Stats: Liverpool v Manchester City 25/01/12
UK time is: 14:37:00
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Liverpool 2 - Manchester City 2

League Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg



Attendance: 44,590

Referee: Phil Dowd

2 - 2
Manchester City
Gerrard (pen 41), Bellamy (74)
De Jong (31), Dzeko (67)
Venue: Anfield
Attendance: 44,590
The Teams
Jose Reina
Joe Hart
Glen Johnson
Micah Richards
Martin Skrtel
Stefan Savic
Daniel Agger
Joleon Lescott
Jose Enrique
Aleksandar Kolarov
Jordan Henderson
Nigel De Jong
Charlie Adam
Gareth Barry
Stewart Downing
Pablo Zabaleta
Steven Gerrard
David Silva
Craig Bellamy
Samir Nasri
Dirk Kuyt
Edin Dzeko
Alexander Doni
Costel Pantilimon
Andy Carroll
James Milner
Rodriguez Maxi
Adam Johnson
Sebastian Coates
Sergio Aguero
Jamie Carragher
Owen Hargreaves
Jonjo Shelvey
Gael Clichy
Martin Kelly
Karim Rekik
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Johnny On The Spot: This was an immensely disappointing no show from the league leaders tonight and in this correspondents opinion it was handicapped at the outset by an unusual tactic in fielding three centre backs. The disorganisation at the back cried out for leadership. Thank Mercer Vincent Kompany will return to face an uncompromising fired up Everton. City's undermanned midfield were overrun, but did not help matters by failing to keep tight and get at Liverpool the way they had done against Spurs. Liverpool wanted this game more and relished the free space The Blues afforded them who were immensely fortunate to find the score at nil all. The small matter of Joe Hart's brilliance stood in Liverpool's way repeatedly. Out of nowhere Nigel De Jong hit a belting opener following the pummeling but normal service resumed straight afterwards as Liverpool benefitted from more space, able to pick targets at will. Yet they still needed refereeing assistance to draw level. We are by now well accustomed to shipping godawful decisions and Phil Dowd's judgement was ludicrous in awarding a penalty against Micah Richards for blocking a ball with his thigh that flew skywards on to his arm. Cheers ref, but on the balance of play Liverpool merited the lead. The shellshocked Savic who had been exposed to the lack of protection ahead of him all of the first half was withdrawn at half time as Roberto Mancini went 442 with Kun Aguero joining a shocking Dzeko. Much better from City followed, but various weak links and constant poor defensive failures to clear lines meant Harty again had to unleash another goalkeeping masterclass. Arguably two of City's poorest players on the night then suddenly combined to bring the aggregate score level again. Kolarov hit a beauty of a cross for Dzeko to guide in. Extra time beckoned but Craig Bellamy's battered knees were having none of it. He gave Mancio a reminder here of what his direct approach could have given us in the most difficult phase of the campaign as an extra striker scoring a cracking goal that takes the Micky Mousers to Wembley for the first time since 1996. What have we learned tonight? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. With Everton away a week off, the side that beat Spurs should have taken the field.....We need another striker to bolster options...We cannot rely upon the relentless efforts of Aguero backed by the hopelessly erratic Dzeko and unpredictable Balotelli to see the season out....City are not direct enough right now, either. Too many blind alleys are being run down. Finally, on this evidence tonight as a punishing five weeks draws to a close, the return of Captain Kompany and the Toure brothers will be like bringing in new signings. Well played Liverpool, you gave it a right go. Mancio and City, the tactics and attitude outside of Joe Hart were poor. 6,000+ travelling Blues deserved better. Opportunity knocked and we didn't take it.

