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Manchester City 1 - Fulham 1

FA Barclays Premier League

The City of Manchester Stadium


Attendance: 43, 077

Referee: Peter Walton

Manchester City
1 - 1
Mario Balotelli 26
Damien Duff 48
Venue: The City of Manchester Stadium
Attendance: 43, 077
The Teams
K Toure
Y Toure
Taylor (GK)
Stockdale (GK)
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Buzz On The Spot: City dropped a valuable two points here with a disappointing draw, against a Fulham side which will never set the world on fire. As usual with Mark Hughes he was determined to come here and not lose, but that is exactly what was going to happen after City had taken the lead in the first 26 minutes with a stunner from Balotelli...The loss of Silva was a big blow and it showed that even though Mr Mancini played three attackers like he did against Aris it was clear that Dzeko was getting no-where with Hangeland and he was substituted in the second half for Vieira...Before that however Fulham had equalised when City cleared a corner, everyone ran up field only to lose the ball and with the City defence still in the dressing room, because they weren't on the park, Duff equalised...Some very sloppy play and ambitious efforts from outside the box and a good save from Schwarzer stamped a draw on this game once Fulham had equalised. City never controlled the midfield and the lack of work rate from a few of the City lads meant only one point today.

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The journalist

Writer: Johnny Baguette Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 27 2011

Time: 4:51PM

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The Peter Walton Curse, still no wins under him since 2007. Can only blame ourselves today though, sluggish, poor performance.
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 17:18:00

You're so ****** condescending to teams you play its unbelievable. You've mistakeN yourselves with a good team WITH TROPHIES I'm afraid
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 17:28:00

No passion from both the fans and the players. An embarassing advert for the football club.
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 17:31:00

NOBBY Allcock rides again...
Johnny Baguette
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 17:40:00

Don't take the headphones off ForeverUnited remember breathe in breathe out and keep repeating to yourself I am not a moron.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 17:43:00

i hate to say it but would one more year without a trophy really hurt? It's worrying me a bit the strength of the teams we're playing in cup competitions and the effect it could have on our league form. we can't afford to play all our best players against villa because the wigan game is so important
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 17:48:00

Aw, bless , Famous has thrown his toys because he knows he hasn't got a leg to stand on over that dirty barsteward Shrek and his flying elbows. And in typical rag fashion he's decided to go on the attack to deflect attention from his own guilt. And Buzz - why would you want Famous to lie to himself? ;)
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 18:18:00

ForeverUnited, ***** off and die.
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 18:25:00

PS, i bet Colleen and the baby were terrified of your thug of a 'hero' returning home from work yesterday. How long before his wife sports a black eye or his son 'bangs his head'! Absolute animal.
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 18:28:00

Sorry, My bad - FU is the target of my ire, not FamousNo7!
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 20:36:00

And the blue moon just sunk a little. That once cosy bubble is looking more and more likely to burst. Nice to see fcb taking the moral high ground, taking a deep breath, composing himself and then taking out the frustration on others. Robson thinks an incident onfield is a pointer to domestic abuse, i'm sorry how on Earth did you make that link? He then goes on to refer to Rooney as an "animal" whilst wishing death on someone else, nice one. Good to see things remain in balance with hysteria, hypocrisy and delusion levels still high at VMC. Let the pantomime continue...
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 20:46:00

FU - in what way is anyone being condenscending? The article merely impies that Fulham are not the type of side to set the word on fire, do you disagree?
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 21:21:00

TheFamousNo7, does your mam know you have borrowed her book of most used clichés? Give her back and try and use your own words and remember to be a good boy and don't be late for school tomorrow.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 21:43:00

Obvious troll is obvious. Will the moderators here ever differentiate with civil rival fans and trolls? Hint: TF7 doesn't fall under the first category.
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 22:25:00

Stu is your typical xenophobic VF user, he doesn't like strangers or their opposing opinions, only the yes-men will get his blessing to post on VMC, even now he cries wolf. Bluedub you're correct in what you're saying but still it is quite derogatory, would it kill you to show them or their squad perhaps the slightest bit of respect and call them a respectable Premier League side or Europa League finalists? Makes them sound better and your result against them also. Buzz Lightyear, it is incredibly immature to have a Toy Story character inspire your username. Don't worry about me I won't be late for school and I'm sure I will see you and your Woody doll, i'm sorry I mean action figure, there ;)
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 22:37:00

Domestic abuse will be his next aim towards his wife. Forgiveness for his many cruelties towards her would suggest this is next. It usually is, check out the figures. Dick.
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 23:10:00

