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City 0 - Arsenal 3



Attendance: 47,325

City Fall Foul Of Clattenburg's Decisions

Manchester City were left feeling outraged after their 3-0 home defeat to Arsenal. Goals from Nasri, Song and Bendtner ensured Arsenal left Eastland`s with three points, after a controversial red card to Dedryck Boyata in the 4th minute spoilt the game.

The makings of a good refereeing performance are simple. The old famous saying of a good performance from a ref is when he isn`t noticed or talked about is generally accurate. It always makes you wonder then when Mark Clattenburg- a qualified Premier League referee- decides to make himself centre of attention.

A fixture between Manchester City and Arsenal- two sides with desperate title ambitions- would usually be one to enthral, a match pleasurable for a neutral, a fixture between two thoroughbreds. However, after only four minutes referee Mark Clattenburg decided to take matters into his own hands and end a potentially great spectacle.

Young defender Dedryck Boyata has impressed with his performances in the first team and started ahead of Joleon Lescott- a defender who looks surplus to requirements. Nothing would have felt more crushing though for the defender when he received his marching orders. Chamakh was through on goal and before facing the difficult obstacle of Joe Hart, he was brought down from a last ditch tackle.

With City facing Arsenal-one of the best footballing sides in the world- with only 10 men for the remainder of the match, the task was unenviable. Samir Nasri increased the difficulty for City after he slipped past Gareth Barry unnoticed and sent his shot flying into the roof of Joe Hart`s net.

Defensive stalwart Vincent Kompany was the next man in line to feel the harsh decision making of Clattenburg after he was penalised for a challenge on Fabregas, a penalty was the only outcome. Fabregas stepped up, but was spectacularly denied by Joe Hart.

Despite being a man and goal down City`s spirits remained high and an equaliser looked possible. David Silva was creating problems and would have brought City level if it wasn`t for 3 unbelievable saves from Fabianski. The Arsenal goalkeeping situation has been one of high concern for a long period of time now, but if Fabianski continues to perform at that standard, Wenger will again be reluctant to spend.

City continued to push for the elusive goal and with Arsenal looking shaky at the back, it only added to the frustration when Arsenal scored the next goal- a goal that certainly killed off City and added more cement to tired, heavy legs.

Alex Song scorched home from 12 yards after fortune again favoured the away side- a stray ball falling to Song.

Arsenal now sensed that City`s defence was cracking and with fatigue setting in Arsenal grabbed a 3rd. Nicklas Bendtner added further salt into the wounds from close range.

The scoreline didn`t reflect the true nature of the match and had Mark Clattenburg- the gambling addict- not been determined to ruin a terrific fixture the result could have been oh so very different.

Star Player

De Jong- Never stopped fighting, strong, full throttle performance.

Player Ratings

Joe Hart-7

Great penalty save could do very little with either goal.


Was strong and provided a good outlet down the right.


After being penalised he was bailed out by Hart. Other than he was again flawless.


Would be unfair to give him a match rating. Red card 4th minute obviously changed the game.


Hasn't impressed as expected.

De Jong-8

Never stopped fighting, strong, full throttle performance.

Yaya Toure-5

Unfortunate to be removed. Was playing better than Barry.


Probably his worst display in a City shirt this year. At Fault for the first goal and was off the pace throughout.


Tried n vain.


Was the main outlet upfront. His skill was exceptional at times and he was unlucky not to score.


Again tried his best but an injury cut his game short.


Worked well when he came on.


Was a good replacement at left back.


Very hard to judge off this performance. Not enough time and just coming back.

