Stats: Manchester City v Everton 20/12/10
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Manchester City 1 - Everton 2

FA Premier League

The City of Manchester Stadium


Attendance: 45,028

Referee: Peter Walton

Manchester City
1 - 2
Jagielka og 72
Cahill 4 , Baines 19
Venue: The City of Manchester Stadium
Attendance: 45,028
The Teams
Y Toure
Given GK
Mucha GK
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Johnny On The Spot: City have only themselves to blame for losing a golden opportunity to get crucial points on the board. In -7c temperatures, The Blues start was unbelievably sluggish and the midfield was conceded to the usual uber-physical Everton side who could not believe the space they were being afforded. As for City's appalling defending during an insane opening 20 minutes, the less said the better...The making of great sides is their ability to fight back and City would have pulled off an amazing turnaround were it not for an erratic referee, pisspoor linesmen and an exceptional performance from ex rag Tim Howard who brilliantly repelled a barrage of sizzling City shots. However, a furious Roberto Mancini will not accept that this was just a bad night at the office. It was an unbelievable game.

The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 20 2010

Time: 10:17PM

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Got to HAND it to Everton and their three keepers. How on earth we got nothing from that game is beyond me.
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20/12/2010 22:23:00

Can't believe we got nothing out of that. Shocking. Even Sky were on our side about the handballs, what was Walton playing at, he had a clear view of them and two of them were blatent, though two were very arguable and can be forgiven for not being given. As soon as Balotelli's chip hit the post I knew the 2nd goal wouldn't come.
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20/12/2010 22:26:00

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20/12/2010 22:26:00

Ooops would have been top
Tiny T
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20/12/2010 22:42:00

highlights how important De Jong is in my opinion to us as a defensive unit. schoolboy mistakes for the two goals conceded and gave us a mountain to climb. good thing about christmas is games come quick and fast to try and get back on track and at least the Tevez saga is over now
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20/12/2010 23:11:00

Yeah the defence suddenly goes from Champions League class to Sunday League class when De Jong isn't offering them insurance in front of them.
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20/12/2010 23:48:00

I counted 8 hand balls from Everton tonight, two of which were in the box, and one of which was as blatant a penalty as you'll ever see. Not one of them got punished by Peter "Toffee-nose" Walton. Funny that. We can't blame the ref for our defense switching off though, and once Everton had the lead they parked the bus, fouled and wasted time (are your shoes clean yet Tim Howard?). Still, with the number of chances we had we could and should have won this game. Well done Everton, but remember - you're still 5 points from the drop, we're 3 points from the top. Know where I'd rather be.
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20/12/2010 23:52:00

2 from the top actually but the rags have two games in hand. But I'm not sure about others, I never expected to mount a title challenge and am surprised we are this high up, tbh, our squad has gelled quicker than I expected with a couple of exceptions.
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21/12/2010 00:12:00

Incredible scenes at the end from an Everton perspective. The players and fans celebrated like they'd won the cup!
Johnny Baguette
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21/12/2010 05:42:00

Stu don't compare your defence to Champs league, try Championship. Give Tevez another 40m bonus to shut up til Feb or June, tacky and he didn't score last night in a game I am estatic you lost. Buy Tim Cahill for 40m and that would be a good piece of business.
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21/12/2010 08:39:00

Teddy stop talking bollox. You were privvy to Tevez clear the air talks were you? Our defence, last nights opening 20 aside have been top drawer this season. We wouldn't need to buy Cahill if the ref could understand the hand ball rule and if he was going around kicking people constantly wearing a City shirt he no doubt would have been sent off last night.
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21/12/2010 09:17:00

Vdub, no wasn't at the Tevez meeting but if you think the outcome wasn't how much do we have to pay you to shut up, keep up the form for a few months you need locking up. Watch his performances in late Feb and remember this. As for Cahill he knows where the net is... Your midfield?
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21/12/2010 09:26:00

Ah, good old city fans being bitter at Cahill, he did nothing wrong, I will agree, there was one deadset handball by Hibbert but Jo came to our rescue as he blocked the sight of the ref, as for Nevilles they were 50-50 as his hands were rihgt by his side. I foyu want to talk about kicking, what about Balotelli? Studded Jags in the chest, that doesnt matter anymore, since everton took 3pts once again from Eastlands (4x in a row now with Timmy scoring in 3 of them). Might I advise that nect time you might want to put a man on Timmy, especially in the 6yd box.
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21/12/2010 09:49:00

