Stamford Bridge, he could be the catalyst for City running riot.

Facing compatriot Juan Mata will surely put a spring in the step of the former Valencia man and it will be interesting to see which star shines the brightest.

Match Facts & Stats

Manchester City have not managed to keep a clean sheet in their last seven league matches.

Chelsea have won five of their last six home games against the Citizens.

Match Prediction:

Both sides would love a victory, but I feel that Chelsea may be a little over cautious as defeat would surely rule them out of the title race. With this in mind, their no doubt organised formation will frustrate City to no end. While the Chelsea boss may be content just to avoid defeat, the players will be chomping at the bit - this conflict could just create the gaps City are looking for. If however, the players stick to the game plan, I feel that City's impatience could get the better of them and present Chelsea with enough opportunities to get an unexpected win. I am not sure that Villas-Boas can keep his side from chasing victory and if so, this not only displays his lack of control, but I reckon it will contribute to a loss for the home side. Chelsea 1-3 City.

Next Fixtures:

FA Cup: Home to Arsenal on December 18th 2011 @ 4.10pm

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The journalist

Writer: Lincolnsmariner Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 12 2011

Time: 3:55PM

Your Comments

Match prediction - what a load of gobbledegook - should read - we've got the wealthiest owners hence bought the best players so we will win. Hurry up with the rule changes Monsieur Platini so city can return to the mediocrity that is their birthright
What arrogance! You've got a fine squad but the sheer disregard for the many dangers posed by a good Chelsea attack should have you more worried. Can't wait to see Juan Mata against the likes of Lescott.
MallorcaMag: Google swiss ramble city masterplan - read it and weep, we're going nowhere. Or alternatively don't read this deep analysis of finances and FFPR and live in Cuckoo Land where you think FFPR will stop us. But I do agree Chelsea have a good squad and am not as confident as eighth, if you offered me a 1-1 now I'd probably take it.
mal;lorcamag - nice to see your huge club already getting a nosebleed and returning to the mediocrity that they have made their own over the years. WWYWYWS? Supporting Boro I'd wager.
RD, in case you hadn't noticed there's a whole paragraph up there about Sturridge describing him as having "clinical finishing and silky skills", so there's no disregard of the threat you pose.
yeah because chelsea are financially viable and never have to rely on a sugar daddy? bollox, im a sheff wed fan and as a neutral i can tell you chelsea are not a "bigger" club than city, youve got a bit of silverware that was bought in recent times but city have just as rich history as chelsea.
how to city have a as rich a history as chelsea? 1 FA cup and a mini break to the champions league? and before you start talking about Chelseas bought success remember chelsea were regular top 4 finishers before abramovich bought the club...make your point when you win a few more FA cups and a league or three..
I actually think eightsin is bang on the money. He has effectively given Chelsea a chance if they frustrate City enough, but also given City a chance if Chelsea get greedy and leave gaps in midfield or at the back in pursuit of goals. I couldn't have read anything less arrogant in my life. Based on both teams seasons so far, this is a quality pre-match assessment. Unfortunately I think both these tactics will meet somewhere in the middle and we could be set for a dour draw. On the other hand we could have two teams going hell for leather. We'll know in 4 hours. COME ON CITY!!!!! @RadioactiveD....or Silva against Terry?
Heart of Blue, are you serious? Go have a look at both clubs history before the money came in to either club and stop posting about things that you obviously haven't got a clue about.
Bluedub: I was very clear in my position that the article fails to acknowledge threats *other* than Danny--the "many dangers" beyond Danny. Learn to read, jackass.
RD, why do you feel the need for the insults? I read an article on VC earlier that claimed everything we create comes from Silva, not true, Milner and Nasri create quite a bit too but I didn't have a hissy fit over it, I respected it as the writer's opinion.
rojo: I'll take JT over Lescott any day. But fair point: Silva is incredible. You know, I'm not here to deny the obvious: your squad is in better form and has more depth than Chelsea. You'll probably win the league if you can keep everyone healthy. And you very well may win today, especially if AVB doesn't sort out our defense. My main issue is with the article's prediction of a big win at SB. Confidence is one thing; arrogance is something different. And for a club that, let's face it, is just now beginning to emerge as a legitimate threat (far too inconsistent last season), I would hold your breath before you get too cocky. I think I'm being fair.
H_o_B, Manchester City FC has 13 Major honours since it was founded in 1880. Chelsea FC has 23 Major honours since it was founded in 1905 with the past odd decade supplying the vast majority of those trophies (14). Unless, of course, you think football only started in the early 90's when Sky was founded. This (I would suggest) is probably the case. Idiot.
bluedub: what's the relevance? No hissy fit, just calling it as a I see it: you misread my original comment, then "corrected" me on the basis of your misreading. It was a jackass move.
regular top 4 before abramovich? try 3 times since beginng of prem, and that took you to the verge of bankrupcy, city have won the FA cup 5 times, one less than chelsea, 3 of which you won with roman, you won one league title before roman came along.
No one on here being cocky Radioactive. We've had too many years of struggle to be anywhere close to cockiness. Yeah, we're positive and excited, but certainly not cocky. I daren't dream of winning the epl unless or until we're at least 4 points ahead going into the last game of the season :)
You said there was sheer disregard for the many dangers Chelsea pose, there wasn't, there was a reference to one of them dangers in Sturridge like I said in my original response to you. The relevance is that the article I read earlier singled out one City player as the danger, just as this article has singled one Chelsea player.