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The journalist

Writer: Yak Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 24 2010

Time: 7:47PM

Your Comments

Yes what a day Hoped it was a better duel but the sending off changed our structure with forced changes allowed Arse to eventually pick us off. It could have been different but we will never know Superb stop by Hart galvanised city to continue to strive for at least an equaliser. Ian Holloway are you watching this is the other side of the coin. We have to take it and move on next match City c'mon prove to the critics we are the real deal
taggarts nose
Experience in the backline - whether it be central defence or goalkeeper is vital at times and Boyatta was a bit naive to make that kind of challenge on Chamakh. Overall big games are decided by which team is more clinical and plays more smartly. Arsenal were more clinical today and retained 65% possession to minimise the damage City can cause on the counter attack.
What nonsense. That was a nailed on red card.
This is the worst thing I have ever read.
Ridiculous. It was a clear red card. Take pride in the fact that City was always in the game despite being down to 10 men.
Sajit, read the article properly. It was a nailed on sending off but the author is stating (quite rightly) that it is extremely rare to get sent off in the first 15 mins let alone 4 mins for whatever the challenge. Most refs would have given a yellow and a bollocking for a fourth minute foul, last man or not. Arsenal took full advantage and deserve full credit for a good win, us........ well we've had a bit of luck of late so we'll just carry on and put it behind us. We are not a bunch of Holloways!
Tom14 is that your age ? you're obviously not very well read What did sky say again?
taggarts nose
^ Arsenal fans in rival site invasion shocker. Skimming through an article and missing the point. Proud of our performance today, they all played for the shirt (well, most of them) and we were even on top at times with 10 and well in it until their second. Usually I'd be gutted and feel sick after a loss, but I'm strangely calm as I saw so much spirit in our performance today, the sort of togetherness needed to make a winning team. Also, I am quite confident we could have won with 11 men. The space the loss of that one man created was fatal though and then with Yaya Toure (one less for the midfield battle) and Tevez (who worked like an animal) getting injured, that was it.
FIVE POINTS - MIND THE GAP Pretenders to the throne!
Saying that City could have won if it was 11 vs 11 is like playing a winning game of championship manager - good for the ego but not that useful when it comes to what happens in real life.
RobsonGreensleeves -- actually at no point does the author say the red was inappropriate simply because of how early in the match it was. Perhaps you should read the article properly. Furthermore, your statement of 'it is extremely rare to get sent off in the first 15 mins' when it's a red card offence seems to be more of an opinion than fact.
I think the opinion of the ref is quite clear in this article, whether one skims through it or reads it in detail. It doesnt matter if its the 4th min or the 40th, it was a sending off, and there is no need to feel outraged at that decision. Or at the penalty which the writer feels is harsh, but doesn't quite explain why. Kompany doesnt get any of the ball and all of Cesc. Perhaps, the writer needs to be clearer abt the point he intends to make.
"controversial red card to Dedryck Boyata" - nothing controversial about it really, Boyata took down Chamakh when he was going one-on-one thus denying a clear goalscoring opportunity resulting in a red card, whats so controversial about that?
Looking for a bit of balance can anyone help me find the Vital Arsenal match report Thanks
taggarts nose
Where in the laws of the game does the time matter in sending off? Lol, I can only think of our CL final in 06. And the Arsenal penalty was also nailed on.. but the author said "Defensive stalwart Vincent Kompany was the next man in line to feel the harsh decision making of Clattenburg". City put up a great fight et al, but trying to blame the ref for the loss is plain bollox. Arsenal played better, with the required physical presnece and ruthlessness.
The timing of the infringement should not influence the ref's decision to punish it. Nor should the magnitude of the match. Nor should the hosting team. I doubt the author would maintain this same stance had an Arsenal defender taken out a City player in a situation similar to Chamakh's.
"TPowell", I believe myself to be correct, find me the statistics for the history of timings for red cards issued in the history of the Premier League then, and only then, come and show me as i can't be a.r.s.e.d. However, I bet you can.
Yes, as i said, full credit to you.
You're the one making the claim, actually, so it's on you to find the stats.
