Manchester City - Get Hughes Out! City Lose AGAIN!
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Manchester City 0 - Everton FC 1

The City Of Manchester Stadium


Attendance: 41,344

Get Hughes Out! City Lose AGAIN!

Mark Hughes makes three changes to the side that last took to the field. Robinho, Elano and Richards all come in to the side as Hamann, Vassell, and Tal Ben-Haim all drop to the bench.

It only took 6 minutes for Everton to pose a threat. Leon Osman almost gave the Everton fans something to shout about when his effort flew wide of Harts Left-hand post. Arteta then shook the post from 20-yards when he took a free-kick. Manchester City looked awful inside the first 10 minutes.

Manchester City had their first chance in the 13th minute; Elano moved the ball forward and fed Benjani after a nice one-two with Robinho. Benjani then found Ireland but his shot was high and not at all handsome. Robinho was involved again as he bought a fine save out of Howard who managed to claw the ball away at full stretch.

Everton then had appeals for a penalty turned down on 30 minutes which angered Moyes who believed Osman was tugged down by Ball. City then got on with the decision quicker as they broke forward. Elano found the ball and stung it straight towards goal but straight into the gloves of Howard, who was unable to hold the ball due to the velocity of power on the shot, but nothing came of it.

Manchester City then managed to hit the bar at the other end. After a short space where nothing happened, Shaun Wright-Phillips made one of this trademark shots that left Howard standing, as he watched his crossbar shake. However it was Everton who ended the half on the front foot. Fellaini could have scored twice, when he was inches away from connecting with a cross from the left, and then his low shot was well kept out by Hart who produced a fine save.

Halftime: Manchester City 0 Everton 0

Benjani replaced Jo at halftime, although its not know whether it was tactical or due to injury. However it seemed to change the game as the second half started without any real chance for either side. Zabaleta`s important interception from Neville`s cross was as exciting as it got in the first 15 minutes.

Wright-Phillips then ran down the wing but he was hustled out of it and City won a corner. The corner came to nothing and I`m sure the crowd were all yawning by now. In fact it took to the 72nd minute before either team really threatened the goal. Jo won the ball from a Hart goal-kick, and from this he fed Ireland who ran on and produced a clever shot, that would have nestled into the corner of the net if Howard did not get across and produce a good save.

Mark Hughes then showed more reason to why I now believe he should leave. Ok Robinho was shocking today but it would have only of taken one piece of skill to change a game. So what does he do? Yes. Vassell comes on for Robinho.

Jo then again manage to take the ball down from the air this time from a corner, and fed Shaun Wright-Phillips who fired wide and high. Pretty much summed up the performance of the whole City side.

Disaster! Everton get the ball down City`s end and Cahill beat Richards to the Ball from a cross, and fired the ball home.

Manchester City are lost, they look nothing like the team in the first half of the season under Sven. I`m sorry but Hughes I don`t want you spending this money.

Final Score: Manchester City 0 Everton 1

Aaron`s Conclusion:

I really don`t know what to say, I`m overly annoyed and angered not only by Hughes but the whole team in general. I really don`t think the system and the personnel at the club are right to take the club forward.

Star Player

Forget Star Players. The Fans deserve the praise today because 41 odd thousand still gathered to support a team unable to produce anything worth seing.

The journalist

Writer: amcollinz Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 13 2008

Time: 5:23PM

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Why are you annoyed at Hughes?? Because he played the team that all his knockers have been asking for? The players let us down today NOT HUGHES. It looked to me like some were under the weather, there has been an illness going round BUT F*CKING COMPARING THIS TEAM TO THE DIRE PILE OF ****E WE PLAYED UNDER ERIKSSON. JESUS!!!! I'm sorry but I don't want idiots like you publishing this tripe about my team.
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13/12/2008 17:48:00

Well I certainly can see Kaka,Messi,Buffon all playing in Championship.Well u also can see
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13/12/2008 18:01:00