How many times is Cahill allowed foul without getting a card? And that was only the fouls he was pulled up on, elbow to the head of Zaba nothing given. Where was Mario's penalty? when he lobbed Howard and was taken down by Howard, twice. City did themselvesno favours with ***** poor defending at the startbut the performance from ref and officials was nothing short of a disgrace.
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21/12/2010 10:35:00

How many times is Cahill allowed foul without getting a card? And that was only the fouls he was pulled up on, elbow to the head of Zaba nothing given. Where was Mario's penalty? when he lobbed Howard and was taken down by Howard, twice. City did themselvesno favours with ***** poor defending at the startbut the performance from ref and officials was nothing short of a disgrace.
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21/12/2010 10:36:00

Vdub now your talking bollox.
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21/12/2010 10:54:00

Umm, you do realise Zabaleta got the cut from a 50-50 ball that they were both entitled to and unfortuantely there was a head clash, think you might be just a tad upset that Cahill scored against your lot AGAIN, must be sick of him beating the crap out of your corner flag by now. If anything, there shouldve been a free kick awarded to Howard, you should know by now that the keepers are a protected species and if anything it should have been awarded to Howard (but I thought it was a 50-50). I dont expect you to agree, but do realise, some of the "calls: you wanted are ridiculous, I mean there was one handball shout that the crowd and even some city players appealed to qalton and it didnt even touch Jags' arm, your team and supporters were just frustrated (rightly so) at your inability to break down our defence.
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21/12/2010 10:55:00

Rob, they are just an average team with a couple of overpaid decent players punching above their weight and beaten by a better team including CAHILL.
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21/12/2010 11:10:00

What are you talking about Rob? Keepers protected from what? He took Mario down, penalty and red card simples. Cahill raised his elbow that's what cut Zabs head, look again. Three handballs, at the very least one should have been given. Cahill was pulled up for four fouls and didn't get a yellow, whereas others were getting booked on their first foul. I don't know why I'm bothering with you Rob, if you can't see you were blessed last night you are deluded.
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21/12/2010 11:46:00

Read again, I said one was a deadset penalty, the rest were 50-50 at best. There was no way Balotelli shoudve got a penalty from Howard, that was never going to be a penalty simples. As for cahill//Zab, think you need to look again because it was a head collision, hence the reason why Cahill went off and got some vasoline on his head. Your right on one part, the yellows, I mean Anichebe was questionably sent off, his first yellow was a joke, the city players made a massive fuss over nothing and got into Waltons head and gave him a yellow for something he COULDNT avoid from happening. We had some calls go our way, and I think your just frustrated about Cahill scoring again and thus you are angry at Cahill, I watched the replay today, and trust me, half the stuff you City lot are crying about wasnt even there, it was just a frustrating night for your lot
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21/12/2010 12:07:00

Average teams don't sit 3rd in the Premier League. That your team celebrated as if winning the league itself shows that City are more than an "average team", we are a "big scalp" now just like United, Chelsea, and Arsenal. Why do the trolls only come out after defeats?
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21/12/2010 13:01:00

2-1 in Everton's cup final to be sure, yet they'll still try and tell you it doesn't matter. And the kick from Balotelli on Cahill was high, but he was going for the ball and the ref awarded you a free kick. Pity he didn't see fit to return the favour when an Evewrton player (can't remember which one) kneed Balotelli in the stomach when the ball had gone. Fair play to you, you won, but the time wasting, the sly digs, the blatant hand balls - is that all Evewrton strive for? If that's the limit of your ambitions then I'd start worrying about the drop.
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21/12/2010 19:16:00

fcb who doesn't time waste when there in the lead? It would be tactically irresponsible to still attack. Its quite a hypocritical comment coming from the most defensive team in the league. "are your shoes clean yet Tim Howard?", I don't know lets ask Given he is the specialist when it comes to boot cleaning at the most inconvenient of times.
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22/12/2010 21:02:00

Most defensive team in the league? What? Have you watched us lately, we haven't been remotely defensive.
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22/12/2010 23:34:00

You play a 4-3-3 with a midfield consisting of Barry and De Jong who are predominately DM's and Yaya Toure who though is good at going forward he is also a solid DM.
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23/12/2010 02:24:00

That comment just goes to show Famous that you don't watch City play that often.
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23/12/2010 08:38:00

Bit rich from you Famous when your team played 4-5-1 and virtually parked the bus for the Arsenal game! I can understand you playing like that at Eastlands when you were up against superior opposition, but not at home.
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23/12/2010 19:30:00


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