taggarts nose -- you'll be waiting until tomorrow for the match report as our match reporter, Tim Stillman, goes to every Arsenal game, home and away. I suppose its more common for citeh supporters to not actually go to the match, allowing them to quickly post match reports...
I can't really see how you can blame the ref for ruining the game. The two major decisions against you were spot on. It was a definite red card and definite pen. I feared he wanted to ruin the game by giving out a card for every foul for the rest of the 1st half, but fortunately he calmed down a bit in the 2nd and let the game go. This was a kind of reverse of the chelsea game we lost a few weeks ago. In that, we looked good, created a few early chances, but ultimately they took the key moments when they arose. In this game the key moments belonged to Arsenal, but City also had periods where they looked dangerous. Watched the Manure stoke game before and I have to say, there is absolutely nothing to like about man u fans. all scum.
it was a sending off, as the law stands, BUT Clattenberg WAS NOT going to send him off till he had the Arsenal delegation pointing to the fact, and i wonder if it was a city player attacking and the same thing happened would the referee come to the same conclusion? i very much doubt it, the refere spoiled a what COULD have been a classic match..... but we lost so we move on....onwards and upwards.
Cant complain after the gifts in the Blackpool game.
Shouldnt complain to begin with, mind.
city fans should be proud of the players after this game, a red card couldn't have come at a worse time and against a worse team than arsenal. in the time city had 11 men it was clear who was the better team and who was heading for 3pts, and i still think come the end of the season city will finish above arsenal.
cityman..defeat always hurts, but what possible reason could clattenburg have for not sending him off, if as you clearly admit it was a no debate sending off offense? you can talk about classic matches etc all you like, but i can't see any ref not showing a red if he has seen the foul. The timing is unfortunate and its sad for the young kid who comitted the foul, as I dont think it was malicious but he knew what he did and he knew he had to go.
T Powell Jerk we were at home hence your man travelled? point is ?
taggarts nose
In the 4 minutes city had 11 you were clearly the better side and you were heading for 3 points! Post of the weekend Arthur.
That you try to have a dig about how we don't have a match report up yet, only the person who does our match reports actually goes to the match, which apparently yours does not. That's all.
Yep corker Arthur LOL
taggarts nose
It was a red card. But im proud of the boys todays, we fought from start to fininsh. With 11 men arsenal would not have beat us.
Sheikh Mansour
jeffersdiaz, in your opinion would say, Halsey, or Dowd, or any other top referee give the same decision so ealy in the match? i think not, Clattenberg is a 'BAD UN' He got so many decisions wrong it was untrue, he even booked the wrong Arsenal player for a 'Tackle' on Silva on the halfway line it was The 'Golden boy' Fabregas who Scythed down Silva and he books another who was not on a yellow, if HE booked THE RIGHT PLAYER ie Fabregas he was getting a 2nd yellow and therefore a RED..... and could have been a differant game...... but you have your opinion of the match and i have mine, I am proud of the way we played today with 10 men against 12 as that was the deciding factor......
Harsh decision ruining the game.generally poor refereeing throughout the game
the only ref who would probably have cocked up the decision is attwell, because he's so inept its untrue. Agreed you played well enough, but it just looks bad to have a whinge about the ref for getting the decision right, but if it makes you feel better....
Arsenal fans are the bitchiest fans in the League.
Disappointed with the result but very proud of the performance the boys put up. Well done lads.
Having read my first post, it may have appeared as though I was insulting the entire city support which I wasn't, just the one in particular. As for the result, it was about all you could expect with 10 men, and I would not be surprised if we each take 3 points off each other this season.
*third* post, rather
Standards at Vtial Manchester City are very low if match reports are this bad.
And Uskok demonstrates the sad nature of some Spuds, they will still lie to themselves and believe that we didn't deserve to win even when its not Spurs playing us. Very sad.
Foul - Last man - Red Card - Whatever minute of the game - Sorted. Arsenal played better than city and deserved the win, city did okay but arsenal were the better team at the end of the day...Might of been different with 11 men but you had 10. No debate in the red card at all though, arsenal had the cutting edge but city with 10 men fought well just didn't have enough.
