Manchester City - Blues Desperately Unlucky
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United 3 - City 1

Old Trafford


Attendance: 74,576

Blues Desperately Unlucky

Manchester City fail to make the League Cup final after heart-breaking scenes witnessed at Old Trafford. Second half goals from midfielders Scholes and Carrick looked to send United to the Wembley final. Carlos Tevez, a persistent nemesis, levelled the tie for the blues. However, another stoppage time goal, this time from Wayne Rooney heaped misery on the travelling fans and ensured Manchester United face Aston Villa in the League Cup Final.

A momentous occasion predicted as the greatest Manchester Derby for decades, produced a phenomenal encounter which allowed both sides a dream of the Wembley Final. After the unfortunate League fixture at Old Trafford and the 34 year wait for a trophy, Manchester City sensed their time had come to avenge previous failures. The slight 2-1 advantage City took to Old Trafford proved insufficient as our wait for a trophy continues.

A pulsating fixture with an unbelievably high tempo again produced several controversial moments. The usual fiery encounter continued, with several passages of misconduct. Both Rooney and Ferdinand were fortunate to escape punishment as their flailing arms caught the Argentine duo of Tevez and Zabaleta. Greater misconduct followed from the home fans as bottles and coins alike were hurled in the direction of City talisman Bellamy. Howard Webb was left looking on nervously as the high profile match escaped his loose grip into a blood bath.

On the pitch, a tantalising, inspiring and entertaining match took place with despair waiting for one set of fans. Surprisingly City started the brighter, after taking a 2-1 advantage into the tie, the blues would have been forgiven if they took a defensive approach. Mancini`s men, however, were on the front foot immediately endearing themselves to the neutrals. Carlos Tevez was proving unplayable over the two legs with sublime close control and technical ability. The Argentine it was who looked to give City a greater advantage with whole-hearted running creating an opening where he was eventually tripped by Ferdinand. Bellamy was also creating mass confusion amongst the United back four with his typical blistering pace and uncontrollable runs.

The home side looked on with great anxiety as they failed to control the tie. Giggs had their only legitimate chance with his left foot shot bringing a routine save from the excellent Given. Again, City looked to press, their undeniably dashing pace excelled and they were incredibly unfortunate not to lead at half time.

The match was evenly poised at half time with City providing the desirable tempo and slick passing needed. Micah Richards, a persistent thorn in United`s side looked to open the scoring with a superbly struck left foot shot destined for the top corner, Van der Sar scrambled across and tipped it wide. A persistent danger going forward and defensively superior City looked to be the favourites to win the battle.

Suddenly the impetus swung dramatically. After several objects were thrown from the crowd striking Bellamy, a poor City corner led to a breakaway from the home side. The defence became unstuck and after several opportunities to clear Scholes popped up and netted. The goal sparked a dominant passage of play from United as they decided to attack a youthful back four who had previously looked unbeatable. Again City were looking bemused and shell-shocked as Michael Carrick placed his shot into Shay Given`s bottom corner. Old Trafford roared as they headed to Wembley. Glum faces amongst the City faithful looked on as the tie slipped from their grasp.

Despite this, the forward line of Manchester city persisted and persevered with chances falling to both sides. Disappointment and despair was suddenly converted to elation and hysteria as Carlos Tevez levelled the tie. A remarkable flick from Tevez ended United`s dominance and City looked back on track.

The pendulum had again swung over the 180 minutes and it was the blues looking to press and relieve themselves from the tension of extra time. Chasing every ball like gladiators we were unfortunate to grab a late equaliser, winning the tie on aggregate. As injury time was reached the sense of holding on for extra time looked to enter the youthful minds of Mancini`s players. The mentality of Alex Ferguson`s players had switched as they became aware of their neighbours anxiety. With the horrific memory of a Stretford End stoppage time goal previously we hoped lightning wouldn`t strike twice. Nevertheless, after previously being warned from Fletcher, producing an outstanding save from Given it was United who won the tie with a Wayne Rooney header. The red half was met with joyous scenes as they had knocked their "noisy neighbour" out of the cup. Anguish, desperation and a hint of unjust entered the minds of every Blue shirt involved.

This was an extremely harsh ending which was difficult to swallow after an enthralling two legged cup tie. The undeniable degree of ability from a youthful and newly-built side is slight consolation from what was a near perfect.

"34 years….. and we`re still here'

Star Player

Richards- after a huge dip in form Richards has increased unbelieveably over recent weeks. A phenomenal display from the right back providing both courageous tackles and neat attacking football. Didn't deserve to be on the losing side.