Then we have a difference of opinion on the meaning of "cocky." No big drama. Btw: I agree that Milner is grossly underrated. And Aguero scares the hell out of me.
I know both clubs history and im sorry but chelseas is better simple as ,both past and present
yeah 3 times top 4 more than city so whats the arguement?
Bluedub, must I deconstruct my own sentences to prove my point? Do you understand what "many" even means? Just forget it. Hopeless, pointless, and tedious.
Sorry to all those Chelsea fans revisiting the boring "History" debate, but I'd say Sheff Wednesday have a more illustrious history than yourselves up to the point where Abramovich stepped in. TBH, it p1s5es me off no end to hear all this "History" claptrap anyway - every club has it's history, it's just arrogant buffoons from Arsenal and manure that use it as a means of belittling other clubs - Chelsea fans should know better than to get into the history debate.
Do you understand what "sheer disregard" means?
It's one step above utter contempt, isn't it BD?
exactly, chelsea were an average to decent club that spent quite alot more than they had to get a relatvely poor return before abramovich turned up. theres no point talking about history anyway, history wont get you any points. though as an owl i wish it could.
Yes, I do. Perfectly well. Do you understand the basic syntax of a sentence? Consider: "the sheer disregard for the many dangers posed by a good Chelsea attack." If you can identify the subject and the verb, you'll eventually land on the distinction I've made. "Sheer disregard" of the "many dangers." "Many," as in plural. As in more than Danny Sturridge. You can dwell on "sheer" but by ignoring the context of the rest of the sentence, you fail to fully acknowledge the rest of the sentence and its total meaning. Shall we keep going?
Unless you can prove to me that I didn't write what I wrote, Bluedub, you'll continue to demonstrate your misreading.
RD, there was regard to one of the dangers, therefore there wasn't sheer disregard to the many dangers.
Nervous game.... but watch out for Drogba.. He shows up when Chelsea needs him the most and if he decides to play like he can, no defense can stop him.
Blue in Colorado
good luck lads, may the best team (on the night) win - but only if it is us!
inb4 trolls arrive.
hmmmm did chelsea win?...yes,yes they did
ho hoh ho unbeaten run comes to and lead cut to 2 points the bubble has burst xMas has come early.
Good game ! and yes, the trolls are here !!!
Ya, thanks to a red card and a penalty kick for help...oh and Clattenburg...what does that say for you?
Oh the bubble has burst with one loss on the back of some very dubious decisions. And I must have had FanZone commentary on with Wilkins, thank god I don't pay for Sky Sports.
Well done Chelsea. City undone by their own complacency and not putting their chances away. Oh well, let the trolls troll. We're still top of the EPL and one bad day at the office ain't going to spoil things here for me.
City= OWNED! Case closed.
No way would you have come back from 2-0 down lads. I know how Spurs feel. Oh well, 2-1 in your cup final, and the reaction of your fans to every throw in or corner you won says it all - you are terrified of us. See you at the Etihad when hopefully we'll get the blatant penalty we were denied tonight.
Great game and maybe I'm blinkered but I don't think those decisions were so dubious...Lescott's handball was blatant. Kompany was lucky to escape a second yellow before Clichy picked up his second. Chelsea's first goal was fairly scored and our players gave 100% effort. And Silva didn't exactly have a great game either. Have fun with the Arsenal though...
City will not win the league. January is comming. Expect some new players at Chelsea.
masters of our downfall tonight, need to bounce back at home to robin van persie on sunday
Not them decisions BlueBanes, the penalty Silva should have had and Meireles was lucky to stay on imo. Having said that we didn't play to our best tonight and when we went down to ten there was only ever going to be one outcome.
That's your response, Bluedub? Well, we can't always be winners now can we?
Bull*****! Toure slapped and kicked Mata. Kompany should have got a red. Barry and Silva should have been carded for blatant fowls. And Silva dived for a penalty, barely even touched. What has City won anyway as proof of your credentials? Champions League team va Europa team.
Foreign viewer, in case you hadn't noticed City are still 7 points clear of Chelsea. Well done on your win, ultimately you deserved it, we lost all composure after the first thirty minutes and raised your game to seal the win but don't go talking ***** about credentials. The way it stands City have to lose 3 more games than Chelsea over the course of the season to have any chance of catching us, so I wouldn't be getting too carried away.
Seven points in December? Have you won the league now? One FA Cup, that even Portsmouth won. City is nothing special. Mata is superior to Silva too.
Did I say we won the league? I know what this City team is capable of and I am confident at this stage that we will not have a 7 point gap overturned byChelsea. Winning 6-1 at OT and 5-1 at WHL would suggest there is something special about this side but hey we're all entitled to our opinions. As for Silva/Mata, Silva despite having abad game last night just edges it over Mata, that's not just my opinion but Del Bosque's who has the pleasure of working with the pair of them.
the game just proved that Mata >>> Silva . And we deservedly won. Case closed.
You can't even keep control of your players, what a dirty game by city in the 2nd half. Totally swung the game around.
Lost all respect for Yaya Toure after what he did to mata and other players. Really dirty play, he deserved to get sent off too along with Kompany
The game didn't prove that Mata is better than Silva, what a ridiculous infantile thing to say. What Yaya done was out of order but completely out of character. Meireles should have been off for a possible leg breaker on Zabaleta, it was a disgusting challenge. Some of City's challenges were rash but no worse than the dark arts that Chelsea employ, which they inherited from a certain Portuguese toerag.
Well there you have it - the regular posters on Vital Chelsea have been, for the most part, fairly reasonbed in their assesments of the game. Then you have the 12 year old glory-hunters like varun. Case closed.

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