I'm sorry Robson you're jumping the gun to make a link between an incident in a game and domestic abuse. Christ by your logic Beckham, Terry, Ronaldo and Cole should all be investigated for domestic abuse. Like I said you're jumping the gun.
Report Abuse
27/02/2011 23:35:00

@TF7 If I didn't like strangers why did I make a distinction between trolls (you) and civil rival fans (many on here, Arsenal fans excluded)? You are a troll for the sole reason you attempt to incite with every comment. A civil rival fan discusses pros, cons, merits, strengths, weaknesses even if there is an anti bias in their tone. You? You just troll because Vital Rag is Tumbleweed Heaven. Don't you go to Ragcafe or are you one of those who has an ego that needs feeding so prefers keyboard warfare over discussing your own team?
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 00:14:00

So if it's immature to have a toystory character as your username then it must make you a complete glory-hunter to have "The Famous number7" As your user name. You seem to be very interested in our boards, particularly when we lose famou, if that's not trolling I don't know. My apologies for naming you when it was your chum FU that made the initial derogatory remarks, it's just that Vital manure is so dead that one automatically assumes it's you, such is the infrequency of input from other posters.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 06:46:00

TF7 - it's not derogatory at all, it's the truth.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 08:31:00

Haha, Mancini is such a ****ing baby, when something goes wrong he spits his dummy and sulks
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 10:24:00

Think you'll find it's Hughes spitting his dummy Rob - look at the footage of the handshake and you'll see what I mean.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 10:43:00

now we have Toffee troll extraordinaire Rob. What the ***** are you on about now Rob?
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 10:44:00

Bluedub no doubt it is the truth but there's different ways of saying the truth e.g. "Your fat" as opposed to "Your big boned". fcb, the only reason I commented was because you named me in your comment, otherwise I really couldn't care how you got on. As for trolling, you can't say you don't do your fair share. Stu, perhaps you should take a little look at some of your fellow members comments on other Vital sites pal, honestly if they were to ban trolls you and a couple others vital users will be the only ones left on VMC. Whatever people post on VMC you can thank wswilly for, after all his trolling during the pre-season many fans think you deserve it.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 11:58:00

Ah c'mon now TF7 you're having a laugh right? Big boned - priceless!
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 12:13:00

Ah c'mon now TF7 you're having a laugh right? Big boned - priceless!
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 12:15:00

Come on now, why the hostility? Both acted like babies, not that hard to shake a lads hand is it?
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 12:54:00

Did he not shake his hand? This isn't the first time Hughes has thrown a strop about a handshake.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 13:13:00

Did he not shake his hand? This isn't the first time Hughes has thrown a strop about a handshake.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 13:14:00

The point was there's different ways of delivering the truth, there's the harsh, blunt, realistic truth and there's the cushioned more respectful version.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 16:58:00

Report Abuse
28/02/2011 18:15:00

Only a rag could argue there was more than one version of the bloody truth!
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 19:04:00

Only a City fan would be as arrogant as to believe that the truth can't be delivered in different ways.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 23:28:00

Arrogance is your territory mate.
Report Abuse
28/02/2011 23:47:00

TheFamousNo7, what you must realise, this is a City web site, not a general chit chat its about City, its about how City players play, not how good the opposition is, who gives a toss about whether rooney hit it with his shin or perfectly timed the ball, or that Duff scored a perfectly good goal, all we are interested in is the result which have been disappointing. Fulham got a point but that does not make them the better team, they were average at best. so remember take an apple for the teacher and like your other mate keep telling your self "I am not a moron"
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
01/03/2011 07:36:00

Buzz you're talking a load of drivel which has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion i'm having with bluedub. Where'd you get the idea that I was implying Fulham are a better team or Rooney's volley was intentional or even the legitimacy of Duff's goal. Maybe you should begin telling yourself you're not the moron. I was simply stating that to describe Fulham as a "side which will never set the world on fire." is derogatory and disrepectfull of the opposition, though it's true there's better ways of expressing Fulham's ability e.g. Europa League Finalists, which is equally as true and you're acknowledgeing that they're a good side but not the best.
Report Abuse
01/03/2011 15:31:00

So you think that Fulham have a chance of winning the premier in say the next 5, 10 15 20 years. No because it takes backers with deep pockets, Fulham are an established Premier side, but will never trouble the top 4. City have had to spend wads of money and even then they are not guaranteed a top four place. I was not being derogatory to Fulham just stating the truth. Fulham came for a point and that's what they got.
Buzz Lightyear
Report Abuse
01/03/2011 16:37:00


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