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The journalist

Writer: danielqpr Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 25 2012

Time: 9:49PM

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Well played Liverpool, fully deserving of your place in the final. We showed no hunger tonight. Poor performance.
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25/01/2012 21:54:00

We weren't really at the races tonight! Well done Scousers, and although I feel the penalty you got was ridiculously soft, i can't argue with the overall result.
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25/01/2012 21:54:00

We simply weren't good enough tonight. Well done Liverpool, you wanted to win far more than we appeared to do.
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25/01/2012 21:56:00

I don't understand why Milner, Aguero, and Clichy were on the bench we have the weekend off. Milner especially would have added some drive to our midfield that we lacked. Defensively we were an absolute joke, welcome back Kompany and you can bet your house on it that we'll go for a top class CB in the summer now.
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25/01/2012 22:04:00

Unless they were carrying knocks Stu? I was expecting to see our strongest side out there tonight. We were a shambles in that first half especially. Fair play to Nigel on a cracking strike though and the Dzeko goal was well taken after a fantastic cross from the otherwise ***** Kolarov.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:10:00

Another pressure game , another cup exit
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:23:00

Nickster, the biggest pressure game that City faced this season was taking on the reigning champions on their own turf and they not only beat them, they raped them.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:29:00

BD - old news mate - you whooped our arses on the day, and were the better team - seems you keep harping back to that when you have been beaten by us since then and also Liverfool............
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:38:00

We beat Pool 3-0 a couple of weeks ago mate. The game against yourselves we played for 85 minutes with ten men and you hung on for dear life at the end to get a narrow victory.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:44:00

Your real pressure games are the games you have lost when the outcome of the game is elimination .A recent one comes to mind 3-2 the score
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:51:00

under pressure
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:53:00

The Spurs 3-2? Is that the high pressure game you're referring to?
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:54:00

Are you honestly trying to tell me that the only high pressure games we've had this season are the ones we've lost?
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:56:00

Tick tock and the most expensive pantomime in England continues.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:58:00

All games at this level of football are high pressure - and BD - we didnbt hang on for dear life - you gave us a damn good game, and many including a lot of you lot thought u were dead and buried and that we would put another 3 past ya - was Kompany only on for 5 mins?? Seemed a lot longer than that. ANy team on a poor day can lose a game - but sometimes when those games are elimination matches, they become all the more glaringly obvious
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 22:59:00

And now we have Vital Rags token retard chiming in, hi Nordkap, do any colouring in today mate? Remember try and stay inside the lines.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:01:00

NW, I agree that all games are pressure games, try telling Nickster that. With added time included we played with ten men for just shy of 85 minutes. You did hang on mate, the fear etched in the faces of the rags in the away end in the second half told it's own story.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:03:00

Wow, call the geology department, the rocks are really shifting tonight! Careful slime creatures, the full moon might burn your pallid skin, best crawl back into the cold slimey darkness you inhabit.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:06:00

P.S. anyone going to congratulate us on being the first team to score more than a single goal at ANfield this season? Or laud us for carrying on despite a soft penalty going against us, and not being given a penalty? ohhhhhh, no, we'll just go over and troll. Let you in on a little secret - you can try and unsettle the fans as much as you like, you might even succeed in getting a few of us wound up -but ultimately, I'm not the one kicking a ball around the park, our players will not let this get to them. You just reveal the nasty side of your personalities.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:10:00

The Spurs 3-2 game that you were undeniably lucky to not just win but to bort lose. 2-0 up and needed s94th minute penalty to beat us. $hit club been given a good team.
Tottenham Hotcore
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:16:00

I'm bored of you Hotcore, I can't be arsed.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:18:00

and how much did it cost
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:19:00

I appluad you keeping 11 players on the pitch .
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:20:00

hardcore spends too much time looking at online porn to be taken seriously. Nice to see that the Spuddies are still in shock at being out of the title race. Might not even make the top 4 once their (allegedly) crooked manager gets convicted of tax fraud. SUspect he'll get a suspended sentence and be allowed to carry on as Tottingham manager - can't wait to hear the spuds try to justify having a convicted fraudster as their manager, and how it doesn't actually bring shame to their club. have to admit I'm enjoying the prospect of reading the hysterical comments on Vital Spuds when the inevitable implosion sets in. Tottingham for the league! LMFAO
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:25:00