Player Ratings


Sublime goalkeeper made a great save from Flecther which should have meant extra time. Few other notable tests as the back four looked strong


after a huge dip in form Richards has increased unbelieveably over recent weeks. A phenomenal display from the right back providing both courageous tackles and neat attacking football. Didn't deserve to be on the losing side.


A great prospect with a bright future. Looked very steady and accomplished at the heart of our defence. A few rash clearances the only black mark over two strong games.


Another typically marvelous display from the stalwart. The first defender on the team sheet, will be too strong to replace.


Unfortunate to be given abuse from City fans after the game because his performance was limited. He is much improving but has had stronger games.

De Jong-7

Provided that wall/shield for the majority of the encounter. A quick break away undid all his hard work. Found it hard to remain strong when the match became end to end.


A good performance. Nothing spectacular but he provided another layer of defensive strength and he regularly set up City attacks.


His running in midfield endears him to the fans. A strong display and our midfield looked unsteady without his defensive balance.


Started very brightly and the systematic fouling continued. Tired very early and became a liability. When on song he provides the side with good balance and is greatly feared by them lot.


Typical. Displaying both sublime skill and pace as well as great determination. A truly class player who would have loved to throw the bottle etc back. Didn't faze the talisman.


Another fantastic performance when all eyes were on him. So difficult to remove once on the ball. Very unfortunate not too score that terrific run. Rewarded with his efforts when he scored a deft flick.


Added little. Looked to operate on the right where he isn't as influential.


Was an asset as a target man. Took defenders away for the goal and allowed Tevez to sneak infront of Ferdinand.

The journalist

Writer: Yak Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 28 2010

Time: 10:28AM

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desprately unlucky my arse! the better team won. deal with it.
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28/01/2010 11:07:00

Another superb Live Match Report OAB. That's 18 goals in 24 starts for El Apache.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:11:00

Spurs City obsessives strike yet again!
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:12:00

Get a life once a fkn blue! U will never conquer us ever! U make this huge fuss about a coin when u****s did the same thing! Just goes to show. Ur team is nothing but a bunch of overpaid ****s with no real purpose but to suck the poor owners dry.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:25:00

Excellent match report OAB. I'd like to add Giggs had a flailing arm moment on Richards also which was more deliberate than other two.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:29:00

Blackfac, that joint in the middle of your arm- that's your elbow, the flabby thing at the bottom of your back with the crack in it- that's your arse. Have you got that? Good, now jog on you ******** numpty.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:33:00

Blackfac3, what ******** planet are you on you ******** non entity, bleed our poor owners dry, i think you'll find that it is your club that's in the ***** with financial restrictions due mainly to Mr Glazer preferring to line his own pockets rather than spend on your arrogant bunch of tossers who cheat their way to success time and time again, but bare this in mind dickhead, that every time you drive to the garage to fill up your Reliant Robin your helping to pay for one of our new players, so do every one a favour and slither back under your rock, because we will be back and that you can be certain
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:41:00

Blackfac3 - We will conquer you but our work will be cut out to do it before the banks do!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:45:00

Spuds- please remind me, how did you do in your semi final?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:46:00

Congratulations on your first ever post on the Vital Network black..facup 3rd round.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:57:00

Bitter cos we sailed past ya
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 12:11:00

Sailed past eh? Would that be the Titanic you're sailing on? Mind that big iceberg dead ahead.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 12:28:00

How far have United sunk just to beat us in the Carling Cup? A full strength team to beat a weakened City side, is that really the height of your ambition? We'll have to see how we get on in the FA Cup, oh but you're not in that are you? And don't even think about mentioning the Champions League as you don't really need to embarrass yourselves as you are nowhere near good enough to win it or even get near the final. City are coming but the big question is can we beat the debt collectors to topple the crumbling empire?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 12:47:00

SWP had a shocker for me. Like he was dancing on ice all game, and he gets muscled out everytime. Id never start him in a derby again. He gets a 6. Zableta made no impression in midfield or at left back. He gets a 6. Kompany and boyata were ordinary. They get 6. Was barry playing? He gets a 6. I dont think city were unlucky, apart from tevez penalty. Bellamy should have taken 15minutes to clear his head after being assaulted by united thugs. That crap corner he took straight after left city exposed in the defence for the break on the 1st goal. City needed the first goal to have any hope. It wasnt meant to be. Lets go for the FA cup now.
Super City Slicker
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 13:10:00

Good match report as usual
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 13:27:00