Aaron I have to say I too disagree with some of your comments. I would have picked exactly that side and it is probably close to our strongest 11. The problem is all the uncertainty hanging over their shoulders and a general lack of confidence in my opinion. And you cannot slate hughes for bringing robinho off, he was obviously injured and doing nothing, fresh legs was what we needed at that time and that was the logical choice. We are going to have to grin and bear the next month Im afraid and not expect too much. Then we can go into the new year with renewed focus and desire, because its obvious we need it. Lets get behind the team, and if we win then good. We don't need more calls for hughes' head
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13/12/2008 18:24:00

i ment as in the type of play we had under sven IN THE FIRST HALF of the season. You can not say we were not good then? This Idiot adores "ur" Club,.. and like i said you dont have to agree to my opinions, but is their any need for that? lol.. The players can only play as they are told, and this week preperation for this game? you would have least of thought we'd be fresh. We didn't have a clue, spesh in the second half.
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13/12/2008 18:27:00

Whatever is happening, the team is lacking motivation and inspiration and hughes is partly to blame. The crowd is also largely to blame too. There is always an air of uncertainty at home games, especially when we're not scoring, and today was no different. We always seem to create these situations with our constant gasping, lack of singing and periods of silence. And the players too, most of them spineless - that has to come back to the manager and his predecessor - we have no leaders and Dunne is a joke. Rant over -I'm drinking gin and its depressing. Tomorrow is a new day.
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13/12/2008 18:31:00

I understand but this 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 just dont work. it did at first but not now. I was a tad harsh on Hughes now, but imagine you were a member of ADUG, would you honestly want to give a guy 100million + who cant even motivate the player to beat Fulham, Everton, Hull, Wigan? There is something wrong, im not totally blaming Hughes because it is down to the players aswell but you can all slate that Elano and Jo are not playing aswel, but what would you feel like if you were being pushed out of a side where you know your capable of fitting in.
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13/12/2008 18:40:00

richest team in the Championship at this rate guys :-)
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13/12/2008 19:31:00

Give "Jim Cassell" a chance.
city 81
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13/12/2008 19:47:00

Time to stand firm, Blues. We are in the **** here. 2 points off the drop zone. Hammers and Barcodes with a game in hand. I said last week that the 433 has been sussed and that we don't have the strikers available who can play the lone role. We should aim to play to strengths and get in behind full backs with a 442 and create more, especially at home. But. We still have to remember MH has a lack of options. However, I'm not convinced many of our players are up for the cause or can handle the intensity of the 28 fixtures we have played. We're literally limping towards January which will be no quick fix. What concerns me now is if we start to really go after this squad's fragile confidence and end up in dire straits by Christmas. We've got to see this through, but Hughes really has got to get a grip of them.
Johnny Baguette
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13/12/2008 20:12:00

JB, I see the Problem is the player not play in they original place, Look to Duune play left center back ( His orignal place is Right CB), Kompany he play center ( His orignal place is Right CB ), Micah play RCB ( Orignal place is RB ).
city 81
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13/12/2008 20:32:00

It's shocking we managed to win without a striker really, only SWP and Hart can come out of that with any kind of credit for City. It's pretty obvious Robinho was *****ed after about 10 minutes, it's ridiculous he started the game. In a way it helped us having 6 midfielders and no strikers, your forwards offer no threat at all (Jo in particular was woeful, but Benjami was almost as bad), and it was vital we won the midfield battle or we'd of been in the *****.
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13/12/2008 20:49:00