P.S. Spurs fans - everyone but you knows that the only reason you're in the top 4 at the moment is because Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have been poor - don't kid yourselves that you're there on merit.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:26:00

I appluad you keeping 11 players on the pitch . nickster
Yeah mate, Scousers could have used a scumbag like Rugney to wave a card at the ref and get one of ours sent off. Are you rags never satisfied? We had a soft penalty given, and a certain one not given for us - what more can the old (unt that manages you want from the referees?
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:29:00

and what is the reason why you are top at the moment, where would you be without a multi billionaire who has no shortage of money
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:48:00

Spurs was a pressure game and we won - lose that and we would have been under serious pressure. If Kompany had been playing I'm not sure Spurs would have even had a shot on goal, they capitalized from Savic's mistake and the subsequent momentum.
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:49:00

all if's and but's what of city didnt have unlimited money to spend they wouldnt even be in the top 4
Report Abuse
25/01/2012 23:51:00

Well I was responding to if's and but's with more if's and but's. Look at your comment right before mine, plenty of iffing and butting there. At the end of the day you lost 3-2 to what you perceive to be an injustice, just like we lost (on aggregate) today to what we perceive to be an injustice (Dzeko not getting a stonewall penalty, Liverpool getting a penalty for undeliberate handball), but I doubt we'll go over to Vital Dipperpool and bitch and cry about it all week, we have a league title chase to get back to.
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 00:05:00

haha it will be so funny when you guys will fail an just like vital arsenal all the plastic fans will leave, just a matter of time.
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 00:09:00

What plastic fans? Nearly every name I recognise here at VMC has been here a few years at least. Your perspective is very skewed, our vocal fanbase is still 95% the same it was before the takeover, you're simply indoctrinated like a good little sheep into believing every poorly conceived stereotype and cliche about a "newly rich club" thrown out by the media and spectacularly bitter fans. Please, return to Vital Spurs.
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 00:12:00

Sunday's result really hurting 123, is it? Did ya like the goal Nasri scored, did ya? An ex-Gooner smashin it past Friedel. The old enemy comin back to haunt ya for a little bit longer, just as he did in the 1-5 humiliation at the lane. Did it make ya cry? Did ya have a good meltdown when Super Mario stepped up and smashed the penalty past Friedel to win us the game. Ultimate triumph. Ultimate demoralisation for 123Spurs. Fantastic.
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 00:24:00

you think ur so funny, u forgot to mention lescott, another cup ur out of only 2 left with fantasy money and how did you get on in the CL failed again
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 00:38:00

not as bad as you felt when you were in division 2
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 00:48:00

Haha Fifth made yourself look a nob with the P.s comment everybody knows the only reason you are anywhere near the top 4 is because your club are the arabs little bitch toy. Nevermind you can now buy yourself some history like the chavs have.
only 1 spurs
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 02:18:00

Oh the old "you have no history" vibe, albeit more subtle. We've won the league the same amount as you - twice! We've won a few less cip trophies than you, whoopie doo. So does that mean you have no history either? I'm sure you've been told by Arsenal fans "you have no history" so you should know better than to say that about another club - especially a 132 year old club.
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 03:00:00

123 spurs you talk nonsense but hopefully when you reach your teens you will have matured a bit, until then you should keep quiet when the adults are talking. Congrats to Liverpool and Hart but too be honest, I reckon Mancini gave the game to you. Very *****ed off with his selection and if any team decides to ' park the bus ' it seems we have the defenders that will ensure they have plenty of time to do so.
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 04:30:00

Well - us and Liverfool have set the standards in recent years - Im sure City will become a very successful club, and probably at our expense - but I still dont think this is City's season - not just yet anyway
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 07:59:00

Nickster and nerdcrap,Crystal Palace(with 30000 empty seats) and Basel ring a bell?Those power houses of world football.
Report Abuse
26/01/2012 20:25:00


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