Great detailed report OAB and therefore FACT..can't argue with that. Stopping myself being drawn by the crass posters will not work. Any one totted up the value of each team's starting 11. I've totted it up roughly but probably one for Statto JB PS What a *****e ground for getting out organising a helicopter next. Still gutted
taggarts nose
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 14:06:00

we gave a great account of ourselves,im very proud of boyatta's performance,espically as i was very fearful when i learned that he would be starting the game. it was a great experience to reach the semis and that experience will serve us well,after 18 months of new ownnership a league cup semi final is nothing to be sniffed at. CTID
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 14:54:00

TN- There 11 last night i think was around 120 ours around 92.
Once a Blue
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 16:22:00

Hahahahahahahahahaha desperately unlucky!? Hahahahaha are you serious!? How desperately unlucky were we to lose the first leg? How desperately unlucky were you not to lose by 4, 5 goals last night? Over the two legs, EVERYONE knows and admits, we were by and large the better team. So you somehow trying to make yourself feel better by telling yourself you were somehow unlucky is really nothing short of stunning!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 16:34:00

Kevinho - Full strength side? I could swear we were missing Vidic, Valencia, O'Shea. And you played a weakened side? After all that money spent, you still have a weakened side? A side that had De Jong, SWP, Bellamy, Tevez, Adebayor, Zabaleta, Gareth Barry? That IS quite weakened. The height of our ambition? Are you serious? You expected us to lose to you....AT HOME by playing our reserves? Would you ever let us forget it if you had won this CC tie even if we had played our U-12s? NO, so sod that ambition talk. Ask Arsenal how much Spurs fans remind them of their CC semi-final 5-1 drubbing! Fortunately SAF is smarter and does not want to suffer the same fate. He understands the fans, he understands the need to put you in your place. He understands the need to show you that you can spend all you want but it'll take a monumental task to push us off our perch! You expect us to pave the way for you to win a trophy? 34 years! Haha take that in your pipe and smoke it!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 16:43:00

FU - when other teams have chances that means they could have scored too or is it your belief that that is exclusive to United. Kev was saying quite weakened because three of our four first choice defenders were missing, so he's right. The players you list aren't all necessarily first team players. Will you still come on here when we do overtake you, or are you a typical rag that only sings when your winning?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 17:14:00

Fergie understands your fans so much he keeps telling them to shut up about the Glazers. Fergie is a fink for the man and his legacy will be forever tainted amongst the man u faithful for standing by the Glazers 100% despite what your fans think. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 17:17:00

lol Bluedub - FACT we are in final you aint, FACT we were missing some of our top names just like you lot, FACT idiots spoiled it both legs for throwing things
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 18:02:00

FACT city are in the fa cup still.FACT we create an atmosphere at eastlands.FACT old trafford is one of the most souless grounds in the league. give me loyal fans and a cracking atmosphere over a bigger ground and a few cups any day. CTID
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 18:30:00

As much as i wanted you to win, i thought Utd were much better and deserved the win.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 18:48:00

Bluedub - Several of the Liverpool fans on Vital have warned us about ForeverUnited before as after everytime Liverpool beat them, he goes missing for weeks on end. In fact after we won the first leg I can't recall ever seeing him about. They'd better leave him in charge at Old Trafford when the debt collectors come calling as he can be so elusive that the bailiffs mightn't be able to get in!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 19:28:00

Kevinho - case you haven't noticed, I rarely come on here. If you look at the table at Vital United, I'm rarely here on vital football! I normally stay away from here after a loss because basically our vital site is full of WUMs like you and I don't want to say anything I'll regret while I'm such a mood. And I wouldn't have even bothered to come here but you have a way of winding me up with your article titles. So yes, I stay away during losses. I find no shame in admitting that. I don't take losses very well and I find no comfort in further discussing it on here.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 20:17:00

Bluedub- When are you going to overtake us? How are you going to overtake us? You're going to win 11 FA Cups, 18 prem titles, 3 CL titles? If you live to see that day, if I live to see that day, yes I'll be here to congratulate you and you have my word on that! You can quote that. You say you're weakened because 3 of your first choice defenders were missing? Haha you call Lescott and Toure defenders? They wouldn't even get into the Scunthorpe team, they are tosh! And if Mancini makes the mistake of changing this current backline, you'll go back to when Hughes was here!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 20:21:00

filth- OK lemme rephrase that. When it comes to club RIVALRY, yes Fergie understands us. Thats what I meant. Better?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 20:23:00

FU, you are definitely Nobby Allcock. Come on, ADMIT it.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 20:42:00

you stay away from VM sites when utd loose?some fan you are,christ i knew some utd fans were bad loosers but that kind of attutide is pathetic man.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 20:46:00

So finally a United supporter admits to being a good weather fan who can't take losing, who'd have thought it! It might be a bit quiet in seasons to come if a few more of them can admit to their shortcomings.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 20:47:00

me predicts a 'boro style crowd exodus.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 21:00:00