Would the labour party appoint mr bean as the new prime minister? would mcclaren appoint steven harkins as their new driver next year. the richest club in the world, needs world class players, needs the best manager with a record of winnin big trophies. hughes shouldnt have been appointed anyway, managing blackburn, wigan, stoke etc is a different cattle of fish. what was all the hype about hughes at blackburn anyway? finishing 8th a few times isnt a great deal... compared to david moyes who always finishes 5th and 4th with average/hard working everton. sven made a good team last year (dispsite joining city with only 3 weeks before the saeson started, is it any wonder we did poorly 2nd half of the season, without a proper pre season), with robinho, swp, kompany, haim, zab and jo added in the summer we should b atleast 8th now. relegation is a serious issue, city are playing like spurs under ramos. the team lacks confidence and leadership. it looks like the players have lost faith in hughes. the defence is worse, midfield light weight and tactically clueless. robinho has been injured for four weeks, yet hughes still picks him! if it wasnt for robinhos goals, we will be in the bottom three. players performances haved dipped drastically and the rumor goin around is that hughes isnt liked within the dressing room. he doesnt make impactful subs, plays players out of position or change tactics during a game successfully. if thaskin was still at city and we had a budget of 5mil, then id stick with hughes till the end of the season. its looking like citys premiership place may gone by may... was this thaskins vision when sacking sven?!! if hughes is given time, city will end up in the championship, even if he unlimited funds. no team is too good to go down, city arent even good team to be homest. when our owners are 5 times richer than ambramovich!!!!!!!!!! we need the best players and the best managers. van gaal = WINNER, rykard = WINNER, lippi = WINNER, mourinho = WINNER. how can 5points out of 24points be any good?!?! y would kaka, buffon, agureo or villa want to join in january for a relegeation fight? expect the dross of belamy, bridge and santa cruz turinig for a relegation scrap. i predict we will lose the next two games. i hope the sheikhs see sense and end hughes reign before january.
enzo city
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14/12/2008 03:47:00

Simply not good enough for a team that is supposed to be going forward, Too much tinkering and playing players who are not fully fit.
Buzz Lightyear
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14/12/2008 05:06:00

I think the easiest and best coach we can get him now is Deschamps.
city 81
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14/12/2008 07:34:00

I have been saying the same thing all season.....we keep on passing it back to defenders.....who then dont really know what to do with goes back to Hart.....who "hoofs" it up the picth to our crap strikers....the only times we look any good are when we pass the ball forward and use good interplay between the players going forward.....a new manager will do us no good what so ever at the moment......what more can someone else do with the squad we've got.......and they cant buy anyone (much) different to what MH will be able to buy......
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14/12/2008 07:57:00

I wouldn't worry about relegation, your only a decent striker away from being a decent side, top 8 easily probably higher. I'd say you need a striker even more than us, and we don't have any at all right now. Cahill out of position looked miles better than either Benjami or Jo yesterday
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14/12/2008 09:59:00

Look what a change of Manager has done at Spurs...that says it all...
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14/12/2008 10:21:00

I think Everton Mike is probably right with what he says about a striker but unless City have a reverse of last season and come out a different team in new year (in a good way) we are up s**t creek now. The srikers we have got can't score and can't hold the ball up long enough for someone who can score. At the other end we have defenders who are not composed enough to either put the ball out of play or clear up the pitch to safety without giving away corner or it going straitght to the opposition even when under no real pressure. At the moment other than for money i don't think we look a good prospect for any future signings. I don't know what but things need changing and they need changing fast.
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 11:01:00

Well look on the bright side, you've still beate.......oh wait you didn't! HAH! It's all downhill from here boys!
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14/12/2008 15:03:00

Hughes will get it right once he is able to bring more players in.....For me the most important aspect is the quality of his signings without the huge money especially Kompany & Zabaleta.........Hughes strikes me as a very shrewd operator & he knows exactly the type of player we need & for what positions........The vassells of this world are important squad players due to their work ethic but they should not be starting for me.......CTID ONWARDS & UPWARDS!
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14/12/2008 15:25:00