Oh Dear Lord..I can't believe Citeh fans blame the ref for this defeat. Clattenburg did absolutely everything right and his decisions were definitely spot on. You should be proud of your boys instead of blaming the ref, it's pathetic.
"Proud of our performance today, they all played for the shirt" it's NOT the 180k a week? All these players were coming to ManCity, before you suddenly had unlimited money? Hahahahaha ...yeah, right. They just LOVE your club.
"Defensive stalwart Vincent Kompany was the next man in line to feel the harsh decision making of Clattenburg after he was penalised for a challenge on Fabregas" ...and are you actually saying, that WASN'T a penalty? ...Seriously? No ball, all man, in the area. Clattenburg had a very good match, controled a difficult game well and was right in all the major decisions. The only people i've heard disagree'ing? ...City fans ;)
"city fans should be proud of the players after this game, a red card couldn't have come at a worse time and against a worse team than arsenal. in the time city had 11 men it was clear who was the better team and who was heading for 3pts, and i still think come the end of the season city will finish above arsenal. arthur7171" HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh yeah, SO obvious, that's why we had one through ball 1 on 1 with the keeper given offside, that wasn't offside (Arshavin, when you had 11 men, watch the replay) and another through ball that would've left us 1 on 1 if Chamakh hadn't been fouled (when you copped that 'oh so cruel' red card) ...that's an absolutly ridiculous thing to say Arthur.
I cant understand you guys talking about the timing of the decision it should have no bearing on the decision whatsoever a clear red card by the letter of the law period. and the author calling it controversial is ridiculous. what we should be discussing is your players naivety in the situation and/or whether that law is fair. Secondly... calling the penalty "harsh"??? it was a stonewall penalty because it was a silly foul "INSIDE" the box ok? it only seems harsh because cesc wasn't headed towards goal and the situation was not dangerous but the bottom line is mancity players gave the referee no options whatsoever with their mistakes and naive play in both situations.
what a pathetic Article. agreed being down to 10 men helped Arsenal a lot. but the decisions were spot on. u had one unexperienced player in ur team and he cost you the game. why do you have to be selectively blind to those decisions.
Isn't it amazing how many unfamiliar names appear at VMC whenever we lose (or something controversial happens) only to never return. They are only here for a rise, North London seems to have the most obnoxious sort of fans, the sort who like to walk up to you and scream "YOUR CLUB SUCKS, OURS IS BETTER, LA LA LA!".
There were no VMC city fans on our site last year when you won this fixture then Stu?
Certainly not me Iceman and if any were they win the same amount of "FAIL" points from me. Considering the season is long, bragging and boasting about any victory to rival club fans is risky business. Just a few weeks ago, Arsenal lost to West Brom for example.
People should save their bragging and salt-in-wounds for the end of the season when it is justified based on league standings.
We just need to look at it objectively. I genuinely think the ref has got it in for us but they were the better team and deserved to win. Their goallie played well and they had more possession. But its just a bad day at the office. I'm confident that come the next game the guys will respond and put us back in contention. And then we'll win the 6 point derby.
Boyata - 4. There you go!
People should save their bragging and salt-in-wounds for the end of the season when it is justified based on league standings StuMCFC - Stu, it's difficult to break a habit you have had for 20+ years.
in the time city had 11 men it was clear who was the better team and who was heading for 3pts, and i still think come the end of the season city will finish above arsenal arthur7171 - yes Arthur, you looked the better team for a whole 4 minutes, which clearly meant you were going to win the match until Clattenburg enforced the rules.
Where is the boasting and bragging by Arsenal fans on this thread Stu? We have just pointed out the inaccuracy of your writer calling Clatternburg's decisions faulty. We beat you fair and square. That is a fact and not a boast.
It doesn't matter what thread its in of the few that have been written about the game. But here is one comment from your own self: "SM, supporting City for so long would no doubt have been an annual exercise of S & M. You call us chokers but even with the 600 million pound funding you may yet find a way to screw things up." - that's a wind-up if I ever saw one. Maybe Arsenal fans, while here on their WUMing trip, would like to explain the gun signs and "You should have been shot" songs aimed at a certain Togo international yesterday.