Arsenal will dick them on Sunday.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 21:04:00

How long has it been since Utd took the League Cup seriously (save for when they reached a final)? The emergeance of City as a massive threat to all in the Prem, sure put paid to that one didn't it?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 21:10:00

FU just a thought Do you still live at home.. does your mum make you horlicks?
taggarts nose
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 21:17:00

That wasn't an outpouring of rag Wembley joy at the final whistle. It was an outpouring of rag relief.
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 21:24:00

lol - you guys dont ahve a hope in hell of winning the prem, and seriously no chance of the FA Cup - yes Leeds knocked us out of FA CUp - but them outplayed us, and OT not got any soul - you are full of crap!
Home supporters are loud, and when we get behind our team they perform like they did last night to beat you lot and book us a spot in the final
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 22:30:00

utd supporters loud at OT???you must either be hearing things or just plain know for a FACT if utd were in the position we have been in for the last 34 years that utds crowds would only be 30,000.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 22:36:00

ForeverUnited - you know as well as we all do that it's not a case of if, it's when. I can't tell you when that will be but i do know its inevitable. I wasn't talking in terms of your trophy record( only a Utd fan would make such an arrogant assumption), I was talking in terms of us winning league titles and cups over the scum. Perish the thought, if you can't even take a bit of banter after a defeat you may well implode when that happens. I'd have Lescott and Toure over Evans and Rio any day.( I know Vidic is there but not for much longer eh?)
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 22:55:00

Niteworlok - that Rafa style rant was just priceless, it has to be one of the funniest things i've ever read on here.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 22:57:00

Bluedub - You forgot Chris Smalling, I don't think that I have stopped laughing after the club with no money and huge debts from just outside of Manchester have spent upto £12 million on a player who has made just 4 Premier League appearances - talk about a panic buy. It definitely sounds like they're preparing for life after Vidic as there'll be some more interest to pay off by the summer!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 23:14:00

Oh and the only atmosphere apart from the away fans at the swamp is the crunching of prawns, camera flashes and bombarding the pitch with missiles.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 23:15:00

Gonna have to say mates, I really didn't care who won - but United were definitely they better team over 180 mins...and I hate United..
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 01:16:00

dub - It is inevitable that you'll win the CC before the end of the century yes. I mean by that time, you'd have spent billions on moneygrabbers anyway. I don't get what you mean by winning trophies over us? Would that mean overtaking? We've been winning trophies for years and 'poo have never even won a PL, but they still maintain that they are the best team in the land. You know was well as I do that you won't live to see your dear club overtake us. Hahah Jeez, you have to wash that mouth of yours immediately! How was your team doing with Toure and Lescott in defense? How many games were you winning? You dare compare those two wastes of money to a player who was part of a defense that went 11 games without conceding a goal last season!? Or the season before that when we only conceded a handfull of goals all season? Or the season before that? What are you on?
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 02:09:00

Kev - If we weren't comfortably servicing our debts, we couldn't afford players now could we? And I tell you what, we'll be buying more players in the summer too. Your debt arguments are soooo old! I know you arent smart enough to think of better ones but at least TRY! We'll continue win more trophies with our huge debts thank you very much. And you keep holding on to your delusions about us somehow 'dissolving'. I need something to hold on to anyway.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 02:17:00

Haha you dare tlak of atmospheres!? Before this season, you never filled that dump of yours! Not even on rare EUROPEAN nights! So I find it funny that you can even attempt to use the glory hunter argument! Hahah woow
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 02:19:00

Unlucky? LOL!!!!!!
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 06:38:00

Atmosphere at OT on a Euro nite is electric - and we are just about full to capacity
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 16:52:00

full to capicity of souless,football iginorant tourists.its about quality my friend.oh and as your comment re city winning the league cup by the end of the century,it took 'sir' alex five years to win it,our new owners have only been in place 18 months.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 20:41:00

FU - You're right about there being more players to arrive at the swamp in the summer. I mean a desperate £12 million buy from Fulham will be offset by the £25 million sale of Vidic meaning that £13 million will go directly to the Glazers or the bank. You'll probably be looking to sign some other cheap players to replace the likes of Rooney in the next year or 2 but you'll soon run out of assets at exactly the wrong time with some of the old men reaching the end of the road. Anyway I'm sick of talking about your lot so I'll end with a good luck message to both Arsenal for Sunday and Villa for the final of the 'mickey mouse cup', as its so often referred to by fans of your lot.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 21:04:00

I never said anything about city winning the league cup
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 21:16:00

i was referring to FU.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 22:35:00


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