I agree with this article. Despite Hughes trying to give the impression that he took on a relegation candidate team. He infact took over a team that for half of last season was top 4 and eventually finished in prob its lowest position of 8th after a bad second half slide which quite frankly was unacceptable. He has spent 80million so I do not think it is too much to expect us to be around 6th place and not flirting with relegation. I actually thought he would be a good appointment probably because I believed the hype (spread by him and his agent) about being the best young manager in Britain. City was always a step up for him and seriously can anyone say that his performance for our club proves anything other than it is a step too far? I frankly do not give any credibility to anything he says anymore. How often has he promised a good run and then gave us another loss and poor performance with our best players playing out of position. It was always a gamble taking on a person with no track record of winning anything. The press are loving it as we are a laughing stock which is why they are not calling for his head. Hughes has simulataneously managed to crush the confidence of our most talented players while placing unstinting loyalty to serial poor performers. I hate to get on one persons back especially when 3 out of the current back 4 have been sub standard all season but a good example is the prolific Vassell with 13 goals in 4 seasons. Yet he was put straight into the team with Benjani after injury at the expense of Jo (who needed to play to gain experience and pref with another forward) or was it Elano or Sturridge. Hard to tell with Hughes' constant changes of personnel and love of playing players out of position and weird or is it lack of tactical decision making. There is obviously something seriously wrong with the team under his management. Dunne has been a liability with his poor form and Richards looks almost as bad with his loss of pace. The only player that has improved that he inherited is Ireland and we all know he did that himself by hard training in the close season. Maybe if Dunne had been doing that rather than negotiating with Portsmouth his form would be better bec quite frankly he neither deserves to be captain or in the team at all on current form. I was at the game yesterday and stayed until the end. Dunnes back header for the corner was completely unnecessary and put the team in the position where we lost the goal. Just an example of the negative or blundering wayward passing that is the norm for him and that Richards is now copying. Some of Hughes signings have been good but really that is not enough with his abject management of the talent he has available. The most heartbreaking thing about this for me is that 4th place was there for the taking this season if we were where Hull are right now as Arsenal are nothing special and will not have limitless funds come New Year as us. I fear the Arabs will keep this loser on (as our owner has yet to step foot in Manchester) at least until the best players state they are not prepared to come to City in the league position we are in with him in post. What world star would seriously contemplate the inherant risk of coming to City with its plans with Hughes not delivering on the basics. As the manager on more than 3M a year he has to take responsibility for making us the laughing stock of the league. I hope we break the bank and get Mourinho who is one of the few managers in the world that players want to work for, no matter what club he is at.
City Girl
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 15:48:00

City Girl, I can't disagree with anything you said. Sparky gets paid enough money and should take the responsibility for the team performing below that expected by the fans. We didn't expect to be in thne top four, but after last season performance, we do expect to be in the top half of the league and not joint third from bottom.There must be an immediate improvement.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 16:48:00

City Girl I agree with everything you say and to put another angle onit MH was not Frank's first choice and we got lumbered with second choice and for me second best is just not good enough and I hope ADUG realise this. Another thing you can expect some flak from bluescot any minute now.
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 20:21:00

wow city girl your words are so true. with west ham drawing, city are just one place above the bottom three. we are equai points with sunderland who are in the bottom three!!! we will be in the bottom three by the time we play west brom and in true city tradition, we will under perform and lose to the leagues worst teams. if hughes only solution to citys plight is "i will sign quality players in january" after every defeat, then we are in ?**** creek. no wonder the players are playing under fear. atleast ramos won spurs a throphy, sparky will take us down.
enzo city
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 20:25:00

Must as I am worried from is we will play with the big 4 on their home!!
city 81
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 20:46:00

Steven Harkins?Cattle of fish?LMAO enzo,think before you type!!
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 22:48:00

oh the irony of the richest club in the world heading for relegation....couldnt happen to a nicer bunch!!!!!
Report Abuse
14/12/2008 23:43:00

Hi lillywhites you have been very quiet for the last few months. Where have you been ?. Have you lost that sinking feeling yet.
Report Abuse
15/12/2008 09:30:00

i guess irony or humour is beyond the small minded.... the fact reminds, if city aspire to be a big club. big managers and big players are required. chelsea have proved it can be done instantly with the right appointment of manager. hughes isnt ADUG choice and he doesnt have a championship winning cv like mourinho, rykard or lippi. even fergie!!! and why is ince the media favourite to get sacked. its not as if he his unlimited funds and a squad of ireland, richards, elano, robinho, swp, kompany and hart. GET HUGHES OUT!
enzo city
Report Abuse
15/12/2008 12:49:00

Oh how the unmighty fall....
Report Abuse
15/12/2008 15:19:00


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