Stu, an eye for an eye. A poster calling himself Sheikh Mansour made an extremely ungracious and totally unbecoming comment about my club which deserved a response. If you cant take it, dont dish it out.
somebody saud something about bragging and we not being present last year when we lost. well we are not here to brag. we just want to point the lameness the author has shown here when he questions those refreeing decisions. not sure how someone can choose to be so blind. thats the only point we(gunners) want to make. i am sure all gunners knew it was going to be tought against a team who beat Chelsea. yes that red card helped us but in now way was it a wrong decision. thats all from me.
Secondly, you seem to have a bit more of logic than some of your fellow fans on this site Stu. What do you think of the game. I ask because the ped report is as usual a steaming pile of crap.
hopefully this nasty infection of absurd gooners will clear up soon. is this game result a true indication of city v arse ? or maybe the last 3 games at coms with 11 v 11 is ( 3-0, 4-2, 3-0 anyone ?) Arse fans voted their MOM to be their keeper ! cess (wannabee barca player) should have been off in the first half as should song. The complaints about *****tenburg are not for his decisions against dedryck and vinnie, it is about lack of consistency. anyway, onwards and upwards, as long as we don't have the arse disease that wenger has infected his club with (diving, screaming, imaginary card waving anyone? not for me thanks). lets keep on ruining english football with our core of english players as opposed to gooners 11 foreign jonnies.
What nonsense- The ref should not be influenced by the time. It was a bad tackle and he was rightly sent off. So now, the new "City" rules are that the ref should never award red cards against them, since they ideally have to disappear from the game? And take pity in the young defender, since it could be "crushing" to him? As Essienic said, I doubt you would've said the same if the decisions had gone against Arsenal instead of City. Credit to the ref, in fact, for not getting influenced by the crowd and favouring the home side. He was fair, so this is a bad case of sour grapes. Can't you do the decent thing and accept defeat decently?
Arsenal deserved to win the game, I'm not sure why any City fan would contest that. I think what most City fans -are- confident of though is that had it been 11 vs. 11 we might have been able to draw, if not win the game. Our recent history against Chelsea and Arsenal backs that up. However, it wasn't to be and I do disagree with Ped, it was a red card under the (inconsistent) rules of the game. But as Mancini said, where is the consistency. Tevez was hacked down by the last man against Newcastle - no red. Vidic did the same in the Carling Cup final last year - no red. Either you send them off or you don't, there needs to be one rule for all. The Kompany penalty, even though he got a whisker of the ball, was also a penalty. If football had the "third umpire" like cricket, there might have been some argument against it as he did get a little of the ball, but that would not have shown in real time. So yes, the red card was justified and you reap what you sew. But on the other hand, after Wenger's talk of dirty play, what was with your entire midfield stunting our counterattacks with leg hacking. I counted 4 yellow cards in the span of 25 minutes and there should have been another one (Song I believe). This was the sort of negative play that Wenger has for so long criticized and it was being used against us. Suddenly, the media is calling it "Arsenal finally find their steel" but when another club does it, it is "dirty football". I will not get started on Fabregas' imaginary cards that he showed the referee, he seems well prepared for his return to Barcelona anyway, as despite Barca's brilliance, their team is loaded with petulance.
'I will not get started on Fabregas' imaginary cards that he showed the referee' -- I have seen players on literally every club make the same gesture, to assert that it is something only Fabregas or Arsenal players do is just plain absurd. Watch a replay of the match, for every card an Arsenal player got, you will see city players surrounding the ref.
Haha funny one Stum, the whole crowd at Citeh were doing what you denounced Cesc for. Everytime one of our player committed our foul your lot screamed for a red card everytime in the first half and booed the ref when he only showed yellow. I must admit this vying for blood wasn't present in the second but Clattenburg gotta be commended for not letting the crowd dictate the match though De Jong should've been booked at least once considering all of our three central midfield got booked for less amount of fouls than he did.
A much more fair assessment of the match Stu. Fair play.

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